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✈ | Hokkaido Air System Saab 340B, purchased by an American MRO company

Photo Hokkaido Air System Saab 340B

Hokkaido Air System Saab 340B purchased by American MRO company

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C & L has also signed a purchase contract for 10 Saab 340B aircraft with Japan Air Commuter (JAC).

American C & L Aerospace will be on April 2021, 4 (Monday), Hokkaido Air System (HAC) and Saab 5 ... → Continue reading


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Saab 340B purchase contract

Japan Air Commuter

Japan Airlines > Japan Air Commuter

Japan Air Commuter Co., Ltd.(Japan Air Commuter,English name : Japan Air Commuter Co., Ltd.,Abbreviation : JAC) IsJapan Airlines (JAL) Group OfAirlines.Turbo propOperates aircraft (propeller aircraft).

All flights,JALOperated as a flight.


KagoshimaTo improve access to remote islandsToa Domestic Airlines(Through Japan Air SystemJapan Airlines(Integrated into) and Kagoshima PrefectureAmami archipelago14 municipalities (merger(Reduced to 12 municipalities)Commuter airlinesWas launched as.Initially oldAmami AirportHeadquartered in Japan, the main routes were the Amami Islands, but gradually the routes were expanded following the transfer of local routes from Japan Air System to western Japan. As of 2011, 12 municipalities in the Amami Islands have invested 4% of their capital and dispatched officers.

As of October 2020, 10, of the same group companyJ-AIRAlthough there are overlapping sections on the route side, JAC owns turboprop aircraft for operating models, while J-AIR has turboprop aircraft.JetThere is a difference such as owning.Also, JAC is longOne worldWas not a member of, but joined oneworld from October 2020, 10.[2]..The company's IATA code is originally "3X", but the "JC" used by JAL Express is used after the JAL integration of JAL Express.In addition, until the renewal of the passenger service system on November 2017, 11, the 16-letter code displayed on the boarding history of JAL Mileage Bank and the baggage tag issued at the JAL Group check-in counter will be "JN". It was.The "JN" IATA code is assigned to Excel Air Service.

Population decline societyIn 2017, the number of users decreased, and in XNUMX, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Study Group on Sustainable Regional Aviation" (Chair)Kenzo Takeuchi(Professor, Tokyo Woman's Christian University) ”issued a report on joint ownership of the aircraft and future business integration.[4][5].. On November 2018, 3 Study Group on Sustainable Regional Aviation Final Summary (Draft) "We should aim to reach a certain conclusion about the specific organizational structure by the end of the same year." Two major airlines on December 12 (ANA,JAL) And three regional airlines (Amakusa airline,Oriental air bridge, Japan Air Commuter), aiming to establish a limited liability business association, agreed to start trial calculation of management improvement effect and creation of management rules[6]..After these discussions, AMX, ORC, JAC and ANA, JAL will be members on October 2019, 10."Regional Air Service Alliance Limited Liability Partnership" (English notation: Essential Air Service Alliance LLP, abbreviation: EAS LLP)Was established. After 3 years, we will verify the status of our efforts and discuss the subsequent measures.[7].


Operation equipment

Owned equipment

Equipment owned by Japan Air Commuter As of 2020 year 3 month
Aircraft model Number of seats Number of operating machines Onboard engine Remarks
ATR 42-60048[14]7PWC PW127MContracted for Saab 340 alternative equipment and 14 other purchase rights
ATR 72-600702Switched one of the ordered ATR 42-600 and started operation in December 1.

Since the establishment of the companyTurbo propIt operates by aircraft (propeller aircraft).allOrdinary seatOnlyClass JAdvanced classes such as are not set.

In addition, JAC's operating aircraftstretcherIt is designed so that the patient can be transported by fixing the[15].

2017年5月にATR42就航後、地元鹿児島での報道で2019年度末までに機材更新によってATR42を2019年度末まで順次導入し、運用しているDHC-8-Q400とSaab340は売却退役予定で機材統一を図り、保有する航空機を18機から半分の9機体制にすることを明らかとなった[16]..Regarding the routes operated by the decrease in the number of aircraft owned, the JAL Group's routes centered on the DHC-8-Q400 operated routesJay AirTransfer to and operateEmbraer E-JetThe policy was to strengthen transportation capacity, service rate, etc. by changing to jet aircraft.[17].

