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✈ | Okadama Airport Economic effect by extending the runway !? Regional regeneration from the airport


Okadama Airport Runway extension has economic effect !? Regional regeneration from the airport

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At the debate, we exchanged opinions on the future image of Okadama Airport while organizing the issues for extending the runway.

"I thought about the economic effects of runway extension" On the 8th, a symposium on how to utilize Okadama Airport was held ... → Continue reading

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Sapporo Airfield

Sapporo Airfield(SapporoBritish: Sapporo Airfield) IsHokkaidoSapporoHigashi WardOkadama TownIt is an airfield of the JGSDF Okadama Garrison, and the common private facilities and common names areOkadama Airport(Okadama Kukou,British: Okadama Airport) Called.


Sapporo Airfield is a dedicated airfield of the Ground Self Defense Force (Military airfield) Was,1961 Designated as a public airfield and started to fly in commercial aircraft, it is commonly known as "Okadama Airport" from the name of the airport facility. The installation manager is the Ministry of Defense and is a shared airfield with the Ground Self Defense Force Okadama Garrison.

Bear the main lineNew Chitose AirportIn addition to regular flights to and from cities in Hokkaido, sightseeing flights for sightseeing in Sapporo,Hokkaido police・Hokkaido disaster preventionhelicopterIt is also used as a disaster prevention base, national land survey, and news coverage, and plays an important role as the gateway to the sky in the big city of Sapporo and the base airport in Hokkaido. In service from July 2013MisawaIn service for a limited time on the line and summer timetable from June 2016ShizuokaLine, and in service for a limited time in the summer from August 2018AndExcept for lines, regular flights are available only on routes within Hokkaido.jetPassenger planeArrivals and departures from June 2016 in addition to the arrival of private jetsFuji Dream AirlinesOn the Shizuoka lineEmbraer 170Operates as a regular flight only in summer. In addition,2013 According to the company's Embraer 170 in the following summerCharter flightsTheNagoya AirfieldThere was a record of operation between.

The Pacific OceanCompared to New Chitose Airport nearSea of ​​JapanDue to the northwest wind blowing from the sea in winter, there are many snowfall days and snowstorm days, and it is often canceled.

The annual number of passengers peaked at 2006 in 384,183, but the number of passengers was halved as the All Nippon Airways Group withdrew from this airport in 2010 and consolidated the routes to New Chitose Airport.

RunwayIs 14 m in 32/1500 direction,Parallel taxiwayThere is no. With the runwayapronThere is a distance between the twoMounting taxiwayConnects both ends of the runway with the apron.Landing zoneIs 300 m wide,Instrument landingDoes not correspond to.

Near the southern end of the runway,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThere,ICAOFukuokaFIROf the controlled airspace, all of Hokkaido andNorth tohoku OfAir traffic controlIt is carried out.


In the 1960s, Japan Domestic AirlinesMaintained the route in Hokkaido as an irregular flight.1965 When Japan Air System withdrawsYokohama AirlinesTakes over the irregular flight routes (Okadama, Wakkanai, Monbetsu, Nakashibetsu) on the condition that it receives a subsidy from the local government.[3].. In 1974, Yokohama AirlinesJapan Short Distance AirWas merged into.

For regular flights, "Jet planes are Chitose,Propeller planeHaha was "Sapporo", but Toa Domestic Airlines withdrew in 1974 due to the use of jet aircraft.1980 eraIn the second halfAir NipponWas used byJapanese aircraft manufacturingYS-11Became obsolete, it was more likely that the aircraft would be replaced with jets, and the departure and arrival airports would be relocated to New Chitose Airport. Plans for extending the runway and boarding jets were made, but this has been abandoned due to opposition from local residents.

On the other hand, Air Nippon has less noise as the successor to the YS-11.Turbo propMachineDHC-8In addition, based on the agreement of local residents,Japan AirlinesGroup ofHokkaido Air SystemOf the turbopropSaab 340To enter. result,Double trackSince the number of flights has increased due to the increase in convenience, convenience has improved, and it has been attracting attention as an urban commuter airport nationwide.

