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🚗 | Nissan Qashqai new model announcement, Japan introduction plan — Maybe the revival of Dualis?

Photo Nissan Qashqai New

Nissan Qashqai new model announcement, Japan introduction plan — Maybe the revival of Dualis?

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The design was by animation director and mechanic designer Shoji Kawamori.

On February 2, Nissan Motor announced the new "Qashqai" crossover SUV. The third generation new model is 18 ... → Continue reading


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Mechanic design

Mechanic design It is,fictionAppear in the workMechaKind of fantasy robots, fighters, battleships, etc.DesignRefers to the work and the person in charge of doingJapanglish..As a more correct English expressionmechanicalDesign(British: Mechanical Design) Also.


About the name

yuanSunriseMasao Iizuka, the director of the data room, said that the term mechanic design is useless.Mechanical designShould be called. " Mechanic Design can be translated into Japanese as "Worker (maintenance worker)"Design" etc.EnglishThe rationale is that it is a phrase that does not make sense.For example, "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEXIn the US version of 』, it is written as Mechanical Design.In recent years, it is also called production design or design works.AnimeIt is often referred to as "mechanical design" in the telop of.

Already overseasMechaIs the Japanese-style robot (or so-called ""Real robot』) Indicatesthe termIs simply "Mechanical design""Mechanical designerIt is also possible to call it a new one that makes sense in both Japanese and English.Coined word.

In particularNorth AmericaCore anime fan, "Anime Fundamentalist", JapanSubcarSome worshipers dare to use the strange English "Mechanic Design" when translating that Japanese English into English, even if the credit in Japanese is "mechanical design". There is an action to create a typical atmosphere.Once by SONY Walkman (Walkman[1]When the grammar-breaking Japanese English was made and became the product name of the portable cassette player, the strangeness of the English and the strange feeling that English natives could not create were proof that it was definitely made in Japan. Feeling like a symbol, it's just like the word "Walkman" became popular among Americans.Japanese cultureWorshipers try to imitate the mistakes of the Japanese. 

Job Description

Anime,Science fiction movieWorks, etc.fictionThe fictional that appears in the workMech robot,Fighter,Battleship,FirearmEtc., or prepare for animation drawingmodelDesign a machine.Character DesignA kind of work.


Before[When?]Is an art directoranimatorHowever, he has been in an independent position since the latter half of the 1970s.The first independent mechanic designer in Japan was "Mobile Suit GundamFamous for its designKunio Okawara..The first work isScience Ninja Team Gatchaman.2000 eraAfter enteringAnimeThen, there is a tendency to subdivide the job titles such as firearm design and specialty design.

Now[When?]At the anime production siteCharacter designerMany are from animators, but not always mechanical designers.Originally, the design of real mechanics such as fighters and battleships was regarded as the field of art, and it was active in the early days when the profession of mechanical designer was established.Kunio Okawara,Kazuki Miyatake,Katsushi MurakamiThis is because it is customary to prepare a full-time designer from the beginning for the mechanic design staff at the animation production site because such people were from non-animators. (However, there are many cases where animators are in charge of mechanical design.)

Design features of this work

RealMechanical designPerson or realMech robotUnlike designers, it is not necessary to create a real product that will finally work.It is not necessary to strictly design the power and mechanism so that it really moves, and it is only necessary to create a visual image in the fiction work and toys and models for children.It is not a design of a machine that really works in the real world, but a design that emphasizes the atmosphere.

However, that doesn't mean it's an easy task, and you have to accurately grasp the tastes of anime viewers when designing.Basically, it should be designed to stir up children's childish fantasies and dreams.At the same timeAnimeIn order to make mechas appear, move, and take action, it must have a simple shape with moderately few lines.If there are too many lines and colors, or if you have irregular, complicated modeling, or color schemes, drawing will be difficult, costly, and time-consuming.Once[When?]To cel animationCamouflage paintingThis is a major factor in the fact that there were few mechas.Also, for the production of character products such as toys, it becomes a factor that the cost of mold production and painting is high.Also, in an era when the mainstream was to launch projects in the form of "Introduction toys," toy makers had a strong voice, and first of all, the fun and productivity of toys, that is, unusual coalescence. Deformation mechanism and power of appearance (corners, etc.), abundant variations (replacement of reinforced parts and main character mechanism), toys of other worksMoldThe convenience of the toy maker, such as cost reduction by diversion of the toy, was prioritized, but in recent years, the beauty of the design and the harmony with the work itself,Computer graphicsIt is required to be easy to apply to various products using copyrights.

