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🚗 | Sagawa Express to convert all mini vehicles for delivery to EV ... Prototype released

Photo Sagawa Express, Director Motomura and ASF, President Iizuka announce prototype vehicle

Sagawa Express to convert all mini vehicles for delivery to EV ... Prototype released

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In the room, the driver's seat is about 10 cm wider than the passenger seat, allowing you to drive comfortably, and a pull-out plate is installed in front of the passenger seat to make it easier to use laptops and documents.

On the 13th, Sagawa Express unveiled a prototype of an electric light vehicle for delivery toward the realization of carbon neutrality.Present ... → Continue reading


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Passenger seat

Passenger seatIs aAutomobile Ofdriving seatThe seat next to.


It is a seat next to the driver's seat, which is a burden to drivedriverServes as a seat for the support of. Support is not required, but putting the burden on the driver without providing any driver support while in the passenger seat may be considered a violation of manners when sitting in the passenger seat. Also, not only supportdriveAtmosphere and thoughtfulness can be mentioned as manners[1].

Role of the passenger seat

  • 会話
    • The conversation has the effect of preventing the driver from becoming sleepy,Dozing drivingIt is a preventive measure to prevent In some cases, the driver's silence in the passenger seat or the fact that he/she sleeps can be a concern to the driver.[2].
  • Navigation and audio operation
    • car navigationIf the car is equipped with, if you are not familiar with the land while traveling, use car navigation, often set the destination. However, it is basically prohibited for the driver to operate the car navigation while driving. If there is a person in the passenger seat, a person sitting in the passenger seat instead of the driver can operate the navigation system to drive safely to the destination. In addition, it is also kind to give directions to small places such as right and left turns without leaving it to the navigation.
  • Air conditionTemperature, air conditioning adjustment
    • However, it is possible to operate the driver without permission from the driver, including the above navigation and audio operations, as it may hurt the driver who cherishes his car.[3].
  • Gum,CandyI'll take the package.
  • I'll attach and remove the drink cap.
  • highwayThe money with the payment of fees.

な ど

Origin of the passenger seat

The word passenger seatJapanWas born in. The origin of the words in the passenger seatTaxi OfIndustry termIt has been.Taisho eraWas used as the termEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThere were many passengers in the city, and we needed someone to help us get on and off the taxi. The clerk who sits next to the driver is called the assistant, and it is said that the word "passenger seat" remained after that. Passenger seatEnglishWhen set to, it becomes a passenger seat (passenger seat) like the rear seats.[4][5].


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