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🚄 | Gakunan train drives night train for the first time, leaving Yoshiwara station at midnight on 5/8


Gakunan train operates night train for the first time, leaving Yoshiwara station at midnight on 5/8

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"Why don't you stop at Gakunan-Eo Station, Gakunan Fujioka Station, and Hina Station and enjoy the night view of the train station, which stands in the dark while touching the outside air, the train night view of the faint lights of the train, and the factory night view where white smoke rolls up? ??

Gakunan-Den is the first company to operate a night train as a new project in 2021.Its name is "Takenan Night Train" -... → Continue reading

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Hina Station

Hina Station(Hinaeki) isShizuokaFuji cityHinaIt is inGakunan trainGakunan Line OfstationIs. The station number isGD06.


  • 1951(26)May 12 - Gakunan RailwayOpened as a station.at the same timeDaishowa PaperYoshinaga FactoryLeased lineStarted operation.
  • 1969(44) --Start using the yard line in the eastern part of the station.
  • 2012(24)May 3 --Unmanned due to the end of freight train service the day before.
  • 2013(25)May 4 --With the transfer of management, it will become a station for the Gakunan train.

Station structure

Island homeHave two lines on one sideGround stationAndTrain exchangeIs possible.Once on the premisesLateral lineThere,Nippon Paper IndustriesWith Yoshinaga factoryOkutama KogyoThere was also a dedicated line to, but it is now being removed.

Also, in the eastern part of the stationKoa IndustryThere is a 5-line yard line adjacent to the station, and there used to be a headshunt facility and a dedicated line to Koa Kogyo, but now it is separated from the main line.Vehicles waiting to be dismantled were sometimes detained on lines 4 and 5 where the equipment failed.

The station building is on the north side of the premises and connects the station building and the eastern end of the platform.Railroad crossingIs installed.From March 2012, 24 due to the suspension of freight transportationMujin-ekiIt became.

2015(27) From November 11th, it was open on the north side of this station.Railway modelThe store Fuji Dream Studio 501 has moved to the station building.With the window as the sales floor, the station staff break roomLayoutIt has been renovated and is open for business.

Bus stop

Bus stoproutedirectiondestination
North side (station building side)■Gakunan LineGoing downGakunan Eoaspect
南側Going upYoshiwaraaspect

Freight handling

This station is operated by Gakunan Railway just before the abolition of freight trainsfreight trainIt is the first and last station ofコ ン テ ナFreight / dedicated line departure / arrivalCar freightIt was a handling station.

A dedicated line continues to the Nippon Paper Industries Yoshinaga Factory (formerly Daishowa Paper Yoshinaga Factory), and containers and boxcars (formerly Daishowa Paper Yoshinaga Factory)Wham type 80000truck) Was used to transport products.The shipping address for boxcars isKoshigaya Freight Terminal StationとUmeda StationMet.

The cargo handling at the factory is next door.Gakunan-Harada StationBut it was done.

Usage situation

According to the "Shizuoka Prefecture Statistical Yearbook", the average number of passengers getting on and off each day is as follows.

  • 2001-147 people (72 people getting on and 75 people getting off)
  • 2002-128 people (66 people getting on and 62 people getting off)
  • 2003-117 people (60 people getting on and 57 people getting off)
  • 2004-131 people (66 people getting on and 65 people getting off)
  • 2007-123 people (61 people getting on and 62 people getting off)

The cargo handling volume is as follows.

  • 2006-Shipping volume 105,265 tons, arrival 2,335 tons[1]
  • 2007-Shipping volume 79,360 tons, arrival 2,596 tons[2]

Around the station


Drama location Nippon TVAnoneThe station next to Gakunanharada Station, which was also used for the station where the main character gets off and when heading to the coast, was also used for recording.

Next station

Gakunan train
■Gakunan Line
Gakunan-Harada Station(GD05)- Hina Station (GD06) - Gakunan Fujioka Station(GD07)


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  1. ^ Fuji City Statistics
  2. ^ Shizuoka Statistical Yearbook

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