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🚗 | Expansion of sales of carbon brushes for Trie EV drive motors First adopted in German BMW vehicles

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Expanded sales of carbon brushes for Trise EV drive motors First adopted in German BMW vehicles

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In the future, it will be used in drive motors for EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) released by BMW, aiming for further sales expansion.

Trice, which manufactures motor parts for automobiles (Headquarters: 1105-2, Kushida-cho, Matsusaka-shi, President Yasuharu Shimonishi, Telephone 059 ... → Continue reading

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Plug-in hybrid car

Hybrid car > Plug-in hybrid car
Electric car > Plug-in hybrid car

Plug-in hybrid car (plug-in hybrid car) isOutletDirectly using a plug frombatteryToChargingit canHybrid carAnd a plug-in hybrid type abbreviated as PHV (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle) or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)Transport equipmentKind of.


What is a pluginElectrical appliancesAs well as for home电源からplugThe plug-in hybrid car is equipped with more batteries than the non-plug-in hybrid car because it can be directly supplied with electric power by using (a plug-in device attached to the end of the power cord of an electric device). Therefore, it is possible to travel longer distances only with electricity.RefuelingOnly worksInternal combustion engineWhile retaining the convenience of the car (ICEV)Electric carIt is a hybrid car of a type closer to (EV).

The merit of running on electricity is that the energy efficiency is several times higher than that of a gasoline car and the fuel efficiency is overwhelmingly good.CO2,DO NOTx OfDischargeThere is noZero emission vehicle(ZEV) etc.Car classCompared to an internal combustion vehicle of the same degree (when the tank is full)Cruising distanceIs short and it takes time to charge.On the other hand, in a non-plug-in hybrid car that generates electricity with an internal combustion engine and partially electrifies it, the battery is divided as an auxiliary to the internal combustion engine, and it is a car with properties similar to a general gasoline car.In order to take advantage of both, the plug-in hybrid car has both energy efficiency and refueling speed by loading both a larger battery and an internal combustion engine than the conventional hybrid car.Charge the battery from an external power source (household outlet, etc.), and use only the motor for short distances.Electric carCan run as.Similar to a non-plug-in hybrid car when the battery is lowengineRun withexhaustIs not included in zero-emission vehicles because of the occurrence of.

Overseas2008ToChugokuReleased for government agenciesHiadi Motor(BYD Auto) Plug-in hybrid carF3DMIs the world's firstMass productionIt became a type PHV. F3DM has a rechargeable battery capacity of 20 kW, up to 60MilesIt can run (about 96 km) with only batteries.Therefore, with a one-way travel distance of about 40 km,Air conditioningWithoutTraffic jamIf you don't get caught up in, you can go back and forth without using gasoline. The price of F3DM is 14yuan(Less than 200 million yen)[1]The number of vehicles sold is more than double that of ordinary gasoline vehicles in China.2010As of December, there are less than 12 units. General MotorsSince December 2010Chevrolet VoltTheNorth AmericaTo market,2011By October, 10 units have been sold[2]. Also,AmericaEmerging car makers exceed $ 2011 since November 11advancedPHEsports car,KarmaStarted selling to general customers.

JapanThen.2017(HeiseiIn FY29), 435 million new passenger cars were sold, of which about 3.4 (0.78%) were PHEVs.[3].

Pros and cons

Strong Points

  • Within the range that can be driven by the batteryElectric carCan be used as
  • fuelThe electricity bill is overwhelmingly cheaper than the bill.
  • Since it has a fuel running function, it can be refueled in the same time as a conventional internal combustion vehicle (ICEV).
  • Because you can generate electricity if you have fuelStormy weather,disasterStrong against long-term stuck due to home andShelterThen it may be an emergency power supply.


  • Rechargeable battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) will have more internal vehicle parts, internal internal vehicle parts will have more electric vehicle parts, and non-plug-in hybrid vehicles will have more batteries.Compared to either, it is disadvantageous in terms of interior space and luggage compartment volume, and the number of parts and weight increase, resulting in manufacturing and manufacturing.maintenance-RecyclingIt takes to dispose of includingEnvironmental loadAnd all of the costs are high.
  • Since the battery capacity is smaller than that of a rechargeable battery-powered electric vehicle, the cruising range that can be traveled by the battery is significantly shorter, and the charging speed is also slower.When the battery level is insufficient, the engine is used for driving, so exhaust gas is discharged.


