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🚗 | Study traffic safety with "Unko-sensei" ... Tool for elementary school students Produced by Toyota Mobility Fund

Photo Unko Drill Booklet (Image)

Study traffic safety with "Unko-sensei" ... Tool for elementary school students Produced by Toyota Mobility Fund

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This time, the traffic safety drill (A5 version, 20 pages, full color) produced by TMF and Bunkyosha is mainly for the lower grades of elementary school.

The Toyota Mobility Fund (TMF) is a popular character for children as part of its efforts for traffic safety. → Continue reading


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Paper dimensions

Paper dimensions(Kami no Sunpo)paper OfIndustrial standardTo describe.For size systemsColumn A,Column B,Forty-six,Chrysanthemum,Hatron size,AB sizeand so on.Regarding the dimensions of the envelopeenvelope, For book dimensionsFormatSee section.

International paper size standard

Columns A, B, and C 216 CERTIFICATEOf the finished dimensions of the paper defined byInternational standard.GermanyIndustrial standards DIN It is based on 476 and is used all over the world.The finished size is the size of the finished paper such as a notebook or copy paper.

For row A, the original size is "A0", the one that is halved on the long side is called "A1", and the one that is halved from A1 is called "A2". By halving the sides, the aspect ratio (Silver rectangle) Is the same (that is,similar) Is designed to be.However, since the standard size is rounded down when a fraction less than 1 mm appears, if the size is increased by simply doubling the short side by back calculation, an error will occur in the standard size value.In Japan, "A1" is sometimes called "A all" and "A0" is sometimes called "A times".

Column A

Aspect ratio The..As the number decreases by 1, the area doubles and the side length increases.Double.These are common to many standards other than column A.

A0areaIs 1m2Is.In other wordsmThe vertical and horizontal side lengths represented byReciprocalIt has become.

AnOf sizeRoundThe size (long side) is obtained by the following formula.The short side isnCan be obtained by increasing. TheFloor function.

Short side x long side (mm)ratioApplication example[1]
A0841 × 11891.414
A1594 × 841
A2420 × 594
A3297 × 420
A4210 × 297Photo album・ Complete art collection
A5148 × 210Academic bookstextbook
A6105 × 148paperback
A774 × 105
A852 × 74
A937 × 52
A1026 × 37

Allowable values ​​are set for these values, but they differ depending on ISO and national standards of each country.

Special extension size and exception extension size

In "ISO 5457 Drafting-Drafting Paper Size and Drawing Style", the following "special extension size" and "exception extension size" are defined for "especially when long paper is required".

Special extension size
Short side x long side (mm)
A3 × 3420 × 891
A3 × 4420 × 1189
A4 × 3297 × 630
A4 × 4297 × 841
A4 × 5297 × 1051
Exception extension size
Short side x long side (mm)
A0 × 21189 × 1682
A0 × 31189 × 2523
A1 × 3841 × 1783
A1 × 4841 × 2378
A2 × 3594 × 1262
A2 × 4594 × 1682
A2 × 5594 × 2102
A3 × 5420 × 1486
A3 × 6420 × 1783
A3 × 7420 × 2080
A4 × 6297 × 1261
A4 × 7297 × 1471
A4 × 8297 × 1682
A4 × 9297 × 1892

Column B

The side length of B0 is.

The size of column B is geometrically divided between column A and column A, which is one smaller.In other words, all adjacent area ratios of B1: A0: B0: A1: ...≒ 1.414, side length ratio≒ 1.189.This is because the area ratio of A0: A1: A2:… in column A is 2, and the side length ratio isIt is consistent with the idea that has become.It has the advantage that the magnification of A4 → B4 and the magnification of B5 → A4 are the same 1.189 times when making a copy.

BnThe rounded size (long side) of the size is obtained by the following formula.The short side isnCan be obtained by increasing.Is the floor function.

Short side x long side (mm)ratioApplication example[1]
B01000 × 14141.414
B1707 × 1000
B2500 × 707
B3353 × 500
B4250 × 353Art bookGraph magazine
B5176 × 250weekly magazine・ General magazine
B6125 × 176Book
B788 × 125
B863 × 88
B944 × 63
B1031 × 44

In some countries such as Japan, it is not the above column B, butJIS B columnIs commonly used.The international standard B column and JIS B column have the same name but different dimensions, so care must be taken not to confuse them.

Column C

269 CERTIFICATEIn column C, column C is standardized. Column C divides the geometric progression between column B (ISO) and column A.In other words, the adjacent area ratio of B0: C0: A0 is≒ 1.189, side length ratio≒ 1.091.

CnThe rounded size (long side) of the size is obtained by the following formula.The short side isnCan be obtained by increasing.Is the floor function.

Short side x long side (mm)ratio
C0917 × 12971.414
C1648 × 917
C2458 × 648
C3324 × 458
C4229 × 324
C5162 × 229
C6114 × 162
C781 × 114
C857 × 81
C940 × 57
C1028 × 40

Column C is mainly used for envelopes. The C4 size (same as the Japanese square No. 20) is one size larger than the A4, so you can insert the A4 as it is without folding it. When sending A4 folds, select C5 size (same as Japanese square No. 6).

