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✈ | Amakusa Airlines changes equipment due to regular inspections May 5th to June 24th

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Amakusa Airlines changes equipment due to regular inspections May 5th to June 24th

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This is a change of equipment due to the regular inspection of Amakusa Airlines' ATR42-600 aircraft.

Amakusa Airlines will be available from Japan Air Commuter (JAC) from May 2021th (Monday) to June 5th (Monday), 24. → Continue reading


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Owned machine ATR42

Amakusa airline

Amakusa Airlines Co., Ltd.(Amakusa Airlines,British: AMAKUSA AIRLINES CO., LTD.) IsKumamotoBased inCommuter airlines..The official abbreviation isAMX[Annotation 1].Airline codeIs AHX.


1998(10)[4]Kumamoto(Investment ratio 53.31%)[3],Amakusa(22.92%)[3],Kamiamakusa(2.73%)[3],Reikita Town(1.2%)[3] Etc. will investThird sectorEstablished as[4]. 2000(Heisei12 years)3ToAmakusa AirfieldThe service started at the same time as the opening of the port.Currently Amakusa- Fukuoka,KumamotoLine, Kumamoto- Osaka/ItamiOperates a line[5]..We also carry out security management work at Amakusa Airport, and the staff is in charge of multiple tasks such as security management work and cleaning.[6].

PreviouslyKobe Airport,Matsuyama AirportWas also in service[7].

The Fukuoka Airport Line is in high demand because it operates by land, which takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes, with a flight time of about 30 minutes.[5].. Also,Kyushu Shinkansen 2011(23)May 3ToKagoshima Chuo StationからKumamoto Station-Hakata StationOpened in between, and moreShin-Osaka StationFor up toDirect operationKumamoto-Osaka / Itami, which is advantageous in terms of time required, has been newly launched.

After the start of operation, the deficits overlap2007In (19), I fell to the point of insolvency,Japan AirlinesToru Okushima, who is from the maintenance department of the company, became president.2009Returned to profitability in (21)[8].

Since the start of operation, we have continued to operate with only one aircraft[5]. 2016(28)May 2Updating equipment to[9](Details will be described later).

2015(27)May 4Since then, all flights have become code-share flights with Japan Airlines.[PR 1].

Announced that it acquired the IATA code "MZ" on its Facebook page on November 2015, 11.[PR 2].. The MZ is named after the nickname "Mizoka" of its passenger plane, and it is the one that obtained the first choice from the other three hopes.

Amakusa Airlines' 2-letter airline code "MZ" was once an Indonesian state-owned airlineMerpati Nusantara AirlinesWas used by[Source required].

Population decline societyIn 2017, the number of users has been decreasing, and in XNUMX, a study group on sustainable regional aviation (chaired by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)Kenzo Takeuchi(Professor, Tokyo Woman's Christian University) issued a report on joint ownership of the aircraft and future business integration.[10][11].. In March 2018Final summary (draft) Was presented.In response to the above summary, AMX, ORC, JAC and ANA, JAL will be members in October 2019."Regional Aviation Service Alliance Limited Liability Partnership"Was established[12].

Basically, it operates every day, but since we have only one aircraft and carry out the itinerary of "Amakusa → Fukuoka → Amakusa → Kumamoto → Osaka / Itami → Kumamoto → Amakusa → Fukuoka → Amakusa → Fukuoka → Amakusa" every day, Kumamoto Line ・ One round trip between Osaka / Itami line and Fukuoka line is suspended irregularly (about 1-1 times a month).Of the aircraftHeavy maintenanceWhen operating on DHC-8, all flights were suspended for nearly a month. After updating the equipment to ATR1, the period for heavy maintenance of own aircraft will beJapan Air CommuterIt was decided to borrow the same type of aircraft operating in Japan, and long-term suspension of operations has been resolved.[13][PR 3]..However, the situation that there is only one aircraft in operation during the maintenance period does not change, and if a problem occurs due to damage during operation of that one aircraft, it may be canceled for several days due to damage repair and maintenance.[PR 4]..In addition, canceled flights may occur during crew training and examinations.

