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🚗 | Nissan challenges the full-scale supercar market !? What is the phantom "MID2" that was exhibited at the show twice but was not put on the market?

Photo Nissan MID4

Nissan challenges the full-scale supercar market !? What is the phantom "MID2" that was exhibited at the show twice but was not put on the market?

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Furthermore, the popularity of the MID4 is still high, and toys such as plastic models are being sold, making it unusual for a concept car that is not on the market.

Nissan's 1985-seater 2WD concept car "MID4" announced at the 4 Tokyo Motor Show.Sue ... → Continue reading

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Nissan MID4

MID4(Mid Four)Nissan Motor 19859Announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show held insports car・ It is a prototype.

In this article, it was announced in 1987.MID4-IIAlso deals with.


Originally looking from the late 1980s to the 1990sVehicle developmentRole as a high-speed experimental vehicle for, and Nissan at that time mainlySafari RallyWas participating mainly inWRCDeveloped with participation in the new category "Group S" that was planned to be introduced inprototypeIt's a car.

Retractable headlights[Annotation 1]It is a newly developed engine that is a DOHC version of the conventional VG engine on a 2-seater body that adoptsDisplacement3,000ccVG30DE型V6 cylinderDOHCEngine (230PS / 28.5kgm)MidshipToLandscapeEquipped with 4WD (Four-wheel drive) And 4WS (Four-wheel steering) Was featured.The interior of this vehicle is S13.シ ル ビ アWe have adopted the plan that was the runner-up during the development of.

It was manufactured as a purely technologically developed vehicle, and although it was not planned to be released, commercialization was considered due to its high response.1987The 27thTokyo Motor ShowThen the advanced typeMID4-IIWas announced.The style has become so sophisticated that it can be marketed at any time, and in interior design, the S13 Silvia and Z32 will be released later.Fairlady ZIt also became a design motif that leads to.suspensionAlsoIFront and back in the moldMacPherson strut typeWas,IIIn the mold, the front isDouble wishbone type, RearMulti-link typeIt was changed to.Also the engineVertical installationReinstalled inIntercoolerTwin turbo(VG30DETT type), maximum output / maximum torque has been improved to 330PS / 39.0kgm respectively.

However, in the end, it did not reach the market.This is because the financial situation of Nissan Motor has deteriorated due to excessive capital investment.[1]The reason is that the problem in terms of profitability could not be cleared as a general automobile manufacturer.At that time, he was stationed in Europe as the development manager of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and is located in Weissach.PorscheAccording to Michio Takei, who was also in and out of the research institute, when considering what to do with the third-generation prototype vehicle for commercialization at that time.Porsche 959The vice president of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. instructed us to consult with Porsche, which has just released the product. It's a car that can be done. To do that, we need an organization that can think that it is our job. An organization is a human being. We can complete it even if we bite it! Our technology Is it an organization made up of people who are working on the job with the spirit of showing the essence of Porsche? That's right. What about Nissan? " When I told it to the head office, it was said that the conclusion of cancellation was reached in a blink of an eye.[2].

Also a car criticKoji OkazakiAs a test drive of the MID4-II on the Oppama test course, the rear behavior was very nervous, saying, "The rear is not well installed and the behavior of the entire car is elusive. Anyway, I was scared! ""[3]It can be seen that the suspension settings, etc. were not boiled down at all.

However, the technologies such as engine, chassis, handling, suspension, and design cultivated in this model were inherited by subsequent Nissan commercial vehicles.For example, the VG30DE engine was the first in Japan in 1986.V6 cylinderDOHCAs a mass-market engine of, F185 detuned to 190PS and 31PS respectivelyLeopardAnd was installed in the Z31 Fairlady Z. The VG30DETT engine was detuned to 280PS and then adopted by the Z32 Fairlady Z, which later became a self-regulatory value. The combination of 4WD and 4WS will be laterAtesa E-TSとSuper HICASIn combination ofR32 Skyline GT-RSublimated into.

As mentioned above, the exterior was popular because it boasted a high degree of perfection close to that of a commercial vehicle, and many plastic models and miniature cars were released, which is rare for concept cars.


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  1. ^ The pamphlet distributed at the 1985 Frankfurt show, which was unveiled for the first time in the world, includes Z31.Fairlady ZA photo of the red MID4 equipped with the same "parallel rise-up" headlamps as above is being tested on rough roads.In addition, there are many parts that are different from the actual vehicle design, such as the design of the door handle and rear end.



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