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🚗 | Hub Auto, which participates in the Le Mans 24-hour race at Porsche, changes the participation class to GTE Pro


Hub auto for Le Mans 24-hour race at Porsche, change class to GTE Pro

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Most of them are automaker works teams, "added Chen.

Hub Auto Racing is the ent of the Porsche 2021 RSR in the 24 Le Mans 911-hour race ... → Continue reading


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Works Team

Works TeamIs a name that refers to a team when a two-wheeled or four-wheeled automobile manufacturing company organizes its own team and participates in a race with its own funds, and is a word that is paired with a private team (or privateer team).[1].

This word is used in English for all sports teams in which companies participate (so-called ""Businessman”), As a word in motor sports factory-backed(Factory backdoor) Is used.The word "factory team" is sometimes used as a synonym for works team.


Basically, the cars that our company sellsbrand OfPropagandaTo carry out activities under the name of.

In addition to the original high economic power, many automobile manufacturers are from subsidiaries and related parts companies.sponsorIt is basically more financially advantageous than privateers because it is easy to obtain.Also, in terms of technology, in the competition category of remodeling a commercial car, since we are more familiar with the commercial car than any team, we will remodel it to improve performance (tuning) Is usually advantageous.

For that reason, works teams generally outperform privateers (non-automaker teams).However, with a commercial vehicleRacing carSince there are many differences in the development know-how of, it is often seen that a long-established influential privateer overwhelms Works.

If you stand on the side of the race operator, the fact that a team named after a famous automobile manufacturer participates in the race can attract the attention of not only automobile fans but also the general public, so you can create attractive rules for manufacturers and attract them. Is an important issue.However,The fact that advertising is nominal also means that it is closely linked to the profits of the company.Therefore, there is a high risk of withdrawal easily depending on the management policy of the company and the situation of the world economy.Many works enter → Privateers who do not win withdraw → Works also heat up The development competition that heats up and withdraws all at once, the case where the category declines and collapses easily is old and new There is no end to the east and west traces[2].

The privateer team, which is closely related to Works, may be rented the same machine as Works.Semi WorksOr "satellite team".On the other hand, companies that are deeply involved in the development and manufacture of works cars but do not operate their own racing teams, and "Companies whose main purpose is to participate in races manufacture and sell chassis for commercial vehicles." In such complex situations, there is disagreement over whether to include them in the works.In this way, the line between whether or not a company or team is called "Works" is ambiguous. →Semi Worksreference

Even if it is a direct line of a major automobile manufacturer, a team operated independently by a dealer (dealer) without the support of the manufacturer is generally classified as a privateer team.

In a broad sense, parts manufacturers (タ イ ヤ, Brake pads, oil, etc.) for the purpose of technological development and promotion of their own products, even if they bear their own funds to run a racing team or supply their own products to the team free of charge, they are also called works. There is.In particular, there is no direct participation of automobile manufacturersAll Japan Professional Drift ChampionshipIn the (D1 Grand Prix), the ones in which major tuning parts manufacturers are actively participating are called works.

Main works team


Existing team

The following companies are not currently operating their own teams, so there is debate over whether to include them in the works team.


Former works team

A team that has already disappeared, or a team that still exists as a team but has left Works due to changes in capital relationships.

Two wheels


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