In 2019, one of the captains was unable to fly due to illness treatment, and cancellations increased because replenishment and alternative pilots could not be arranged.[14][15][16][17]..On April 4th of the same year, all flights were canceled from April 26th to May 4th due to a problem that required engine replacement for only one aircraft and it took time to maintain.[18]..During the period, we are in a cooperative relationshipJALResponded by changing equipment (larger size) and setting extra flights on the Osaka (Itami) Kumamoto Line[19] However, even after May 5, the vacancy could not be filled and the fundamental response could not be foreseen. On May 5, JAL (operated by JAL) on the Osaka (Itami) Kumamoto Line after AugustJ-Air), And by December of this year, JAC will consider short-term dispatch / acceptance of flight crew members and consignment of training, and work to resolve the shortage of flight crew members (captains) of AMX. announced[20]..The captain, who had been receiving medical treatment for illness, returned to work in early September and entered appointment training to reacquire the captain's qualification that had expired, and it was expected that he would be able to return to the crew after November 9.Therefore, it is clear that the code share with JAL (J-Air) operated flights will be completed after December, the Osaka (Itami) Kumamoto line will resume its own operation, and the captain seconded from JAC will be employed after April 11. To[21].

Strictly speaking, Amakusa-Kumamoto and Kumamoto-Osaka / Itami are treated as different routes, but there is a "special transfer discount fare" that applies only to same-day connections (stopovers at Kumamoto are not possible).[PR 5], Amakusa-A series of boarding is possible between Osaka and Itami.


Service route

As of April 2018, 4, all flights use Amakusa Airlines equipment and crewJapan Airlines With (JAL)Code sharePoop[PR 8][PR 1].

Past service routes
  • Kumamoto - Matsuyama(September 2004, 10[39] -March 2008, 8)
  • Kumamoto - Kobe(September 2008, 9[40] -March 2010, 10)

Flight aircraft

We operate one passenger plane and one disaster prevention firefighting helicopter.otherJapan Air Commuter There is one common business machine with (JAC).

OwnedMizoka(2rd generation,Aircraft symbol: JA01AM) exists.The number of seats is 48.
"Mizoka" is2016May 2Started commercial operation as a more regular flight[37]..It follows the design of the first "Mizoka" DHC-8 with parent and child dolphins drawn on it.[38].
When the Mizoka is put into maintenance, it will be operated by JAC common business aircraft (JAC owned aircraft).
Not all JAC ATR42 aircraft are subject to common business aircraft, and as of 2019, it has been confirmed that one of JA01JC, JA03JC, and JA04JC will be rented (JA05JC was purchased by Hyogo Prefecture). Excluded because of the opportunity).

JAC and AMX have been building a cooperative system for rationalizing maintenance since FY2015, and decals expressing the cooperative system between JAC and AMX will be pasted during the lease.[13].

lark Aircraft symbol: JA15KM
Amakusa Airlines maintains and operates,Kumamoto Prefecture Disaster Prevention Fire Fighting Air Corps OfFirefighting disaster prevention helicopter[PR 10].

About equipment update

The machine used at that time, which had a maintenance cost of 2011 million yen as of 2 (DHC-8)But,2014Since the time has come for the maintenance cost to increase significantly, we have begun to consider renewing the equipment.2012May 12Was reported to.When selecting equipment, DHC-8 andRegional jetCompared toLow noise,Fuel economy, The selling point is the low price of the aircraftATRMade by the companyATR 42Was nominated as a candidate, and in May 2014ATR42-600(48-seater) purchase and 2016 launch announced[33].

About the purchase cost of equipmentKumamotoAmakusaMayor Kimihiro Yasuda (at that time) said, "We will discuss with Kumamoto Prefecture, but Amakusa City alone is prepared to purchase it."Special merger bondConsidering a fund[3]..On the other hand, it is the largest shareholderKumamoto OfIkuo KamabaThe governor said, "We have been discussing equipment renewal in the local area and airport maintenance in the prefecture. We would like you to proceed with the same policy as before," denying the prefecture's burden of purchase costs.[42].

