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✈ | JTA, charter flight between Fukushima / Naha in June Okinawa tour from 6 yen

Photo Image of Japan Transocean Air 737-800 (photographed by Yuki Koji)

JTA, charter flight between Fukushima / Naha in June Okinawa tour from 6 yen

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The aircraft will be a Boeing 20-145 with 737 class J seats and 800 ordinary seats.

Japan Transocean Air (JTA) will operate charter flights between Fukushima and Naha in June 2021.Tour ... → Continue reading


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145 ordinary seats

Boeing 737

Boeing 737

China Airlines 737-800 series

China Airline737-800 series

Ryan air(2nd place)
な ど
  • First flight : 1967May 4
  • Number of production: 10,000 aircraft (February 2018)[1]
  • Operation start : 1968May 2 (Lufthansa)
  • Operational status:In operation
  • Unit cost :
    737-600: 4,700-5,500US dollar
    737-700: US $ 5,400 Million-US $ 6,400 Million
    737-800: US $ 6,600 Million-US $ 7,500 Million
    737-900ER: US $ 7,000 Million-US $ 8,050 Million

Boeing 737(Boeing 737) IsThe United States of America OfaircraftManufacturer,BoeingSmall size manufactured by the companyJet airliner.


McDonnell Douglas DC-9/ MD-80 andAirbus A320It is a jet airliner of the same class (100-200 seats), and since its first flight in 1967, a total of more than 2018 aircraft with various variations have been manufactured by February 2 while making continuous improvements for half a century.[1], Production continues with a large number of back orders.It is the largest series of jet airliners in history and one of the best-selling and long-selling commercial transport aircraft in history.

Assuming that it will be used on short-distance routes that frequently take off and land between small and medium-sized airports in poorly equipped regions and airports in large cities with strict noise regulations, takeoff and landing on short runways and cruising altitude in a short time To achieve the rise toWingRelatively powerfulHigh lift deviceIn addition to being equipped with, the main landing gear is a type that fits into the "dent" of the aircraft, and the side of the wheel is exposed even when it is retracted, giving it a natural cooling effect by introducing outside air during flight.

さ ら に,Air steer(Built-in aircraftTarup) Can be installed as an option, and various technologies and equipment have been introduced to realize low-cost operation on short-distance routes.It is also the first Boeing jet airliner to be able to carry two passengers.

Rear engineBoeing's previous work, which was said to be a three-shot ceremonyBoeing 727Unlike the engine, the engine is a twin-engine engine with two engines mounted under the main wing, one for each, and the design emphasizes maintainability by avoiding a special engine layout.一方の胴体は設計費と生産単価の低減のため、先行した1と同じ設計(遡れば2年就航の第一世代ジェット旅客機であるOne fuselage is the same design as the preceding 727 (back to 1958, the first-generation jet airliner) to reduce design costs and unit production prices.Boeing 707Since then, the design) has been diverted. DC-9より太くてA320よりわずかに狭く、標準的なThicker than DC-XNUMX and slightly narrower than AXNUMX, standardEconomy classIf so, you can place 6 rows of seats across the aisle.

Over the years, it has been continuously updated by introducing various new technologies, and is widely operated by airlines around the world as the main aircraft for short-distance routes.The latest model is not limited to short-haul routes大西洋It is expected to enter service on medium- and long-distance routes such as transatlantic flights, and in addition to being equipped with various equipment for offshore flights,ETOPSThere are also certified equipment.

In addition, for entertainment such as personal TVs, AC outlets, USB power supplies, etc., for senior seats on long-distance international flightsIn-flight mealIt is also possible to select a galley that corresponds to the service.


1964In addition, many remained on the local lineDouglas DC-4,Conveyor 440Propeller passenger planes such asLockheed L-188It was a rival company at that time as a small short-distance jet airliner with a capacity of 100 passengers to replace turboprop airliners such asDouglasDevelopment has begun to compete with the DC-9.