ATR 42-600

2015May 6Paris Air ShowIt was announced that a contract order was placed for 340 Saab 8 aircraft, 1 optional aircraft, and 14 purchase rights.[27].EuropeAdoption of passenger planesGermanyDornier,スウェーデンThis is the third case following the serve of.

Also, the same modelAmakusa airlineHas been introduced in advance, and JAC is a crew member for proficiency training with the aircraft.mechanicIs dispatched.In the future, the two companies in Kyushu that operate the same type of aircraft will collaborate, such as cost reduction by jointly owning maintenance parts and heavy maintenance of Amakusa Airlines owned aircraft when JAC has a standby aircraft.[28].

HyogoIs the destination of JAC in the initial budget for 2016Tajima AirportBudgeted 1 million yen for operating aircraft.It will be introduced for the purpose of maintaining safe and stable operation of the same route, and the equipment purchaser will be the Tajima Airport Terminal, and the equipment will be lent to JAC. Prior to the ATR 3500-42, one SAAB 600B was in charge.

2016May 7As the only two-machine limited painting of the same type, Kagoshima's only design-related vocational schoolIndustry-academia collaborationThe adoption of the design produced in was announced. Also a shareholder of JACAmami archipelagoCentered onKagoshimaIt expresses its mission to contribute to the development of the region as a wing of the region by connecting the islands and each region."" Drawn on the aircrafthibiscusIs a symbol of the remote islands and regions where the company operates, and the large hibiscus on the left side of the aircraft is likened to Kagoshima, the seven on the lower left represent the seven remote islands where the airport is located in Kagoshima Prefecture, and the hibiscus on the right side of the aircraft is the company. Represented other areas connected by.The "7 lines" drawn on the background of the hibiscusMizuhikiIt expresses the region, the connection between people, the dreams of children, the feelings of people, and the connection between the past, the present and the future, and the color scheme inhabits only Amami Oshima.RurijaysThe painting will be based on the red, black, and lapis lazuli colors.[29][30].

JA01JC, the first machine,2017Received on January 1th,Toulouse Blagnac AirportDeparts from the airports of Greece, Egypt, UAE, India and Taiwan,May 1ToKagoshima AirportArrived at[31][32] In service from April 4th in Kagoshima-Yakushima, Okinoerabu, and from May 26th in Kagoshima-Amami[33][34].

Due to the design of the aircraft, the cargo compartment is also installed behind the cockpit, so passengers boarding is different from other aircraft of the company.portIt will be from the rear.For this reason, existing at the airportBoarding bridge(PBB) cannot be used, and it is installed on the aircraft.Air steer(Stairs) are also steep, and are often found on remote island life routes operated by the company.Senior citizensSince it is not suitable for use, the company has deployed a movable boarding slope mainly at the airport where the same type of aircraft operates.[35]..This slope iswheelchairIt has a gentle slope in consideration of getting on and off at, and there are a straight type and a three-stage folded type with a roof.[36].

The interior of the guest room is the same as that of Amakusa Airlines, which was introduced in advance.[37], "Armonia[38] Named "Cabin"Georgette GiugiaroHas adopted the design by[39]..With seating arrangementCapacity(Usually 48 people) is the same as Amakusa's same model,emergency exitToFlow line2 seats in the front row and 2 seats in the 2nd row on the starboard sideBox sheet(Seat arrangement)[14][40][41]..In addition, due to the characteristics of the company's route, which has many remote island life routes, the three rows of port rear seats are for transporting the injured and sick by tilting the backboard.stretcherIt is a custom order that can be installed, and unlike other equipment of the company, one corner that can be installed can be partitioned with a curtain, giving consideration to in-flight comfort.[35][42]..A custom-made diaper changing table is installed in the restroom.[43].

