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🚗 | Tank truck rollover accident in China What triggered the crisis?


Tank truck rollover accident in China What triggered the crisis?

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By the way, the driver of the tank truck was thrown out by a shock.

Anhui Province, China, located west of Shanghai.An unexpected thing happened to the bike that entered the intersection.Suddenly ... → Continue reading

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Tank truck

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: "Poison" signs posted on vehicles loaded with poison, stainless steel lorries for food transportation, cement, etc.lime-starchEtc. powder lorry etc.Image providedplease.(2009/5)

Tank truckIt is,solid-liquid-gasFor transportingSpecial purpose vehicle.Freight car (truck)It is also a kind ofoil-gasIt is used for transportation such as.Semi-trailerThere are also many types of tank trucks.

What is a lorry?TrackHas almost the same meaning as."Truck" is in American English and "Raleigh" is in British English.

According to Japanese law (Fire Service Act), tank trucks that transport dangerous goods are called "mobile tank storage".

Vehicle type


Fire Service ActPrescribed byHazardous Material(mainlyoil,Powerful drugDangerous goods lorry, which carriespoison,Drinking water,Food(milk,Molasses,syrupSuch),cementNon-dangerous goods to carryPowder carrierRaleigh, high pressuregasIt is divided into high pressure gas lorries that carry.



The shape of the tank is often cylindrical to ensure strength.

The cross-sectional shape of dangerous goods lorries and non-dangerous goods lorries is basically an ellipse with a flat top and bottom direction, and a perfect circle is used when pressure encapsulation is required.All high-pressure gas lorries have a perfect circular cross section.

The reason for the ellipse isCenter of gravityIn many cases, this is to lower the height to prevent it from tipping over and to reduce the overall height in relation to the loading equipment.

Vehicle total weightSince the deregulation of, the adoption of a new cross section that the upper part is relatively flat and both sides bulge downward can be seen.[1].

On the other hand, the reason why the high-pressure container is a perfect circle is that the pressure from the inside is evenly applied to the outer wall of the tank.StrengthAnd to improve durability.


Most of the tank structures are bare tanks for dangerous goods lorries, but there are also tanks with cooling and heating devices as special structures with cold and heat insulating materials, and in the case of cargo that is not suitable for handling at room temperature.

Non-dangerous goods lorries have many special structures such as tanks with cold / heat insulating materials or with heating devices.

The high pressure gas lorry is a bare tank or a tank with a cold / heat insulating material.

Liquid tanks are equipped with wave barriers to reduce the impact of load sway on vehicle stability, and liquid dangerous goods are required by the Fire Service Act.


The material of the tank withstands high pressure, causing cargo leakage andChemical changeFor the purpose of preventingWeldingAssemblingOrdinary steel,High strength steelIn addition to steel products, for fats and oilsAluminum alloy, In the food industryStainless steelIs the mainstream.

strengthacid,strengthalkaliFor highly corrosive cargoFRPAnd chemical changesTitaniumYou can also see the tank made of.

The Fire Service Act requires that tanks be as strong as or stronger than 3.2 mm steel plates.


Dangerous goods lorryFire Service ActIt is said to be a "mobile tank storage" above, and up to 30,000literBelow, the room is limited to 4,000 liters or less.

Road Transport Vehicle Act,Vehicle restriction orderBy a single vehicle per vehicleVehicle total weightUp to 25 tons, trailerRoad Transport Vehicle Act36 special cases above, up to XNUMX tonsVehicle restriction orderSince it is said to be up to 27 tons (on a general road) above, it is difficult to establish a dangerous goods lorry that can load 30,000 liters due to the balance of overall length and width, but it has been in operation since around 2011.[2].

High pressure gas lorry has a maximum of less than 18,000 liters of flammable gas,ammoniaThe maximum amount of toxic gas is less than 8,000 liters.

There are no particular restrictions on non-dangerous goods lorries.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading varies depending on the nature of the cargo, but it can be roughly divided as follows.