2014May 7Toデンマーク OfNordic Aviation CapitalCompanyleaseAgreement. Received on August 2015, 8 (aircraft code JA13AM). On August 01thToulouseFrom the ferry flight on the 21stKumamoto AirportArrival in.2016May 2Introduced for more regular flights[37][38].

Retired equipment

Mizoka Aircraft symbol: JA81AM.39 seats[41].
2000Equipment that has been used since the start of operation in March.Ministry of Transport (currentlyMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) Is at least 1,300m (Amakusa AirportThe runway needed a runway of 1,000m),Japan Transocean AirPersuaded the Ministry of Transport that there would be no problem with the 1,000m runway.[43].
2013From February, the aircraft paint was changed as "Mizoka".Aircraft paint bouncesDolphinSilhouette and wave pattern that imaged the sea and sky.BS FujiThe program "Kaoru Koyama Tokyo Conference], A new paint design for Amakusa Airlines was solicited.The design fee was also subsidized by Kumamoto Prefecture as a maintenance fee.[44]
2016Retired on February 2 due to the introduction of a new machine[9]..Sold to Nordic Aviation Capital after retirement[45],ノルウェー Of(English edition(Aircraft symbol: LN-FVC), as of 2018, it belongs to Avmax Group[46].

Reservation system

2010May 3Than,ReservationシステムHas changed significantly.At Amakusa Airlines, from the beginning of serviceTelbyReservationWas the main issue, and Amakusa Airlines employees responded individually.The payment method is alsoCredit cardMost of the payments are made by telling the number or cash at the Amakusa Airlines counter at the airport.データWas also managed manually.In the new reservation system, Amakusa AirlinesInternet siteSince, it has become possible to inquire about vacancies, make reservations, and make credit card payments.[47][Source required].. CurrentlyMobile phoneFormobileサイトYou can also make a reservation from.


インターネットFares that can be booked at are "Regular fares (adults / children)", "Hayakatsu 28" (Kumamoto-Osaka only), "Hayakatsu 7", "Hayakatsu 1", and Amakusa residents discount. Only fares set at the time of inquiry are displayed[PR 11]..Accepted from 2:9 am on the same day two months before the boarding date[PR 11],Golden week・ Summer high customer season ・New Year's HolidayMay be on sale all at once[Source required]..The normal reservation deadline is 20 minutes before the departure of the relevant flight.[PR 11]..Adults traveling with children (3 to 11 years old) can book both adults and children at the same time when using the regular fare, but for discounted fares, contact the Amakusa Airlines Reservation Center and accompany them. Need to reserve a seat for a child[PR 11]..You can pay the fare on the Internet or mobile site by credit card orconvenience storePayment is possible[PR 12].

There is "Amakusa Resident Discount".The current address on the boarding date isKumamotoAmakusa-Kamiamakusa-AmakusaReikita TownAvailable to passengers.Official documents that can prove your current address at the time of ticket purchase and check-in (Driver's license-Insurance card-Resident cardEtc.) is required to be presented.At the beginning of the setting, after confirming the address, the "Amakusa Resident Discount Card" was issued, but2011May 9No issuing / renewal procedures have been carried out.[48]

Travel agencyThere is a unique group discount fare setting that is different from.The conditions of use are 10 or more people for the same convenience (however, a group of 12 years or older and led by a responsible representative), and the reservation acceptance period is from 6 months to 14 days before boarding.

2014年1月27日 - 3月20日の平日限定で「1日親子イルカ号パラダイス運賃」を設定していた。天草エアラインの全行程10区間(または福岡始終着の8区間)を完乗するものである。運賃は10区間が15000円、8区間が10000円に設定され、途中降機した場合は全搭乗区間の普通運賃を支払わなければならない[49].. In January-March 2018, a similar plan was revived as a "just ride fare", and the fare was set to 1 yen for both 3/10/8 sections.[PR 13].

