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🚗 | Triumph 2021 Bonneville series announced, high performance and stylish evolution

Photo Triumph 2021 New Bonneville Series

Triumph 2021 Bonneville series announced, high performance and stylish evolution

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The Speedmaster is a British-born classic custom that allows you to enjoy long rides in a relaxed and ideal position.

Triumph Motorcycles Japan February 2, updated performance, functionality, style ... → Continue reading


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Long ride

Long ride (Long Ride) isBicycleRefers to long-distance running in.Japanglishis not.

English-speaking countries,French speakingThen,FrenchThe word of originRandne(randonnée,trekking,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euOr, we sometimes use the name "scattering" by bicycle or car, which means long-distance running), and the participants of such events are Land Noor (Hiker) Called.

For long-distance bicycle events, it is usually 100-1200.kmThere is a degree. 160km (100)Miles) Is an event that runs within 8 hoursHonolulu Century RideImitatingCentury Ride(OrCentury Run).In addition, events centered on mountain coursesGran FondoCalled.

The nature of the event is that each participant aims to complete the race on their own under their own risk management, competing for time.raceis not it.Checkpoints (controls) are set up to ensure that the process is followed correctly and that no cheating, such as shortcuts that do not follow the regular route, has been made, and participants often present their cards on the spot.

These eventsFranceEspecially popular in Netherlands,ベルギー,The United Kingdom,The United States of America,Australia,カナダIt is also done in such places.

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