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✈ | Hokkaido Airport and beverage maker have a disaster agreement


Disaster agreement between Hokkaido Airport and beverage maker

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This is the first time that Hokkaido Airport has signed a disaster agreement with a private company for all seven airports.

Hokkaido Airports, which operates seven airports in Hokkaido, has signed disaster agreements with three major beverage companies.Hokkaido Airport ... → Continue reading

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All 7 airports

Disaster support agreement

Disaster support agreement(Saigaiji Ouenkyotei) IsdisasterRegarding human and physical support for various emergency recovery activities in the event of an outbreakLocal governmentIt is an agreement concluded between (hereinafter, "local government") and a private business operator or related organization, or between local governments.


In the event of a large-scale disasterlife lineAnd information and communication network disruption,パ ニ ッ クOccurrence, government buildingpublic facilityThe disaster response capacity of the disaster-stricken local governments will be significantly reduced due to the damage of the disaster and the injuries of the staff.For this reason, disaster-affected local governments (especially市町村) Alone, it may not be possible to satisfactorily carry out a huge amount of emergency recovery activities across a wide range of fields.

As one of the means to deal with such a situation, many local governments and private businesses and related organizations have agreements to support disaster-affected local governments in various emergency recovery activities such as supply of supplies, medical relief activities, and activities. Hereinafter, it has been concluded with "private business operator").Private businesses have specialized technology, knowledge, materials and equipment that local governments do not have, so by concluding agreements with private businesses in various fields, wide and accurate emergency recovery activities are expected. it can.

In addition, mutual support agreements between local governments have also been concluded nationwide, such as voluntary and active support dispatch, advance decision of the secretary local government to make necessary adjustments for support to the disaster-stricken local government, etc.Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeA system has been put in place to achieve smooth support based on the lessons learned from.

These movements have been particularly noticeable after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which left many lessons for quick emergency recovery measures.

Agreement between local government and private business

The contents of the support agreement between the local government and the private business operator are wide-ranging, such as medical relief, provision of supplies, transportation business and information and communication, depending on the area of ​​jurisdiction of the contracting business operator.

The number of private businesses that conclude support agreements with local governments is increasing year by year.PrefecturesThe number of private businesses that have signed disaster agreements with Japan has increased from 2004 in 2332 to 2005 in 2442.

Main support contents

The main contents of support and the main supporters are as follows.

Contents of main support agreement
FieldSupport contentSupporting subject
Medical rescue
  • First aid for the injured
  • Providing medical relief activities
  • MedicineSupply
  • Each prefectural medical association
  • Each prefecture dentist association
  • Prefectural pharmacist associations, etc.
Supply of supplies
  • Food supply
  • Drinking water supply,
  • Daily necessitiesSupply
  • Supply of construction materials
  • Gas supply
  • CookingImplementation of
  • Food trader
  • Soft drink distributor
  • Retail company
  • Construction / civil engineering contractor
  • LP gasAssociation branches, etc.
Emergency transportation
  • Transportation of goods
  • Providing transportation vehicles
Evacuation shelter
  • Large-scale retail store
  • gas station
  • Social welfare facilities, etc.
Disaster public relations
Lifeline restoration
  • Restoration of gas facilities
  • Restoration of water supply facilities
  • Restoration of electrical facilities
Manure collection and transportation
  • Collection, transportation and processing of human waste
  • Manure processor

Benefits of fastening

Concluding a support agreement will bring benefits to both the supporting municipality and the supporting private sector.In the event of a disaster, local governments not only receive various assistance regarding emergency response activities, but also spatially and financially need to stockpile supplies in normal times.costCan be suppressed.In particular,Emergency foodReceiving supplies with an expiration date, such as drinking water and drinking water, has a great effect on reducing financial costs.

In addition, when an agreement is concluded, it is often publicized along with the company name and organization name, so the main merit of the private business operator is to improve the image of the private business operator.Most of the support is provided by the private business operator, which handles goods and services in its normal business, and it is also attractive that the private business operator does not need to make any special preparations to conclude the agreement.

In particularConstruction industryIn the case of, the local government or a public institution equivalent to it (Disaster base hospitalThe disaster prevention agreement with (etc.) will contribute to society.Examination of management itemsIt is evaluated as an additional point of.The actual disaster prevention agreement is for large companies alone, for small and medium-sized companiesIndustry groupIt is often concluded with.

