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✈ | Australian authorities re-approve Qantas-American Airlines partnership


Australian authorities reapprove Qantas-American Airlines partnership

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Since it is unlikely that American Airlines will operate and enhance its own trans-Pacific routes without a partnership with Qantas, it will not be disadvantageous to users, and users will be able to increase their transportation capacity, new routes, etc. They say they can benefit from products and services.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has reaffirmed the partnership between Qantas and American Airlines.Period ... → Continue reading


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Qantas(Qantas)English: Qantas Airways) IsAustraliaandSouthern hemisphereLargestAirlines.

The pronunciation of Qantas in Australia isHow many ([ˈKwɒntəs][Annotation 2][Annotation 3][Annotation 4],Quantus) Is pronounced.


Qantas is AustraliaFlag carrierIt is the largest company in Japan in terms of the number of aircraft and the number of cities serving international and domestic flights. Established in November 1920KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,Avianca AirlinesIt is the third oldest airline in the world after, and international passenger flights started in May 3.The original company name was "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd ”(QANTAS, Queensland Northern Territory Aviation Service Co., Ltd.)[2]..It has the nickname of a flying kangaroo.Oneworld allianceIs a founding member of.

SydneyBased on a suburban mascotSydney International AirportIs a hub. As of March 2014, it has a 3% share of domestic flights, and international flights have a 65% share of the total of passengers entering Australia and passengers leaving Australia.In Australia, various subsidiaries are operating in remote centers and highway air routes under the name QantasLink.The subsidiary JetConnect is under the Qantas brand in Australia.New ZealandOperates between.Qantas is a low-cost carrier that operates international flights from Australia and domestic flights to Australia and New Zealand.JetstarOwns and co-sponsors many other Jetstar brands.

Australia is geographically far from the world, so there are many long-haul flights with long flights.TraditionallyFlight attendantEmploys many men[Source required]..First in the worldbusiness classIn addition to introducing747In relation to large equipment for long distancesBoeingIt has strong ties with the company, but in recent yearsAirbusIs also being introduced.

Airline ticketSeat reservation system (CRS) IsAmadeus IT GroupOperated byAmadeusAre using. [3] [4]



QANTAS Ltd1920May 11ToQueenslandWas established in.Initially headquartered in a small town called Longreach in the western desert, it conducted tourist flights and postal flights subsidized by the state government.

1934To Qantas and EnglandImperial AirwaysEstablished a joint venture.The company name is Qantas Empire Airways, each holding a 49% stake and an independent arbitrator holding a 2% stake.Qantas Empire AirwaysThe United KingdomMade ofDe Havilland usingBrisbane~SingaporeStarted operation between.Imperial Airways1933Since it had a regular flight between London and Singapore, it became possible to fly from Australia to the United Kingdom.

1938This line was replaced by a seaplane service using a short 23 Empire seaplane flying boat.From sydneySouthamptonService to passengers at transit pointsHotelIt took 9 days because I had to stay at.

Second World War

Many of the Qantas Empire Airways equipment1939From October1945By the time it was recruited by the Australian Army, many of the aircraftJapanese armyFor battle with (1942 Qantas Short Empire Shot DownEtc.) Lost during flight.

1942Because the Japanese troops occupied SingaporeDarwin (Northern Territory)・ The service was suspended between Singapore.Darwin was also hit by air raids, destroying airport facilities.

1943~1944, Qantas Empire Airways was at war at the timeJapanese armyDespite being threatened byPerth (Western Australia)And Ceylon (nowSri Lanka) Was operated by a seaplane flying boat.Flight is including the Japanese armyAxis powersIt took more than 24 hours without radio to avoid military attacks.In CeylonBritish Overseas Airlines(British AirwaysWas in contact with (the predecessor of).

After the war

In 1947, Qantas Empire Airwaysprime ministerLeadAustralian Labor PartyRequisitioned by the administration.This allowed the federal government to survive as an unlisted public enterprise with a 100% stake.At the same time, the parent company Qantas was dissolved.This measure continued in the subsequent conservative government.Despite this situation, the company worked with British Overseas Airways.Avro LancastrianUsedSydney~UKStarted to operate between.


1948In addition, it is a state-of-the-art large propeller airliner at that time.Lockheed L-049 ConstellationIn response to the delivery of, we proceeded with the introduction mainly on long-distance routes.The company's network has undertaken operations of British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (BCPA).1954ToThe Pacific OceanExtended beyond.

1948ToDouglas DC-4By one flight a weekIwakuni baseStarted to board and again1952By Douglas DC-4 twice a weekHaneda airportStarted to enter.After that, the line became largerDouglas DC-6It was taken over by Lockheed L-188 and was made more daily.

