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✈ | Peach opens Kansai / Memanbetsu line Daily operation from July

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Peach opens Kansai / Memanbetsu line Daily operation from July

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There are Sapporo / New Chitose and Kushiro routes connecting Kansai International Airport and Hokkaido.

Peach will be the first low-cost carrier (LCC) to enter the Kansai / Memanbetsu line from Thursday, July 2021, 7 ... → Continue reading


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KIX(Kansai Kokusai Kukou,British: Kansai International Airport) IsOsakaOsakaSouthwest of 35 kmに 位置 す る空港.West JapanIs the international gateway toKansai three airportsAs one ofOsaka International Airport(Itami Airport),Kobe Airportと と も にKansai AirportIt is operated by a joint stock company.


1994May 9Open port.Osaka BayInsideQuanzhou5km offshore landfill (Sennan-gunTajiri Town-Izumisano-Sennan cityStraddle[5]) Consisting of the first fully artificial island in the worldMaritime airportIs (#Airport IslandSee). Common names and abbreviations areKansai airport(Easy to move) OrKansai(Kanku),Airport codeSometimes called "Kix" by KIX[6][7][8].Airport lawupperBase airportAndNarita International Airport,Tokyo International Airport(Haneda airport),Chubu International AirportAs an international airport representing Japan with (Centrair)International hub airport[9][10]It is positioned as one of the. Narita International AirportAt the same time, there is a strong tendency to be an international airport in the metropolitan area. "It is an international hub airport mainly in western Japan and a main airport for domestic flights in the Kinki area.[11]It is the only airport in the Kansai region that has regular international flights.Also, alongside Narita International Airport, etc.Peach AviationSuch asCheap airlineIt is the base airport of (LCC) and connects domestic and Asian cities.Aviation lawupperCrowded airportHas been designatedInternational Air Transport Association(IATA) is designated as congestion level 2[12].. The airport construction businessPrime Minister's HonorHas been awarded and has received various evaluations from outside Japan (# Evaluation from outside JapanSee).

Japan's first company-managed airportMunicipalities・Government designation jointly funded by the private sectorSpecial company"Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.(Kansai International Company/Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd., English abbreviation: KIAC)” was managed and managed, but management improvement was required. Then fully privatized[13]Is promoted,Concession methodManagement right at the sale[14], Of a private companyKansai Airport Co., Ltd.Is operating the three airports, the main airport, Osaka International Airport, and Kobe Airport. In the year ending March 2016, 3Narita International AirportIt has become a "Japan's most earning airport", with operating income exceeding 460 billion yen[15]. (# Sale of management rights(See)

Usage situation

Number of departures and arrivals, number of passengers, and freight handling volume for fiscal 2018 (April 2018-March 4)[4]Is as follows.Among Japanese airports, the number of passengers and the number of landings are the third, and the number of international passengers and the number of international landings are the second after Narita International Airport.This airport and Narita International Airport are the only airports that have more international passengers and landings than domestic flights (both are actual results in FY3).[16]).

Since 2012, LCC (Cheap airline) And the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan to Osaka and Kyoto are increasing, and the number of arrivals and departures and the number of passengers are also increasing.

Fashionable in 2020New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)As a result, the number of domestic and international flights was significantly reduced, and the total number of passengers in May of the same year decreased by 5% year-on-year to 99.[17].

Number of aircraft departures and arrivalsNumber of air passengersAir cargo handling volume
International flights14 times2289 million 6,449 people79 tons
Domestic flights4 times651 million 2,689 people1 tons
Total18 times2940 million 9,138 people81 tons
Arrivals and departures[18]

Since opening the port, the number of arrivals and departures has not fallen below 10 times a year, and it is showing growth especially from the so-called “LCC first year (2012)”.

  •   Domestic flights
  •   International flights
  •   Total

*Total by year. The unit is "times". The total number of takeoffs and landings is taken as the number of departures and arrivals (two departures and arrivals for each regular flight). The year of port opening (2) is not included in this graph for each year because it is calculated from the middle of the year.