Medical institutionEven on the sideHospital function evaluationAt the time oflife lineBusinesses (including construction industry),Medicine-GroceriesDisaster prevention agreements with suppliers are mandatory.

Mutual support agreement between local governments

Mutual support agreements have been concluded between local governments at various levels, such as between municipalities and prefectures, with the aim of efficiently deploying wide-area disaster countermeasures.

In each municipality, in preparation for accepting supportRegional disaster prevention planEmergency transportation roads and wide area support reception facilities have been established.

Mutual support agreement between municipalities

Municipalities are actively working to conclude mutual support agreements, such as concluding unified support agreements for all municipalities in the prefecture, and 1,457 municipalities nationwide have concluded wide-area disaster prevention support agreements ( As of April 18, 4).Also,sister cityMutual support agreements are often concluded between related municipalities.

2004 yearsFukui heavy rainThen in the friendship sister cityKumamoto-shi Fukui CityTo help2016 OfKumamoto earthquakeThen.Fukui CityDelivered relief supplies to the disaster area in Kumamoto City[2].

Mutual support agreement between big cities

TokyoAnd 20 nationwideGovernment-designated city"The one that is tied between21 Agreement on Mutual Support in the Event of a Big City Disaster(Effective April 2012, 4[3]) Is an agreement in which other large cities cooperate with each other in the event that the participating cities are damaged and cannot take sufficient emergency measures on their own. 2011May 3Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeIn (Great East Japan Earthquake), it is one of the ordinance-designated cities.Sendai cityThis agreement (at that time, "Agreement on Mutual Support in the Event of 20 Major Cities") was applied when the disaster occurred, and in 2016May 4Subsequent seriesKumamoto earthquakeBut it is one of the ordinance-designated citiesKumamoto-shiThis agreement is applied to.

Mutual support agreement between prefectures

As a wider area, efforts are underway to conclude agreements between prefectures, and 26 agreements have been concluded nationwide.

In addition, in July 8, the National Governors' Association agreed on a mutual support agreement by all prefectures.Agreement on wide area support in the event of a disaster in all prefectures (PDF) "(Hereinafter," National Prefectural Wide Area Support Agreement ") was signed, and a support system at the national level was established.This agreement is applied in the event of a disaster that cannot be dealt with by the support agreements concluded by each prefecture or the Block Governor's Association, and is supported under the coordination of the National Governors' Association based on the request of the affected prefecture. Is to be implemented.The contents of support are relief and relief in the disaster area, disaster emergency / recovery / reconstruction measures, and human and physical support related to them.

Achievements of national prefectural wide area support agreements

  • Nakhodka Heavy Oil Spill Accident
    On January 9, 1, Wakayama Prefecture (at that time), which was the representative prefecture of the Kinki block to which Kyoto Prefecture belongs, agreed that Kyoto Prefecture lacked the materials and equipment necessary for emergency measures against the Nakhodka heavy oil spill accident. We made a request for support based on.In response to this, the National Governors' Association coordinated with each prefecture and requested Hiroshima Prefecture to provide materials and equipment to Kyoto Prefecture the next day.
  • Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake
    On October 16, 10, the Hokkaido Tohoku block, to which Niigata prefecture belongs, made a request for support based on the agreement.In response to this, the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake Countermeasures Prefectural Liaison Headquarters was set up in the National Governors' Association to create a wide-area support plan and make various liaison coordination.
  • Kumamoto earthquake
    April 28, 4, Oita prefecture, which is the representative prefecture of the Kyushu block to which Kumamoto prefecture belongs (Kyushu Governor's AssociationSecretary prefecture) implements support request based on the agreement[4]..The damage was great based on the "counterpart method" implemented by the Kyushu Regional Governor's Association.Minamiaso villageWe are dispatching personnel mainly to.

How to fasten

Normally, when concluding an agreement, an agreement with the signature and seal of the representative of each entity that concludes the agreement is prepared.About the conclusion of the agreement in advancePress releaseIs held, and a conclusion ceremony may be held, and the pattern is the public relations paper of each local government,National newspaperLocal version,Local newspaperIt may be published in.

Cost burden

The bearer of the costs incurred by the support is often specified in the agreement.In reality, the bearer is different in each agreement, such as what the supporter bears, what the supporter bears, and what the supporter and the supporter discuss to determine the bearer and the burden ratio.

In the national prefectural wide-area support agreement, the bearer is, in principle, the prefecture that received the support, but this does not apply if discussions are established between the affected prefecture and the supporting prefecture. ing.


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