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🚗 | Improve the safety of connected cars and self-driving cars with 5G communication Honda joint research test

Photo Joint research test to improve the safety of connected cars and self-driving cars with 5G communication between Honda and Verizon

Improve the safety of connected cars and self-driving cars with 5G communication Honda joint research test

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This allowed the driver to receive an emergency vehicle approach warning.

Honda's US division will use Verizon's 4G communications on April 9 for connected cars and autonomous driving ... → Continue reading


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Emergency vehicle

Emergency vehicle(Kinkyusharyo) refers to a vehicle that is designated and permitted to allow preferential traffic on the road or preferential use of the road in case of emergency business.


For emergency vehicles in JapanRoad Traffic Lawbased onEmergency car(Including fire-fighting vehicles), Self-Defense Forces vehicles,Disaster Countermeasures Basic LawThere are emergency vehicles based on[1].

Emergency vehicle (Road Traffic Act)

In Article 39, Paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Act, an emergency vehicle is defined as "a fire-fighting vehicle, an emergency vehicle, or any other vehicle specified by a Cabinet Order, which is being driven for the emergency business as specified by a Cabinet Order." As a general rule, it means that the vehicle is running with a siren sounding and a red warning light (Article 14 of the Road Traffic Act Enforcement Ordinance).A fire-fighting vehicle is defined as "a vehicle used for fire-fighting other than a fire-fighting vehicle, which is in operation for fire-fighting duties, as specified by a Cabinet Order."

Emergency vehicles (Basic Act on Disaster Countermeasures)

According to Article 76, Paragraph 1 of the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act, emergency vehicles are referred to as "Emergency vehicles and other vehicles under Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX of the Road Traffic Act (Act No. XNUMX of XNUMX). It is defined by a Cabinet Order as something that is particularly necessary to secure the passage for smooth implementation. "In the case of vehicles other than emergency vehicles and SDF vehicles under the Road Traffic Act, the "Emergency Vehicle Confirmation Mark" issued by the Prefectural Public Safety Commission should be used to pass the emergency traffic route designated in the event of a disaster. Must be posted on the windshield[1][2].

Advance notification of emergency traffic vehicles is subject to vehicles of government agencies, vehicles of electric power companies / gas companies / telephone companies, vehicles of doctors / medical institutions, and other vehicles required for disaster recovery activities depending on the situation ( Heavy construction equipment, tank trucks, route buses, high-speed buses, large freight vehicles for transporting goods), etc.[1].

In addition, emergency vehicles can receive preferential treatment of refueling at some gas stations.[1].

Emergency vehicle in the United States

In the United States, police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, etc. are generally regarded as emergency vehicles, although they vary from state to state.[3]..When an emergency vehicle sounds a siren and approaches, the preceding vehicle is obliged to promptly approach the shoulder and stop.[3]..In some states, police do not have to keep the sirens sounding as long as the red and blue warning lights are blinking (New York, etc.).Nature conservation officer,life guardVehicles for business use and bicycles for police officers (things in emergency service. The frame has the letters "POLICE" and a cycle bag and warning lights are attached) are also emergency vehicles.


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