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🚗 | With the latest equipment and industrial design, you can work immediately, and manage your intellectual property and patents!Tamagawa University Faculty of Engineering Engineering ...


With the latest equipment and industrial design, you can work immediately, and manage your intellectual property and patent fields!Tamagawa University Faculty of Engineering Engineering ...

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By learning the intellectual property field, you can acquire management skills and business skills in addition to practical skills and ready-to-use skills.

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skill(skill) Is usuallyCulture,TrainingObtained through能力That is.JapaneseThen.skillSometimes called.Polished by adding technology to the innate talent, for examplemusician OfCompositionIncluding abilities.


What is "skill"?物事It is the ability to do.Synonymous with "skill" which means technical ability[1]In recent years, not only technical ability but also bargaining power etc.workThe ability required to lubricate, the qualification to prove the technique, and the physical ability to perform exercise are also increasingly called skills.communicationSkills, business skills, motor skills,言语Words such as skill are used.

Rare and specialknowledgeAnd ability often refers to乳 幼 児,handicappedIn the context of targeting, daily activities such as walking and eating may also be discussed as a skill.

Relationship with synonyms


The meaning is the same, but there are differences in usage.recent years,Finding employment,Career changeRecruiting companies to supportAgencyThe word skill is often used in such cases.Business skills,Communication skillsThere are words that customarily use "skills" such as, and words that customarily use "skills" such as skill inheritance and traditional skills.


The technique is not only craftsmanship,Science and technologyApplication means such asknowledgeSkills primarily refer to abilities related to human behavior, as opposed to the inclusion of.


In the game world, special abilities (other than kicks, swords, bow and arrow attacks, use of tools and medicine, etc.) are sometimes called skills.magicSee.


Amazon Alexa Then, the function that can be added to the OS later is called "skill".In general termsApplication softwareApplicable to

Specific example

Sports science field

Sports scienceSkills, then, refer to the learned physical abilities required to perform skillful physical exercise.The skill in this case is the ability to grasp the state (Visual,Hearing,, prediction), accuracy (positioning= Muscle selection,timing= Output time adjustment,Grading= Output intensity adjustment), quickness of reaction start and reaction switching, accuracy and sustainability of quickness.Furthermore, the skill in this case is the voluntary movement control ability of the brain,cyberneticsRefers to the voluntary element of physical fitness.[2]

Advance Your Career

In Japan, in recent yearsAdvance Your CareerThe word "skill" is becoming more and more popular in Japan.For example, business skills ...[3]Is used.However,"Skill" does not have the concept of size, so "up" is not attached, and some dictionaries state that "skill up" is Japanese English.[Source required].

Qualifications/LicensesIs also considered a type of skill[Original research?].


Embedded Technology Skill Standard (ETSS: embedded technology skill standard),IT skill standard(Information technology skill standard), Information Systems Skill Standards (UISS), etc. are formulated by the Information Technology Development Organization of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.These standards refer not only to technology, but also to business skills, personal skills, and management skills required to achieve a job.Overseas, some documents use the term Competency instead of Skill.[4].. When formulating ETSS, we also refer to overseas materials.Also,


In addition, "Skilled people. Skilled people. Good skill. Good."[5]MeansSkillful(skillfull) And the term ,, exist.


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