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✈ | [Indonesia] ANA increased flights between Haneda and Jakarta in late March [Transportation]


[Indonesia] ANA increased flights between Haneda and Jakarta in late March [Transportation]

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ANA also offers Haneda and Kansai flights to and from Jakarta under joint operation (codeshare) with state-owned Garuda Indonesia.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will operate a direct flight between Haneda Airport and Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, from March 25th ... → Continue reading

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Departure and arrival in Jakarta

Code share flights

Code share flights(Code share bottle,British: Code sharing) Is more than one flightAirlinesRefers to flights operated with the flight name of.Codeshare flightsAlso called. Although it is called “joint”,Some exceptionsWith the exception of, there is no cooperation in terms of operation, and it is safe to say that one flight is actually being launched by multiple airlines.

This type of operation will be carried out with the aim of strengthening seat sales and improving operating efficiency by multiple companies.

Japan Airlines(JAL) crew ・aircraftSame as an example of an international flight operated byOne worldBe a memberAmerican airlines-Finnair-British Airways-Qantas-Qatar Airways-Malaysia AirlinesIn some cases, the flight number such as is given.

In other words, even though it is a flight operated by JAL aircraft, it is also a flight of American Airlines.Airline ticketIs sold,Mileage serviceFor, you can receive the services of the company you purchased. On this occasion,Check-inProcedures such as picking up luggage and luggage need to go to the JAL counter, which causes confusion for passengers.Therefore, when using a code-share flight,Narita International AirportBy airlineTerminalIs divided空港Then, if you do not check the reception counter location properly, you may make a mistake in the terminal.

As a notational difference, those operated by the company and with seats for the other company's sales are distinguished as “co-operated flights”, and those operated by other companies and with the seat for their own sales are distinguished as “co-flight”. Sometimes. This example is generallyTimetableFamous asJTB timetable』(JTB publishingIssued).

Domestic flights

Between domestic airlines

Code sharing is also carried out between domestic airlines, and in this case, major airlines often sell flights from emerging airlines or regional airlines based in rural areas as their own flights.Japan Airlines (JAL)Cheap airlineIt also shares code with Jetstar Japan (LCC), but flights operated by the company can only be used when connecting to JAL international flights.Increasing the number of destinations and flights at low cost for major airlines will enable a certain number of seats to be secured via major airlines with strong sales channels for code-share partner airlines.Consolidate into one company for usersMileage serviceThere are merits such as being able to add and expanding the range of time zones and routes to be used.With some exceptions, it can also be used with mileage award tickets of major airlines. In the case of JAL, Fuji Dream Airlines and Amakusa Airlines, which are code-shared with the company, can be used as award tickets for JAL flight numbers.Jetstar Japan cannot be used with JAL flight numbers, but award tickets that can be used by JJP alone are also available separately.In the case of All Nippon Airways (ANA), all domestic airlines code-shared with the company can be used with award tickets with ANA flight numbers.

In 2019, the flight crew members were treated for illness at Amakusa Airlines, and there was a shortage of flight crew members, resulting in many cancellations of the company's flights. Therefore, from August of the same year, the code share between Japan Airlines and Amakusa Airlines will be newly added to the JAL subsidiary.Jay AirCarry out on operated flights. This is operated by Amakusa AirlinesOsaka International Airport - Kumamoto AirportUntil the shortage of flight crew members is resolved, the code will be replaced by J-AIR operated flights to reduce the impact of Amakusa Airlines flight crew shortages.

The code share relations for domestic flights are as follows as of April 2021, 8.

Overseas airlines

There are also code share flights on domestic flights, centering on flights connecting regional airports to international airports in large cities.

For example,Japan AirlinesAs a code-share flight on (JAL) flightsBritish Airways,Bangkok Airways,Qatar Airways,Hawaiian AirlinesFlight numbers such as may be given.As a result, for overseas airlines,Japanese airportIt will be possible to sell from to your own country, or vice versa, consistently (in terms of flight number) as your own flight.At the same time, for Japanese airlines, sales channels will expand to customers of overseas airlines.

In such cases, you can board as an overseas airline flight only when connecting between an international flight and a domestic flight, and when boarding only a domestic flight section, you can only purchase it as an airline flight that actually operates. There is.

Twist between alliances

Almost the sameAllianceAlthough there is a tendency for many joint flights to be set up between the alliances, there are also cases where the alliances are straddled, such as when joint operations continue before joining the alliance. Since the mid-2010s, Japan's two major domestic companies have collaborated with SkyTeam member airlines and alliances on routes in countries and regions that cannot be covered by existing alliances alone, and have partnered with non-Alliance airlines. The number of cases is increasing. In addition, in the case of Japan Airlines, starting in 2017 with the alliance with Hawaiian Airlines, we are also considering joint ventures with SkyTeam member airlines or non-Alliance member airlines. The following is an example in Japan.

