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🚗 | Wakasa Railway, Suzuki "Hayabusa" new wrapping train service from 4/29

New wrapping vehicle "Hayabusa" which is the third in the photo

Wakasa Railway, Suzuki Suzuki "Hayabusa" new wrapping train operation from 4/29

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Suzuki, Wakasa Railway and the local enthusiasm crystallized to meet the passion of the riders, and a wrapping vehicle was born.

Wakasa Railway will start from April 2021, 4 (Thursday / holiday) on SUZUKI's large motorcycle "Hayabusa" ... → Continue reading

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Hot feelings

Wrapping vehicle

Wrapping vehicle(Wrapping) is a film (wrapping) to design the car body.Lapping film) Was pasted on the car bodybus,Railway carAnd so on. You can apply the color of your own brand image to the car body[1], Used for car body advertising.Painting"Full-scale advertising vehicle" by (painting) is not covered by this name, but this item also deals with advertisements using the entire body of transportation.

Body design

In railway vehicles, there are examples of wrapping on the sides.[2]..In the case of railroad cars, there are many designs in which only the front is painted and the sides are wrapped, and in stainless steel and aluminum cars, the metal color is used as it is.[1][2].

When installing advertisements on the car bodyPaintingThen construction and change復 元It takes a lot of time and effort, so it is not suitable for short-term advertisements, and the design is also restricted.

1990 eraからthe filmThe method of using is popular.Print the design on the adhesive film in advance and attach the film to the car body.At that time, the film is partially cut off so as not to interfere with moving parts such as doors or to block the holes for heat dissipation of the engine.By using a mesh-like film for the side and rear windows, it is possible to use it for decoration without impairing the visibility from inside the car.Construction compared to paintingAgreementSince it is easy to remove after the end, it is also suitable for short-term advertisements such as events and new products.In this way, it is named "wrapping vehicle" (wrapping advertisement) because it wraps the vehicle with a film.

Wrapping has a difference in surface gloss compared to painting[1]..Wrapping is difficult to construct on curved and uneven parts, and there are also drawbacks such as the color of the car body may remain on the window frame and the edge of the door.[1]..A lot of airresistanceExposed to(I.e.Changes drasticallyaircraftAndHigh speed trainCannot be used on the entire surface.

Use for body advertising


2000In April at that timeShintaro IshiharaGovernor of TokyoBy the idea ofTokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation OfTransit Bus(Toei Bus) When it appearedMass mediaThroughout, the name "wrapping bus" was widely used and became popular.

However, in order to make up for the deficit in operating revenue, Toei Bus is not the first method to use the entire body of a vehicle such as a bus as an advertising medium, and it has been more than before.世界Was done.

Even if it is limited to Japanese fixed-route buses1970 eraFrom local bus operators all over the country (Aomori City Transportation Department,Kushiro Bus,Keihan Bus, Ryukyu Bus (currentlyRyukyu Bus Transportation) Etc.). If you spread it to other means of transportation,1964ToNagasaki Electric Orbit OfTramNowadays, full-scale advertising on trams and buses is commonplace.

OutdoorSignboardAs well asPrefectures,Government-designated city,Core cityMost of them are regulated by the Outdoor Advertising Ordinance.

Advertising problems

It can also be a problem with outdoor advertising regulations and wrapping content.

Mainly in JapanKyoto CityOutdoor advertising is regulated to maintain the cityscape withinKyoto City Transportation BureauIn Kyoto includingCity center(Downtown), There are cases where many of the wrapping vehicles that do not match the impression and scenery of Kyoto have been canceled in a short period of time.

またEnoshima Electric RailwayUsed to operate many corporate advertising trains, but trains runKamakura cityDue to the change in the ordinance, the operation of trains with full-page advertisements has been suspended.For non-commercial advertisements, vehicles with full wrapping are in operation as before.

Odakyu Electric Railway3000 type OfFujiko F. FujioIn the wrapping organization "F-train" of the work, along the lineFujiko F. Fujio MuseumIt is considered as a "museum advertisement" because of the design commemorating the opening of the museum, and it is judged that it deviates from the standards of the outdoor advertising regulations of Tokyo, and the wrapping is canceled much earlier than planned due to the indication from Tokyo. There was also.After that, the design was changed and it was revived.