In May 2018, the first JA5JC will be a common business aircraft with Amakusa Airlines. This is the first case of a common business aircraft with an airline outside the JAL Group.Amakusa Airlines has only one aircraft, and before the introduction of ATR01, all flights were suspended for nearly a month if heavy maintenance was required. With the introduction of ATR1, the aircraft will be interchanged between Amakusa Airlines, which operates the aircraft, and Japan Air Commuter. JA42JC will be rented to the company as the Amakusa Airlines-owned aircraft will be heavily maintained in June 1.[20]..In July of the same year, the group company Hokkaido Air System selected the same type of aircraft as the next operation aircraft.[44]As with the operation with Amakusa Airlines and the Saab 340 operation described later, it is expected that the most operated JAC-owned aircraft will be set up as a common business aircraft and the equipment will be accommodated during maintenance and inspection. It is expected that the three companies will aim to operate in accordance with the guidelines set by the study group on sustainable regional aviation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.[5].

In July 2018, the aforementioned Hyogo Prefecture Tajima Airport Terminal Purchased Aircraft (JA7JC) had been operating for a while with normal painting after receipt, but in September of the same year it was announced that it would be Tajima's original painting "Kounotori", and Kagoshima Airport JAC In the hangarJAL EngineeringThe design is based on the concept of "a stork flying in the morning sun toward the future" created by the Tajima Airport Promotion Council, local municipalities, Hyogo Prefecture, and Tajima Airport Terminal.StorkWas entrusted with the images of "elegance," "flying," and "happiness," and Tajima painted it with the message of "fluttering" and "leaving."[45]..Since the company is headquartered in Kagoshima due to such delivery process, the Amami / Ryukyu World Natural Heritage registration sticker that supports the aircraft is not affixed.

ATR 72-600

2018May 6, OrderedATR42-600One of them can be changed to ATR1-72 and the number of seats can be 600.ATRAnnounced by both Japan Air Commuter,[46] Delivered in Toulouse, France on October 10, the same year[47]Since December of the same year, it has been operating mainly on congested routes to and from Kagoshima. On May 12, 2019, the second JA5JC was handed over.

As with the ATR42, the cabin specifications are for passenger boarding on the port rear, the existing boarding bridge (PBB) cannot be used at the airport, and the cargo compartment is installed behind the cockpit, but it is not a box seat (opposite seat arrangement). There are a total of 2 seats, 2 seats in 17 rows of 2-70.[48]..The first JA06JC delivered was the 1,500th aircraft delivered by ATR, so the "ATR 1500th" logo is on the nose.

Retired equipment

Dornier 228

3機(JA8835,JA8836,JA8866)が1983年12月10日~1995年9月30日のあいだ登録運航された。旅客定員19席でFlight attendantThe service rate was low because it could not be operated at high altitudes because it was an unpressurized aircraft.For a while after retirement storageIki International AirlinesIt was used by other companies in Japan, but is currently sold overseas.

Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing YS-11

1988から1994Introduced up to 12 aircraft.2002More retirement started,2006All aircraft were retired[49].

originallyJapan Air SystemIt was operated by Japan Air System (formerly Toa Domestic Airlines) and one of its predecessors, Japan Air System, but on July 1988, 7, the route to and from Kagoshima was transferred from Japan Air System along with the aircraft and started operation. Retired on September 19, 2006.JAC was the last Japanese civil aviation operator.


2002から2007Introduced up to 11 aircraft. The first machine arrived in Japan on October 2002, 10.2016Retirement will begin in sequence, and operations will end on November 2018, 11.[50].

Aviation lawBy revisionAir collision prevention device(TCAS) Introduced as an alternative to the unsupported YS-11.The in-flight microphone picks up noise, and based on the data, it is equipped with a device "NVS" (Noise and Vibration Suppression) that actively reduces noise and vibration, and noise and vibration countermeasures have been taken to improve in-flight comfort.With 70 seats, it can operate at a cruising speed comparable to that of a jet aircraft and a takeoff and landing distance of 1,350 m (Okinoerabu Airport runway length).

The JAL Group logo mark changed to "The Arc of the Sun" and "Tsurumaru", and paint changes were made in sequence at the timing of maintenance, but only JA842C was retired with the rainbow paint of the JAS Group era.[51].

