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🚗 | Paramylon EOD-1 stimulates "intestinal acupoints" to reduce fatigue, and activates the nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system ...


Paramylon EOD-1 stimulates "intestinal acupoints" to reduce fatigue and activates the nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system ...

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Finally, Dr. Naito said, "Human studies with paramylon (EOD-1) have confirmed reduction of mental and physical fatigue and improvement of immunity, and the function of paramylon (EOD-1) exists in the intestine. It is thought that it is through the intestinal sensor function "intestinal acupoint" that senses the chemical and physical stimuli. "

The Paramylon Study Group is on the spot about the actual situation of the social issue "anxiety fatigue" that has become apparent due to the corona sickness and how to reduce it ... → Continue reading


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Paramylon(Paramylon) isstarchSimilar tocarbohydrate.Euglena OfchloroplastHelps the synthesis of carbohydrates and accumulates in the form of starch particles and paramylonchlorophyllThere is.ParamylonEuglena OfPyrenoidMade in.[1] Euglena have chlorophyll a and b,GlucoseIn a special form called paramylon starch, which is a multimer due to β1-,3 binding ofphotosynthesisAccumulate products.Paramylon has a rod-like shape called a paramylon bodyCytoplasmIt is made and stored as a whole.When viewed with an optical microscope, it usually looks like colorless or white particles.This shape makes paramylonEuglenaIs a characteristic of the species.[2]


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