RA and SRA columns

The RA and SRA columns are international standards for base paper dimensions defined by.What is the base paper size? When printing, the edges of the paper are gripped by the claws of the machine, or when cutting.DragonflyWith the necessary margin added to, it is slightly larger than the finished size. The RA and SRA columns correspond to the A columns with the same number.

RAShort side x long side (mm)SRAShort side x long side (mm)
RA0× 860 1220SRA0× 900 1280
RA1× 610 860SRA1× 640 900
RA2× 430 610SRA2× 450 640
RA3× 305 430SRA3× 320 450
RA4× 215 305SRA4× 225 320

Unique paper size standards in each country

DIN (Germany)

GermanyIndustrial standards DIN 476は1922年に公表され、後にISOのA列、B列などの基になった規格であるが、DIN 476はA0より上の2A0と4A0が標準化されており、それぞれA0の2倍ないし4倍の寸法となる。

Short side x long side (mm)ratio
X1682 × 23781.414
X1189 × 1682

SIS (Sweden)

スウェーデンIn 014711, in addition to ISO columns A, B, and C, columns D, E, F, and G are standardized. Column D is geometrically divided between column B and column A, which is one larger, and the area ratio of D1: B0: C0: A0: D0: B1:… isWill be. The area ratio of D0: F0: B0: G0: C0: E0: A0 is the area ratio of E column, F column, and G column., Side length ratio≈1.044 (there is no standard for geometric progression between A0 and D1).

JIS (Japan)

Japan OfJIS P 0138 "Paper processing finish dimensions"1951With the standard established in1929ToMinistry of Commerce Japanese standardIt is based on the "Paper Finishing Dimensions" announced as No. 92.It should be noted that1940"Paper finish dimensions"Extraordinary Japanese standardIt was also enacted as No. 138, and JIS P 0138 inherits this number from the standard number.

Column A is defined as "ISO-A series" and column B is defined as "JIS-B series". Column A is exactly the same as ISO, but column B is a local standard with different dimensions from ISO and is not compatible with international standards. Most of JIS B columnsJapan-Chugoku-TaiwanIt is used only in the three areas of.Edo PeriodIs the official paper ofMino paperIt is derived from the Mino format, which was determined based on.

The area of ​​JIS B0 is 1.5m2That is, the side length isIs.This is 0% larger than the original B3.

The long side of column B is that of column AdiagonalEqual to, and the short side equals the diagonal of column A, which is one less.

The similarity ratio of ISO columns B and A is≒ 1.189, while the size of JIS B column is A column≒ 1.225 times, A column is one smaller than JIS B column≒ 1.155 times.

JIS BnOf sizeRoundThe size (long side) is obtained by the following formula.The short side isnCan be obtained by increasing. TheFloor function.

Short side x long side (mm)ratio
JIS B01030 × 14561.414
JIS B1728 × 1030
JIS B2515 × 728
JIS B3364 × 515
JIS B4257 × 364
JIS B5182 × 257
JIS B6128 × 182
JIS B791 × 128
JIS B864 × 91
JIS B945 × 64
JIS B1032 × 45

As a standard for base paper dimensions, there is JIS P 217 "Paper base paper dimensions" that defines the dimensions unique to Japan based on ISO 0202.The following five are defined.

TypesShort side x long side (mm)ratio
Row A book size625 × 8801.408
B row book size765 × 10851.418
Forty-six788 × 10911.385
Chrysanthemum636 × 9391.476
900 × 12001.333

ANSI (United States)

The United States of America OfANSI/ASME In Y14.1, traditionalDe facto standardwasletterPaper size based on (letter size) is standardized.

Unlike columns A, the letter becomes A, and the area doubles in alphabetical order.

ANSI A (letter) is similar to A4 but slightly shorter,Aspect ratio Theis not.Therefore, the ANSI series alternates between 1.294 and 1.546 (= 2 / 1.294) aspect ratios as the area doubles.Side lengthIt has not doubled.

Short side x long side (mm)Short side x long side (in)ratioPopular nameClose ISO
ANSI E864 × 111834 × 441.294A0
ANSI D559 × 86422 × 341.546A1
ANSI C432 × 55917 × 221.294A2
ANSI B279 × 432
432 × 279
11 × 17
17 × 11
ANSI A216 × 2798½ × 111.294letterA4

Other de facto standards

NumerousDe facto standardBut there isprinter,DTPList the ones that are supported by many.