However, it has been in service since its predecessor, Japan Short Distance AirlinesAir Nippon NetworkHowever, it is a parent company that outsources operations due to the fact that the operated airplane has already been discontinued, the winter snowfall has a large effect, and the number of passengers is decreasing.All Nippon AirwaysWas decided to withdraw from the airport at the end of June 2010, and the routes currently in service will be consolidated at New Chitose Airport.[4][5].. All Nippon Airways wants to improve profitability by unifying maintenance bases and anticipating transit demand.[6].. Prior to the withdrawal, Hokkaido and Sapporo cities, which were informed by ANA officials to withdraw in late March 2009, have shown that they have continued to improve the airport and are willing to oppose it because they will be hit hard by tourism and the economy. Hurt[7]It didn't come true. Sapporo City announced that it will make every effort to maintain the remaining Hokkaido Air System flights toward the survival of the airport.[8].

At the “Okadama Airport Activation Symposium” sponsored by the “Okadama Study Group” on September 2012, 9,Fuji Dream AirlinesPresident Yohei Suzuki, "New Chitose and Okadama also have room for development due to division of roles"[9]Okadama Airport received renewed attention from the statement that "in the short term, it is not impossible to take off and land FDA's domestic charter flights several times in the summer," the company said on July 2013, 7.Embraer 170As a takeoff and landing test and environmental standard inspection of aircraft noise, noise is measured at Yurigahara Park, runway southeast green space, and airport terminal building transfer deck. After that, charter flights started.

On June 2016, 6, Fuji Dream Airlines, which had been operating charter flights until then, opened two regular weekly round-trip flights with Shizuoka Airport in the summer. This will be the first jet scheduled flight at Okadama Airport. This also brought back the double track with Hokkaido Air System. From 4, the number of flights to and from New Chitose Airport-Shizuoka Airport has been increased to one round-trip every day, but due to restrictions such as reducing the aircraft weight on the 2 m runway, there are restrictions. How to deal with snowfall and road surface freezing has become an issue for realization of winter operation[10].

Once hosted by Hokkaido Aviation AssociationAir showThe aviation pageant is being held every other year, and the land, sea, and air self-defense forces planes and planes owned by the government office, civilian planes including individual owners, and the United States military plane were also spectacular, but ended in the 2008th year of 25. However, due to the large number of voices wishing to resume, the biennial event has been restored since 2012.


  • 1942 (Showa17 years)- Imperial Japanese ArmyInstalled at the airfield. There are names such as "Okama Airfield", "Sapporo No. XNUMX Airfield", "Sapporo New Airfield", etc.
  • 1944 (Showa 19)-Completed the airfield. Runway length of 1,000 m (some say 1,200 m).
  • 1945 - 1952 (Showa 20-27)-Allied Forces (U.S. Forces).
  • 1954 (Showa 29) October 10-With the establishment of the Ground Self-Defense Force Okadoku Tonchi,Northern Area Air CorpsIs relocated.
  • 1956 (Showa 31)-Started operation of passenger aircraft.
  • 1958 (Showa 33)-Become "Sapporo Airfield".
  • 1961 (Showa 36)-Become a shared airfield.
  • 1966 (Showa 41) February 2-Ground Self-Defense Force Okadama Tonjo is promoted to garrison[11][12].
  • 1967 (Showa 42)-Extend runway to 1,400 m[2].
  • 1974 (Showa 49)-Due to the use of jet equipment,Toa Domestic AirlinesWithdrew.
  • 1992 (Heisei4 years)-New terminal building completed[2].
  • 1998 (10)-Hokkaido Air System begins operation.
  • 2001 (13)-Okadama Airport green space development starts based on the town development plan around Okadama Airport.[13].
  • 2003 (15) June 6-Holding an event to commemorate the founding of Okadama Garrison and the 22th anniversary of the formation of the Northern Air Corps.
  • 2004 (16)-Extend runway to 1,500 m[2].
  • 2008 (20)- Approach/Terminal radar controlIs started. This is the first terminal radar control by JGSDF personnel.
  • 2010 (22)May 6 -With the operation of this day All Nippon AirwaysAir Nippon Network) Withdrew, unified at New Chitose Airport.
  • 2011 (23)May 6 -Hokkaido Air System will consolidate the base airport to this airport and move the head office to the airport building at the same time.
  • 2012 (24)May 10 --Hokkaido Air SystemSapporo / Okadama - MemanbetsuThe line (1 flights a day) is suspended.
  • 2013 (25)May 1 --Hokkaido Air SystemAsahikawa - HakodateLines (2 flights a week, Saturday and Sunday) are suspended.
  • 2013 (25)May 7 --Hokkaido Air System is Sapporo / Okadama - MisawaOpen the line.
  • 2013 (25)May 7 - Fuji Dream AirlinesConducted a test flight using the company's Embraer 170, and it was the first time that a private jet airliner (excluding business jets) took off and landed at the airport.
  • 2013 (25)May 9 -Fuji Dream Airlines decides to operate a charter flight from Nagoya/Komaki Airport and Okadama Airport (Higashi Ward, Sapporo City) from November 11th with a small jet airliner.
  • 2013 (25)May 11 -Fuji Dream Airlines operates one round-trip charter flight with passengers using the company's Embraer 170.
  • 2014 (26)May 6 -Fuji Dream Airlines carries passengers and operates one round-trip every Saturday, for a total of 1 charter flights by September 1[14].
  • 2015 (27) October 10nd and 22th- Yuzhno-SakhalinskInternational charter flights to[15].. (Hokkaido Air System,Saab 340)
  • June 2016, 28-Fuji Dream Airlines begins regular flights to and from Shizuoka Airport. (6 flights a week, seasonal summer service)
  • March 2017, 29-Fuji Dream Airlines is OkadamaShizuoka AirportOperates one round trip per day during the summer schedule. At the same time started code sharing with Japan Airlines. (Operating during the summer schedule after 1)
  • 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) October 10-Hokkaido Air System[16]Sapporo / Okadama-Memanbetsu Line (3 flights a week, Tue, Wed, Thu) resumed operation.
  • 2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) July 7-Hokkaido Air System as a summer seasonal flight[17]Is Sapporo / Okadama- OkushiriOpened the line (operated on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