Usage status by medium


As mentioned above, it was gradually adopted by some local businesses,2000(12) Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of TransportationTransit BusBy adopting it in Japan, it has spread to land where there was no full-scale advertising bus so far, and it is now being seen all over Japan. Since there are many businesses that are difficult to manage, both public and private, the above-mentioned when operating wrapping vehicles for the purpose of securing revenue sources other than fare revenue.TokyoThere are cases where the outdoor advertising regulations have been revised.

GeneralTransit BusMost of the cases are pasted with advertisements, but in some casesExpress Bus,Sightseeing bus,Community busIn some cases, wrapping is carried out, and in some cases, passengers are not carried to go around downtown areas such as in front of stations for advertising purposes.Passenger transportDo not doPromotion carEven if the body shape is a busWhite numberIs. As a peculiar example that is not for advertising / promotion,Car makerFromBus operatorIn some cases, the vehicles rented out to the city for a short period of time are wrapped in the same way as the bus operator's paint to match the appearance of other vehicles.

Because the entire body is covered with advertising film,Bus stopSince there is a harmful effect that the bus company that operates is not known to the users who are in the area, there are many businesses that leave the film on the front without sticking it or display the bus company name near the side windows and doors. SomeKeihan Uji BusIn some vehicles, only the rear surface is wrapped and not on the side and front.

Taxi hire

Taxi,HigherThere are very few wrapping vehicles.

in JapanHokkaidoAkkeshi-gunHamanakaTwo of the vehicles of Kiritafu Chuo Higher2012ThanLupin IIIHas become a wrapping hire[3].. Of TokyoJoint wireless taxi cooperative(CurrentHinomaru Transportation Group) Then in 2012MalaysiaIn commemoration of the 55th anniversary of independence, 100 member taxis are decorated with wrapping decoration for tourism campaign of Tourism Malaysia.[4].. At Hinomaru Kotsuア デ ィ ダ スBecomes a sponsor2014 FIFA World CupJapan national football teamThere are 11 blue wrapping decorations in the image of uniforms as a "circle taxi" to supportToyota PriusMade on[5]. Condor Taxi GroupThen, in order to appeal that it will be equipped with an interpreter system from November 2016, the movie released on November 11, 11Kiniro Mosaic Pretty Days] And 11 of the owned vehicles were wrapped to serve as a PR for the release of the Blu-ray box on November 25th.[6].

About wrapping taxis Masakatsu Iwata of Condor Taxi is reluctant to wrap taxi vehicles because he is concerned that the image of his own taxi and clients will be downgraded in the event of an accident and that competitors in the advertisement will not be able to ride. However, he states that the prominence of the vehicle contributes to raising the awareness of the crew.[7].


Railroad vehicles that are not trams are also regulated by the outdoor advertising regulations of prefectures and ordinance-designated cities, and can be used as advertising media in the same way.Railway operatorMay be used. In the olden days as such an exampleEnoshima Electric Railway,Kinki Nippon RailwayThere is an art train (art liner) etc.

In the case of advertisements that use the outside of the body of a railroad vehicle, there are few things that cover almost the entire body such as buses and trams, and most of them are advertising films (posters) in strips or spots around doors and under windows. It is a method of putting up. Also, one advertiser with the same organization (sponsor) Is unified in most cases,Women-only carProducts for women for the relevant vehicles being organized on the routes whereCosmeticsThere are also cases of wrapping (Osaka Metro, etc.). In the case of the inside of the vehicle, it is applied to the door and floor[8].

2002ToTokyoSince the outdoor advertising regulations were relaxed and wrapping advertisements for railroad cars became possible.AD trainEtc. have come to be found all over Japan.

Old times1987ToJR East Coca ColaContract with the company, full-scale advertising115 seriesOne formationShin-Etsu Main LineThere is also an example (commonly known as "Coca-Cola train") that was operated in.In this full-scale advertising organization, in the carvending machineWas also installed.

In a tram, basically, like a bus, a film with an advertisement printed on almost the entire body is put on it.As with buses, both public and private businesses are difficult to manage, so full-scale advertising vehicles are operated on most routes in order to secure revenue sources other than fare revenue.Even before the name "wrapping vehicle" was established in railway magazines, the name "advertising train" was widely used.


Like trains and buses, aircraft are sometimes advertised to wrap their aircraft and are called "ad colors." In particular, it is required to increase profits other than faresCheap airlineThis tendency is remarkable in such cases.