Saab 340B

1992から1997Introduced up to 11 aircraft.Due to the small diameter of the fuselage, a total of 1 seats were arranged 2-36 from the left side when facing the front of the aircraft, and the last 3 seats were seated on the right side due to the cargo compartment arrangement, and both ends were windowless seats.[52].2015More retirement begins[53], Announced to retire on November 2019, 11 charter flight[54] However, due to delays in delivery of the successor ATR, the retirement from commercial operation was postponed to JAC12 flight from Kikai to Kagoshima on December 20.[55], At the time of departure of the last flightKikai AirportIn order to see off both sides of the cabin, we performed a transfer transfer time-limited "Kikai Turn" that turns in a figure eight at the parking lot, and departed, and finished the last flight of landing at Kagoshima Airport with the welcome of group employees.[56][57]..However, in order to deal with the shortage of operational equipment due to the runway deviation of the company's ATR2020-1 (JA9JC) (described later in the trouble section) that occurred at Amami Airport from January 8, 42 to the day before, the JA600 Return to commercial operation as a JAC flight with white paint before sale[58].. On February 2021, 2, JA19, which remained until the end, was deregistered, and on March 8703, 3, it departed for the seller and the operation of the aircraft ended.[59].

Group companies from November 2015Hokkaido Air System(HAC) equipment and the company's operation serve machine are registered as common business machines and regularlyMaintenanceShort-term equipment to HAC during the periodleaseIt became possible to operate HAC-operated flights without suspension, and for a period of time,Okadama AirportI was able to see a wide variety of paints[60]..Basically, the equipment leased to HAC is the same type as HAC operationB-WT type(Aircraft number: JA002C) was assigned and it was expected that the aircraft would remain at JAC until the end for the same reason (because JAC was renewed earlier than HAC), but two were left and retired.By the way, due to this lease and regular inspection, the bases of both companies are located at Okadama Airport.Kagoshima AirportEquipment betweenferryI have something to do.This is the longest operating distance of the Saab 340B by Japanese airlines.charterTourIn some cases, ferry-operated seats were sold as part of the project.[61].


Established as Toa Domestic Airlines → Japan Air System (JAS) Group, it has been a member of the JAL Group after the business integration with Japan Airlines, and basically has the same basic tone as the parent company. After JAL's bankruptcy and reconstruction, the painting was changed, and while the transition from the 3rd generation to the 4th generation painting progressed, only one DHC-1-Q8 (aircraft code: JA400C) was painted the 842nd generation. It was sold and retired in April 2 without changing the paint.

At the time of establishment
Dornier 228 has only a red band and a vertical stabilizerhibiscusA design with a picture of a flower was arranged.
The YS-11 had the same "Red & Green" band as Toa Domestic Airlines, but in red it is labeled "Japan Air Commuter".globeThe air flow flutteredLogoAre arranged,Vertical tailWas written as "JAC".
2 generation
At the same time as the CI change of the parent company, the same "rainbow color" as JAS is arranged on the vertical stabilizer, and it is written as "JAC" instead of "JAS".The body is all white and has no "rainbow color", but is blue with the notation "JAPAN AIR COMMUTER" and the logo mark at the time of its establishment.The retired YS-11 also had this paint until the end.Dornier 228 has been retired without shifting to this painting.Immediately after the transfer from JAS, the aircraft was painted red and green with JAC on the vertical stabilizer, the fuselage was labeled "Japan Air Commuter", and the fuselage of "JAS Rainbow Color" was labeled "Japan Air Commuter". It was operated by aircraft.
3 generation
It is the same unified design as JAL, "The Arc of the Sun", and "JAPAN AIR COMMUTER" is written next to the logo mark of "JAL" (there is no horizontal bar for A). ..
4 generation
JALTsurumaruAccording to the adoption, black on the white body "JAPAN AIR COMMUTERIt is a design with Tsurumaru on the tail.However, the notation in Tsurumaru is "JAL".

Service route

As of March 2021, there are 3 destinations[62]..The circles below are omitted because the routes for only one airport overlap.

