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✈ | Good news for Hawaii fans! Let's support Hawaii in Japan by exchanging JAL miles!


Good news for Hawaii fans! Let's support Hawaii in Japan by exchanging JAL miles!

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Mama Kitty is a healthy tea that is said to be good for anti-aging and detoxification.

Officially recognized by the Hawaii Tourism Board!Goods to support Hawaii!Due to the prolonged new coronavirus, the planned trip to Hawaii ... → Continue reading

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Good tea

Anti-aging medicine

Anti-aging medicine(Kouroukaigaku,British: life extension) Is aggressivePreventive medicineIs a kind ofAgeingIt is a general term for actions taken to prevent.In context,Anti-age studies (Koreigaku),Anti-Aging (British: Anti-Aging ) Etc. may be used.


What is anti-aging medicine?A humanOriginal appearance, originallifeTo bring both mind and body to the optimum conditionthe purposeToMedical scienceas well as the Peripheral scienceIt is a multidisciplinary medicine that also includes.At the root of itDiagnostic, Including conventional medicine.The scope is all general clinical subjects,Exercise physiology,Nutrition+Oriental medicine,Cosmetic Surgery,Cosmetic dermatology,Beauty treatment,aroma,Herbs,Alternative complementary medicine,Music-artAnd so on.

Causes of aging

Hypotheses related to the cause of aging (aging hypothesis) include program theory, active oxygen theory, telomere theory, gene repair error theory, intermolecular cross-linking theory, immune function decline theory, hormone decline theory, etc.[1].

Data from 1971 to 1980Diabetes mellitusComparing the average life expectancy of patients and that of the Japanese in general, the life expectancy was shortened by about 10 years for men and about 15 years for women.[2][3].. High as this mechanismblood sugarIs livingproteinNon-enzymaticallySaccharification reactionAnd damage the original function of the protein to cause disorders. The effect of this saccharification iscollagen,Crystalline lensproteinCrystallinThe longer the life of the protein, the greater the effect. For example白内障Is caused by aging, but in high blood sugar conditions this aging process is more advanced[2].. By a similar mechanismArteriosclerosisAlso progresses. In addition, it was generated by the saccharification reactionFree radicalsBy etc.Oxidative stressAlso increase[4].



In the United States, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A1993M) was established in 12 by 4 doctors.[5].

In 2003, the 1st International Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine was held in France.[5].


In Japan, basic research on anti-aging medicine is being conducted in several fields.On the other hand, regarding the medical treatment, anti-aging docks are being conducted at the Tokyo Hospital attached to the Tokai University School of Medicine, but in the actual situation in Japan centered on the health insurance system, it is still said that it is greatly utilized in practical medical treatment. hard.

Aging phenomenon and anti-glycation care

AgeingAnd happen in the bodySaccharificationIs closely related to the remarkable characteristics of the aging phenomenonSaccharification reactionIs directly connected.collagenGlycation is the main factor that causes the skin to lose its tension and elasticity and to transform into aged skin.Skin discoloration (), which is common in old people, is also glycation andMaillard reactionThis is the result of pigment formation associated with.Accumulation of saccharified waste products白内障,ArteriosclerosisProgress (High blood pressureIt appears as a disease).The tendency of old people to fracture is related not only to the decrease in bone density but also to the decrease in strength itself.Glycation of collagen contained in bone deteriorates bone quality (bone strength).Alzheimer's diseaseIs in the brainamino acidThere is also a theory that the cause is waste products that accumulate as a result of saccharification.Also, with glycation of the bodyDiabetes mellitusComplications andmetabolic syndromeIt is reported that there is a deep relationship with.For example, the formation of brown spot pigments in diabetic patients has also been suggested to be the result of the Maillard reaction.PC etc.display OfLEDReleaseBlue lightCaused by stress etc.Age-related macular degenerationDisease (both exudative /Blue light retinal injury(See) because it is formed with undernourishment of the fundusplasmaIt is suggested that it is the result of glycation and brittleness of the vessel wall, similar to arteriosclerosis.[6][7][8][9].

Anti-glycation care adjusts calorie intake appropriately and rapidlyBlood glucose levelGI that does not raiseGlycemic index) Is realized by eating a diet that pays attention to.For example, by grasping the property that fructose has a smaller increase in blood sugar level than other sugars, it is possible to suppress the rapid increase in blood sugar level just by devising ways to eat fruits first, which suppresses glycation of the body. You can expect it.And (Huangshan Mitsukikucha) ,,,, etc. show a strong inhibitory power against collagen saccharification.In addition, as a food having an anti-glycation effect, Romanchamomile,Cherry blossom, Purple chrysanthemum flowerEdible chrysanthemum) Etc. have been discovered[10].

Works on the theme of life extensions




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