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🚗 | Utilizing quantum technology for traffic control Tohoku University and Sumitomo Corporation joint research

Photo "QX Project" team depicts the future society

Tohoku University and Sumitomo Corporation joint research to utilize quantum technology for traffic control

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In particular, there have been many research cases in the fields of AI and transportation / logistics that Sumitomo Corporation has in mind, and competition is intensifying worldwide.

Tohoku University and Sumitomo Corporation announced that they will carry out joint research to put technologies such as AI and traffic control to practical use using quantum technology ... → Continue reading


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Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation(Sumitomo Shoji,British: Sumitomo Corporation) IsSumitomo GroupMajor ofGeneral trading company.


PrewarSumitomo has no independent trading department,After the warSince it is a trading company that was established,Trading companies that have come lateThere was a time when it was called. This is the third president of SumitomoSuzuki SayaBy1921(10th year of Taisho)Declaration of prohibition of establishment of a trading companyBecause of this, since then, "opening a trading company" has become a prohibited phrase at Sumitomo.

But,Second World WarOf the Sumitomo HeadquartersDismantlingBecame a decisive issue, and it became an urgent task to open a workplace for Sumitomo Headquarters staff and people relocated from all over Japan and from overseas.capitalWithout needing a large amountemploymentThe idea of ​​establishing a possible trading company has emerged. However, it is difficult to establish an independent trading company due to post-war economic conditions,Real estate・At a construction companyAssetIt was decided to add a trading department to Sumitomo Land Construction Co., Ltd. with good content (therefore, the establishment date of Sumitomo Corporation's corporation is the establishment date of Osaka Hokko, the predecessor of Sumitomo Land Construction Co., Ltd.).

As head of this commercial departmentShunya TajiWas appointed and changed the company nameJapanese construction industryAmend1945Commerce activities started in (20). However, since Sumitomo, which did not have a pre-war trading company, does not have human resources who are skilled in trading, and because it is a trading company that was established by breaking Sumitomo's ban,Sumitomo GroupHe was treated as a maverick from within and became tough. Under such circumstances, the aggressive expansion route during the time of President Taji1957(Showa 32) achieved the top ten in annual sales, and in the days of the XNUMXth president, "Big Three and Best One"(Sales third place, profit first place) is the company-wide vision,1983(Showa 58) became the number one profit.

Sumitomo Corporation had its headquarters in Osaka for many years,1970(Showa 45) Reorganized into a two-head office system in Osaka and Tokyo in November, and then2001Due to the reorganization of (13), the head office is now only in Tokyo. The characteristics of the Sumitomo Group companies are:Sumitomo Zaibatsu Osaka(Sumitomo VillageSince it was based in, there is a feature of the two headquarters system in Osaka and Tokyo.


  • 1919(Taisho8) December- Osaka Hokko Co., Ltd.Established as (capital 3500 million yen).
  • 1944(Showa19) November-Merged with Sumitomo Building Co., Ltd.Sumitomo Land Engineering Co., Ltd.Is renamed.
  • 1945(Showa 20) November-Company name with a new entry into the commercial departmentJapan Construction Industry Co., Ltd.Renamed and established as a trading company.
  • 1949(Showa 24) August-Osaka, Tokyo, NagoyaStock exchangeListed on the stock market.
  • 1950(Showa 25) July-Nikken Sekkei Co., Ltd. (current:Nikken Design) Is newly established.
  • 1952(Showa 27) June-Company nameSumitomo CorporationIs renamed.
  • 1955(Showa 30) June- Fukuoka Stock ExchangeListed on the stock market.
  • 1962(Showa 37) December-Implemented product headquarters system with integrated sales departments in Osaka and Tokyo, and established nine headquarters for steel, non-ferrous metals, electric machinery, machinery, agricultural and marine products, chemical products, textiles, material fuels, and real estate.
  • 1970(Showa 45) November-Abolished the name of the headquarters and Tokyo branch, renamed the Osaka headquarters and Tokyo headquarters.
  • 1973(Showa 48) June- Frankfurt stock exchangeListed on the stock market.
  • 1978(53) July-Adopted SUMITOMO CORPORATION (SUMITOMO SHOJI KAISHA, LTD.) as the English company name.
  • 1979(54) June-Implemented the sales department system, the product division will be four sales departments of steel, electromechanical, non-ferrous burning, daily necessities.
  • 1996(Heisei(8 years) June-It was discovered that Yasuo Hamanaka, the director of the nonferrous metal department of the trader, caused 6 billion yen in damage to the company due to illegal trade in copper bullion. Right afterGeneral meeting of shareholdersThen, we proceeded with proceedings by interrupting the shareholders' questions regarding the retirement allowance for directors. for that reasonShareholder representative lawsuitAnd the general assembly resolution cancellation lawsuit.
  • 1998(10) February-Established management philosophy and action guidelines.
  • 2001(13) April-Abolished the names of the Osaka Headquarters and Tokyo Headquarters, reorganized into a headquarters consisting of the sales department of the corporate division of 4 groups and 6 divisions of 9 business divisions. Introduced block system in Kansai, Chubu and Kyushu/Okinawa regions.
  • 2001(13) June- Chiyoda WardHitotsubashiMoved to Harumi XNUMX-chome, Chuo-ku.
  • 2008(20) April-With the companyShowa Shell SekiyuIt is,LPGIntegrate business management companies,Enessence HoldingsAnd
  • 2010(22) April-While establishing a new industry and function promotion business department in the sales department, the financial and logistics business department was integrated and abolished in the business department (4 business departments, 7 headquarters structure unchanged).
  • 2013(25) April-Reorganize the sales department into 4 business departments 5 headquarters.
  • 2014(26) April-Abolished the domestic block system.
  • 2015(27) April-Reorganize the sales department into 4 business departments 5 headquarters.
  • 2018(30) June- Harumi Triton SquareからChiyoda WardOtemachi OfOtemachi PlaceHead office moved to[3].
  • 2019(ReiwaFirst year)