1960 eraOf large jet airlinersBoeing 707While promoting the introduction ofAsiaas well as the Middle Eastvia,AmericaAndメキシコviaUKToRound the World RouteWe pushed forward with expansion routes, such as operating.

The company1967Was renamed to "Qantas Airways Limited".

1970After that, of large machinesBoeing 747Was introduced,1973Happened toOil shockThe expansion routes were reduced due to the drop in air traffic demand in various countries around the world.


1992ToAustralian AirlinesWas absorbed and merged, and domestic flights were greatly expanded.

From 1993 to 1997, the shares held by the federal government were sold and privatized.However, the law stipulates that more than 51% of the shares are owned by Australians.

2001Is a wholly owned subsidiaryAustralian AirlinesFounded,2004Is a wholly owned subsidiary of a cheap domestic airlineJet Star AirlinesWas established.

2006, Will integrate the brands into Qantas and Jetstar, and announced the closure of its subsidiary Australian Airlines.

On December 2012, 9,British AirwaysThe alliance with was dissolved in 2013 and newlyEmirates AirlinesAnnounced to form a tie-up with.[5]

On October 2016, 10, a new paint was announced for the introduction of the Boeing 28 in 2017 the following year.Based on the concept of evolving the brand while retaining the fundamental elements of the flying kangaroo, a shadow was created on the kangaroo mark to give it a sense of dynamism and depth, and a silver line was added from the vertical stabilizer to the rear of the fuselage to create a sense of luxury.In addition, under the cockpit window, the "winged kangaroo" mark that was once drawn on the tail wing is drawn in a form that inherits the tradition.[6][7].

March 2018, 3, the first commercial flight in historyKangaroo routeNon-landing route (Perth-London Heathrow Airport) Was opened, the travel distance will be 15,000 km, and the flight will be 17 hours, but it will be about 3 hours shorter than the conventional flight via the Middle East.[8]..In QantasLongest flightWe are continuing our efforts to extend the number of non-landing direct flights to Australia, Europe and North America, "Project Sunrise". In October 2019, we will carry an employee with a measuring instrument during the delivery flight of the 10-787 in London. Will investigate the effects of flights from London and London (about 9 hours)[9][10].

Destination city

Japan routes are currentlyTokyo International Airport,KIX,New Chitose Airport(Seasonal operation)- Sydney International AirportAnd betweenNarita International Airport - Brisbane Airport,Melbourne Airport(Melbourne route is scheduled to be transferred to Haneda from March 2020, 3) 28 routes, other routesJet Star AirlinesTransferred to.

Owned equipment

Qantas aircraft (as of August 2020)
ModelNumber of operating machinesNumber of ordered machinesPassenger capacityRemarks
Airbus A330-2001836199235[14]
Airbus A330-3001028269297[17]
Airbus A380-80012147060341485[18]
A350-1000ULR012-----Scheduled to be received in 2023
Boeing 737-8008012162174[20]
Boeing 787-9864228166236[21]

QantasLinkThe aircraft consists of the following aircraft (as of August 2011):

  • Boeing 717-20011 molds (2 are being ordered)
  • DHC-845 molds
    8 DHC-200-5 aircraft, 8 DHC-300-15 aircraft andDHC-8-Q400Consists of 25 molds (3 are being ordered)

Incidentally,1992から1994Until thenJapan AirlinesIs QantasBoeing 747-300(3 aircraft of VH-EBT / EBX / EBY) have been leased and operated together with the flight crew (XNUMX aircraft)Code share flightsNot a pure Japan Airlines flight.AlsoFlight attendantWas on board by Japan Airlines).The aircraft was painted in full color by Japan Airlines, but the rear fuselage was "Operated by QANTASThere is a notation of ", and also of the tailTsurumaru(Japan AirlinesLogo) Is small.The timetable stated that for flights operated by the aircraft, "In-flight services will be provided by Japan Airlines flight attendants, but will be operated by Qantas aircraft and flight attendants."

The B767-300ER was the last flight on December 2014, 12, on QF27 from Melbourne to Sydney.The successor is the A767.

Special painting machine

"Nalanji Dreaming"
Boeing 747-300(VH-EBU), (*)
"Wunala Dreaming"
First machine-Boeing 747-400 (VH-OJB)[Annotation 5], (**)
Unit 2-Boeing 747-400ER (VH-OEJ)[Annotation 6]
"Yananyi Dreaming"
Boeing 737-800 (VH-VXB) (Yanani is an indigenous word that means "traveling" or "going."[22]
"Formula 1"
Boeing 747-400 (VH-OJC), (**)
Boeing 747-400 (VH-OJS)
"one world "
Boeing 747-400ER (VH-OEB), (***)
Boeing 747-400 (VH-OJU)
Airbus 330-200 (VH-EBL)
Boeing 747-400ER (VH-OEB)

(*); Currently, the aircraft itself has been retired from the company. , (**); Currently, it is operated by normal painting. , (***); Currently, it is operated by another special paint.

