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🚗 | One more step ... On the day of aiming for "zero traffic accident death"

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One more step ... On the day of aiming for "zero traffic accident death"

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During the "National Traffic Safety Campaign", we are promoting measures by setting a day aiming for "zero traffic accident deaths".

The National Police Agency is aiming for "zero traffic accident deaths" on April 4, and there is one traffic death on April 12, 2021 ... → Continue reading


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National Traffic Safety Campaign

National Traffic Safety CampaignWhat is (Zenkoku Kotsuu Anzen Undo)?Traffic Countermeasures HeadquartersBased on the procedure stipulated byJapanA period of educational activities related to traffic safety conducted nationwide.


Originally1948(23)May 11 OfNational local policeHeadquarters SecretaryNoticeIt was carried out based onAutomobileWith the spreadTraffic accidentIn response to the rapid increase in1955From (30), the Traffic Accident Prevention Countermeasures Headquarters (XNUMX) has been an important government measure.1962From "Cabinet Traffic Countermeasures Headquarters". The word "accident prevention" has been removed).


In principle, in springMay 4-May 4, AutumnMay 9-May 9However, the official schedule is decided by the Traffic Control Headquarters every year. Spring is the year of the Unified Local Elections, which is held once every four years.May 5-May 5Is changed to.

For the purpose of reducing traffic accidents during the exercise period, the main educational activities are usually carried out before the exercise period.

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