In addition, from July 2018, the Amami Islands will be designated as a national park to further attract visitors and support World Natural Heritage registration activities.Island hoppingIn service as a "route"[63].

In-flight service

There are no in-flight services such as audio programs on par with medium-sized jets, but there are services such as blanket rental.In addition, JAC originalcandyAndYakushima-Yoron Island, JAC's flagship SAAB 340B / Q400 was designedPostcard, Distribute route maps.Illustration maps handmade by flight attendants are also distributed on each remote island flight in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Original in July 2007In-flight magazineLaunched "UPROP"2016Has newly issued JAC NOW "Yui Time". JACNOW "Yui Time" can be obtained as a back number by asking a flight attendant, and can also be viewed in pdf format on the company's website.


  • 2019May 5, For delivery flight to Japan Air CommuterToulouseDepart,Greece-Crete OfHeraklionThe latest that was heading forATR 72-600The model machine (aircraft code: JA08JC)イタリアIn the skyAir traffic controlThere was a problem that communication withItalian Air ForceIs a fighterEurofighter Typhoon2 aircraftScramble startLetInterceptI checked the situation at[64].
  • 2019 year 9 month,ATRAn ATR 42-600 aircraft (F-WWLN → JA09JC planned) before delivery to the company was urgently landed due to a case where one engine stopped during a manufacturer test flight.French Aviation Accident Investigation BureauJA09JC was delayed due to the investigation[65], Equipment to be replaced One of the two remaining serve aircraft will be leased from October 2 for HAC equipment (JA1HC) maintenance and inspection, and AMX will also be subject to equipment (JA10AM) maintenance and inspection in November.[66], JAC to HAC (JA8594), AMX (JA01JC) due to overlapping equipment rental, 11 flights scheduled to be canceled on JAC route Kagoshima-Tanegashima route in November[67]..Furthermore, Saab 11B (JA19), which was rented to HAC on November 340, caused a case of stopping one engine during the flight from Hakodate to Sapporo / Okadama, and stopped operating at Sapporo / Okadama Airport waiting for engine manufacturer support.[68](For HAC, HAC maintenance completed equipment will be restored from 20th, JA8594 will be replaced by 26th, round trip on the same day, JAC operation will be restored from 28th.[69]), JAC's ATR 11 (JA24JC) stopped operating at Naha Airport on November 42 due to a problem that could not be continued after the operation from Okinoerabu → Okinawa / Naha (JA04JC returned to Kagoshima on the afternoon of the 04th from the 25th).[70], JAC could not cope with the shortage of equipment, and the flight was canceled, the equipment and time were changed.[71], Due to the nature of JAC's routes, there are many daily routes, but depending on the route, all flights were canceled on that day.
  • 2020年1月8日、喜界発奄美行きJAC3830便(ATR 42-600型機/JA07JC)が奄美空港着陸時突風に煽られ滑走路から逸脱、滑走路脇の草地に入り込んで停止し、乗客18人(幼児なし)と乗員3人(パイロット2人、客室乗務員1人)は全員無事で機体のステップから降りてバスでターミナルへ移動した[72]..The aircraft was visually confirmed by JAC, and the landing gear was stuck in the grassland, making it impossible to self-propell. Part of the aircraft was on the runway and the runway was closed.[73]From the afternoon of the same day, the aircraft movement work began in earnest, and the iron plate was inserted under the landing gear and pulled backward, the aircraft was pulled out to the runway at around 22:23, the runway closure was released after 9:XNUMX, the trouble aircraft hangar was accommodated, and the prefecture ran. There was no abnormality in the road confirmation, and normal operation was scheduled to resume on the XNUMXth.[74][75]..The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has recognized it as a serious incident that could lead to an accident, and the Japan Transport Safety Board has decided to dispatch three aviation accident investigators to investigate.[76].

JAL Group Airlines

◎ The JAL GroupInternational Airline Alliance(Alliance) "One worldIs a member.However, airlines marked with * are not affiliated with oneworld due to management measures.

All flights operated by J-Air, Hokkaido Air System, Japan Air Commuter, and some flights operated by Japan Transocean Air are operated as JAL flights by "joint underwriting of transportation".


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