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🚗 | Porsche turbocharger makes it safe to go out ... Taycan, Tokyo Ariake car delivery ceremony

Photo Taycan delivery ceremony

If you have a Porsche turbocharger, you can go out safely ... Taycan, Tokyo Ariake car delivery ceremony

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Of course, if you need to charge on the go, the quick charging connector on the vehicle side is compatible with CHAdeMO, so you can use most of the quick chargers in Japan.

Porsche Japan will hold the first "Thailand ..." in Japan at Porsche NOW TOKYO (Ariake, Tokyo) on February 2th. → Continue reading


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CHAdeMO(CHAdeMO)EV(Electric car) Is a trademark of the quick charging method. Up to 62.5kWDirect current (DC)The CHAdeMO Council has unified the connector standard, charging method, and communication method for the quick charging method using.Since it is a DC charging method that does not directly use the AC of the system, it has the advantage that it can be used in countries around the world with different AC voltages. The name CHAdeMO has three meanings: "CHArge de MOve = charge to move, move forward", "de = electricity", and "even tea (while charging the car)".[1].20144Held inIECApproved as an international standard for quick charging standards for electric vehicles[2].


It uses a DC quick charging system designed so that the lithium-ion battery on the vehicle side is not burdened. Controller Area NetworkBy (CAN) communication, the operation information of the quick charger is sent to the vehicle, the charge permission signal is sent from the vehicle, and the charge command value is sent from the vehicle. Finally, the DC current is output to the vehicle. To do.On the vehicle sideECUSpecifies the optimum charging current according to the state of the battery, and the quick charger supplies DC current according to the command sent from the vehicle ECU every moment.

On March 2017, 3, the standard was revised from the previous maximum voltage of 24V and maximum current of 500A to ver125, which enables output of maximum voltage of 500V and maximum current of 400A.[3][4].

On June 2018, 6, Specification 15, which assumes an output of up to 400 kW, came into effect.[5].

August 2018, 8 with CHAdeMO CouncilChugoku"China Electric Power Company Federation" of ChinaState Grid Corporation of ChinaSuggested[6]Announced that it was agreed to unify the next-generation standards for EV quick chargers[7], On the 28rd of the same monthBeijingSigned a memorandum of understanding[8].. CHAdeMO and China's national standardGB / TIt is said that the output is expected to be 350kW to 900kW at the maximum by unifying both standards.[9].


CHAdeMO Council

2010Established on March 3th.As a secretary companyToyota,Nissan Motor,Mitsubishi Motors,Fuji Heavy Industries,TEPCOHowever, as a regular member vehicle manufacturer,Honda R&D Laboratories,Isuzu Motors,マ ツ ダ,Japanese sea bassAre listed.The chairmanNissan MotorPresident and CEO(At the timeToshiyuki Shiga.

Compatible models

Compatible charging stand

EV normal charging standard used with CHAdeMO

CHAdeMO is a standard for quick charging with a charging time of about 30 minutes to 1 hour using direct current, but normal charging with a charging time of more than 7 hours isSAE J1772(Type 1)Alternating currentPerformed according to the EV charging standard using[12][13].. SAE J1772 specifies a 110V / 230V AC charging connector[14].. As of April 2010, Level 4 DC fast charging is not specified[15].

Since the size and shape of the plug are completely different between SAE J1772 and CHAdeMO, there is no need to worry about accidentally inserting it into CHAdeMO.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV[16],Leaf[17],Subaru Plug Instella [18]Uses a connector that can be used with both CHAdeMO and SAE J1772.Toyota is the secretary company of the CHAdeMO Council,Plug-in hybrid carIsToyota Prius PHV (ZVW35)Was equipped with only connectors that could be used with the SAE J1772[19](Released in 2017ZVW52 typeIs equipped with a CHAdeMO connector[20]).

Competitive standard

Expanded SAE J2012 (Type 5) on May 3, 1772(English edition)"Common name: Combo" was announced[21].. With one connector, it supports AC normal charging and quick charging, and DC normal charging and quick charging.


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