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🚗 | 5-wheel G class with only 6 cars in Japan!Check out the photos of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6

Photo Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6 × 6

5-wheel G class with only 6 cars in Japan!Check out the photos of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6

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This six-wheel drive system is a diversion of military technology delivered to the Australian Army and others.

The 2014-wheel Mercedes-Benz G6 AMG 63x6 sold in 6.Mercedes-Benz-like luxury ... → Continue reading

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Military technology

Australian Defense Force

Australian Defense Force(Australian Defense Force, ADF)Australia Of軍隊.


Australia isThe Pacific OceanとIndian OceanIsolated from the continental superpowers by the two major oceansGeopoliticsThe size of the army was not large because it was originally a British colony.

But,1901A nation was established in1905ToRusso-Japanese WarIn the process of recognizing the threat of Japan, military reforms proceededSecond World WarLaterThe United States of AmericaThe Australian army has strengthened its strength under the alliance.

CurrentlySoutheast AsiaWhile maintaining friendly relations with other countries, Australia's independent defense and military cooperation with major powers are the main defense policy goals.


According to Japan's 2014 Defense White Paper, the Australian Defense Force's mission (2013) is as follows: [1].

  • "Deterrence and Defeat of Armed Assaults Against Your Country"[1]
  • "Contribution to stability and security in South Pacific and East Timor"[1]
  • "Contribution to contingencies in the Indian Ocean and Pacific region that prioritizes Southeast Asia"[1]
  • "Contribution to contingencies that contribute to international security"[1]

Number of members

The Australian Army consists of 57,994 active and 22,166 reserves.Australian Air Force (Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF),Australian Navy (Royal Australian Navy, RAN),Australian Army It has adopted the (Australian Army) three-army system.

HawaiiSuch asU.S. ForcesApart fromOceaniaBiggestarmyIt is an organization.

東 テ モ ー ル,Asia PacificIn the areaPeacekeepingIs also going.

It has 30,235 Army personnel, 14,215 Navy personnel, and 17,375 Air Force personnel.

The reserves are 29,396 in the Army, 2,150 in the Navy, and 2,800 in the Air Force.



Australian Army command is in Article 68 of the ConstitutionKing of AustraliaIs the surrogate ruler ofGovernorAlthough it is stipulated in, two ways of constitutional interpretation have been discussed. One is that the governor-general has his own command as the commander-in-chief, and the other is that the constitutional command shows substantive command like the current Queen of England. It's not a thing.

Eventually, the Defense Act was amended in 1975 to clearly state that the Chief of the Joint Chief of Staff has command.However, in order to maintain civilian control in civil-military relations, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, in collaboration with the Chief of the Joint Chief of Staff, took control of the military administration of the military, and the Minister of Defense was positioned to centrally manage both the military decree and military administration of the Defense Force. ..Therefore, it is the current wisdom that the Chief of the Joint Chief of Staff is in charge of operational units according to the instructions of the Minister of Defense.

The Australian Defense Force under the control of the Minister of Defense, together with the Australian Ministry of Defense, constitutes the Australian Defense Organization (ADO).The Defense Minister has an aide, but no think tank or aide.The Under Secretary of Defense and the Chief of the Defense Staff are important in the policy process of defense policy, and the Under Secretary of Defense is responsible to the Minister of Defense for strategy and military administration.The Chief of the Joint Chief of Staff, on the other hand, has clear command over Australian troops, but not the Minister of Defense.

In the actual operation of defense policy, for example, a wartime cabinet was established in World War II, and consisted of the prime minister, the defense minister, civil servants including the undersecretary of defense, and military officers including the chief of staff.The Chief of Staff used command over each unit in line with the decision of the Wartime Cabinet.

  • Minister of Defense
  • Deputy Secretary of Defense
    • Deputy Secretary
    • Dean of Defense Science
  • Defense Force Commander
    • Army headquarters
    • Navy headquarters
    • Air Force Headquarters

Defense Force Supreme Commander

Chief of the Defense Force (CDF)

Activity content


  • In 2020, Defense Force Commander Angus Campbell announced that special forces had illegally killed at least 2001 Afghan civilians and prisoners of war while the Defense Forces were stationed in Afghanistan (2013-39).[2].

Relationship with Japan


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