However, most of the major American airlines at that time were already DC-9 orBAC 1-11What was left in the marketUnited airlinesEastern AirlinesHowever, the latter has made clear its intention to adopt DC-9.This situation forced Boeing to develop without the strong backing of American airlines.

1965ToLufthansaAlthough it was decided to continue development by receiving an order for 21 aircraft from, this was far less than the number of aircraft that had been started after receiving orders for 80 to 100 aircraft.For this reason, after presenting the best possible conditions, such as offering to United Airlines to "lease the 727 at a rate almost free of charge as a connection to delivery," 40 aircraft (and 30 aircraft as an option). Succeeded in getting an order for.

1967First flight in April, route service1968It started with Lufthansa in February.Initially, sales were sluggish due to the lack of performance of the prototype, the opposition of the Pilot Association (ALPA) to the crew of two, and the shortage of seats of -2, but the fuselage was extended-2 and the interior was upgraded- Since it was improved in response to the demands of airlines such as the introduction of 100 Advanced, its performance has been recognized and it has been introduced by airlines all over the world.

After the production of the early -100, -200, the engine has a high bypass ratioTurbo fan-300, -400, -500 replaced with1980 eraAppeared at the beginning.Due to its small turning ability, the main wing is still redesigned to improve efficiency.777"Next-Generation (Next Generation / NG)" of -600 type to -900 type using the technology of737MAXThe state-of-the-art series called "" is being produced, and as of January 2014, it is a best-selling machine with a total of 1 ordered machines and a total of 11575 machines produced.

The series is2011May 12In addition, the 7,000th 737 (-800) was handed over to flydubai.また通算7,500機目は、2013年3月20日にThe XNUMXth aircraft will be released on March XNUMX, XNUMX.Malindo AirTo (B737-900ER), the 8,000th aircraft in total will be on April 2014, 4.[2]United airlinesIt was handed over to (B737-900ER) respectively.

Derived type

737 Original -100 / -200 (1st generation)

1967This is the first series of 737s that started production from.engine ThePratt & Whitney OfJT8DEquipped with one under each main wing.

This engine is directly attached to the main wing without going through a pylon, which reduces the weight and keeps the ground clearance low.Also, this engine has a low bypass ratio (bypass ratio 0.96-1.00), soReverse injection device(Thrust reverser) has a structure that covers the nozzle at the rear of the engine.

The -100 is the smallest aircraft in the entire series,胴体The length of is 28.6m,Cruising distanceIs 3,440 km.Almost all of the production aircraft were operated by Lufthansa, as most of the orders were concentrated on the -200.

-200 type is more than -100 type胴体The aircraft is 1.9m longer, 30.5m, and has a longer cruising range (about 4,000km), but it is basically the same aircraft. For the -200 type, a cargo door was added to the left front part of the fuselage as a combination machine (freighter mixed loading machine) model, and the -200C type (-200 Convertible) was prepared so that the front seats could be easily removed.カナディアン・ノース航空やCanadian North AirlinesNolinor Aviationな どカナダAirline has introduced the -200C type as a local route, but hard ice and gravel often remain on the runway at unequipped airfields, so if the gravel that the wheels bounce off hits the aircraft Modifications were made such as strengthening the front leg cover and changing it to a guard type so that it does not occur, and installing a duct that blows compressed air at the bottom of the engine in order to blow it off before the engine sucks in foreign matter.Aircraft with the same specifications were delivered to African countries, and aircraft delivered to the Republic of Nauru (Nauru Airlines) were also in Japan.

1971Introduced an improved version (-200 Advanced) that has been upgraded to the latest model, such as improving takeoff and landing performance and introducing an overhead wedge in the interior design of the aircraft.1988Production continued until.アメリカ空軍も、-200Advanced型を元にした航法練習機をThe U.S. Air Force also has a navigation training aircraft based on the -XNUMX Advanced model.T-43In addition to being adopted under the name ofIndonesian Air ForceIs the oceanPatrol aircraftThe aircraft modified as "Surveyor" is operated under the name of "Surveyor".