"Neon Genesis EVANGELION』, Say" mighty power restrained "Hideaki AnnoBased on the concept presented byYamashitaA huge weapon with a stoop designed by is appearing, but when I brought the plan of this work to a certain company,AnimeAppear inMech robotIt is said that the design of was preached by the other party, contrary to what it should be.

Relationship with toy makers

Once[When?], The main sponsors of robot anime are mainlytoyThe manufacturer was in charge.These companies have the mecha that appearsPlastic modelIn order to sell it as a die-cast model, we first designed the mechanism in-house and then used the toys in advance.PrototypeWas also produced.On top of that, the mecha appearsAnimeProductionAdvertising agency,Production ProductionThe general order is to arrange forat that time[When?]In many cases, the mechanic design profession on the anime side replaces the design of this maker's toy with a design that can be used as an animation movie, and the design of supporting mecha that is not premised on commercialization is a practical task It was.

[When?]In the case of TommytoyIs a seriesZoidsOf the same name that appearsAnimeWas produced and sales of the product increased, but this is an example that can be called a revival, as the first toy (brand name in Japan is different) has existed for nearly 20 years since it was made into a TV animation. ..

Now[When?]Then, not a designer of a toy maker, but a professional or a person with appropriate know-how as a mechanic design job has been involved from the planning start-up period, and it is used for both video works such as animation and special effects and related products such as toys and three-dimensional models. In many cases, the mechanical design is based on the above, and this is reflected in both the video and related products.Depending on the content of the program and the target audience, the quality of the mechanic design and the failure to reflect the design in the toys sold by the sponsor may be the biggest pillar of profits for the program or sponsor. It may have a great impact on the sales of related products.If the concept of the work, mechanical design, and toy gets a high evaluation and the related product hits, the video work side may be treated as a successful work even if the audience rating is lower than expected (typical). For example, "Steel Jeeg』There is).On the contrary, if the sales of related products are sluggish even if the audience rating is high and the animation fans are highly evaluated, the sponsor will discontinue the sales and drop from the program, and the video work will be broadcast.CensoredIt may be the main factor of.In terms of profit, it is commercially distributed.Garage kitCopyright income such asNow[When?]Then it is an element that can never be ignored.In other words, the current mechanic design profession has become more involved in the work, and in many anime and special effects works, it bears a heavy responsibility that directly influences the success or failure of the commercial side.

Because of these things, the sponsor side has earned the trust of the sponsor manufacturer for the commercial success of past works, and the sponsor side has nominated the mechanic designer for anime works, etc., or the sponsor side's intention in selection. Has been seen for a long time to have had a great influence on.On the contrary, it is difficult to replace design modeling with toys, etc., or modeling that costs more because the number of parts and molds cannot be reduced, and it is difficult to ensure safety and durability, which are important points for children's toys. Designers who design with this tendency are not liked by sponsors, especially those who deal with toys and three-dimensional objects, even if the design is highly evaluated by the fan base of animation and special effects.

Work to simplify design for toys (cleanup refinement)

A mecha designed by a person who has little experience in full-scale collaboration with the pediatric toy industry and the plastic model industry can be moved as an animation as it is, or if it is assumed to be three-dimensionalized or optimized as a product such as a toy.Industrial designer,Computer gamesIf you have little experience in the animation industry, such as a person in the industry, various restrictions may occur, as appropriateCleanupAnd refinement will be required.

A typical example of this type of case is "Space Battleship Yamato"soReiji MatsumotoDesigned byKazuki MiyatakeBut,"Mobile Suit Gundam] InYoshino TominoDesigned byKunio OkawaraCleaned up.Also,"∀ Gundam』In the industrial designerSid MeadThere is a case where the mechanic animation director refined the design that he worked on for animation.

Also, especially among the anime works with the originalLight novelIn most of the original works, some illustrations have been added by the time of animation on the original side.In these illustrations, the mecha that appears in the work may be drawn, and these designs may be partially modified and used when animating.Refinement of these designs is also the work of the mechanic designer.In this case, the name of the illustrator will appear on the credit as a design draft separately from the mechanic designer.