Mileage service

What are airlines in Japan?Mileage serviceIn terms of, none of them are affiliated, and they are unique as "AMX points".PointI was issuing a card.Amakusa AirlinesInternet siteIt is now possible to apply from. "Amakusa-Fukuoka (one way)" "Amakusa-Kumamoto (one way)" is added as 1 point, "Kumamoto-Osaka (one way)" is added as 2 points, and from 10 points AMXAirline ticketCan be exchanged for.However, the expiration date of points is one year from the date of the previous use.Only those who live in Japan can apply for AMX reward card[Source required].. In addition,2018Renamed and renewed to "Mizoka Point" from June[PR 14].


Cargo is handled between Amakusa and Fukuoka[PR 15].. Prices are set in the categories of "regular cargo," "valuables," and "living animals, ashes, and dangerous goods." Freight reception locations are JAL, Japan Airlines, and domestic cargo counters (cargo terminals) at Fukuoka Airport. , At Amakusa Airport, the Amakusa Airport counter accepts cargo up to 60 minutes before the departure time of the scheduled flight.[PR 15].

Past sponsorship activities


  • Airport operations other than Amakusa AirportJALIt is outsourced to the group.Reservations and ticketing at the consignment airport are limited to same-day flights[Source required].
  • No solidarity contracts with other airlines[PR 16] However, JAL Group companies that have signed a solidarity transportation contract[PR 17] And transit time of 30 minutes or moreFuji Dream AirlinesYou can leave your baggage to your destination only when connecting to a (FDA) flight.[PR 16].In principle, the ticket for the connecting flight is presented, but in the case of ticketless, it can be used when the ground staff at the departure point can confirm that the connecting flight has been purchased.[Source required]..For other airline flights, you will need to pick up your baggage at the arrival airport and check it back on your connecting flight.[PR 16].
  • A transfer time of 30 minutes or more is required to transfer to JAL Group companies and FDA.Other airlines are instructed to take 60 minutes or more at Fukuoka Airport as a guide.
  • United NationsIs an affiliated organization ofInternational Civil Aviation OrganizationAssigned in (ICAO)Airline codeIs AHX and AMX isメキシコ OfAeromexicoWas assigned earlier.The existing airline code is not duplicated with other airlines, and the AMX code used by Amakusa Airlines is an abbreviation used for convenience when operating domestic flights in Japan.
  • On August 2019, 8, the instrument that warned of the high temperature inside the fuel tank was lit on the operating aircraft parked at Amakusa Airport, and it was deployed at the airport.Fire truckAttempts were made to cool the fuel tank by sprinkling water on the aircraft, but a total of 6 flights were canceled due to failure to cool to the operational temperature. Amakusa / Kumamoto / Amakusa / Fukuoka / Amakusa / Fukuoka / Amakusa.The company has reduced the number of flights due to the above-mentioned medical treatment of the flight crew, and from the same day, the aircraft was parked at Amakusa Airport for about 3 hours.Amakusa Airport does not have a refueling facility, and it takes about 3 hours with fuel refueled at other airports loaded in the tank.HangarIt was said that the aircraft could not be operated due to the temperature inside the fuel tank rising more than expected because it was parked at Amakusa Airport, which is not available, and it was decided to consider countermeasures.[51].. On the 2nd, after the round trip between Amakusa and Fukuoka, we will make a round trip to Kumamoto without parking in Amakusa, and store the fuel tank in the shade by storing the front of the vertical tail in the vault of the Prefectural Disaster Prevention Fire and Aviation Center in the airport. However, after returning to Amakusa and operating Amakusa / Kumamoto, the aircraft was parked in Kumamoto, but the temperature inside the fuel tank became high again and the three flights of Kumamoto / Amakusa / Fukuoka / Amakusa were canceled. 3rd of the manufacturerATRKumamoto / Amakusa / Fukuoka / Amakusa was operated, but the previous Amakusa / Fukuoka / Amakusa / Kumamoto 57 flights were canceled.After receiving a reply from the manufacturer, we think that it will be possible to operate after that.[52].
  • The in-flight magazine is handmade by employees and contains self-introductions of flight attendants.


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