The number of production of -100 type is 30, and 200 type is 1,114 including the initial type and the improved type.

Incidentally,Japan-200 and -200 Advanced are available on airlinesAll Nippon AirwaysJapan Short Distance Air,Southwest AirlinesIntroduced, contributing to the jetting of remote island routes and local routes,2003Used up to.Also,Hong Kong Dragon Airlines,Nauru airlines,Philippine AirlinesEtc. were used as equipment for entering Japan.

737 Classic -300 / -400 / -500 (2nd generation)

With the aim of responding to the points to be improved and the requests received in the first generation, further improving the problems in the aircraft design, and competing with the McDonnell Douglas MD-1 series.1970 eraDevelopment began in the second half and went into service in the early 1980s.

It is one of the completed models that Boeing aimed at at that time, and since it is a representative aircraft of the 737, "737 Classic(In addition, -100 type and -200 type may be included).

737NG -600 / -700 / -800 / -900 (3rd generation)

Boeing rapidly increased orders for its best-selling B737 series in the small aircraft marketAirbus A320 seriesIs a modernized aircraft to counter1997Production has started.

The -400 / -800, which is an extension of the -900, and the -900ER, which has a long cruising range that allows it to cross the Americas without landing, were also introduced.The aircraft of this generation is "737 Next Generation(737NG) ”.

After the introduction of this series, Boeing has almost the same number of seats as -600.717 seriesAnd has almost the same number of seats (-900) and cruising range as -200757 seriesThe production of.

737MAX -7 / -8 / -9 / -10 (4th generation)

ボーイングは2011年8月30日に、737NG -700/-800/-900(第3世代機)のエンジンを燃料効率の高い物に換装した新型機が2017年に初飛行の予定と発表した。その後、ボーイング側の発表では、1つの翼に2箇所のウィングレットを装着することとなり、さらなる燃費改善が期待される[3].

The first order wasAmerican airlines100 aircraft.この形式のローンチカスタマーはThis type of launch customerSouthwest Airlines[4]However, for the 737 MAX-9Lion airBecomes the launch customer[5]..Other,Norway Air Shuttle,United airlines,Aeromexico,Iceland AirlinesWe also receive large orders from such companies.

For Japanese airlinesSky markAnnounced policy to introduce after 737 with the aim of replacing 800-2018[6][7]However, no formal contract has been signed, and after thatbankruptcyThe introduction disappeared at.After the civil rehabilitation, the "Equipment Planning Committee" was set up and is listed as a candidate for the next successor.

2014In 3 monthJapan AirlinesJTA under the umbrella of the group (Japan Transocean Air) Changes the current main equipment 737-400 to 737-8002016Although it announced that it would start the replacement from, the contract clause also included a clause that could change the order to the 737 MAX type. 2019年、日本の航空会社として初めてXNUMX, the first Japanese airlineANAOrdered 737 8 MAX 30s[8]However, the future trend is unclear because the production of B2020MAX was stopped in January 1.


Number of seats約 115約 130約 150約 150約 1202 class 110
1 class 132
2 class 126
1 class 149
2 class 1262 class 162
1 class 189
2 class 180
1 class 215
Number of seats
Introduction example
136--JAL145 (20 + 125)ANA126-ANA120 (8 + 112)ANA38[9]
ANA44 (24 + 20)
JAL165 (20 + 145)
ANA166 (8 + 158)
KAL188 (8 + 180)KAL159 (12 + 147)
Cargo compartment volume-----20.4 m327.3 m327.3 m344.0 m351.7 m3
Width28.35m28.88m34.30 m (with winglet: 35.80 m)
胴体Fuselage width 3.76 m (guest width 3.54 m)
Maximum takeoff weight49,895 kg52,437 kg56,473 kg62,823 kg52,390 kg66,000 kg70,080 kg77,565 kg79,010 kg85,130 kg
Engine modelP & W JT8DCFM56-3BCFM56-7BCFM56-7BE
Engine output6,350kg × 27,260kg × 210,660kg × 212,380kg × 212,380kg × 212,380kg × 212,880kg × 2
Cruise speedMach 0.73Mach 0.745Mach 0.78 --0.785Mach 0.79
Cruising distanceAbout 3,000kmAbout 4,000kmAbout 5,000kmAbout 5,000kmAbout 4,500km5,648km6,225km10,200 km5,665kmAbout 5,000km5,925km
First flight year19671967198419881989199819972007199720002007
Year of discontinuation19731988199920001999