Mechanic animation director

recent years[When?]In the anime, a mechanic animation director (mecha animation director) is often placed, especially for mechanical objects.This is because the animation director who is good at character drawing is not always good at mechanical drawing, or is not good at it (or vice versa). "Mobile Suit Z Gundam"Mechanical animation director:Yorihisa UchidaCredit first appeared, and since thenSunriseIt became customary in the work. Since the 90's, the mechanical animation director has been pitching for most robot anime works regardless of the production company. (However, this does not apply if you are an animation director who is good at both characters and mecha)

The company that undertakes this work

,Studio coloringThere are also companies that carry out mechanic design work and order receiving work as a corporate organization rather than as an individual.Therefore, depending on the contract, the company name may be credited instead of the designer's personal name, or the designer's personal name may be accompanied by the company name.

Entry from other industries

As mentioned above, the work of mechanical design is often assigned to full-time designers rather than animators, so there are many participants and entries from different industries in this field.

The aboveNeon Genesis EVANGELIONAs a designermanga artist OfYamashita,Yoshito Asari,Seiji KioIs participating.Also"OVERMAN King Gainer]Capcom OfAkira YasudaIs participating.Kazuki MiyatakeIt is,Hayakawa SF BunkoCover, etc.Sci-fi designAt first, Studio Nue, to which Miyatake belongs, was mainly planning and designing science fiction, but now it is.AnimeHas many achievements in relations.

Major mechanic designers

OtherList of anime people,Category: Mechanic DesignerSee also


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  1. ^ English grammarIf it is a street, it will be a walker or a walking man. The combination of walk + man is absolutely impossible in English grammar.English natives can't even think of the expression walkman.

Related item

Shoji Kawamori

Shoji Kawamori(Kawamori Shoji,1960May 2[1] -) isJapan OfMechanic designer,Animation director-Director.ToyamaHigashidaba DistrictHiramura(CurrentNanto City)birth[1].satelliteSpecial adviser[2].Space Authors ClubMember.

The masterpiece as a director is "Macross series""Aquarion series"Such.The main mechanic design is the Macross seriesVariable fighter(Valkyrie)Cyber ​​formula,Armored core,Eureka Seven OfLFOand so on.


1980 eraDuring the early anime boom period, he emerged as a college student designer from the anime fan generation.Mechanical engineeringWith the creativity of the system, he specializes in designing robots with a consistent deformation mechanism.AerodynamicsConscious ofaircraft,AutomobileAlso deals with real designs such as.

As a director / directorSF-Giant robot-FantasyWhile focusing on thingsIdol,Magical girl,Literary,lifeEnvironmentThere are also works dealing with themes such as.CGIt probably contains visuals that make full use of, and entertainment elements such as "songs" and "romance."

For works for which he is the original author, starting with planning, setting, series composition,Storyboard-Show・ While being involved in the overall production process such as the director (or general director), he also supports multi-supervision of derivative works and related products / events, as a comprehensive position.Vision CreatorI am calling myself.


Amateur age

From Toyama prefecture when I was 3 years oldKanagawa横 浜 市Moved to.Interested in XNUMXD before painting,Paper craft,Block toysStart working at.Isuzu 117 Coupe(Georgette GiugiaroWritten)De Tomaso MangustaLook at theCar designerLonging forApollo 11 OfMoon landingImpressed by the broadcastSpace engineeringI have a dream of becoming an engineer.According to himself, "In JapanNASAI would have gone if there was[3].

My favorite mechaSaturn V rocket,Thunderbird 2..I started watching anime with "Lupin III』(TV 1 series), to the director who was influencedOsumi MasaakiAre listed[4].

Keio University Regular ClubAfter enrolling in, Masaharu Ogawa, a classmate[5](Video production companyOgawa modelingrepresentative),Norihiko Harada(CarrozzeriaZagato(SZ Design) ChiefCar designer) And start drawing after school.Keio High SchoolAfter going on to schoolFujihiko Hosono(manga artist),Haruhiko Mikimoto(Character designer),Hiroshi OnokiWith the addition of (screenwriter), he is called the "Keio Group" with more than a dozen friends.

