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🚗 | Bridgestone 90th Anniversary, commemorative logo mark established ... Special website opened

Photo Bridgestone 90th Anniversary Logo Mark

Established a commemorative logo mark for the 90th anniversary of Bridgestone's founding ... Opened a special website

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The Bridgestone Group has positioned this year, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary, as an important milestone toward the 100th anniversary and beyond, and under the theme of "90th and beyond – 90th anniversary, beyond", the history of the Bridgestone Group and its history. , We will disseminate the corporate DNA that has been passed down since our foundation, and our efforts toward the 100th anniversary and beyond through various opportunities.

In response to the 2021th anniversary of its founding on March 3, 1, Bridgestone established a commemorative logo mark and ... → Continue reading


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90 anniversary


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