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Quiz: Living Town

If you write the contents roughly
Tokorozawa, which has evolved from the image of a commuter town in Tokyo, is now interesting.

The image is a scene from the public release of the people in this area on March 3th.From this destination display and vehicle, quiz (8) is here ... → Continue reading

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Bed town

Bed town What is (bed town)City centerへCommutingOf those whoResidential areasAround the big city developed aroundSuburbanization officialSatellite cityWord pointing to.

Bed townJapanglishAndEnglishIs called "commuter town", "bedroom town", "bedroom suburbs", "dormitory town", etc.


JapanThen, the residential areaRailway stationFrom the beginning, it was formed from the center of the city to the suburbscityMany of them were systematically made for commuters to.

It was carried out for the purpose of housing supplyJapanSuburban residential area,Second World WarLater, Housing Development CorporationUrban regeneration mechanism,Housing supply corporationEtc. located in front of a suburban station whereNew Town in Japan,AlsoJapanese housing complexThe city format isofficeI just commute to an urban area by a crowded train and go home to sleep.WorkerCreated an average image of the layers.Currently, due to the urban return phenomenon, there are some areas that are depopulated in the suburban New Town UR public housing complex, but since everywhere in the country is a car society, the use of large-scale shopping malls in the suburbs is increasing. Commerce around the nearest stations such as New Town is sluggish.

Around many large cities in Japan, there are many cities where the entire city area or most of it is residential. A city like thisSatellite cityI called it "Bedtown".

in Japan,Kanto metropolitan area(Capital Area) InTokyo23 wardsOuter edgeTama area,KanagawaEastern / Central,SaitamaSouthern/Eastern/ChibaTokatsu / Kanan area[Question]・ Western,IbarakiSouthwest,Nagoya metropolitan areaInAichiWestern / Central,GifuSouthern partMieNorth grouparea,Keihanshin metropolitan area (Kinki area)InOsakaOuter edgeHyogoSouthern partKyotoSouthern partShigaSouthwestNaraNorthwestWakayamaSuch cities are concentrated in the northern part.

Regional central metropolitan areaEven inSapporo metropolitan areaInHokkaidoIshikari region,Sendai metropolitan areaInMiyagiSouth central,Hiroshima metropolitan areaInHiroshimaSouthwest,Kumamoto metropolitan areaInKumamotoSuch cities occur in the northern part.

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