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🚗 | Nissan antibacterial steering and seats are newly adopted


Newly adopted Nissan antibacterial steering and seat

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In addition, Nissan has installed "Vehicle Kleberin" to remove viruses and bacteria adhering to the passenger compartment and seats at dealers nationwide, and "Clean Filter" to suppress the activity of viruses and bacteria captured by antiviral agents. We are developing measures tailored to the current social situation, such as providing "premium" installation services upon request.

On April 2021, 4, Nissan will gradually adopt antibacterial steering and seats for vehicles to be released in Japan in the future ... → Continue reading


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Cleverin(cleverin) IsTaiko PharmaceuticalIs on saleChlorine dioxideIt is a brand of miscellaneous goods that claims to remove and sterilize viruses, and is a registered trademark of the company (No. 4994237, etc.).Quality, effectiveness, and safety based on the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law have not been confirmed.

Product Summary

There are gel types that claim to remove viruses, bacteria, and odors in the space when used in a room, and spray types that are used by spraying on areas where you want to disinfect or deodorize.Not a drug / medical device[1]The gel type has been ordered by the Consumer Affairs Agency (see below). The product name "Kleberine" is from "clever (clever) clean in a new way"Coined word.

The first full-scale renewal since its launch in September 2018[2].. The design has been revamped and the container has become a white tone.iconAnd "cleverin" English logo will only be displayed, and the brand logo displayed on the outer box has been changed from the conventional English logo main to Katakana logo main. In addition, instead of not including the "trumpet mark" that is the company emblem of Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on the outer box and the container label of the spray type and spray type, the English letter "TAIKOThe logo is now displayed.

In May 2019, a sister brand ``specialized in the field of daily sanitization''Klebe & AndAnnounced. Three new products have been released since September of the same year.

Kleberine standing type

A gel type that can be placed in a room for use.According to Taiko Pharmaceutical, chlorine dioxide generated from the gel in the container has the effect of removing viruses, bacteria, and odors that exist in the space.[3].. The main places of use are in bedrooms, living rooms, etc. There are two types of contents, 60g and 150g.

Originally released as "Kleberingel", the product name was changed with the renewal in September 2018. In the following month, a "stand-alone case" was released. A 9g stand-alone type is included in the special case, and it can be used continuously by replacing it with a new "Kleberine stand-alone type" even when it comes time to replace it.

Cleverin spray

The patented technology of Taiko Pharmaceutical maintains an effective concentration of chlorine dioxide in solution for a long period of time. Use it by spraying it directly into the space where you want to remove viruses, disinfect it, or deodorize it, or by spraying it directly. The places of use are living spaces, washrooms, toilets, kitchen appliances, etc. Also, directly spray it onto vomit, diapers, garbage, and the inside of the trash can.[4].. There are 300ml "Kleberin Spray" and 60ml "Kleberin Mini Spray".

Cleveline stick

Stick type.By bending the stick, the liquid agent in the stick and the gelling agent are mixed, and the component (chlorine dioxide) begins to be generated.ペ ンPut the stick in the special case of the mold and attach the case to the chest pocket etc.[5].

Originally released as "Kleberine Power Saver", the product name was changed with the renewal in September 2018.

In addition, the color variation that was only white will be expanded to two colors by adding black in September 2019, and at the same time, removable hook parts are included.Baby bedA "stick hook type" that can be hung on a desk or placed on a desk has been released.

In addition, a limited number of products in collaboration with the character are on sale, and a strap cover to store the special case will be added.

"Klebe & And" brand

  • Klebe & And Virus / Bacteria Removal Spray-Use by spraying directly onto tables, tableware, children's toys, etc.There is no problem even if it gets in your mouthalcoholYou are using a formulation.
  • Klebe & and Hand Spray-Use by spraying directly onto your hands.Benzalkonium chlorideAnd weakly acidicethanolThis makes it possible to remove a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Deploy with a 20 ml mini spray.
  • Klebe & And Hand Gel-A gel type that contains the same ingredients as the above hand spray. Deployed in a 300 ml pump bottle.
  • Klebe & And Virus Protect Mask --Released in December 2020.Uses "anti-virus processed non-woven fabric" that reduces the number of viruses adhering to the mask surface and "antibacterial deodorized non-woven fabric" that suppresses the growth of bacteria. 12 pieces per bag, available in normal and small sizes.
  • Klebe & And Virus / Bacteria Removal Sheet-50 sheets per bag.

Development history

When chlorine dioxide is dissolved in a liquid, the concentration of chlorine dioxide gas decreases with time, and it is considered impossible to keep the concentration constant. Taiko Pharmaceutical has succeeded in maintaining a constant chlorine dioxide concentration in a liquid based on the theory that "the concentration of chlorine dioxide can be kept constant by using dissolved chlorine dioxide gas, chlorite, and a pH adjusting agent as constituent components." With this technology, it has become possible to commercialize chlorine dioxide liquid agents and gel agents that have been difficult until now.[6].

