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🚗 | What has changed with the drastic price cut? Test drive the Tesla "Model 3"


What has changed with the big price cut? Test drive the Tesla "Model 3"

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The quality of ACC is reflected in whether it can be completely stopped smoothly when the preceding vehicle stops, but it behaves because there is only the company that has actively adopted ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) including ACC from an early stage. It was very smooth and I felt a sense of security.

CEO Elon Musk officially adds the title of "Techno King" to himself and "Master of Coin" to CFO ... → Continue reading

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Advanced driving support system

Advanced driving support system(Sensing system)ADAS: Advanced driver-assistance systems)AutomobileIt is a system that supports the driving operation of the driver. SafeMan-machine interfaceADAS designed byCar safetyBy the wayRoad traffic safetyIncrease.


ADAS is a system developed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems for safer and better driving. Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by alerting the driver of potential problems or by implementing safeguards and surrogate control of the vehicle. The adaptation function isHeadlightFeatures such as automated vehicle control, automatic cruise control, automatic brake control, GPS/traffic alert provision, connection to smartphones, driver alerts for other vehicles and dangers, lane control, showing blind spots, etc. Is.

There are many forms of ADAS. Some features are either built into the car or available as an option. Also, some can be retrofitted[1].. ADAS is an image processing for automobiles,TO DEAL,radar,Image processing,Computer vision,In-vehicle networkDepends on input from multiple sources, such as[2].. In addition to information from the vehicle itself, other vehicles, mobile phones,Wi-FiAdditional information can be obtained from networks etc.

ADAS is one of the fastest growing fields in the automotive electronics field[3].. In-vehicle safety system 26262 CERTIFICATEThe adoption rate of quality standards across the industry is steadily increasing, and image sensor quality standards IEEE 2020[4]And Vehicle Information API[5]Standards for certain technologies have also been developed, such as communication protocols.

Next-generation ADAS3G,LTEUtilization of wireless network connection (V2N: Vehicle to cellular Network), communication with other vehicles (V2V: Vehicle to Vehicle, inter-vehicle communication), communication with pedestrians (V2P: Vehicle to Pedestrian), roadside Improve value by using communication with infrastructure (V2I: Vehicle to roadside Infrastructure)[6].. Vehicles and other devices/infrastructure, etc.V2XIt is called (Vehicle to Everything).

development of

August 2014, 3,United States Department of TransportationNational Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) oflbAnnounced to require rear view cameras to be installed on all new vehicles below (4.5 tons)[7].. This lawUnited States CongressIt was named by the "Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act of 2007". This name was backed by my fatherSUVNamed after Cameron Galbrandsen (2 years old), who was struck and killed by[8].

GM has been providing a vibrating seat warning for Cadillac since 2013 Cadillac ATS. As the driver begins to deviate from the lane of the highway, the side of the seat that deviates vibrates, alerting the driver to danger. Safety warning seat vibrates both sides of the seat when a frontal threat is detected[9].. This system was first provided by Citroen in 2006 as part of the AFIL (Lane Departure Warning) system ((English edition)See also).

(English edition)Is a device that prevents the engine from starting when the alcohol concentration in the exhaled breath exceeds the specified value.[10].. The Automotive Alliance for Traffic Safety and the National Road Traffic Safety Administration are implementing the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) program to install alcohol detection devices on all vehicles.[11].

ADAS example

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