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🚗 | ZMP launches real-time object detection tool ... for autonomous driving development

Photograph Object detection result example (left: experiment, right: result displayed in bounding box)

ZMP launches real-time object detection tool ... for autonomous driving development

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Since its launch in December 2020, it has been used by automobile / parts manufacturers, universities and other research and educational institutions for the development of autonomous driving and AI technology, training and education.

ZMP will be released on April 4 for the company's robot car "RoboCar 8 / 1X" for autonomous driving / AI technology development. → Continue reading


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Auto pilot

Auto pilot(English: Autopilot) OrAutopilotWhat is (jisosoju)?VehicleNot by human handsmachineDepending on the device自動TypicallyControlDeviceシステムIs a name that indicates.


A device/system that automatically controls vehiclesAuto pilotIs. The machine controls the traveling direction and speed of the vehicle instead of the human hand. The system called autopilotPassenger planeStarted withaircraftEspecially well introduced inShipHas also been introduced.


Auto pilotPassenger planeIncludingaircraftIn the modern aircraft control system, it is necessary for human beings (pilots) to take off to take off, which is not possible with autopilots. ofcruise-approach(Entering the airport)landingFor example, there is an autopilot system that can be used at most stages.

They are,Inertial guidance deviceOr an external marker (which serves as a markRadio transmitter), etc., calculates the relative position of itself to the destination, etc., and automatically corrects the error with the planned travel route. In a simple one, a given direction (direction)WhenheightIt keeps only those and reduces the burden on the pilot. For advanced ones, FMS (Flight management equipment) Was entered inFlight planNot only is it possible to automatically operate the direction and altitude according tospeed) Is also adjusted. The propulsion force adjustment mechanism by the autopilot isAuto throttle (en: Autothrottle) Called[Annotation 1].. contemporaryAviation engineerAbolished by two peoplecockpitThen, when a problem occurs, it is the basic rule to let the autopilot handle the problem and let the pilot solve the problem.

As a supplementary function, routine work required for takeoff, cruise, and landing (flap adjustment, etc.) can be realized by mode switching, and "TO/GA switch (Takeoff / Go-around switch)” just take off andLanding returnThere is a function to raise the required throttle to the optimum value.

The autopilot autonomous system of an aircraftCompassFrom something likeSensor,Gyro compassIt is a combination of the control of the control device and the function to judge the direction, state, and surroundings of yourself, such asGPSThere is also a device that catches the radio waves of satellites and measures the current position of itself, and judges how to move to correct the error from the error with the planned route. In addition to the relative position indexing mechanism described above, if a moving route is input in advance, it is possible to go around a plurality of routes. However, operation error or malfunction of the same type of mechanism[Annotation 2]FromKorean aircraft shooting down caseIn some cases, such as in a tragic case, the alarms have been sounded for the overconfidence of such devices.

The simplest of the aircraft's autopilots are those that function properly only under certain conditions, so they are only actively used for route guidance during cruising when the situation is stable. is there. On the other hand, some aircraft have a sophisticated autopilot function, and it is possible to leave most of the aircraft's operations to the autopilot. However,take offOnly 2020 is still done manually.landingThe autopilot ofInstrument landing gearUsing (ILS)weatherconditions·pilotPerform in a situation where the qualifications of[Annotation 3].

In the case of aircraft including the above circumstances, if the altitude rises above a certain level, the probability of hitting an obstacle will decrease at once, and the situation is relatively stable, so the adoption of autopilot is also adopted. It is progressing. However, in the airspace where the danger of surface obstacles such as under clouds is expected, the operation of the autopilot is dangerous depending on the functions of these devices. In addition, if the autopilot fails to function due to some circumstances, there are many accidents in which the aircraft cannot be operated manually and it crashes. (Air France Flight 447 crash,Adam Airlines Flight 574 crash,China Airlines Flight 140 crash)


largeShipIn, autopilots that follow the entered route are popular.OceanIf it goes out, the probability of hitting an obstacle decreases and the flight situation is relatively stable, so the difficulty level is low but the obstacle (Drift ice-ReefEtc.) In some sea areas, the steering is done manually. Also, in ports and straits where many ships come and goPilotIs also provided.

At the time of berthing, the condition of waves and tides and the cargo loading capacity also affect the berth, so it remains a supplementary system. AlsoTugboatSince there is also support from, there is little merit in terms of cost and active development is not being carried out.

Sailing·boat(ヨ ッ ト)ofFishing Boat Cruising ExperienceIn many cases, the autopilot device is also used. Especially with a single handnavigationAt times, it is highly necessary from the viewpoint of securing sleep time. As with other ships, the pilot is obliged to keep an eye on the sailing boat, but since the rider needs to sleep, cook and eat, he cannot hold the helm for 24 hours. You will have time to do so by using the autopilot in areas where it is judged to be relatively safe where there is no ship.(For ships equipped with radar, for safety, turn on the automatic alarm switch. Put it in).

For the purpose of acting to keep the direction of the ship constant with respect to the wind(English edition)The mechanical autopilot called is used for a long time. ComputerGPSBy calculating the change in the course of the ship using the data of, and continuously expanding and contracting the rod-shaped part electrically, the bar (rudderThere is also a Tiller pilot to operate the rod, and the course can be specified by a number.


LaidOrbitFrom running overvehicleThe item controlled by the side is only speed in fact, and the technical difficulty is relatively low,1970 eraOr laterAutomatic train driving device(ATO) operation has been realized. The table below shows the comparison of automatic driving levels specified by GoA (Grades of Automation).[1].

Automation levelCommon name in levelCrew formMain implementation status
GoA0 (level 0)Visual operation (TOS)Driver and conductor are on boardTram
GoA1 (level 1)Non-autonomous driving (NTO)General routes with railroad crossings (ATS/ATCHas been introduced)
GoA2 (level 2)Semi-automatic operation (STO)The driver starts the train, handles the door, performs an emergency stop operation, and guides the evacuation.ATO introduction route
GoA2.5 (level 2.5)Self-driving with tour operator (DTO)Persons other than the driver perform an emergency stop operation and evacuation guidance in front of the driver
GoA3 (level 3)A staff member other than the frontal area guides evacuation.Maihama Resort Line
GoA4 (level 4)Automatic operation (UTO)There is no attendantNew transportation system
  • The numbers in parentheses at the automation level are the driving level of automobiles, and there is no system equivalent to level 5 (fully automated driving) on ​​railways.


Self-driving cars are now commonly usedSelf-driving carIt is called.


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注 釈

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  3. ^ Especially high accuracyILS CAT IIIIs an essential technique for landing in bad weather and is beyond the scope of pilot assistance.


  1. ^ "Classification according to crew type of autonomous driving”. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


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