Runway extension plan

In 1995, Hokkaido and Sapporo City announced that they would extend the runway from 1,400 m to 2,000 m.[18]Worry about increased noiseResident movementFear that the SDF will become more active and that the range of applications by the Self-Defense Forces will expand.LeftStrongly opposed, and the necessity of having two airports where jet planes took off and landed in one metropolitan area became a problem, and in 2 the jet plane was abandoned, and finally the runway extension plan was reduced from the beginning. Reached 1997 m[18].

In March 2012,Sapporo Chamber of CommerceFormulated "Sapporo Wide Area Comprehensive Transportation System Grand Design", Sapporo City, Hokkaido,Hokkaido Development Bureau,Hokkaido Transportation BureauSubmitted a proposal to[19].Hokkaido ShinkansenIn order to strengthen the transportation network between Honshu ⇒ Central Hokkaido ⇒ various parts of Hokkaido with the extension of Sapporo, this proposal states "Sapporo StationSapporo Kita InterchangeDevelopment of expressways that directly connect toSosei River[20]"Expansion of Okadama Airport functions and subwayToho Line"Airport entry" and "Sapporo station square redevelopment" were included[21]..The number of passengers getting on and off at Sapporo Station on the Shinkansen is expected to be about 2 / day, but the goal is to increase the number of passengers to 3 in collaboration with Kanto, Tohoku, Northern Hokkaido, Eastern Hokkaido, Asia, and the Far East.[21].

In December 2015, the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce issued a proposal for "Sapporo Growth Strategy-Sapporo Attraction," including the runway extension project at Okadama Airport.Akimoto KatsuhiroSubmitted to Mayor of Sapporo and Yoshihiro Yamatani, Deputy Governor of Hokkaido[22]..It is said that it is necessary to extend the runway by at least 300 m toward the jet conversion of Okadama Airport.[21], The following points are mentioned as expected maintenance effects.[21][23].

  • Increased domestic flights: Small jets will be available year-round.Also,Cheap airlineWith the entry of (LCC), new demand can be expected.
  • Promotion of internationalization at New Chitose Airport: By moving some domestic flights to Okadama Airport, it is possible to expand the international slots at New Chitose Airport.
  • Short-distance international flights: It serves as a receiver for international flights from China and Russia, where access to New Chitose Airport is restricted for defense reasons.
  • Making it a disaster prevention base: It has become the mainstay of emergency goods transportationC130-H Transport planes can take off and land.The required runway extension is 1,600m.
  • Making a medical base:Doctor helicopterDispatch of doctors to various parts of Hokkaido, transport patients to advanced medical facilities in Sapporo city by medical wing, from overseasMedical tourismCan handle.
  • Utilization of hinterland:Integrated resort,International conference hallMay be located.