Skymark Airlines (currently:Sky mark) And other new entrants, advertising machines that used the entire aircraft in the early days[9][10][11] However, as of 2015, there is no advertising painting machine in Japan that uses the entire aircraft.

Aircraft advertisements are too small to be seen during flight, or even if they are visible, they come to the airport even when they are parked at the airport, even though the painting cost is huge and the advertising fee is high because the aircraft is large. The current situation is that there are few advertisers because the advertising effect is small, such as being seen by only some of the people.

It ’s hard to say that it ’s a pure advertisement,AirlinesEvent-like painting in collaboration with external companiesOlympic,FIFA World CupThings related to international sporting events, such asPokémon,デ ィ ズ ニ ーSuch ascharacter(Many of which are treated with) may be done.

There are two methods, one is to paint directly on the aircraft and the other is to attach a pre-printed film. ANA's "Flower Jumbo" took 18 days to paint. Sumitomo 210M is a major manufacturer of film, and "JAL Goku" uses XNUMX films.

In the case of film attachment, it is rarely adopted because the film loosens, tears, and peels off because the aircraft expands and contracts due to changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature in addition to air resistance during flight.Even if it is adopted, it is partially used where the influence of air resistance and expansion / contraction of the aircraft is small.

Air raceな どSky sportsAs with car races, many aircraft are painted with the sponsor's logo or team color.

Advertising type / campaign interlocking type

Those that use the aircraft as advertisements or that are painted as part of a particular campaign.

Airline campaign type

Those that use characters, etc. as advertisements for the airlines themselves.

  • 1993 March:All Nippon Airways747-400 "Marine jumbo"
    The design was solicited from elementary and junior high school students to commemorate the number of passengers on all Nippon Airways domestic flights of 5 million, and the design of the sixth grade of elementary school in Chiba Prefecture was adopted from the 20110 entries. Painting finished in May 6.
  • December 1993: All Nippon Airways767-300 "Marine Jumbo Jr"
    Finished painting in 1995.
  • 1994 March:Japan AirlinesA total of 747 aircraft, 767 and 3 Mickey Mouseotherデ ィ ズ ニ ーcharacter"JAL Dream Express"
    Service ended in December 1995.
  • 1995 March:Japan Air System Peter Pan(Princess DianaCo-sponsored by the Peter Pan Children's Fund, where is the Honorary Governor)
  • 1996November: All Nippon Airways 11-747 Snoopyjet
    Service ended in December 1997.
  • 1997November: All Nippon Airways 11-747 400 aircraft, 1SR 747 aircraft, 1 aircraft in total Snoopy Jet 2
    Service ended in December 1998.
  • 1998 July: All Nippon Airways 7-747 400 aircraft, 1-767 300 aircraft, 2 aircraft in total "Pokemon jet"
    It was scheduled to be limited to the summer vacation in 1998, but it was extended due to its popularity.
  • 1999 February: All Nippon Airways International Flight 2-747 "Pokemon Jet"
  • 1999å¹´ 6月:全日本空輸747-400 1機、767-300 2機計3機 ポケモンジェット(新デザイン『ポケモンジェット99』追加)日本国内合計6機
  • 2004 May: All Nippon Airways 5-747 Pokemon Jet (new design "Pikachu Jumbo" added) A total of 400 aircraft in Japan
    Service ended in December 2013.
  • December 2004: All Nippon Airways 12-747 Pokemon Jet (new design "Flower Jumbo" added) A total of 400 aircraft in Japan
    The design is openly recruited from elementary school students and adopted by elementary school students in Hyogo prefecture. Service ended in November 2012.
  • 2009December: All Nippon Airways 12-767 Mohawk Jet-Restoration Painting
    2014The service will end in August.
  • 2010,2011,2012: Japan Airlines JALstormJET, JAL Arashi JET2011, JAL Arashi JET2012-Painting of different designs every year for 3 years
  • July 2011: All Nippon Airways777-300 Pokemon Jet (new design "Peace ★ Jet" added) A total of 9 aircraft in Japan
    2016Service ends in April
  • 2013March:Japan Transocean Air737-400 SWAL Jet-Restoration painting
  • August 2013:Peach aviation A320-214 1 machine "MARIKO JET"- Mariko ShinodaWithCollaboration[12][13]
    Service ended in May 2014


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