In addition, Qantas orderedBoeingCompany aircraft customer number (Customer code) Is38And the model name of the aircraft is 747SP-38, 747-238, 767-338ER, 747-438, 747-438It becomes ER and so on.

Mileage service

Mileage serviceOperates "Frequent Flyer".One worldIn addition to member airlines, we are affiliated with the following airlines.

In-flight service

The company, which has many long-haul routes, is also focusing on in-flight services.State-of-the-art equipmentAirbus A380All and some Boeing 747-400s (including ER type)first class,business class,Premium economy,Economy classIn 4 classes, the Boeing 747-400 is in 3 classes: Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class.[Annotation 7]..The Airbus A330 consists of two classes, business class and economy class. The first class of the A2 / B380-747 (ER) is a sleeper bed type, and some of the A400 / B380-747 (including ER) are equipped with a full flat type skybed in the business class.

In addition, the A380, B747-400, and A330-300 are equipped with an on-demand in-flight entertainment system in all seats, and many programs can be viewed by using the AVOD program.In non-economy class seats, AC power outlets compatible with laptop computers are also installed.

In-flight mealWill be different for each class, but for first class in cooperation with Rockpool, and for business class and premium economy class, meals supervised by Neil Perry will be provided. The B747-400 and A330-300 also have a bar counter where you can enjoy light meals and drinks.Economy class offers snacks, light meals, drinks such as tea and coffee, and depending on the route, meals are prepared according to the applicable time zone.

PR activities

Early television commercial campaigns, which began in 1969 and lasted for decades, were aimed at American viewers.In the voice of Howard Morris, Koalas complained that many tourists were coming to Australia and concluded, "I hate Qantas."This koala commercial has always been hailed as the finest commercial.In a long-running advertising campaign, children's Peter Allen's “I Still Call Australia Home” at various famous attractions in Australia and abroad, such as Venice. It features a performance that we chorus.Cantus is the main sponsor of the Cantas Wallabies of the Australian National Rugby Union Team and the sponsor of The Socceroo of the Australia's national association football team.And he is the main sponsor of the Formula One Australian Grand Prix. Operates Australian Cricket on December 2011, 12

New uniform

Paris-based Australian designer Martin Grant is responsible for the new uniforms for Qantas employees, officially announced on April 2013, 4.This uniform has changed from the name of designer Peter Morrissey to the previous uniform that employees routinely called Morissei.Qantas advertising ambassador and model Miranda Kerr helped show off her new uniform in navy blue, red and fuchsia pink.Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said at an announcement event modeled on Qantas employees that the new uniform "tells Australian style on a global stage."Grant talked with Qantas employees for over a year to narrow down to the 16 styles that were finally produced.Not all employees were happy with the new uniform, and one of the flight attendants said, "Uniforms are so cramped that they are simply not realistic for the very physical work we have to do."

Accidents and breakdowns

In some movies, it is said that "there is no accident since the start of the business", but this is false and not true.In the official announcement, "JetI have never crashed. "Prior to that, he had multiple fatal accidents.