その後2016年6月にはフジドリームエアラインズが滑走路延長の検討を提唱し、北海道と札幌市の「丘珠空港の利活用に関する検討会議」での2018年2月の試算ではFDA機の通年運航を可能とする1,800 m案で総事業費98億円・札幌市負担7億円、より多くの機種の通年運航が可能となる2,000 m案で総事業335億円・札幌市負担25億円と試算された。札幌市側は2018年度より市民アンケートや地元説明会・パネル展示を行い地元の理解醸成を図り、北海道新幹線札幌駅延伸による観光客増加を見越して2030年度末までの滑走路延伸竣工を見込んでいたものの、2020年時点ではNew coronavirusIt has become difficult to formulate a construction plan based on the initially assumed schedule due to a decrease in demand due to the reduction of air mail and a stagnation in the dialogue with residents.[18].

In June 2020, a report of the “Sapporo Okadama Airport Utilization Study Committee” by academics and residents was compiled, and it is said that 6 m extension is desirable, but it is preceded by “considering realistic measures”. However, it was proposed that the 2,000 m drawing would start in service early and that the 1,800 m drawing would be a subject for future study.[24][25].

In March 2020,Hokkaido Economic Federation(Dokeiren) has released a report on "Future Okadama Airport Based on Surveys and Survey Results on Demand Forecasts for Utilization of Okadama Airport"[26]..Looking after the convergence of the new coronavirus infection, the content proposes the ideal way of Okadama Airport that contributes to the development of the Hokkaido economy from a long-term perspective with a view to 2030 and beyond.[26]..In addition, Katsuhiro Akimoto, the mayor of Sapporo, said, "The expandability of the airport will be greatly improved, such as the opening of routes in metropolitan areas outside Hokkaido, including Tokyo, and the runway will be extended to 2,000 m or more to meet a wide range of operational needs. And "Consideration of new construction of airport terminal and access to airport terminal of subway Toho line"[27]..The Dokeiren has requested the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to "examine the extension of the runway to 2,000 m or more" and "support the efforts to realize the future image of the airport that Sapporo City will compile in the future".[28].

Passenger facility

Airport terminal buildingIs one building on the south side of the runway, with three stories above ground and one story below ground.Boarding bridgeIs not installed. Shareholders include Sapporo City and HokkaidoThird sectorOperated by the Sapporo Okadama Airport Building.

From the terminal building to the plane, you will walk outdoors, but in winter it was difficult to walk due to freezing of the road and there was the danger of falls. For this reason, in 2005, it was the first airport parking lot in Japan for pedestrians.Road heatingHas been maintained.

  • Ground floor-airline counter, arrival lobby
  • 2nd floor-Departure lobby, boarding waiting room
  • 3rd floor-Free pick-up deck, visitor hall, meeting room


Sapporo sports facility adjacent to the airfield (Sapporo Community Dome)SidewaysHokkaido policeHeliports and hangars are installed facing the taxiway.

Service route

If there are two or more airlines,Taizi) Airline aircraft and crewCode-share flights.

Japan Airlines (JAL) [Note 1] Rishiri Airport,Memanbetsu Airport [30],Kushiro Airport,Hakodate Airport,Okushiri Airport[31][32],Misawa Airport
Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA)
-Japan Airlines (JAL)
Shizuoka Airport(Operating during the summer schedule),Matsumoto Airport(Summer seasonal operation)

Fuji Dream Airlines 2016 (28)May 6ThanShizuoka AirportOpen two flights a week during the summer schedule. It became the first regular passenger flight by jet, and operated daily for the Sapporo-Shizuoka route, including flights to and from New Chitose Airport (2 flights a week).[33].. According to media reports, the demand for new Chitose Airport flights is strong, so certain demand can be expected if the service days do not overlap. When opening the route, initiallyNagoya Airfield(Komaki, prefectural Nagoya Airport) I was aiming for a flight, but New Chitose Airport- Chubu International AirportFrom competing with the lineAichiIt was also reported that the plan was revised by Shizuoka Airport flights without the consent of[34][35][36][37].2017 After 29 (3), the operation will not change during the summer time period (generally from the end of March to the end of October), but Okadama Airport flights will be operated daily (new Chitose Airport flights will be canceled), and will be operated jointly with Japan Airlines. Do[38][39].2018 (30) DegreeMatsumoto AirportThe flight will be operated in August as summer seasonal operation.2019 Will start joint operation with Japan Airlines and will operate from mid-July to late September.[40][41][42].

