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✈ | Return after training with US Air Force F-22 Raptor, Air Self-Defense Force, etc. deployed in Iwakuni

Photo April 4, formation flight around KC-1 and Mt. Fuji before and after training with the ASDF

Returned after training with the US Air Force F-22 Raptor, Air Self-Defense Force, etc. deployed in Iwakuni

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This situation is also introduced in the formation flight on the ASDF Twitter, and it seems that the F-22 Raptor flew near Mt. Fuji on one of the round trips to the training.

US Air Force 199th Combat Squadron (199 FS), 19th Combat Squadron (19 FS) F-22 Raptor 6 ... → Continue reading


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Formation (aircraft)

aircraftInformation(Hentai, Formation flying) is a formation formed when two or more aircraft fly.Here, fly in formationFormation flightWill also be introduced.


Mutual monitoring,FirepowerConcentration etc.tacticsFrom a general point of view, when moving to the same point, basically form a formation and fly.Military aircraftIs often equipped with auxiliary navigation lights called formation lights.When forming a formation with different modelsthrust,MobilityAccidents are likely to occur due to the difference in the above, and the intervals are often widened in consideration of safety.Also,helicopterBecause there is a wind blown down by the main rotor, it cannot invade directly underneath, and the formation is only arranged in a plane.

By forming a formationFuel efficiencyAlso improves.that isSecond World WarFrom aroundFighterpilotWas empirically known among[1].

armyFormation flight is an essential skill for pilots in Japan and is trained at the training stage.[2]..In addition, a certification test to become a commander is also conducted separately.CommandThere are stages in the number of aircraft that can be made.As an example,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceThen, depending on the number of aircraft that can be commanded, there are two aircraft commanders (EL), four aircraft commanders (FL), and multiple aircraft commanders (ML).

MilitaryAerobatic corpsThen, as a performance, a formation flight that is extremely close may be shown.


FighterBetweenAir battleIt is,World War IThen one-on-one was the center,airplane,ArmedA new trend has emerged with the performance improvement and the increase in the number of.One of them is the idea of ​​formation aerial combat.In the air battle, each individual acts, but emphasis was placed on the guidance of a large number of people to start the air battle in an advantageous position and the guidance of gathering and returning after the end.[3].

In addition, the minimum unit of formation was mainly one set of three aircraft, but1938 OfSpanish Civil WarGerman Air ForceCondor Legion OfWerner Melders Lotte tacticsStarting with the idea of, the smallest unit has changed to a set of two machines.

In Lotte tactics, the long machine (reed)WingmanIt was in the form of support by (Wingman).The Luftwaffe formed a four-aircraft formation with two Lotte formations as Schwarm.GermanyBefore Lotte Schwarm, the Kette formation with three aircraft was the mainstream, but the timing was important for mutual support of the formation, and it was difficult for the three aircraft to match the timing.[4]..This Schwarm imitates this because it forms a four-finger-like formation excluding the thumb.Royal Air ForceIs "Finger fourFormed a formation of four aircraft called "[5].. Two 2 aircraft in a set of 1 aircraft spread to each country as the minimum combat unit, and the number of squadrons has increased to 2 or 4, which is a multiple of 4.[6].

Later, the two basic machines are elements (squad), 2 flight of 1 elements (platoon)Echelon formationIt was adoptedUS Navy 1942As a tactic of mutual supportThat weaveIncorporate[7]Various by formationManeuverWas also incorporated.

Other than fighter

US Navy TheSecond World Warinside,Carrier-based patrol aircraftSearch as a tactic ofradarA hunter plane that detects targets by means of an interceptor radar andSearchlightCapture and attack the target byDefeatKiller machines act as a pairHunter killerWe are researching a system called, as a dedicated machineAF GuardianWas developed.This aircraft always acts in a formation of two aircraft, and the huntersubmarineThe killer moves to the target point when you find.With the development of equipment, an aircraft that doubles as a hunter and a killer has become the standard, but when searching a specific sea area intensively, multiple aircraft form a search pattern,Magnetic detectorWhen locating by, the patrol aircraft's patrol aircraft flies low in the abrest, which is closely spaced so that the submarines do not slip between the aircraft.pilotAlso has formation flight training[2].

BomberIt is,Carpet bombingSometimes the goalterrainForm a formation that suits youbombingI do.In addition, the U.S. military forms a dense formation of more than 10 aircraft as a means of defense from interceptors.Combat boxAs a result, the barrage density was increased to prevent approaching.


In many countriesAviation lawThen.PilotIt is not required as a skill of, and it is not generally done because it is necessary to fly multiple aircraft at the same time,Air show,Aerobatic flightBecause it is also a performance of, formation flight training is carried out at a specialized flight school that teaches aerobatic flight.JapanThen.Aviation CollegeTraining is being carried out at.

For long-haul flightsFuel efficiencyBecause it improves[8][9],AirbusThen for the purpose of improving fuel efficiencyPassenger planeAdvocating formation flight[10].

in JapanAviation lawIt is stipulated in Article 84.

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