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🚗 | Toyoda Gosei, to introduce "cooling piping mock" that cools batteries and motors ... Shanghai Motor Show 2021

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To introduce Toyoda Gosei, "cooling piping mock" that cools batteries and motors ... Shanghai Motor Show 2021

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At this motor show, we will introduce electric vehicles such as EVs, which are expected to become widespread in the country, products related to autonomous driving, and various automobile parts that contribute to safety, security, and comfort.

Toyoda Gosei will hold the "Shanghai Motor Show 4" from April 19th to 28th for electric vehicles and autonomous driving ... → Continue reading


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motor Show

motor ShowIt is,AutomobileCollect and hold new automobiles and related products from manufacturersTrade fair.Car show,Auto show,Auto salonAlso say.


Exhibit automobiles and related products at trade fairs.News (Chinese),magazine,tv setIt was widely featured in the new car and because it is expected to attract a large number of visitors.Concept carIs often announced.

Once one of the world's three largest automobile producing countriesGermany,America,JapanWill be held inFrankfurt motor show,North American International Auto Show,Tokyo Motor Show World's 3 Largest Motor ShowsIt was said. afterwards,Salon International de Lotto(Commonly known as: Geneva Motor Show)Mondial de rotomobil(Commonly known as: Paris Motor Show or Paris Salon)World's 5 Largest Motor ShowsIt was called, but now the number of exhibitors of overseas manufacturers and new modelsWorld premiereThe local color is stronger than the international show because the number of such items has decreased significantly.[1].

Purpose of the motor show

motorizationWith the spread of automobiles, the penetration rate of automobiles has increased.Since the number of visitors is expected to be large, it is not only a place for manufacturers to announce a large number of new models.The original meaning is a motor show that can be enjoyed by both those who are interested in automobiles and those who are not.Since it gets boring to just display a car, many futuristic experimental vehicles such as design concept models that will not be commercialized will be exhibited.It also plays a major role as a show that arouses the interest of visitors.The purpose is the development and further spread of automobiles.

Show model development

The show model embodies the basic research and development of manufacturers such as design study models and concept models in a way that users can see. Some people think that it is a show-only model because of its unrealistic body shape such as gull-wing doors. The technology and design of the show model will be utilized for future technological development.

Some car critics have argued that show models are useless.

Motor show list

World's 5 Largest Motor Shows



Derivative event of Tokyo Motor Show

After the Tokyo Motor Show, the exhibition contents will be reduced and 5 locations in Japan (Nagoya-Sendai-Osaka-Fukuoka-Sapporo) Will be held.Like the Tokyo Motor Show, it is held every other year, and the order of holding is the oldest starting year.



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