Number of units sold by year


Competitor model

Accident outline

The fatal aviation accident

If you look only at the absolute numberAviation accident,hijackIs more than other models.The reason is,

  • Large number of production machines (more than 10,000 machines are producedJet airlinerThen the best in the world. 2位のXNUMXnd placeAirbus A320The series has more than 8,000 aircraft).
  • It has a long production period.
  • Various in the worldAirlinesIt is operated in.
  • Developing countriesFor economic reasons737NG series,A320 seriesSince there is not much room to introduce state-of-the-art aircraft such as these, it is necessary to purchase used 737s (1st and 2nd generation) from other companies and operate aged aircraft that are over 20 years old. There is.
  • For developing countriesDeveloped countryIn many cases, the level of maintenance is inadequate, and the maintenance of air support facilities is also inadequate.

In addition,United Airlines Flight 585 crash,US Airways Flight 427 crash,East Wind Airlines Flight 517 steep slope accident,Aloha Airlines Flight 243 Accident,Lion Air Flight 610 crash,Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashThere are also obvious defects in the aircraft, and more than 500 people have lost their lives.またAlso2005May 8Happened toHelios Airlines Flight 522 crashThen there are 121 dead.In addition, it has been reported that there was a problem with the pressurization system, and the theory of structural defects in the pressurization system of the 737 Classic was pointed out in this accident.さらに、737クラシックでは、エンジンの欠陥でIn addition, in the XNUMX Classic, due to engine defectsBritish Midland Airways Flight 92 crash landing accidentEtc. have occurred and the flight has been suspended.
Also, of the latest machinesBoeing 737 MAXThen, in January 2019Addis AbabaAtCrashReceivingThe aircraft is suspended worldwide.

Of the 737NG series aircraft total damage accidents, the accidents without fatalities are2007May 8ToNaha AirportOccurred inChina Airlines 120 flight flaming accidentIs.この事故では製造段階に於けるIn this accident at the manufacturing stageboltIt is believed that the cause is a malfunction in the installation of. April 2011, 4,ArizonaFrom phoenixCaliforniaI was heading to SacramentoSouthwest Airlines Flight 812Is 30 wide on the ceiling after takeoffcm, Length 1.5mThere is a hole like that, and it's closeU.S. ArmyAn emergency landing accident occurred at Yuma base.乗客は全員無事であったが、客室乗務員1名が軽傷All passengers were safe, but one flight attendant was slightly injured[10]..直ちに同型機のうち79機を点検した結果、さらに数機について亀裂が発生していることが判明したImmediately after inspecting XNUMX of the same aircraft, it was found that several more were cracked.[11]RiceNational Transportation Safety CommissionAccording to the results of the (NSTB) survey, there were no problems with Southwest Airlines' inspection system.[11]From thatFederal Aviation Administration(FAA) issued inspection orders for aircraft of the same type all over the world[11]..また、ボーイングでは亀裂の発生の可能性について認識しており、それまでは飛行回数が6万回を超えた時点で詳細な検査をすることとしていたが、今回の事故を受けて、飛行回数が3万回を超えた時点で詳細な検査をするように基準を改めたIn addition, Boeing is aware of the possibility of cracks, and until then it had decided to carry out a detailed inspection when the number of flights exceeded XNUMX, but in response to this accident, the number of flights has increased. Revised the standard to carry out detailed inspections when the number of times exceeds XNUMX[12].


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