The Keio Group says "Space Battleship Yamato』Through SF art groupStudio coloringKnowing the existence of, he began to participate in the Doujinkai Crystal Convention (commonly known as Kurikon).KawamoriKeio UniversityAfter entering the Faculty of Engineering, helped with design as a part-time job,1978Joined Studio Nue.Continued to work side-by-side with students until 1983, when he dropped out of college.Also, Mikimoto, Onoki, SF criticsYu Nagase"Mobile Suit GundamDoujinshi "Gun Sight" is a mook book "Gundam Century』Develops into.

From debut to Macross

The professional debut work is "Toho Deimos』Guest mechanical design.At the same timeTakaraRobot toys "DiacloneIn charge of designing and supervising the series.SeniorKazuki MiyatakeReceived the scent ofWarrior Gordian''Crusher Joe], Etc., began to attract attention as a new mechanic designer.

1982, Studio Nue originalScience fiction anime"Super Dimension Fortress MacrossBecame the first leading robotVariable fighterValkyrieIs designed and is in the limelight with a novel deformation mechanism.In addition, he was involved in this work from the planning stage, and while focusing on mechanic design and setting supervision, he was in charge of several episodes of directing, and in the final episode he worked on the script and demonstrated individuality in terms of composition and directing, and carried out a wide range of activities. .. Theatrical work in 1984The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Do you remember love] InIshiguro NoboruSelected as a co-director with (Ishiguro is mainly in charge of staff work). He was the first 24-year-old director to be highly evaluated for his ability, and was regarded as the flag bearer of the younger generation from anime fans.Later, "Macross plus』Jointly work onShinichiro WatanabeSaid that hearing rumors that "Macross's director was in his mid-twenties" was one of the reasons he chose the anime industry.[6].

After the movie version "Macross"ChugokuTravel alone in an ethnic minority village in the hinterland and experience diverse cultures and values ​​that are different from Japanese society.This culture shock experience will be the driving force for subsequent creative activities.

10 years of maiden and return to coach

From the late 1980s to the early 1990sSunriseOf the systemGun head''Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY''New Century GPX Cyber ​​Formula],Oshii MamoruThe director's "Mobile Police Patlabor(Theatrical version I / II) "GHOST IN THE SHELL], Etc., working on mechanical design.

On the other hand, as a director, there will continue to be times when he can make original projects but cannot make them.Unreleased works include Studio Nue's "", model project "Advanced Valkyrie", and "The Vision of Escaflowne" (original draft of Escaflowne).In some cases, the project did not go through, and in other cases, even if I proceeded to the scenario, I was not confident and stopped. In 1989, the pilot film of the anime movie "Maimu", which was originally written by Kawamori, written and directed by Mikimoto, and produced by Sunrise, was introduced in the anime magazine, but the production was canceled due to a deadlock in the production.After being suspended from work for a while after this setback, he got married in 1991.Mikimoto says this marriage was a turning point for Kawamori.[7].

1994,Macross plus』And return to the supervision business for the first time in 10 years.In the same year, he drew the theme from the early Macross and his life work, "the hidden potential of music," based on the experience of culture shock that he felt while traveling the world.Macross 7』Completed and gained a lot of support from inside and outside the industry.

"Escaflowne in the sky』(Original) and later, focusing on the mythological folklore worldKenji MiyazawaDepicting the half-life ofIhatov Illusion-KENjI Spring』Opens a new frontier other than mechanical animation.

CG expression and satellite participation

In the latter half of the 1990s, the number of game-related jobs increased,Armored Core Series"Chogokin Senki Kikaio''Omega boost''Macross VF-X2』And so onCGLearn the potential of technology.

Since the 2000s, I have been associated with "Kenji's Spring"satelliteAs a place of creation3DCGI am trying to express more complicated images by making full use of. In 2003, he became a director of the company."Earth Girl ArjunaAnd 'Genesis of Aquarion] And so on.

As a designerSony OfPet robotAIBOIn charge of custom design. "Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven』In the robot surfing in the airLFOInvented (Aerial surfing is "Earth defense family], The hoverboard on which the Earth family rides is the prototype).

The culmination of the 25th anniversary of the Macross series "Macross F(2008),Movie version Macross F"Two-part work (2/2009),"Macross Δ(2016), the sequel to "Aquarion"Aquarion EVOL[8](2012) and idol groupsAKB48TV animation with the motif of "AKB0048"[9][10](2012/2013), Japan-China collaboration animation "Heavy God Pandora"[11]In (2018), he will be involved as a general director and main mechanical designer.