Japan Airlines (oneworld member)

There are codeshare flights with the following airlines: All airlines listed belowSky teamBelong to. Air France, China Eastern Airlines and Korean Air also have mileage partnerships (as of December 2021). Korean Air is eligible for mileage accrual and award use only on routes between Japan and South Korea.

Before JAL's access to OneWorld, code-share flights were operated through a bilateral alliance with oneworld Star Alliance SkyTeam airlines. As of 2018, codeshare with SkyTeam member airlines will continue, and codeshare flights between different alliances can be seen. Code share flights are being expanded even after JAL joins One World.

Until October 2010, SkyTeam membersAlitaliaI was doing code sharing withItalyIt was resolved by withdrawing the line. Then, in March 2018, it was announced that Alitalia will partner with ANA.

Until March 2012, 3, Star Alliance membersAir New ZealandAlthough they were also code-sharing, the company terminated code-share flights with JAL and changed the code-sharing partner on the Japanese side to ANA, a Star Alliance member.

Until March 2017, 10, Star Alliance membersThai AirwaysBoth were code-sharing. Thai Airways had the same alliance as ANA, but continued to share code with JAL[4].

On April 2014, 4, all Korean Air flights to and from Japan became code-share flights with JAL[5].. The mileage tie-up started on December 2016, 12. Initially, it was limited to the use of award tickets on routes between Japan and South Korea excluding arrivals and departures from Naha, and it was not possible to add mileage to JMB with Korean Air flight numbers, but from December 1, the company will only be able to earn mileage between Japan and South Korea. It is now possible to add mileage to JMB by flight number. At the same time, it is now possible to use special benefits on routes departing and arriving at Naha. In addition, it is not possible to use the company's award tickets and add mileage to JMB on flights other than direct flights between Japan and South Korea.[6] [7]

Aeroméxico in October 2017[8], Aeroflot Russian Airlines in November of the same year[9]Agreed to a code-sharing partnership with. Code sharing and mileage alliance will be implemented after 2018.

Entering 2018, China Eastern Airlines, a member of SkyTeam[10]And Garuda Indonesia[11]They announced that they are considering joint ventures with The joint venture covers China Eastern Airlines between Japan and mainland China, and Garuda Indonesia Indonesia between Japan and Indonesia. Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong) and Indonesia are countries where oneworld member airlines do not exist. Garuda Indonesia Airlines has been affiliated with ANA until now, but since October 2018, code sharing has also been implemented with JAL, after which the target routes will be gradually expanded, and a mileage partnership will be implemented in the future. The alliance with ANA will continue for the time being, with Garuda Indonesia expected to select a partner for joint business in Japan with JAL ANA about one year later.[12].

All Nippon Airways (member of Star Alliance)

We operate code-share flights and mileage partnerships with the following airlines (as of October 2018). All of the airlines listed below belong to SkyTeam. The airlines listed below are eligible for mileage accrual only in the sectors where code sharing with ANA is being implemented.

Joined One World on October 2013, 10Qatar AirwaysIn Tokyo (Narita)Osaka (Kansai) - DohaAt the beginning of the company's accession to oneworld, the line was a code-share flight by two major airlines in Japan, JAL, which is also a member of oneworld, and ANA, which is a member of Star Alliance. The only example where JAL and ANA flight numbers were given at the same time was Qatar Airways-operated flights on the Narita-Kansai-Doha route.In addition, it was opened from June 2014, 6.Tokyo (Haneda) -The Doha Line code-shared only with JAL and did not code-share with ANA.

Qatar Airways originally had a two-party alliance with ANA, and was a code share between the two companies before Qatar Airways' oneworld membership. At the beginning of the company's oneworld membership, the code share with ANA was maintained and JAL joined the code share.

As of August 2014, 8, the mileage alliance between ANA and Qatar Airways and the operation of code-share flights have ended, and QAL's alliance partner in Japan has been unified into JAL[13].

In addition, I operated a code-share flight with ANA before joining OneWorld.Malaysia AirlinesIn the case of, before joining the company's One World[14]As of May 2012, 5, the code sharing flights with ANA and the mileage alliance were terminated, and the code sharing partner on the Japanese side was changed to JAL from July 31, 2012. The mileage alliance with JAL started on February 7, 1, which is Malaysia Airlines' one-world membership date.

TAM AirlinesWas once a member of the Star Alliance. He left Star Alliance on March 2014, 3 and joined One World the next day, but continued to operate code share flights and mileage alliance with ANA. However, after leaving the company's Star AllianceANA Mileage ClubIn the above, the addition of premium points, which is the standard for becoming a senior member, was excluded. In addition, the TAM Airlines award tickets were also used for the company's section alone. From the company's oneworld membership date, JAL has also formed a mileage alliance. Later, code sharing with the company is also being implemented. ANA and TAM Airlines alliance continued until March 2016, 3[15].