Number of passengers[18]

The trend is generally related to the number of arrivals and departures, and is also characterized by growth from the so-called “LCC first year (2012)”.

  •   Domestic flights
  •   International flights
  •   Total

*Total by year. The unit is "thousand". It is the total number of passengers on one flight, and for example, one person who transferred at the airport is counted as two people. The year of port opening (1) is not included in this graph for each year because it is calculated from the middle of the year.

Cargo volume[18]

Although the amount handled increased from the opening of the port until fiscal 2000, it has remained flat since then.

  •   Domestic flights
  •   International flights
  •   Total

* Aggregated by year.The unit is "ton" (TonnageNot the mass "t").Since the year of opening of the port (1994) is calculated from the middle of the year, it is omitted in this graph by year.


Until the opening of the port

1960 eraToDouglas DC-8,Boeing 707In addition to a large number of jet passenger aircraft that are large and noisy,1964While the expansion of aviation demand was expected due to the liberalization of overseas travel, etc., there was little room for expansion and there were large restrictions on operating hours (departure and arrival times).Osaka International AirportConstruction of "Kansai Second Airport" was proposed because it is not possible to meet future demand by itself.[19].. Also, in 1963, the Cabinet approved the "Osaka International Airport Expansion Maintenance and Second International Airport Construction" plan submitted by the Prime Minister's Office Kinki Area Maintenance Headquarters. Then, in 2, the Ministry of Transport started a basic survey for the construction of Kansai Second Airport.[20][21].

As the construction plan for "Kansai Second Airport" progressed, domestic jetization progressed.1970 eraFrom around that time at Osaka International AirportnoiseEnvironmental problems such asOsaka International Airport#International Airport Age / Osaka airport lawsuitreference). Therefore, it has become necessary to take these factors into consideration when constructing the “Kansai Second Airport”. "Kansai Second Airport" isOsaka NankoOff the coast of KobeAkashiOkiAwaji Island・ Offshore Quanzhou was listed as a candidate site, and offshore Quanzhou was selected as the construction site.1987The first phase of construction was started to construct an artificial island of 515 ha and a passenger terminal building and a runway. The term "Kansai New Airport" was also used during the period from the concept of this airport plan to the opening of the port.[22].

It was recognized from the time that the planned construction site of Airport Island was deep water and soft ground, but there is no case of landfilling in the same scale and similar environment in a short period of time.[23][24],Landfill OfGround subsidenceHowever, there was a great concern about the measures. The construction cost of Kansai International Airport has greatly exceeded the initial assumption due to the following factors.

  • It was reclaimed into the deep sea 5 km away from the coast to prevent noise. It was pointed out that a distance of about 3 km from the coast is sufficient, considering the level of aircraft noise in recent years.[25]Built at the airport location determined in 1974 (5 km offshore). Not only in the first-stage island construction, but also in the second-stage construction to be described later, a plan to reclaim the cheaper side closer to the land (pointed out by aviation analyst Kazuki Sugiura and some aviation personnel) was not adopted.[25].
  • Mismanagement of construction costs, such as misunderstanding of price increases, additional work due to subsidence during construction that exceeded expectations, burden of interest rates due to delay in completion, and lack of scrutiny of buyers of sediment.
  • localFishermanThe amount of compensation for “fishing vested interests” for the above, etc. was significantly higher than initially expected. As compensation for fishery (compensation money, cooperation money, scholarship money, and cost of living security measures), Osaka Prefectural Fisheries Federation, 454 billion yen, Hyogo Prefecture Fisheries Federation, 323 billion yen, Wakayama Prefecture Fisheries Federation, 212 billion yen, Izumisano Fisheries Association 8 million yen was paid (the amount includes the Fisheries Promotion Fund, etc., which was paid separately from compensation for fisheries, etc.)[26][27].. In addition, the Osaka Prefectural Fisheries Federation claimed a previously unrecognized right to operate.[28].. As the construction of the airport proceeded, the demands of local fishermen escalated, and Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.'s originally prepared funds ran out, eventually leading to the "fishing industry".mafia"The people involved in the fishery cooperative have come in and out of Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.[29].. When the negotiations with Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. reached a dead end, local fishermen ran around the construction area with fishing boats and harassed airport personnel.[27].