  • 1997 year 3 month,Toyota Coaster hybrid EVCommercially available.
  • 2003 in EuropeRenaultからKangooReleased the plug-in hybrid car specification.
  • Around 2004, a venture company developed a kit that replaces the batteries of an existing car with a large-capacity one in the United States to make it a plug-in hybrid car, and is now sold by several companies.SubsidyIs also out.
  • In May 2007, Japan started a journey through the Japanese archipelago with a handmade plug-in hybrid car.
  • In July 2007, Toyota Motor Corporation's plug-in hybrid car was approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and started public road tests.
  • August 2008, 1,North American International Auto ShowIn ChinaHiadi Motor(BYDAuto) is a low price plug-in hybrid carBYD F3DMAnnounce[4].
  • August 2008, 1,North American International Auto ShowAt Toyota announces policy to sell plug-in hybrid cars to companies and government agencies by 2010[5].
  • August 2008, 1,General MotorsAnnounced a policy to complete a plug-in hybrid car by 2010.
  • December 2008, 12 BYD in Chinaworld's firstMass production type plug-in hybrid carF3DMReleased for government agencies[6].. The price is 2 dollars (about 2000 yen for 1 million yen). It can be charged with a household power supply and 90% with 244% chargeMiles(Approximately 96.56km) It is possible to drive.
  • On June 2009, 6, Toyota Motor Corporation will launch 3 plug-in hybrid cars in Japan, the United States, and Europe during FY2009.leaseAnnounced to sell. It is possible to run about 20 km only with electricity[7].. We plan to introduce 200 units in Japan, 150 units in the United States, 100 units in France, and 50 units in the United Kingdom and Portugal.[8].
  • August 2009, 8 General Motors announced plug-in hybrid vehicle in the second half of 11Chevrolet Bolt (hybrid car)(Chevrolet Volt) will start production and will be put on the market in 2011. Fuel consumption during urban driving is expected to be at least 1 km per liter by US standards. Gasoline 97US gallonPer 100MilesIt is said to be the world's first mass-produced vehicle as a fuel-efficient vehicle that can travel over (1km per liter)[9].US Environmental Protection AgencySurvey found 1 miles per gallon[10].
  • August 2009, 10,Tokyo Motor ShowAtMitsubishi MotorsUnveiled the plug-in hybrid SUV "Concept PX-MiEV" for the first time.
  • On November 2009, 11, Toyota Motor CorporationPrius PHVFor lease sales ofMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryWas selected as EV/PHV town, which is a model business ofGovernment office,MunicipalitiesStart business negotiations with specific users such as. About 200 units are leased through a leasing company.
  • November 2009, 11, BYDF3DMAnnounced that it will postpone sales to general consumers until 2010. BYD argues that the F3DM price is 14 yuan (a little less than 9800 million yen), which is higher than that of a typical Chinese gasoline vehicle, so it is necessary to provide a government subsidy for marketing. The number of F200DM units sold is about 3 as of November 2009.[11].
  • On December 2009, 12, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it will launch a plug-in hybrid car for the general public from the end of 4. The price is expected to be in the 2011 million yen range. Approximately 300km can be traveled with 100% charge[12].
  • On February 2010, 2, Toyota submitted a recall notification for four hybrid vehicles including the Prius plug-in hybrid to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism[13].
  • 2010 year 12 month,Chevrolet Bolt (hybrid car)Is officially released in the United States.
  • On November 2011, 11, Toyota Motor Corporation started receiving orders for the Prius PHV. The price starts from 29 million yen.
  • On January 2012, 1, Toyota launched the Prius PHV.
  • Mitsubishi Motors next generation at Geneva Motor Show on March 2012, 3OutlanderAnnounced that a plug-in hybrid car based on is being developed.
  • December 2012, 12, Mitsubishi MotorsOutlander PHEVReleased on January 2013, 1.
  • August 2013, 10,Hino MotorsIs a medium-sized busMelpha plug-in hybridDeveloped and released at the Tokyo Motor Show the following month[14].
  • August 2015, 9,VolkswagenBut"Golf GTE"BMWLaunches "BMW X5 xDrive40e" in Japan[15].
  • August 2016, 1,Volvo Car JapanIs "XC90First introduction of PHEV (plug-in hybrid) in Japan[16].
  • August 2017, 4,Honda Motor Co., Ltd. TheNew York International Auto ShowでClarity plug-in hybridWorld premiere[17].. At the Tokyo Motor Show of the same year, it was announced that it will be introduced in Japan in 2018.[18], Announced the "Clarity PHEV" in Japan on July 2018, 7, and started selling on the following day 19[19].
  • October 2019, 5- FerrariIs the first PHEVFerrari SF90 Stradaleannounced[20].
  • June 2020, 6 Toyota MotorRAV4 PHVReleased.


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