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🚗 | Nico Hulkenberg becomes reserve & development driver for Aston Martin F1


Nico Hulkenberg becomes reserve and development driver for Aston Martin F1

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Meanwhile, Ottomar Safnauer, team representative and CEO of Aston Martin F1, said he hopes Hülkenberg will do a great job.

On Thursday, April 4th, the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team will be a German driver Ni ... → Continue reading


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Aston Martin F1

Aston Martin F1(Aston Martin Formula One) IsThe United KingdomCar maker "Aston MartinWas namedF1Constructor.

1959から1960Participated in the F1 World Championship.2021To the predecessorRacing pointThe brand name was revived for the first time in 61 years.[1]..Operation isAMR GP Ltd...The team name isAston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team(Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team).


British car maker "Aston Martin LagondaThe company originally had a background that developed from a workshop for participating in car racing, and from the early stages before the war.Motor sportsHas a history of being involved in[2].

Second World WarLater, the company announced that it was a British businessman family, David Brown Corporation (with Aston Martin).LagondaIn an era when it was under the umbrella of the founder)Sports car racingIn 195924 Hours of Le MansFor the first time, the same yearSports car world championshipWon the manufacturer title of.In parallel with thatFormula car OfF1 World ChampionshipParticipated in, but only participated in 2 races in 6 years[3].

Since the 2000s, Aston MartinPro driveIn partnership withSports prototype,GT raceHas been active in. Regarding F1Andy PalmerFrom 2018 as CEORed bull racingBecame the title sponsor ofHyper car OfAston Martin ValkyrieHas deepened the relationship, such as jointly developing.In Valkyrie's race carFIA World Endurance ChampionshipA plan to participate in the LMH (Le Mans Hyper Car) class and aim for the overall victory of Le Mans was also announced.[4].

October 2018, Aston MartinLondon Stock ExchangeDespite listing on the stock exchange, the stock price remains sluggish and the business condition deteriorates[5].. April 2020,Tommy Hilfiger,Michael korsA group of investors led by a Canadian millionaire who owns fashion brands such as Aston Martin becomes a major shareholder[6], Stroll became chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda.Chairman Stroll is his sonLance StrollF1 team to whichRacing pointIs also the owner of2021Aston Martin's racing points owned from the seasonWork steamAnnounced to participate in the renewal[7].. Aston Martin as an F1 constructor will be back for the first time in 61 years.

Along with this, the title sponsorship contract with Red Bull was terminated only in 2020, and the model that was jointly developedAston Martin ValkyrieLMH plan postponed[8]..Racing Point UK Limited, the operator of Racing Point, also said, "AMR GP LimitedChanged the company name to[9].


1959/1960 (David Brown Corporation era)

1959 OfDutch Grand PrixAtCarol ShelbyDebuted with the lineup of.The debut machine, DBR4, retired from both engines at the Dutch Grand Prix, but in subsequent races Salvadori took 2th place twice and Shelby 2th and 6th place during the season.

following year1960 TheDutch Grand PrixIntroduce DBR4 only toBritish GPIs a new machine fromDBR5Is thrown in.However, F1 at that timeCooperSymbolized byMidshipAt a turning point, traditional front-engine machines were about to become obsolete.As a result, Salvadori retired and entered the war instead of Shelby.Maurice TranstinianFinished in 11th place, but drove the machine of Cooper, the winner of this raceJack BrabhamIt was a disastrous result of 5 laps behind.

With this race Aston Martin withdrew from F1 to focus on sports car racing.


As a title sponsorCognizantContract with (Cognizant)[10][11].. Participated as "Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team".The driver remainsLance StrollWhen,Scuderia FerrariTransfer fromSebastian Vettel[11].


YearsChassisengineタ イ ヤdriver12345678910PointRanking
1959Aston Martin RB6

2.5L L6

British flagRight66Right
United States flag Carol ShelbyRightRight810
Aston Martin RB6

2.5L L6

British flagDNSRight
French flag Maurice Transtinian11
YearsChassisengineタ イ ヤNo.driver1234567891011121314151617181920212223PointRanking
2021Mercedes M12 E Performance 1.6L V6 TurboPBHREMICAN1*6th place *
18Canadian flag Stroll10
5German flag Vettel15

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