There are various opinions depending on the calculation method,Democratic Party OfToshiyuki KatoParliamentarians say the final construction cost for the first phase of construction is "1 trillion yen"[30].. Globally, it's unusual for a runway to cost more than 1 trillion yen to build an airport.[31].. Due to soaring construction costs, it was decided to set high landing fees and rents.

The construction of the first island of the airport was completed in 1 and opened on September 1991, 1994. To commemorate the opening of the port, three types of 9 yenCommemorative stampOn September 1994, 9,Commemorative currencyAs a 500 yen copper coin was issued on August 1994, 8.

From the opening of the port to the start of the second phase of construction

Recent Papers

1995May 1ToGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeOccurs. Although it was far from the epicenter, the airport terminal buildingKansai Airport Station-Parking LotDamage to the building was confirmed in the area. However, at both Osaka International Airport, there was no impact on aircraft operations, etc.[32].. Results such as the number of passengers and arrivals and departures were below the initial forecast. Initially, from the opening of the port2000 YearWhile the number of international passengers continues to increase every year, the number of domestic passengers competing with Osaka International Airport has not increased,2004In degrees1995Depressed to about half of the degree[33].. I saw this situation seriouslyJapanese GovernmentConsidering Kansai International Airport[34][35][36][37]To take thorough measures against noise at Osaka International Airport[38]As a result of restrictions on departures and arrivals at Osaka International Airport (regulation of long-distance flights, downsizing of operating flights, etc.), the number of flights and passengers at Kansai International Airport increased. In addition, we tried to increase the number of flights by lowering the expensive landing charges that were unsatisfactory from airline companies in 2005, etc.# Landing fees, etc.(See)[Note 2].

After that, due to the effects of expanding air demand and lowering landing charges, domestic flights started increasing in FY2005 and continued to increase until FY2007.[33]。2005年11月15日には、利用客の累計が2億人の大台を突破した。1994年9月の開港から4,091日目(約11年2か月)での達成で、約14年9か月を要したNarita International AirportNot only was it faster than any other airport in Japan. The number of people who reached 1 million was 1,961 days (5 years and 5 months) from the opening of the port, which is also the fastest in Japan. However, Kansai International Airport was opened nearly 20 years after Narita International Airport, and due to the progress of internationalization and the extreme yen appreciation since the latter half of the 1990s,Cheap airlineGeneralization of overseas travel due to the emergence of, is a major userPeople's Republic of China,South KoreaIt is necessary to keep in mind that aviation demand has been strong since the opening of Narita Airport due to the economic development of. Looking at the achievements,2000Although the number of arrivals and departures and the number of users temporarily decreased at the peak of the degree,2004Recover after2007Continued to increase[33].

In the summer 2006 timetable,Japan-China relations normalizationI was withdrawing from the Osaka flight laterChina AirlineHas entered Osaka for the first time in 32 years since the time of Osaka International Airport, and in the summer 2007 timetable, international flights reached a record high of 776 flights a week, and the number of departures and arrivals in 2007 was also the highest ever for the whole year.[33].. The number of departures and arrivals will continue to increase, centering on Asian routes such as China and South Korea,Duty-free shopAs profits increased due to the enhancement of product sales facilities such as[Note 3]Became. However, Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. had suspended the remaining 237ha of landfill work on the second term island just before completion. This isProperty taxIn addition to the above, it is considered that before the completion, the company's financial statements are currently in the red due to interest on borrowing of another account.[39].

