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🚗 | Atlantic Cars prototypes, swings Dallara Stradale on the circuit ... Automobile Counseling ...

Photo Dallara Stradale (Automobile Council 2021)

Atlantic Cars prototypes, swings Dallara Stradale on the circuit ... Automobile Counseling ...

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"We had them prepare something that was easier to run for us to participate in endurance races," he said.

Atlantic Cars, the official importer of Dallara "Stradale", is the Automobile Council 2021 (... → Continue reading


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Endurance race

Endurance race(Taiku race,British: Endurance Race) IsMotor sportsOne of the competition forms in.


Car competitionandMotorcycle competitionIn, endurance race refers to a race that runs a long distance and a long time. Sprint races are races that take place over short distances and in short periods of time. AlsoClosed circuitOther thandirtOn the road surfaceOff-roadIf you includeRally raidAnd cross-country.

Endurance races are roughly classified into time and distance races.

  • Time system

The total mileage within the specified time is competed. Strictly speaking, the winning car will be after the specified end time.Control lineThe competition will end when you pass. However, the Nürburgring 24h has a long lap, and the competition ends when each car first crosses the control line after 1 hours.

  • Distance system

The time to complete the specified mileage is competed. The actual total mileage is the number of laps that exceeds the specified mileage for the first time. For exampleSuzuka 1000kmIn the case of, the specified number of laps is 173 and the total mileage is 1,004.611 km.

The name of the endurance race is often "host city or circuit + competition time or specified mileage". (Specific examples will be described later)


Endurance races have rules and events that are not often found in general sprint races.

Mixed run

For competition vehiclesPrototype racing car,Touring carIn endurance races, it is common for multiple vehicles with different vehicle regulations and classes to run on the same circuit at the same time. As a result, driving skills are required on how to sort out vehicles of different classes. In addition, overtaking is likely to occur due to the entanglement.

Driver change

Endurance races are long and run 24 hours a day, so it is very dangerous to compete with only one driver. Therefore, in many endurance races, it is obligatory to have multiple drivers (1 to 2 people) enter for each vehicle and take turns driving for a certain period of time or longer.

Splash & Go

LastStintso,タ イ ヤHave until the endfuelBecause there is not enoughRefuelingFor onlyPit inMay be done.This is called "Splash & Go". At WEC, it is not possible to change tires for each pit due to the limitation on the number of tires that can be used, so there is also a bargain on which stint to make splash and go.

Main endurance race



Derivation competition

  • 1998More every year on the Tokachi SpeedwayMamachari(Women's shopping bicycle[Source required]) A 12-hour endurance race is being held. It is a full-scale competition based on motor sports such as stricter remodeling standards and midnight driving.

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