  • Items loaded by gravity (general: mainly liquid)
    • Open the lid on the top of the tank, load it, and discharge it from the outlet below.Also, depending on the specificationspumpIt may be sent by.evaporationIf it is better not to touch the outside air for the purpose of preventing chemical changes, the filling method by pressure, which will be described later, may be used.
  • Items to be loaded by pressure 1 (gas / liquid / powder)
    • compressorでgasIs pressurized, filled with a pressure difference, and discharged.OrpumpSend and suck with.
  • What is loaded by pressure 2 (general oil: liquid)
    • From the unloading pipe at the bottom of the tank, the tank is filled with pressure by pressurizing the equipment side.When discharging, it is unloaded by gravity. (Bottom loadingIs called.It can also be loaded from the top of the tank.The Fire Service Act stipulates a special structure because dangerous substances will be present in the pipes when driving. )


When transportingHazardous MaterialFor vehicles"Danger"Signs (boards or stickers) must be placed on the front and back (the front side of the semi-trailer and the rear side of its towing vehicle are not required).

In addition,poisonIn the case of a transport vehicle"poison"Sign,High pressure gasFor transportation"High pressure gas"Need a sign.


In addition, the tank truck for aviation fuel supply that you can see at the airport as shown in the lower right photo is usuallyRefulerIt is called (refuse error).

In addition, there are vehicles that do not have a tank and supply fuel from pipes installed on the ground.ServicerBy the way, the servicer is not equipped with a pump and is refueled only by the pressure from the ground piping).

Countermeasure against static electricity

In addition, there was a time when oil tank trucks were running by dragging tire chains as an antistatic measure.The reason was explained in a straightforward manner, "In the Fire Service Act .....", but in reality the legal basis is unknown.

Furthermore, in the same explanation, there is an explanation that there is an "antistatic device" and it is no longer needed, but that "antistatic device" is just an antistatic measure of a "weighing scale", and it is completely different from chain dragging. It doesn't matter.There is also an urban legend about tire conductivity.

Of course, in order to remove static electricity, it is necessary to ground with a ground wire while handling dangerous materials.

Qualifications required for operating a tank truck, etc.

Driver's license

Public roadIn order to run, by classification such as sizeLarge car(Before the revision on June 19, 2007)Specific large vehicle), So it correspondedDriver's license(Large license) is required.


In addition, when transportingHazardous Material TheFire Service Act,Gunpowder TheExplosives Control Law, PoisonousPoisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law,High pressure gas TheHigh Pressure Gas Safety Act, Drinking water, foodFood Sanitation Act, The size isMeasurement Law, About transportationRoad Traffic LawWill be applied.


Also, transporting dangerous goodsDangerous goods handlerQualification (or with a qualified person), transportation of poisonPoisonous and Deleterious Substance Handling OfficerNotification as a business operator and transportation of high-pressure gas from the office where the company is locatedHigh pressure gas movement monitorClass (other thanHigh-pressure gas production safety managerIt is necessary to complete (or ride with the graduate) of the diploma holder (no need to attend).


Regarding the transportation of gunpowder, there are no required qualifications other than a driver's license, but the shipper will carry it each time.PrefecturesPublic Safety CommissionThe driver is obliged to carry the transportation certificate issued by.

Load capacity, etc.

Tank trucks that run on public roads in Japan are used for peddling (door-to-door sales) of kerosene.Light carThe upper limit under the Fire Service Act for those that meet the standards, small trucks with a loading capacity of 2 tons, which are often owned by fuel stores, large trucks used for transportation to gas stations, and semi-trailer type lorries that transport fuel oil. There are various sizes, up to those close to 30 kiloliters.

Major manufacturers



  1. ^ Tokyu vehicle manufacturingTokyu Vehicle Special Equipment (currently Toho Vehicle), which was a subsidiary of Japan Transport Engineering Company,Railway car OfStructureApplication of technology cultivated in manufacturingVehicle limitThe new cross section that introduces the concept of is adopted for the 24 KL semi-trailer lorry, and the total length is shortened by 2.7 m compared to the conventional cross section, achieving a significant improvement in loading efficiency.Tank semi-trailer --Toho Vehicle Co., Ltd. (2015 version / viewed January 2017, 1)
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