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This coffee is luxuriously roasted using only 100% Hawaiian Kona so that you can enjoy it as an iced coffee.

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Delicious and deep

iced coffee

iced coffee(English: iced coffee If you want to be more faithful in English spelling and pronunciationIce coffee) And chilledcoffeeIt is a beverage.


The current ice coffee is for ice coffeeRoastWas doneCoffee beansTo use. Deep roast, medium to finely ground.Arabica beansIs said to be suitable. Gradually lower the temperature of hot coffeeTannin caffeineA cream down phenomenon occurs when it is combined with and crystallizes and becomes cloudy in white. So after extracting the coffee,It is said that a method of rapidly cooling, such as pouring into, is good. When pouring on ice to cool it, the ice melts and the taste becomes lighter, so it is good to make a strong coffee by adding a large amount of ground beans.drink barFor example, when making with a machine, it is often set in advance so that strong coffee is served. Also,Instant coffeeIt can also be made by using, but it depends on the product whether or not it dissolves easily in cold water, and it may be better to dissolve it in a small amount of hot water.

For the ice used for ice coffee,Crushed ice, Block ice, or solid iced coffee. Some stores that use block ice stick to hard ice with few bubbles. As time goes by, the ice melts and the coffee dilutes, but if you use ice made from frozen ice coffee, the coffee concentration will not change even if it melts. Also, there are products in which the refrigerant is wrapped in glass or polyethylene, so the concentration does not change even if such a product is used. Usually solid or granularsugarDo not use because it is difficult to melt,gum syrupTo use. Ice coffee is in JapanSummerI like it.

Water coffee

It takes several hours to extract water without using hot water, but it can be made at home using bottles. There are two methods: soaking ground beans in water and dripping water on the ground beans. The former can be done with a simple tool, but the latter often uses special equipment.Dutch coffeeSee also

Iced coffee from Europe

EnglishThe notation is "Iced Coffee". Literally put iceglassHot coffee is poured into ice cream, which is equivalent to Japanese iced coffee. In some English-speaking countries, when you say ice coffee, coffee flavored ice cream may come out, so be careful.

However, the current drink called Masaglan is in southern FranceCarbonated waterIce coffee divided byNormandyInstead of liqueurCalvadosIt seems that Masaglan was not liked much, but France, especiallyParis OfCafeIt didn't spread.

If you have a different way of drinking iced coffee than Masaglan,スペイン Ofバ レ ン シ アAnd in some parts of Portugal, on iceespressoPouringsyrupPut in and thickLemonThere is a way to add a round slice and drink it, but this is not common in Spain and Portugal in other regions.

Rather, in Spain, iced coffee called Cafe Con Hiero is common, and when you order this, you can get a cup of espresso and a glass of ice (yellow), so put the sugar in the espresso and melt it well. Later, customers pour the coffee into a glass with ice to make ice coffee, but it does not come with milk, so if you want it, you will have to order more.

Germany-オーストリア-イタリア-Australia-チリ-NordicFor example, for coffee (or iced coffee)ice creamJust or with ice creamWhipped creamThere is also a drink like that added to the menu at summer cafes and coffee chains. By the way, "Carter Cafe", which stands for "cold coffee" in German, is a carbonated drink that is completely different from iced coffee.SpetsyIt may also be referred to as "" and caution is required.[1]

There are also iced coffees that do not contain ice cream in Southern Europe, for exampleGreeceThen put a small amount of water in a container containing instant coffee powder and sugar,ShakerOr whisk with a whisk, then use ice and watermilkThe drink called Café Frappe, which is made by putting in, is very popular. Nestlé is a company that is enthusiastic about the spread of iced coffee.The United Kingdom OfsupermarketForCannedIce creamcappuccinoAre sold.

1950 era OfイタリアBecame the stagemovies"Roman Holiday], the scene of an American reporter drinking iced coffee at an open cafe appeared. It is described as "cold coffee" in the movie. Italian iced coffee is café fred (chilled espresso without ice) made by refrigerating espresso in the refrigerator, or hot espresso, sugar and ice in a shaker, shaken and whisked, then poured into a glass There are two types of cafes, shekelato, which are offered in summer in Italy.barIt's not something that is always on the menu of a cafe. Both drinks are for tasting espresso, so Italians drink without milk.

Asian ice coffee

Deeply interact with JapanTaiwan, South KoreaThen from old dayscoffeemilkHowever, there were many coffee shops that offered the same type of iced coffee from Japan relatively early, but it became popular in earnest after the 1990s.

Hong KongThen.Tea and rice agencyと 呼 ば れ るTea drinkingAt the restaurantevaporated milk"Ikuba" with gum syrup (Cantonese Donkerfee) is preferred. Also,Black teaBlended with "freezeSeagull(Dong Yun Young) is often drunk. There are few people who actually order it, but there are also shops that sell ice-lemon coffee "Dragonfe" (Don Renfe) like Spain. In Hong Kong, like iced tea, it has been on the menu for a long time, but the opportunity to drink iced coffee has increased since the 2000s.

ChugokuOriginally, I didn't really like coffee or cold drinks, but in recent yearsTaiwanDue to the increase in the number of coffee shops, it is becoming more and more popular that "ice cream" (binker fei), which is close to Japanese iced coffee, is being drunk. Also,Kentucky Fried ChickenFrom the beginning, there is "Yukitopa", which is ice coffee with sugar and milk topped with soft ice cream, and it is drunk in the summer.

SingaporeButevaporated milkIs drinking iced coffee with gum syrup.Fujian ProvincesystemChinese TheMinnan LanguageIt is called "Koubun".MalaysiaAlso inA stallplastic bagIt is sometimes sold in the market and is called "kopi ais".

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen.Sweetened condensed milkI put a lot ofVietnamese coffee"Cà phê sữa đá" (Cafe Sure da) is preferred.

ThailandThen with a lot of sugarcardamom,cinnamonな どspicesPut in.

Japanese ice coffee

JapanThen,MeijiIt is said that it started when the coffee was chilled and started drinking. Back thenChilled coffeeWas called. The writer in the oldest recordIshii KendoHowever, in 1891 (Meiji 24) he introduced that there is a menu called ice coffee at an ice shop in Kandaogawa-cho, Tokyo, in his book "Meiji Kojikigen", and it appeared in the menu at a coffee shop in the Taisho era. Began to[2][3].. And what became popular at coffee shops nationwide was1950 eraIt wasn't until mid-season that it became popular1970 eraAfter that.

On the other hand, I put coffee in milk and bottled itcoffee milkIt is,1920(Taisho 9nd year)Moriyama DairyWas first released and was well received.

1980 eraUntil the beginningSummer: It was a drink on the spot, but nowadays more and more stores are open all year round. In addition to making commercial and household coffee in a paper pack for ice coffee,Canned coffeeOr majorconvenience storeIce coffee (dried by pouring into a cup with ice) dripped on a dedicated machine is also sold at stores and stations.

In Osaka, ice coffee was once used mainly in coffee shops.Cold co (cold co)Was called by many people,HeiseiSince the beginning of the period, the number of coffee shops has decreased and the times have changed.Obsolete[4][5].

Ice coffee derivative


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