US AirwaysIs a member of oneworldAmerican airlinesWith the merger with the company, the company withdrew from Star Alliance on March 2014, 3, and joined the oneworld the next day.As a result of the company's withdrawal from Star Alliance, code share flights with ANA were terminated and the mileage alliance was terminated. The partner of the mileage on the side was changed to JAL. Prior to the complete integration, code sharing between the business integration partners American Airlines and US Airways started in 30. In March 2014, mileage was integrated into American Airlines. It was completely integrated with American Airlines in October of the same year and disappeared. In addition, after changing the mileage alliance to JAL, the code sharing between JAL and US Airways was not implemented.

From April 2014, 4, code-share flight operations and mileage partnerships started between Garuda Indonesia and ANA[16].

2016 May 1, With ANAVietnam AirlinesThe two companies have announced that they have signed a basic agreement on business and capital alliance. As a result, ANA will sell approximately 8.8% of Vietnam Airlines shares to 2 billion.Don(About 130 billion yen), and dispatch a director to the company. It will consider a wider business alliance. Code share flights andMileage serviceThe mutual partnership was started in October 2016. In addition, the operation of the code share flight with JAL has ended due to the alliance with ANA.[17][18].

2018 May 3, With ANAAlitaliaBoth companies have announced that they have signed a comprehensive alliance agreement between them.Along with this, we started a codeshare and mileage alliance after October 2018.[19]..In addition, AlitaliaCOVID-19Due to the management crisis caused by the above, the operation was finally terminated on October 2021, 10.

Between JAL Group, ANA Group, and regional airlines

In order to maintain regional airline routes and remote island routes of major airlines, where the business environment is becoming severe due to population decline, JAL Group, ANA Group, etc. Discussions are underway between the regional aviation companies such as Amakusa Airlines and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. As part of this, code sharing beyond airlines is being considered, and there is a shared awareness among stakeholders that it will be useful for improving profitability.[20].

As a proactive effort, JAL miles are ANA partner airlines, Nagasaki remote island routes of Oriental Air Bridge, and ANA miles are JAL group airlines.Japan Air CommuterIntroduced a coupon privilege that can be used to pay fares on the Amami archipelago route for a limited time[21].

"Co-operated flights" including flight operations

In “co-operation”, there are rare cases where equipment and crew are shared across operating companies. Such a formJoint operationCall.

  • Established in 1967Moscow -On the Haneda lineAeroflot Soviet Union National AirlinesAnd a joint flight with JAL. equipment(TupolevTu-114) And the flight crew were provided only by Aeroflot, but half of the flight attendants are Aeroflot and JAL.[22], The characters "JAPAN AIRLINES" and the JAL logo (Tsurumaru) were painted on the front of the aircraft. Also, the cost burdenFareThe income was also split in half. This form of operation continued until 1969, and since then it has been operated independently by each (Tu-114 (aircraft) # Tu-114 in JapanSee also).
  • Vienna -With ANA on Narita LineAustrian AirlinesCo-operated flights by. Of the three round trips a week, Austrian Airlines provided two round trips for aircraft and flight crews, and ANA provided the remaining one round trip, but ANA flight attendants also served on Austrian aircraft material flights. After increasing the number of flights to five per week in April 3, ANA's flight crew will no longer be on board Austrian aircraft materials flights.
  • ANA and Asiana Airlines will operate in Tokyo (Haneda) after October 2007, 10- Seoul (Gimpo)We are implementing mutual code sharing on the line, but initiallyJapanese-KoreanIn order to improve the language service, the Japanese flight attendants of ANA belonged to Asiana Airlines operated flights and the Korean flight attendants of Asiana Airlines operated to ANA operated flights.


  • In cases where code share flights that are provided with seats from other companies are recognized as mileage benefits, flights operated by non-Jetstar Japan domestic flights and ANA subsidiariesAir JapanSince there are almost no flights except flights, it is often the case that award tickets for areas covered by code sharing cannot be obtained. At this time, you will get award tickets by mileage as a partner airline, but domestic connection lines are not recognized and it is necessary to make a separate arrangement, and the required mileage number is often high.
  • For domestic flights of Japan Airlines, code-share flights operated by Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) and Amakusa Airlines (AMX), and for domestic flights of ANA, all code-share flights operated by AIR DO and Solaseed Air, etc., each have their own flight award ticket. Is available as.
  • Boarding passes and baggage claim certificates may be displayed with the flight operator flight number. When using FDA and AMX as a JAL domestic codeshare flight, it will be issued with a boarding pass in the style of the operating company, and in the case of a JAL codeshare flight, a sticker with the flight number as JAL will be printed on the boarding pass. When using an airline that shares code with domestic flights such as AIR DO with ANA flight number, it will be issued with a boarding pass printed with the ANA logo. Both JAL and ANA will show the baggage claim certificate with the flight number of the operating company.
  • It is often cheaper to buy a ticket with the flight number of the carrier's carrier. This is because there are many cases where the company's own fee is added to the wholesale price, while the provider often sells it at the wholesale price.
  • fuel surchargeFor, in principle, the surcharge amount of the airline printed on the ticket will be applied. Therefore, the surcharge amount may differ depending on the ticket even for the same flight.


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