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🚗 | Experience next-generation autonomous driving EV, "Parent-child e-pallet" appeared on MEGA WEB From April 4

Photo parent and child e-pallet

Experience the next-generation autonomous driving EV, "Parent-child e-pallet" will appear on MEGA WEB From April 4

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The exterior design is similar to that of an actual vehicle so that children can concretely imagine the e-pallet, which plays an active role as a patrol bus that supports the movement of athletes and tournament officials in the Olympic and Paralympic athletes' village.

MEGA WEB will be a "parent-child e-pallet" from April 4th at a ride studio where children can experience driving. → Continue reading


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Player village

Player village(Senshumura,Olympic Village) IsOlympicIt is a place where athletes and officers sleep in the competition. recentlykaraokeOrInternet cafeOrGlobal environmental problemsIt is becoming more and more a mere dormitory due to its design.

Even though it is small, the number of guests exceeds 1 including athletes and team officials,village(Village)notcityHas the substance of Olympic Village Because it is a translation of, the player is also expressed as "mura" in Japanese.


Athletes village1924 OfParis OlympicsIt is said that the construction of a wooden cottage was started in order to avoid troubles with the accommodations in the area.

Initially, it was sometimes demolished as it is after the end of the tournament, but nowadays there are many cases where it is converted to public housing with some renovation, and the design of the room is designed in anticipation of conversion.

The facility was officially used as an athlete's village,1932 OfLos Angeles OlympicsIs the first. However, at that time, only boys could stay and girls were offered hotels.1948 OfLondon OlympicsSince then, it has become available to girls.

1972May 9 OfMunich Olympic caseStrict security came to be laid with the opportunity[1].. If you do not show the accreditation card, you will be denied admission even if you are a member of the Organizing Committee.

As an event, the opening ceremony and the entrance ceremony (welcome ceremony[2]) Is performed[3].

At least2012 OfLondon OlympicsIn this case, it was impossible to enter the Olympic Village because the "replacement personnel" out of the IOC-recognized group players were not included in the team.[4].

Athletes village in Japan

Athletes village scheduled in Japan

After the tournament, with the name of ""ApartmentIt was renovated and renovated into a total of 24 luxury apartments, 5632 households, and high-class condominiums with about 12000 residents.2023Will be started from time to time[5].
XNUMXst generationNagoya RacecourseRedevelop the site. Nagoya RacecourseYatomi CityIt is scheduled to be relocated to the current location (name is undecided after renovation of the racetrack) in.[6]
As a rough idea after the competitionア リ ー ナSuch asSports parkAlso, the development of research facilities is being considered.[7]

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