Start of second phase construction

In the 1996th Five-Year Airport Development Plan from 7, the development of base airports in metropolitan areas was given top priority. According to the estimate of the plan, Kansai Airport can arrive and depart 1 times a year with one runway[40]In addition, he predicted that "the number of takeoffs and landings per year will reach 2003 in 16, and one runway will reach the limit of processing capacity." From the departure and arrival record at that time, there was about 1 "remaining capacity"[Note 4]However, in 1999, the second stage construction was 528 ha.[39]Started the construction of the second term airport island and the construction of the 4,000 m second runway. This project, along with the Narita Parallel Runway, Haneda Offshore Development, Chubu New Airport, and Metropolitan New Airport, was given top priority. However, this prediction will be greatly deviated downwards.[Note 5][33](Japanese airports #statisticsreference). In addition, at that time, as the name of the second stage construction promotion,Osaka OlympicsBid was listed[41].. However, the Osaka Olympic bid was unsuccessful and the construction target of the Olympics was2007 11th World Athletics ChampionshipsAnd changed to the 9th World Huasheng Convention[42].

After that, the second phase of construction was to proceed while reducing the project cost in consideration of the business conditions of Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. For the time being, the runway and minimumTaxiwayIt was decided that only those facilities would be maintained in advance, and the surrounding facilities would be constructed one after another. In addition, the government planned to pay 2005 billion yen for the facility development project cost for the two years from 2006 to 2, and the private sector would pay 400 billion yen.[Note 6]As a result, the government budget for fiscal 2006 was reduced from 300 billion yen to 171 billion yen. As a result, it is expected that private investment, which is one-third of the facility maintenance cost, will be reduced. While the second phase of construction that has been carried out in this way is desired by Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. and local governments,LDPadministrative reform OfSeiichi OtaPromotion HeadquartersHonshu-Shikoku connecting bridge-Tokyo Bay Aqua LineNegative views were also made, such as being severely criticized as "three major stupid businesses at the end of the 20th century" alongside[43][44].

After the start of runway B

2007 Year

Phase 2007 construction on August 8, 2 (limited service area) 291 ha[39]Was completed, and the 4,000 m B runway and its parallel taxiway, the south-side connecting taxiway to the first phase airport island, etc. were used. Originally scheduled for completion in October 2007, it was put into service on August 10, 2007 ahead of schedule. The runway B is used for landing aircraft in principle, but it is also used for takeoff when the runway A is closed due to inspection/maintenance or an accident. Also,Airbus A340,Boeing 747,Airbus A380Class etcpayloadThe large aircraft for long haul flights that require large lengths require a long takeoff run, so the B runway may be used for takeoff at the request of the captain (However, since the A runway of 3500 m is long enough. , Rarely requesting pilots). Due to the advance of the original service schedule, by August 8Air traffic controlThe system construction was not in time, and after that, we had to continue construction at night, and the complete 24-hour operation ended up on September 9st.[Note 7].

Even after the construction of the limited service portion was completed, the construction work of the unused portion of the second term island was not completed, and the Kansai Airport Company suspended the construction because the prospect of use was not yet established.[39].. Concerning the subsequent construction plans, the Kansai Airport Company is working to increase the number of international cargo lines that have grown dramatically in recent years, rather than passenger facilities (such as the passenger terminal building annex that is planned to be built near Runway B). Wants early start of cargo facilities. The company says that there is no room for construction on the first island and the cargo facilities are in a tight situation.[45].

As a condition for approving the budget for these second-stage construction costs, at the Kansai International Airport, "achieve the number of departures and arrivals per year in the year 2007"Ministry of FinanceWas sought after. The number of 13 is calculated as the number of departures and arrivals that can be processed by one runway A, and "about 1" is an agreement between Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. and the Ministry of Finance.129,000 times or moreをもって目標達成とみなすことになっていた。関西国際空港株式会社の村山敦社長は「12万5000回と13万回の真ん中より上をいけば『程度』と言えるのではないか」(2007年2月21日の記者会見より)として127,500回をもって達成とする考えを示す一方、10月24日の記者会見では「関空会社としての需要予測は12万9000回」「結果的に500回や1,000回下回ったとしても、原油高の影響を考慮すればほぼ予測通り」「発着回数の論議はもう終わりにしたい」と発言しており、129,000回を下回ることも示唆していた。

