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🚗 | Actor Kentaro Ito not prosecuted Collision with a motorcycle while driving


Actor Kentaro Ito not prosecuted Collision with a motorcycle while driving

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According to the interview, a settlement has been reached between Mr. Ito and the victim, and the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office dismissed Mr. Ito on the 25th.

Actor Kentaro Ito (23) was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run while driving a car, and the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office said 2 ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office(Tokyo) isTokyoChiyoda WardIt is inJapan OfLocal prosecutor's officeOne of theTokyoHave jurisdiction over.AbbreviationIt is,Tokyo District Prosecutor(Tokyo).

In addition to the main office located in Chiyoda Ward, which has jurisdiction over Tokyo,ShinagawaとSumida-kuBranch room,TachikawaA branch is set up in.

Also, for the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office,Special Investigation Department(Abbreviation "Special Investigation Department") is provided.

Location &

  • Main office
    • Other than the following: 1-1-6, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Central Govement Building No. XNUMX Buildings A and B
    • General Affairs Department Judicial Training Division / Transportation Department / Special Investigation Department (Special Investigation Department): Chiyoda-ku, TokyoKudan Minami1-chome 10-1 XNUMXth Dan XNUMXst Joint Government Building
  • Tachikawa Branch
TachikawaMidoricho6-3 Tachikawa Second Legal Affairs General Government Building


  • Main office
Tokyo Ward Prosecutor's Office
Hachijojima Ward Prosecutor's Office
Izu Oshima City Public Prosecutor's Office
Niijima Ward Prosecutor's Office
  • Tachikawa Branch
Tachikawa Ward Prosecutor's Office
Hachioji Ward Prosecutor's Office
Musashino Ward Prosecutor's Office
Ome Ward Prosecutor's Office
Machida Ward Public Prosecutor's Office

Successive prosecutors


  • General contract corruption caseIn October 1993, a prosecutor who rushed from the Hamamatsu branch of the Shizuoka District Public Prosecutor's Office assaulted and injured a former Miyagi prefecture executive and a bribery company executive who had been interviewed as a reference. ..The prosecutor was charged with assaulting and injuring a special civil servant and was sentenced to two years in prison and four years suspended sentence in June 10.
  • Rikuzankai caseJune 2012, 6 Former Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, Public Prosecutor, regarding false statements in the investigation reportMasahiro Tashiro6 months salary reduction, 100/20, former Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office prosecutorShuji IwamuraBe careful, former Tokyo District Public Prosecutor GeneralTatsuya SakumaReceived a disciplinary punishment for reprimand, and Tashiro resigned as a prosecutor[1].
  • In September 2017, a male prosecutor belonging to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office announced that in mid-April of the same year.Child pornographyThe data corresponding toDVDAssuming you bought 12Child pornography prohibition lawDue to a violationfine50 yenInformal instructionAnd 2 months suspensionDisciplinary actionReceived a requestretirement official[2].


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