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🚗 | Trial World Championship Japan GP canceled for 2 consecutive years — Judgment of suffering due to corona

Photo 2019 Trial World Championship Japan GP (Tony Bow)

Trial World Championship Japan GP canceled for 2 consecutive years — Judgment of suffering due to corona

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Mobilityland has been in discussions and discussions with its promoter, FIM (International Motorcyclism Federation), but travel restrictions due to the status of new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection not only in Japan but also in European countries. In consideration of the progress of measures and measures, it was decided to cancel this year's tournament.

Mobilityland was scheduled to be held at Twin Ring Motegi on May 5th and 15th, "16 FIM To ... → Continue reading


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Travel restrictions

Mobility Land

Mobility Land Co., Ltd.(MOBILITYLAND CORPORATION) IsHonda Motor Co., Ltd.Under the umbrellaMotor sportsFacility management company.


So farSuzuka Circuit LandとTwin Ring MotegiIs a company that was established by an equal merger on June 2006, 6 (Suzuka Circuit Land is the surviving company in terms of legal procedures), and as a result, it is one of the two leading companies in Japan, Suzuka Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi.circuit・ Become a company that operates comprehensive leisure facilities.In addition, as a wholly owned subsidiary, it has Honda Staffing Service Co., Ltd., a temporary staffing company, and is expanding its business both inside and outside the Honda Group.

The new company will strengthen the circuit-related business in the Honda Group, and based on the experience and know-how cultivated so far, through the operation of these two facilities, a series of activities such as mobility culture such as automobiles and motorcycles, motor sports, and the spread of safe driving It is said that it will contribute to the further development of the activities of.


Suzuka Circuit Land Co., Ltd.

  • October 1961, 2- TokyoChuo-kuKyobashiEstablished Motor Sports Land Co., Ltd.
  • April 1961-TokyoHino cityAmusement park mainly for automobilesTama TechOpened
  • June 1962-Company name changed to Techniland Co., Ltd.
  • February 1962- MieSuzukaCompleted and opened Japan's first full-scale international racing course "Suzuka Circuit"
  • January 1963-The first car amusement park at Suzuka CircuitMotopiaCompletion, business start
  • February 1963- Road Race World Championship1 timesJapan Grand PrixRoad race tournament held
  • February 1964- SaitamaAsaka"Asaka TechOpened (closed in 1972)
  • April 1968-Company name changed to Honda Land Co., Ltd.
  • February 1978- Suzuka 8 time endurance road raceFirst held
  • October 1986-Domestic travel business and its ancillary business started
  • February 1987- ENDRoad Race World Championship / Japan Grand Prix held
  • June 1987-Company name changed to Suzuka Circuit Land Co., Ltd., head office moved to Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture
  • February 1987- FIAF1 World Championship-Japan Grand PrixFirst held
  • April 1992-Opened Racing School (SRS) at Suzuka Circuit
  • December 1994-At Suzuka CircuitNatural hot spring "Kur Garden"open
  • March 1995-Suzuka Circuit Hotel approved as a government-registered hotel
  • January 1997-Established Circuit Service Creates Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary
  • May 1997-"Flower Plaza" opens at Suzuka Circuit
  • September 1997-Natural hot spring "Kur Garden" opens in Tama Tech
  • May 2000-Headquarters Tokyo office moved to Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture
  • July 2000-Opened "Kochira-chan's Pucci Town" at Suzuka Circuit Motopia
  • March 2002-Opened "Kokochira's Pucci Town" at Tama Tech
  • March 2006-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. acquires 3% of the shares and makes it a wholly owned subsidiary

Twin Ring Motegi Co., Ltd.

  • February 1991, 2-TokyoMinato-kuMinami-Aoyama, TokyoEstablished Honda Mobility World Co., Ltd.
  • January 1994-Company name changed to Twin Ring Motegi Co., Ltd.
  • April 1997 --Headquarters in Chuo-ku, TokyoYaesuMoved to
  • February 1997- TochigiMotegiThe first circuit in Japan with an oval course and road course, "Twin Ring Motegi," was completed and opened.
  • 1998/3
    • At the Super Speedway (oval course)CARTFirst held
    • An automobile museum that exhibits all of Honda's historyHonda Collection Hall, Established "Fan Fun Lab", an automobile culture experience facility
  • October 1998-Japan Grand Prix held
  • April 1999-First FIM Road Racing World Championship
  • July 2000-Opened "Hello Woods", a natural environment facility such as a campsite with the theme of environmental communication
  • March 2003-"Mobility Island Pucci Town" opens
  • February 2003- Indy Racing LeagueFirst held
  • March 2005-"Mobility Island Cartland" opens

Mobility Land Co., Ltd.

  • December 2005, 12-Announced merger of Suzuka Circuit Land and Twin Ring Motegi
  • June 2006, 6 --Suzuka Circuit Land and Twin Ring Motegi merged and the company name was changed to Mobilityland Co., Ltd.Headquarters in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, head office in Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • February 2009, 2-Announced closure of Tama Tech at the end of September
  • September 2009, 9-Tama Tech closed
  • 2012 --50th anniversary of Suzuka Circuit opening
  • April 2015 --Circuit Service Creates Co., Ltd. changed its name to Honda Staffing Service Co., Ltd.
  • December 2015 --Moved head office to Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • October 2016, 5- Taiwan-Kaohsiung City OfTaroko ParkOpened "Suzuka Circuit Park"
  • 2017 ――Twin Ring Motegi 20th Anniversary


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