National Life CenterAims to provide consumers with information on how much chlorine dioxide is being emitted during use from August to October 2010 for products that have been sterilized in rooms such as chlorine dioxide. Brand[7]I checked about. As a result, it was shown that cleverin showed stable emission of chlorine dioxide gas, and it was described in the report of the National Living Center. At the time of the announcement, the center commented that "it was not a decision that there should be a clear emission."[8].

Problems / dangers

Opinions of health institutions, etc.

WHO does not recommend spraying disinfectants indoors to the human body under any circumstances, and even outdoors, it can be harmful to human health.In addition, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated in the guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in medical facilities that "(space) spraying of disinfectants is not sufficient as a decontamination method for air and environmental surfaces, and patients on a daily basis. Not recommended for general infection control in care areas. "

Corrosion of musical instruments, etc.

ピ ア ノIt has been pointed out that placing Kleberin next to the strings corroded metal parts such as strings.TunerIt is made from such things. Taiko Pharmaceutical told J-CAST News that "Chlorine dioxide, the main component, has an oxidizing effect and may corrode the metal parts of the piano. Chlorine dioxide is heavier than air, so it flows down. Kleberin should be installed on a shelf away from the piano. "[9].


Chlorine dioxide is a prohibited substance under the Aviation Law, soaircraftIt is not possible to carry on or deposit in the cabin (standing type, spray, stick)[10]).Each airline company in Japan warns about the prohibition of bringing in various Kleberin on its website.[11][12].

Order for measures from the Consumer Affairs Agency

On March 2014, 3, for Taiko Pharmaceutical's Kleberingel and Klevelin Mystic,Consumer Affairs AgencyMore than that, a measure order was issued regarding the advertising notation that corresponds to the good misidentification display (Article 4, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the same law) stipulated by the Kage surface law[13].. This is supported by the "indication that chlorine dioxide released in the room removes viruses and fungi, suppresses mold growth and deodorizes the indoor space" The cause was that no rational basis was provided.

Displayed as problematic

  • "Easy, just put! Chlorine dioxide molecules spread in the room space."
  • "You can use it by putting it on or hanging it up. Remove viruses and bacteria that float in your own space!"
  • "Applications In offices, classrooms, living rooms, washbasins, vanities, lockers, cupboards, etc."

In response, Taiko Pharmaceutical has taken corrective measures, such as adding a cautionary statement to the relevant expressions used on the website, "*The spread of ingredients differs depending on the usage environment." The company has confirmed that chlorine dioxide molecules have the function of removing viruses and bacteria in the space, suppressing the growth of mold, and deodorizing, so we will continue to verify with actual products in general living spaces etc. Repeatedly, based on the results, we made a press release saying that the advertisement notation would be easy to understand and without misunderstanding.

When detoxifying a virus is clearly stated as an indication, approval of drugs and quasi-drugs is required, but Kleberin has not been approved, and quality based on the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law. Efficacy and safety have not been confirmed.

Activities and influences of Taiko Pharmaceutical

Free offer

In 2015, Taiko PharmaceuticalWest Africa OfGuineaとRepublic of LiberiaFree provision of virus-eliminating products "Kleberine spray" and "Kleberine gel"[14]Is said to have performed. According to Taiko Pharmaceutical's press release[15]Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the product provision was realized in response to the requests of Ambassador Senkun Sila of the Republic of Guinea to Japan and Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Liberia Yango Seberi Terevoda. As the background, the verification of various viruses and bacteria using chlorine dioxide (gas and gas dissolved liquid) that has been conducted by Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and 42 patents and 26 published papers based on the results are evaluated. The two countries have determined that sterilization using chlorine dioxide can be expected as one of the additional measures for hygiene measures in both countries.

Joint development with other companies

With Taiko Pharmaceutical in July 2016Earth PharmaceuticalEntered into a capital and business alliance agreement. Released by[16], Earth Trading subsidiary Johnson Trading (currentEarth pet) Also released "Joypet x Kleberine Pet disinfection/deodorant (gel/spray)"[17].

It should be noted that these products are intended for sterilization and deodorization, and have not been proved to be effective against viruses.

Performance improvement

Distributor Taiko Pharmaceutical in 2020May 5In the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ended March 3, 43.6, sales increased by 149% to 73.3 billion yen and net income increased by 24% to XNUMX billion yen, both of which were record highs.New coronavirusDue to the spread of the infection, special demand for "Kleberine" occurred and boosted business performance. In addition, sales of Kleberine-related products, including hand gels, increased 91.5% year on year to 93 billion yen.[18].


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