Former service routes

Toa Domestic Airlines[43]
(Japan Domestic Airlines
(Northern Japan Airlines
Wakkanai,Memanbetsu,Obihiro,Kushiro,Hakodate,Niigata(Akitavia),Tokyo/Haneda(HachinoheVia), Tokyo/Haneda (direct)
All Nippon Airways[43]Sendai,Niigata
Air Nippon[43]
(Japan Short Distance Air
Rishiri(Via Wakkanai),Monbetsu,Nakashibetsu, Memanbetsu,Okushiri(Via Hakodate)
Air Nippon Network[43]Wakkanai, Monbetsu, Nakashibetsu, Memanbetsu, Kushiro, Hakodate
Hokkaido Air System[43][Note 2]Monbetsu, Memanbetsu, Kushiro, Hakodate, Misawa

Access Info

Sapporo6 km straight from the center,Sapporo StationAbout 20-25 minutes by car from[44].

Airport connecting trainNotSapporo City Transportation Bureau(Sapporo Municipal SubwayToho Line OfSakaemachi StationIs about 1.6 km, and the bus below is about 5 minutes.


For details on the number and fares, please check the latest information on the relevant items and the official website.

During the winter period from December 12st to the end of March,Sapporo Station,Sapporo TerminalFor bus access to and from central Sapporo, the airport shuttle bus has shortened the service section to Sakaemachi Station, and the general route bus has been abolished in 2017, so at Sakaemachi Station and Aso Station. You need to make a connection[45][46].


Okadama Airport (Hokkaido Route 431 Okadama Airport Line,Hokkaido Road 1137 Okadama Airport East Line) Located alongside.

The parking lot will be operated by Times 2017 under the name of "Times Sapporo Okadama Airport" from October 29, 10 (Heisei 1). Accommodates 24 cars, free for 303 hour. It is free for 1 hours for using food and drink and selling goods in the airport terminal building. Has been operating for 2 years since October 2007, 19[47][48][49][50][51].

Transfers to/from New Chitose Airport

It takes more than 150 minutes to transfer to/from New Chitose Airport[52].

Ground Self-Defense Force (Okadama Garrison)

Okadama Garrison(Okada Machutonchi)HokkaidoSapporoHigashi WardOkadama TownIt is a garrison of the Ground Self-Defense Force, which is located in the area where the Northern Air Corps is stationed.Northern Air CaptainOkadama GarrisonAlso serves as a commander.


  • 1954
    • January: The Self-Defense Forces start using it as a base.
      • Northern Army (Sapporo Camp), Northern Army Special Corps Air Corps (Kita Chitose Camp), 2nd District Air Corps (Asahikawa Camp), 2nd Air Service Corps (Asahikawa Camp)
    • May: The 5th Aircraft Maintenance Corps relocated from Hamamatsu Camp to Sapporo Camp.
    • March:
      1. Northern Army Special Corps Air Corps renamed to 1st Special Division Air Corps.
      2. 762 Aircraft Maintenance Corps renamed to 302nd Aircraft Maintenance Corps.
    • March:
      1. The 5th Air Corps (Asahikawa Camp) was established, and the 2nd Air Corps was abolished.
      2. The 305th Aircraft Maintenance Corps (Asahikawa Camp) was established.
    • October Established as Okadama Tonchi.
      1. The 5th Air Corps moved from Asahikawa Camp to Obihiro Camp.
      2. Sapporo station business corps Okadama business team relocated.
  • November 1955: The 30th Aircraft Maintenance Company relocated from Asahikawa Camp to Okadama Camp.The 11nd Aircraft Maintenance Corps and the 305th Aircraft Maintenance Corps were abolished.        
  • 1956 (Showa 31) January: The formation of the 1th Aircraft Maintenance Company (Okadama Station) is completed.             
  • 1957
    • February: Drift ice observation support started
    • May: Okadama Airfield becomes under the jurisdiction of the Defense Agency.


7th Division Subcommittee

11th Brigade Sub-Brigade

Northern Army subordinate unit


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