North America

Short side x long side (mm)Short side x long side (in)ratioANSIClose ISO
Ledger (LDR)
279 × 432
432 × 279
11 × 17
17 × 11
LegalLegal (LGL)216 × 3568½ × 141.647
FolioFolio210 × 3308.27 × 131.625
QuoteRoom229 × 2799 × 111.222
letterLetter (LTR)216 × 2798½ × 111.294AA4
ExecutiveExecutive (EXEC)184 × 2677¼ x 10½1.448
Half letter
Statement (STMT)
Half Letter
140 × 2165½ x 8½1.545A5

Folio and Executive come in multiple sizes, and other countries (Chile, Philippines, Mexico, etc.) have legal sizes of different sizes.For this reason, when specifying the size for purchase, it is safer to express it in inches instead of the name (letter: 8½ x 11 Eight and a Half by Eleven, etc.).


book ofFormatIt is used for such things.There are many other de facto standards.

The exact dimensions of the Kikuban and Shirokuban have not been determined, and this is just an example. AB size has a short side of A4 and a long side of B5 (JIS). B40 size and 5 size are 5% of the width of B32 and A80 (XNUMX shots).

mm × mmratioAll paper removal
210 × 2571.225AB size 16
Chrysanthemum152 × 2181.434Kikuban 16 Tori
Forty-six127 × 1881.480Shirokuban 32
B40 size103 × 1821.768B size 40
84 × 1481.768A size 40


The photo printing paper is 508 mm x 610 mm (20)inIt is often cut out from the base paper of × 24 in).Therefore, the number of divisions such as XNUMX-cut and XNUMX-cut is added to the name.In English, it is written in inches.It is different from the canvas size in art.

In recent years, with the spread of photo printers, photographic printer paper of a size based on this has been made, but A and B sizes are often used for compatibility with business applications.In addition, the Nobi size peculiar to this field so that the 35: 2 dimensional ratio of a traditional camera (3mm film digital SLR) can be output without trimming (cutting) as much as possible while making the best use of the output width of A / B size. Paper is also used.

A3 Novi is a paper type peculiar to photo printers.

mm × mmin × inratio
Daizen paper508 × 61020 × 246: 5 (1.200)
All paper457 × 56018 × 2211: 9 (1.222)
A3 Novi329 × 48313 × 1919: 13 (1.462)
Half cut356 × 43214 × 1717: 14 (1.214)
Large quartet279 × 35511 × 1414: 11 (1.272)
Cut in four254 × 30510 × 126: 5 (1.200)
Six-cut wide203 × 3058 × 123: 2 (1.500)
Cut into six203 × 2548 × 105: 4 (1.250)
2L127 × 1785 × 77: 5 (1.400)
Postcard (KG)102 × 1524 × 63: 2 (1.500)
L (service size)89 × 1273½ × 510: 7 (1.429)
DSC89 × 1193½ × 4.694: 3 (1.333)

News (Chinese)

  • International format --Approximately standard dimensions.Region andNewspaper companyThere are differences depending on.Globally, there is an initiative called "Web cut down" to redesign the paper layout so that it can be printed on narrow roll paper, which is cheaper than before, with the aim of reducing the size of the paper and issuing costs. Some newspapers are advancing, and even in the broad sheet format, the left and right dimensions are as narrow as the tabloid format.
FormatDimensions (mm x mm)Dimensions (in × in)
Broadsheet375 × 600
Nordisch400 × 570
Rheinisch350 × 510
350 × 520
360 × 530
Swiss format (NZZ format, Schweizer Format)320 × 475
Berliner(Berliner)315 × 470123⁄8× 18½
Tabloid Extra305 × 45512 × 18
Half Broadsheet300 × 37512 × 14¾
Half Rheinisch255-265 x 365-37010 to 10½ x 14½
260 × 32510¼ × 12¾
Half Swiss Format (Half Schweizer Format)240 × 3309½ × 13
Half Berliner(Half Berliner)230-240 x 310-3209-9¼ × 12¼-12½
Tabloid(Tabloid)285 × 40011¼ × 15¾
235 × 3159¼ x 12½
  • Japanese local format
    • Blanket size --406 x 545
      It is used by major Japanese newspapers.
    • Tabloid --273 x 406
      It's half the size of a blanket, and a little different from the size of an international tabloid.Evening Fuji-Daily Gendai-Fuji Sankei Business iIn addition to public relations papers of local governments, newspapersfree paper-Engine paper, Widely used in newspaper inserts.
    • Chrysanthemum --469 x 636 (Kiku half cut), 318 x 469 (Kiku four cut)
    • For small and medium-sized regional papers that are printed by offset sheet-fed presses, as a substitute for blanket format.JIS B3 size(364 x 515) as a tabloid substituteJIS B4 sizeThere are many examples of using (257 x 364).

Other standards

  • Bible size (Bible size)-95 x 170
It was based onFilofaxCompanySystem notebookに用に販売している「Personal」と「Slimline」であるが、こちらは3 3⁄4インチ × 6 3⁄4インチ(95mm×171mm)であり、日本国内で流通するサイズより僅かに長辺(縦)が長くなっているが、1mm差なのでバインダーは共通である。またB6に比べ短辺(横)が短くなっているが、B6の判形が収まるバインダーも多い。
PortableBibleBecause it is close to the size widely used inYamane KazumaIs called "bible size" in Japan because it was expressed as "bible size" in the explanation book of the personal organizer.

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