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✈ | KC-390 Millennium gains aerial refueling capability between the same models

Photo KC-390 aerial refueling

KC-390 Millennium gains aerial refueling capability between same models

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According to Embraer, it has recorded more than 4 hours of flight, including four aircraft that have been delivered to the Brazilian Air Force since its maiden flight.

The Brazilian Air Force will be able to refuel in the air with two Embraer KC-2021 Millennium aircraft on Friday, March 3, 26 ... → Continue reading


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Brazilian Air Force

Brazilian Air Force(Portuguese: Força Aérea Brasileira,FAB) IsBrazil Ofair force.


BrazilCitizenshipAs a national army composed of people with, it has an air force that has been modernized mainly since the middle of the 20th century.Multiethnic countryTaking advantage of the characteristics ofJapaneseBrazilian pilots are also enrolled.Cold war eraIntroduced as many Western-made weapons as its pro-Western country, Colombia, to protect the vast air defense identification zone from South America to the Atlantic Ocean.As the next main fighterGripen NGWill be introduced.


As of 2019, about 6 active soldiers belong to it.

Various institutions
  • Air Force Headquarters (Comandoda Aeronautica,COMAer) In 1999, reorganized from the Air Force Ministry and became a slave to the Ministry of Defense.Air Force Commandergeneral(Four-star general)President of the Federal Republic of BrazilInaugurated after being nominated by.
    • Air Force Air Operations General Headquarters (Comando-Geral de Operacoes Aereas,COMGAR) Headquarters Location: Brasilia
    • Air Force Support General Headquarters (Comando-Geral de Apoio,COMGAP
    • Air Force Human Resources Command (Comando-Geral de Pessoal,COMGEP
    • Air Force Aerospace Technology Command (Comando-Geral de Tecnologia Aeroespacial,DEPED
      • 4 Air Forces (Forcas Aereas)-Management and operation of various operational units
      • 7 Regions Air Force (Comandos Aereos Regionais,COMAR) --Management and operation of air bases, etc.
Aviation administration
  • Department of Aviation Education (Departamento de Ensino da Aeronautica,DEPENS
  • Civil Aviation Bureau (Departamento de Aviacao Civil,DAC
  • Air Traffic Control Bureau (Departamento de Controle do Espaco Aereo,DECEA
Various operational unit units
  • Air Defense Group (Grupo de Defesa Aerea,GDA) Air defense combat
  • Transport group (Grupo de Transporte,GT) Transportation and refueling
  • Air Group (Grupo de Aviacao,GAv) Interceptor, ground attack, reconnaissance, search and rescue, helicopter
  • XNUMXth Fighter Group (Grupo de Aviacao de Caca,GAvCa) Air superiority fighter, ground attack
  • Unit Transport Group (Grupo de Transporte de Tropas,GTT) Transportation business, airborne support
  • Special Flight Inspection Group (Grupo Especial de Inspecao em Voo,GEIV) Certification / calibration
  • Special Flight Test Group (Grupo Especial de Ensaios de Voo,GEEV) Test flight
  • Special Transport Group (Grupo de Transporte Especial,GTE) VIP transportation
  • Air Transport Corps (Esquadrao de Transporte Aereo,ETA
  • Flight Education Corps (Esquadrao de Demonstracao Aerea,EDA) Pilot education
  • Flight Propaganda (Esquadrao de Demonstracao Aerea,EDA) Acrobat Air Corps


Base nameStatecityRemarks
Belem Air Force BaseState of ParaBelemPublic-private shared
Canoas Air Force BaseState of Rio Grande do SulCanoas
Boa Vista Air Force BaseRoraimaBoa VistaPublic-private shared
Brasilia Air Force BaseBrasiliaPublic-private shared
Campo Grande Air Force BaseState of Mato Grosso do SulCampo GrandePublic-private shared
Santa Cruz Air Force BaseState of Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro
The Galeao Air BaseState of Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro
Florianopolis Air Force BaseState of Santa CatarinaFlorianopolis
Aeronautical Material ParkState of Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro
Santa Maria Air Force BaseState of Rio Grande do SulSanta Maria
Salvador Air Force BaseState of BahiaSalvadorPublic-private shared
Sao Gabriel da CachoeiraState of AmazonasSao Gabriel da CachoeiraPublic-private shared
Brazilian Air Force AcademyState of Sao PauloPirassununga






JapanesePortugueseNATO class code
air forceMarshalMarechal-do-arOF-10
air forcegeneralTenente-Brigadeiro-do-ArOF-9 
air forceLieutenant generalMajor-BrigadeiroOF-8
air forceMajor GeneralBrigadeiroOF-7  
air forceColonelColonelOF-5 
air forceLieutenant colonelTenente-coronelOF-4 
air forceMajorMajorOF-3 
air forceCaptainCaptainOF-2 
air forceLieutenantPrimeiro-tenenteOF-1A
air forceLieutenantSegundo-tenenteOF-1B 
Air Force CadetsAspirante-a-oficialOF-D 
Noncommissioned officer
Warrant Officer of the Air ForceSubtenenteOR-9 
1rd Sergeant1º SargentoOR-7 
2rd Sergeant2º SargentoOR-6 
3rd prizeSergeant3º SargentoOR-5  
air forcecorporal
/ Air Force Specialist
Cabo San Lucas
/ Taifeiro-Mor
Air Force 1st classSoldier
/ Air Force 1st Class Specialist
Soldado de 1 ° Classe
/ Taifeiro de 1º Classe
Air Force 2nd Class
/ Air Force 2st Class Specialist
Soldado de 2 ° Classe
/ Taifeiro de 2º Classe


Christopher Langton,The Military Balance 2007, Routledge

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