From February 2008th to March 2st, 18,Hankyu Airlines(Already out of business) carried out a scenic flight to take off and land at Kansai International Airport. This scenic flight was carried out up to 1 times a day (12 departures and arrivals), and by the end of March, about 24 departures and arrivals had been achieved.[46].. Regarding this matter, it has been pointed out that the scenic flight is an explicit number of departures and arrivals.[47]However, Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. and Hankyu Airlines denied that the purpose was to achieve the number of departures and arrivals.[48].. On April 4, the Kansai International Airport Company announced the number of departures and arrivals in 18.128,943 times[49]Announced[47].. Although it did not reach 12 times 9000 times, the Kansai International Airport Company stated that it "almost cleared the conditions".[47].

2008 Year

In 2007, he was at the mercy of achieving the quota for the number of departures and arrivals imposed by the government, but in 2008, the following year, he was struggling with relationships with local governments. In April 2008, he was the governor of Osaka Prefecture at that time.Tohashi HashishitaIn the "Financial Reconstruction Proposal" under the direct control of the reform project team, a policy was announced to abolish the distribution allocated to the promotion of Kansai International Airport utilization (Kansai International Airport gateway function enhancement promotion project) from FY2009. In response, Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. said, "While the country is providing a subsidy of 90 billion yen every year to stabilize the management of the Kansai International Airport Company, the localsOsakaIf you cut your budgetMinistry of FinanceI don't understand. "[50].. In the end, as pointed out by Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd., Governor Hashimoto, who was afraid of ending the burden from the government, decided to continue the burden on the local community.[51].. In addition, with the local city of IzumisanoKansai International Airport Connection BridgeThere is a debate between the two parties over tax sources and tolls due to the sale of[52][53].. Airline management difficulties due to high crude oil prices (three major domestic companies are currently considering abolishing routes, reducing flights, or withdrawing[54][55][56]) Also overlapped, Kansai International Airport will reach a critical moment.[57].

In July, three domestic companies were asked to withdraw from Kansai International Airport and reduce flights, and Governor Hashimoto, who took this seriously, drastically reviewed the ideal state of the three Kansai airports, including the abolition of Osaka International Airport. He expressed his belief that it should be, and was controversial. EspeciallyGovernor of HyogoIsToshizo IdoShows strong repulsion[58].

On the other hand, the number of international freight flights increased before and after the start of operation of Runway B, and "in the case of connecting Asia and various parts of Japan" using flights to Asia, which is the main route.Hub airportIn addition to its function as an "international cargo hub airport," we are aiming to expand it.[59].. For more information on current service status#Service routeSee item.

In the second phase project, it was planned to establish two access taxiways to the island in the north and south, but currently only the south access taxiway is in service for the second phase only. The construction plan for the cargo facility and new passenger terminal building on Nikijima was also undecided at this time. As a condition for obtaining a budget for these facilities, the government has stated that "the number of departures and arrivals in fiscal 2 was about 2008." However, as a result of the slump, Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. abandoned the achievement of this target in the middle of the year, and set a target of 13 times in 5,000, the same as the previous year. Even so, the achievement of the target was severe, and the number of departures and arrivals in 2008 was about 12, which was lower than the previous year.[60].

Although it is a maritime airport far from land, it is not free from noise problems. In 2008, the noise problem at Kansai International Airport became apparent with the residents' group "Awaji Sky Protection Association". On June 6, there was a request to urge aircraft that exceed noise standards to improve.Awaji CitySumotoHas been issued to[61].