Successive presidents

Main office


  • Headquarters-Otemachi Place East Tower 3-2-XNUMX Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Central part




  • Shikoku Branch- KagawaTakamatsuSunport No. 2 (Sunport Business Square)
  • Niihama Branch- EhimeNiihama3-2-27 Nittacho (Niihama Building)
  • Imabari Sales Office-Ehime PrefectureImabariKyoeicho 2-2-1 (Asahi Life Imabari Building)

Major group companies[15]

Official Homepage "Major Group Companies"See.

Metal business division

Transportation/Construction Machinery Business Division

Infrastructure Business Unit

Media and Digital Business Division

  • Asmik Ace -Video software planning, production, distribution, and sales
  • Ewell -Welfare agency service, health support service
  • SCSK --Software development, information processing services, communication network services, sales of packaged software and software / hardware, SI services, etc., BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
  • SC digital media ――Oversight of business and business investment in the digital media field
    • AlphaBoat -Content production, creator management, advertising sales in the digital media area
  • Crunchyroll SC Anime Fund-Procurement of Japanese anime content by investing in the production committee, and its overseas distribution and commercialization business
  • Jay Sports -Broadcast of sports programs
  • Jupiter Telecom (J:COM) -Management of cable television broadcasting business and telecommunications business, cable television station and program supply business for digital satellite broadcasting through overall management of cable television
  • DeSC Healthcare -Various healthcare businesses centered on the operation of health recommendation media "KenCoM"
  • Tea gaia(Tokyo Stock Exchange(First part of the market)-Sales of mobile phones and agency business, provision of communication solution services mainly for companies, sales agency business of fixed communication services, settlement services, and other new businesses
  • BWA Japan - areaBWATelecommunications business by

Life & Real Estate Business Division

  • IG Industry --Sales of products such as metal siding
  • SMB building materials --Sales of various building materials and construction materials, and construction work
  • Sumisho Building Management -Operation/management/planning consulting for office buildings, construction/management/contracting of construction/equipment/electrical works, attracting/intermediating building tenants
    • SC Building Service -Comprehensive building maintenance business (cleaning, equipment maintenance, security maintenance)
    • SC Building Service West Japan -Total building maintenance business (building maintenance business that mainly manages building cleaning, etc.)
    • Sumisho Interior International -Interior design/construction/planning/procurement, import/export/sales of interior products such as furniture and carpets
  • Kei Fresh Access --Wide area wholesale business and service center business of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Summit -Food supermarket business
  • Summit oil refinery -Manufacture and sale of vegetable fats and oils and contract manufacturing Filling and packaging
  • Shinko Sugar Industry -Molasses manufacturing industry
  • Sumisho Urban Development -Planning, development and operation management of commercial facilities
  • Sumisho Cement --Sales of ready-mixed concrete, cement / aggregate, concrete products, etc.
  • Sumisho Building -Real estate sale, brokerage, rental, management
  • Sumisho Foods --Development, import and domestic sales of foodstuffs centered on meat and processed foods
  • Sumisho Montblanc --Planning, production and sales of fabrics and products such as lab coats, service uniforms and working wear, and production and sales of linen materials
  • Sumisho Realty Management -Real estate investment, acquisition/disposal advice/agency, real estate planning/development/management, financial product transaction, residential land/building transaction, financing consulting/arrangement
  • Sumitex International --Manufacture and sale of textile-related products (clothing, textile raw materials, etc.)
  • Seven industry(Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section)-Laminated wood and other processing, manufacturing industry
  • Chiba joint silo --Silo industry (handling, storage, transportation of wheat, corn, oil seeds, etc.)
  • Tomos -Drug store business
  • Nissin Sugar -Sugar production and sales (Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section)
  • Feiler Japan --Exclusive importer of German "FEILER" products (planning, importing, selling, etc. of towels and processed towel products of the same brand)
  • Mommy Mart(JASDAQ(Listed)-Food supermarket business
  • Yasato Kosan-Golf course construction and operationSummit golf club'

Resources/Chemicals Business Division

Corporate Business Division

PR activities


Person involved


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