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🚗 | Lexus's first EV, "UX300e" with paper craft ... After all, zero emissions

Photo Lexus UX 300e Paper Craft

Lexus's first EV, "UX300e" with paper craft ... After all, zero emissions

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Lexus says that it takes about an hour to complete the paper craft, and the paper craft has zero emissions like the actual UX 1e.

On February 2, the UK division of Lexus will be the brand's first commercial EV "UX19e" (Lexus UX 300e) ... → Continue reading


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Paper craft

Paper craft What is (paper craft)?paperMade as a materialmodelIt is also called a "card model". It is sometimes defined as cutting out parts of various sizes, colors, and shapes from a piece of paper and assembling them.


PrintThe flat paper is processed to make it three-dimensional.The state of the plane before assembling is "Development view"And so on.computerBefore it became commonBookIt was distributed in such places, but now it is being sold as data.Also, those created by amateurs and those created as company promotionsインターネットIt is often distributed free of charge above.

There are various types, from simple ones distributed for children to complicated ones that take several days to produce, small ones that can be completed with less than one sheet of A4 paper, and large ones that use more than 1 sheets of the same paper. Things are being distributed.

There are also paper craft professionals, and some of them create complex works by drawing with tools such as rulers without using a computer.

I want to achieve it with paper craftSurfaceCan be realized with paperDevelopable surfaceIt is necessary to approximate with, and the design has traditionally required only manual trial and error, and requires considerable skill and skill, but in recent years3DCGMade with softwarepolygonFrom the modelDevelopment viewCommercial software to generate "Pepakura Designer], Etc. have made it relatively easy to design.


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Zero emission

Zero emissionWhat is (zero emission)?EnvironmentRefers to an engine, motor, mechanism, or other energy source that does not generate waste that pollutes or disrupts the climate. "Emission" means "emission".United Nations University 1994This is the zero emission concept proposed in.Also known as the Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI).


The realization of zero emissions requires the cooperation of the industries involved. By-products and unwanted materials of an industry (waste) Is effectively used in another industry to circulate resources throughout society. Moreover,carbon dioxideIt is required to establish a technology that does not emit (zero) such as. for that purpose,EnvironmentIt is important to use a production process that does not contaminate waste, not only to reduce emissions at the production stage, but also to review raw materials and production processes in consideration of the impact at the stage of consumption and disposal.

Currently, it is diffused in the reuse process (highEntropyThere is a problem that energy is used in the process of recovering (low entropy) the substance and extra carbon dioxide is emitted. For example, the currentRecyclingGreater than exercise, its recycling process, new productEnergyWhen using.

Fossil fuelTrue zero emissions are shelved, as they emit carbon dioxide that affects the environment as long as they are used.

Nuclear power does not emit carbon dioxide directly,uraniumFrom miningRadioactive wasteIn various aspects until litteringFossil energyIs used, and when viewed comprehensively, it emits a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. Also,Nuclear powerIt is necessary to debate what kind of emission a large amount of radioactive waste will generate during the process, and the technology for safely dumping radioactive waste for hundreds of thousands of years has not been established yet. Challenges remain.

Prior to this concept, Japan had begun activities such as a system for arranging waste to other companies. The overall concept of waste reuse was proposed by Goro Ono, a professor at Shinshu University (currently an emeritus professor at Saitama University), at least in 1993.[1](This was also proposed at the international conference of the same year). Therefore, it can be said that the UNU proposal was later reimported.

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  1. ^ Goro Ono, "Ecologicalism: Transmission from Japan", Tongwen Guan Publishing, 1993

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