2009 Year

December 2009, 12, was the governor of Osaka Prefecture at that timeTohashi HashishitaShakes in both Japan and the United StatesOkinawa OfUS Army in JapanRegarding the issue of relocation of Futenma base, he said, "If the government proposes a discussion that will reduce the burden on Okinawa, we must do our best to consider this issue." Governor Hashimoto said that if there was a proposal from the government, he should discuss measures to reduce the burden on the base in Kansai, saying, "I have not said that I will immediately accept the function of the base at Kansai Airport, but the base in Okinawa. "We must make discussions to reduce the burden," he said. "The public must recognize that the US military base is not a problem that only Okinawa bears. The function of the base is anywhere other than Okinawa. I want to send a message as a politician that I have to accept it. " After that, he said, "If there is a place where I can speak at the Governors'Association, I would like to propose this problem," and said that the National Governors' Association would like to raise a problem about measures to reduce the burden on Okinawa.[62][63].

Kansai three airport problems

Since the opening of Kobe Airport in 2006KinkiAs the main airports of Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport and Kobe Airport, so-called "Kansai three airportsIs coexisting and operating. Around 2012, due to the effects of landing fee reductions, etc., a surplus will be recorded in the single-year settlement of accounts.[64]However, due to the large amount of construction cost debt, the management did not improve drastically, and the stock price of the shares issued for 1 yen per share became 5 yen.[65].. In addition, on June 2012, 6, the construction work for the second stage airport island, which had been suspended just before completion, was completed and approved by Osaka Prefecture (the second passenger terminal building opened on October 25, the second stage. Planned start of construction of island cargo area, etc.). With the completion of this construction, a new property tax equivalent to 10 million yen will be levied from FY28.[66].. In order to drastically solve such business environment and problems, discussions have been held on the management integration with Osaka International Airport and the separation of Kansai International Airport operations. For example, on May 2010, 5Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismReport compiled by the Growth Strategy Council of Japan[67]In, fundamentallyKansai International Airport Co., Ltd.(Operating organization of this airport at that time) OfBalance sheetTo improve, freight hub andCheap airlineAn airport management strategy was presented to make the (LCC) a base. On July 2010, 7,Naoto KanThe prime minister (at that time) said, "If possible, building hub airports in Kanto and Kansai is the way to spend money for economic development."Tokyo International AirportAt the same time, he also expressed his intention to focus on strengthening the functions of Kansai International Airport.[68].

After that, discussions on what the three Kansai airports should be proceeded, and in 2011Law on integrated and efficient installation and management of Kansai International Airport and Osaka International AirportWas established on July 2012, 7New Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.(New corporation to replace the above organization)The business integration of Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport was carried out. At that time, out of the approximately 1 trillion yen in debt that Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. had, approximately 2 billion yen was transferred to New Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.Kansai International Airport Land Holding Co., Ltd.As a result, the name and position have been changed. The land-owning corporation's management scheme is to maintain the remaining debt of 8000 billion yen, lend the airport land to New Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd., and repay the debt at the rent.[69].. This management integration and organizational restructuring laid the groundwork for the sale of operating rights shown in the next section, and the business environment of the three Kansai Airports, including the main airport, subsequently changed.

Sale of operating rights

In October 2012, New Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.Concession methodHas created a medium-term management plan centered on the sale of operating rights by[70].. In July 2014, we announced the implementation policy of integrated operation of Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport for 7 years by public offering.[71], Application guidelines for businesses in November of the same year[72]announced. There are 3 applicants for this,2015May 6Out of threeOryxVansi airportOnly a consortium of[73].. ORIX, Vansi Airport Consortium also passed the second screening,2015May 11Selected as the priority negotiation right holder[74],May 11Signed a basic agreement[75].May 12Kansai Airport Co., Ltd. was established by ORIX and Vansi Airport with a XNUMX:XNUMX stake.[76][77].. After that, a third-party allocation of capital was carried out,Hankyu Hanshin Holdings,Nankai Electric Railway,Panasonic,Resona Bank26 other companies have invested. The company2016May 4The new Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. took over the airport operation for 2060 years until March 3, 31.[Note 8]Since then, Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport have been operating as one[78].. In addition, in 2018, Kobe Airport also started management by the same group, and Kansai Three Airports have an integrated management system by the Kansai Airport Group.

