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✈ | Aeroflot adds new hangar to Moscow Sheremetyevo

Photo Aeroflot Group's new hangar at Sheremetyevo International Airport

Aeroflot adds new hangar in Moscow Sheremetyevo

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A-Technics currently operates three hangar complexes, two at Sheremetyevo International Airport and one at Orenburg Central Airport.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines adds a new hangar at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport in April 2021 ... → Continue reading


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Orenburg Central Airport

Orenburg Central Airport, In government documentsYuri A. GagarinMemorial Orenburg Central Airport(IATA: RENICAO: UWOO) IsOrenburgIt is a private airport located about 25 km east of.

OrenairHeadquartered on the premises of the airport[1].

Service route

AeroflotMoscow Sheremetyevo
Air AstanaNursultan[2]
(English edition(English edition[3]
OrenairDushanbe,Dusseldorf,(English edition,Moscow Domodedovo,St. Petersburg
Seasonal operation: Kiev Boryspil,Sochi
Charter flights: Antalya,Thessaloniki
Orenburzhye(English edition,(English edition,(English edition,Yekaterinburg,(English edition
(English editionYekaterinburg
Somon air(English edition,Dushanbe

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