In 2019, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of becoming a professional creator, from May to June of the same year, various creative works such as design drawings drawn for many works that have been involved so far. Event "Shoji Kawamori EXPO" centered on exhibitions will be held[12].



"Deformed KawamoriThe lifework is to design a transformation mechanism from a robot to another form (airplane / car).He is also a planner who makes prototype models by himself and proposes three-dimensionalization, not just the design on the plane.For this trialLegoBlocks are used, but it may take several years to complete the design because the moving parts are carefully examined.In addition, I had my parents buy it when I was a kidFischer techniqueDue to its nature, the block is several steps higher than Lego in terms of trial production of variable mechanism, and he says that he uses Lego because it is easy to get it but it is not available.[13].. In the main character of "Macross F", VF-25, CG staff faithfully prototypes Kawamori's Lego3DCGThe method of reproducing with a model and making a CG model based on it is adopted.[14] [15].

The feature of the fictitious mechanical design is that it projects the reality of real things such as aircraft and automobiles.This was influenced by the actual mecha, butThunderbird』It is said that he was also influenced. In 2006, "TransformersSupervised the design of Masterpiece Starscream[1]But a real fighter in vehicle modeF-15As a result of trying to get closer to the design of, the robot mode became something similar to Starscream in the play.

existSu-27I think that is the ideal form of a twin-engine jet aircraft, and I often use a smooth silhouette that is modeled after the Su-27 in my own aircraft design.The airfoil is also a visual feature.Variable wings,Forward wings,CanardIn particular, variable wings are frequently used in various movable methods (the aircraft itself is often deformed).


As a creator, he has a strong commitment to originality, such as "do not imitate others" and "do not repeat the same pattern".He says that the original idea is the design, and the arrangement of it should be called "styling".[16].

Sensitivity to originalityYuno TominoIt seems that the influence ofAt one point Tomino gave a lecture, "Once upon a timeCraftsmanraise[17]I always tried to show only the real thing.Then, you can naturally distinguish between genuine and fake without teaching anything.All of the current TV anime is fake, so people who want to make anime shouldn't watch anime. "I stopped watching anime for three years.And when I looked at the anime again, not only was it not interesting at all, but I didn't even know what I wanted to do.From this experience, Kawamori says that he began to think deeply about making works that have the power to truly appeal to everyone.


Chugoku,IndiaMy hobby is traveling alone to the hinterland of Japan, and I value the significance of experiencing it myself in terms of creativity. In "Macross Plus", in order to know the pilot's sense of space, the mechanical animation directorItano IchiroAmericaExperience a simulated aerial battle at. In "Genesis of Aquarion" with the staff "Alegria 2I watched it and conveyed the image of the body moving.

There is a vegetable garden at home, and it is said that the idea of ​​robot transformation is taken from observation[18].

Related person

A close film directorOshii MamoruWe provide airborne weapons that show impressive performance in his work.Oshii made a fake Indian Tachiguishi "Shojiro Kawamori" modeled after Kawamori in the novel "Tachiguishi Retsuden", and in the live-action movie in 2006, Kawamori himself will play the role.

Like the people around youMiki,Yuuki MasamiIn manga worksStar systemAppeared in.Along with Miki Tori, she has appeared in the movie "The Island Closest to Heaven" as a tour guest.

In the pastHayao MiyazakiHas been nominated as a conversation partner because he wants to talk to a young animator, and it has been pointed out about the cost of Macross fighters etc.[19].

Appearance / alias

His eyebrows are very thick, which is his trademark.In addition, he is the most dark-skinned member of Nue, and since he loses sight of his existence in a dimly lit room, he also works under the name of "Kageji Kurokawa".This person is in the work of "Macross"Hidden characterAppeared as, and is facing various disasters.Later, he also used the name "Meiji Shirakawa".


In his twenties, he was overworked and suffered from physical and mental illness.insomniaAnd "telephone neurose".afterwards,"Shintaido","Natural farming", And said that he was" awakened "by" the depth of the relationship between mind and consciousness and nature. "Human Science SocietyHe also participated in the 9th tournament as a "performer" and made the above comments.Along with that, the influence of such ideas is clearly appearing in the works.[20].ShintaidoHe has also been involved in "Rakuten" published by the association.


Main works

Television Animation

Anime movie


Special effects live-action work



Industrial products / CM


Related books


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