1942 Qantas Short Empire Shot Down
On January 1942, 1, the Qantas flying boat Corio was shot down by a Japanese operational aircraft while flying off West Timor, Dutch East Indies.Thirteen crew members and passengers were killed.
Qantas De Havilland Drawbar crash
1951May 7De Havilland Drawbar (VH-EBQ) due to engine failureパ ュ ュ ニ ニAll seven passengers and crew were killed in the crash.
Qantas flight 1 overrun accident
1999May 9,Kangaroo route1 flight from Sydney to London via Bangkok (Boeing 747-400)ButDon Muang AirportOverrun at the time of landing.There were no deaths and only 38 minor injuries.However, the aircraft was severely damaged and almost completely damaged, but it was repaired and restored at a cost of about 1 million dollars to maintain its reputation.[23].
2005May 8,NaritaDeparturePerthFlight 70 (toAirbus A330)ButWakayamaKushimotoThe fire warning light in the cargo compartment was activated multiple times while flying about 900 km offshore.KIXDiverted to.After landing, an external confirmation by the fire department requested by the pilot reported that white smoke was rising from the nose, so the pilot chose an emergency evacuation using a shooter, but at that time one out of 194 passengers Severe pelvic fractures and minor injuries to 1 people.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAir and Rail Accident Investigation CommitteeConcluded that the lighting of the cargo compartment fire warning light was a malfunction, and that the white smoke after landing misidentified that water vapor was generated by the adiabatic expansion of the high-pressure air discharged from the thermometer.[24].
Qantas Aircraft 30 Aircraft Damage Accident
2008 May 7,London Heathrow AirportDeparture Melbourne Tullamarine AirportGo (Hong Kong International AirportVia Qantas flight 30 (aircraft used:Boeing 747-438, VH-OJK) Suddenly an emergency oxygen cylinder exploded in front of the cargo compartment, leaving a hole in the front right of the fuselage near the base of the main wing.The aircraft made an emergency descent to 10,000 feet.After that, the aircraft was safeフィリピン OfNinoy Aquino International AirportDiverted to.Several people complained of nausea when disembarking, but 365 passengers and crew were not injured.On the 30th of the same month, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau determined that it was caused by the explosion of an oxygen cylinder (prepared for an emergency oxygen mask) loaded in the cargo hold.At the time of the accident, oxygen masks were distributed on board, but less than 10 passengers could not be secured.
Qantas Flight 72 plunge accident
2008May 10,Singapore Changi International AirportDeparturePerth International AirportGoingAirbus A330-300The aircraft (VH-QPA) plummeted due to an unintended nose down during flight.The aircraft had 303 passengers and 12 crew members, of whom 119 were injured and 12 were seriously injured, but fortunately no one died.The cause was a bug in the software called ADIRU installed on the A330 and A340 aircraft.
Qantas Flight 32 Engine Explosion Accident
2010May 11,Singapore Changi International AirportDepartureSydney International AirportGoingAirbus A380-800Type machineIndonesia OfBatamThe second engine exploded in the sky, so before noon on the same day,SingaporeDiverted to.According to local television, smoke was rising from the bottom of the aircraft at the time of landing, but the fire engine on standby was extinguished.There were 440 passengers and 29 crew members on board, but no one was injured.When the second engine exploded, the cover fell off and debris fell into the private house, but at the time of the fall there were no people in the private house and no one died.This was the first accident in A380 history.Also, the next night, from Singapore to SydneyBoeing 747Immediately after taking off from Changi International Airport, the aircraft made an emergency landing at the airport again due to engine trouble.


Gender discrimination issues

In November 2005, it became clear that Qantas had a policy of not allowing adult male passengers to sit next to unaccompanied children.This led to accusations of discrimination.This policy isNew ZealandIt was revealed after a 2004 incident in which a passenger sitting next to a boy on a Qantas flight was asked to change seats with a female passenger.Flight attendant"It is the airline's policy that only women are allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children," he told the male guest.[25] Representative of the NSW Citizens Freedom Council(English editionCriticized the policy, saying that "there was no basis for the ban."He also said it was wrong to assume that all adult men pose a danger to children.[26]The policy has also been criticized for not taking into account female abusers.[27]

2010 years,British AirwaysQantas again claimed that it "reflected parents' concerns" to ban men from sitting next to unaccompanied children when he was asked to change his child's seating policy.[Annotation 8] Controversy in August 2012 when a flight attendant had to exchange seats with a female passenger after noticing that a male passenger was sitting next to an unrelated girl traveling alone Resurfaced.The male passenger who is a nursePedophiliaHe said he was discriminated against and humiliated by other passengers.[28] A Qantas spokesman defended the policy as consistent with the policies of Australia and other airlines around the world.[Annotation 9]

"Australia Asia Airlines"

People's Republic of ChinaQantas continues to confront the People's Republic of China because it has a route toRepublic of China(Taiwan) Could not operate.Therefore1990Qantas operates routes to the Republic of ChinaAustralia Asia AirlinesWas established.British Asia Airways,Air France AsieInstead of operating under the guise of another company likeJapan Asian AirlinesIt was another company similar to.The airline code is the IATA2 letterIM, ICAO 3 letterAAUMet.

い く つ か のBoeing 747SPas well as the 767The aircraft was transferred from Qantas.The design of the vertical stabilizer had two A-symbolized ribbons drawn on a red background.But the company1996The flight was canceled.


MBS"Family quiz","Quiz ・ Na in that hand !!"(BothJiro YagiModerator),TV Asahi"Quiz time shock"(Jiro TamiyaHe was also in charge of traveling sponsorship of the winning prize (moderator).

2007,AustraliaからIndiaOn the flight to business class OfWCFlight attendant An actor OfRafe FinesSexAndMumbai OfHotelBut it was reported that he spent the night together.This is in exchange for the information fee by the crewNewspaper companyDiscovered by posting to.The flight attendant in questionDismissalWas done.


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