Damage caused by Typhoon No. 2018 in 21

2018th of February 9[Note 9], Kansai International AirportKinkiApproached and landed30 Typhoon No. 21Suffered the following enormous damage.climaxAlthough he did not cross over the seawall, overtopping from the seawall caused flooding of almost all of the first island and a power outage due to flooding occurred at the airport. At runway A (1R/06L) and Terminal 24 parking lot, it reached 40 to 50 cm in deep water, and the underground employee area was flooded in the passenger terminal building XNUMX.[79]As of the 4th day when the damage occurred,All Nippon AirwaysHas 3Boeing 767-300ERType machines (registration numbers JA620A, JA622A, JA626A) were parked on the runway side of Terminal 3 North Wing B. Some of the three 767s had to be repaired because some parts were submerged in seawater and were restored at a later date.[80].. On the other hand, the offshore second stage island with B runway (06L/24R) and the second terminal, the first stage island worked like a "breakwater" and the damage was small.[81].. Some people were injured due to damage to the glass, and both Runway A and Runway B were closed at noon on the same day.[79].

Owned byTsurumi Sun MarineThe tanker "Hounen Maru" (2,591 tons) operated by Kansai International Airport was on September 9 the day before.Aviation fuelAfter unloading, the ship was anchored off the airport about 2 kilometers south of the connecting bridge. The Hounaru Maru side received instructions from the operating company to load aviation fuel again in Osaka Bay, the anchorage is a seabed suitable for anchoring, and winds and waves are caused by the Kii Mountains and Kanku Island. Claims that the selection was made in consideration of what is expected to be prevented[Note 10].. Hounenmaru used seawater instead of unloading aviation fuel in a tank and weighed it, but after 4:13 on the XNUMXth,AnchorDespite lowering the bow and driving the screw with the bow facing upwind, the anchoring occurred and the hull began to be swept backwards (to the north). The crew tried to avoid it by running the engine at full speed, but Hounen Maru drifted for 2.2 kilometers without stopping, about 40 minutes later at about 13:40,Kansai International Airport Connection BridgeCollided with at 11.4 km / h.

Of the three-lane roads above and below the connecting bridge, the down line was displaced on a large scale along with the bridge girder, and it collided with the railroad bridge passing between the upper and lower lines, causing problems.At this time, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, at 3:13, the largest instantaneous wind speed in the history of observation was recorded at 38 meters, and some ships recorded 58.1 meters in the same sea area. Is observing 73.8 meters.It was later discovered that as many as 82.4 ships, or 51% of the 76 ships anchored in Osaka Bay, were anchored. There are several ships.In addition, the connecting bridge had already been closed, and the crew of Hounmaru were just before the collision.FunabashiNo casualties occurred due to sheltering from[82][83][84][85][86][87][88][89].. Ships have been washed away in the same area in the past, and Kansai Airport Coast Guard Air Base has been recommended on the website since 2011 to stay at a distance of 3 miles (about 5.5 km) from the island when a typhoon approaches or a strong warning level winds. However, there was no compulsory force, and it was not known to the customs agencies, operating companies, shipowners, captains, and crew. Also, within 5.5 km, there are more than 10 anchors other than Hounen Maru in the same area, and at the time of typhoon 20, the Japan Coast Guard ships also anchor within 5.5 km within the area surrounded by the Kii Mountains and Kanku Island. Was there. The Hounen Maru was anchored at a point of about 2.4 km at the discretion of the captain. Kaiho sent a document to the captain on the suspicion of negligence and traffic accident, but the Osaka District Prosecution decided not to prosecute because of insufficient suspicion.[90].. September 9 after these damages[91]·June 9[92]On both days, Kansai International Airport was closed and all flights were canceled. (However, around 5:21 on the 11thPeach AviationTransporter landing on Runway B[93].. ) In addition, passengers and employees were isolated on the island because all normal access methods were blocked. Targeting at people who could not leave the airport from the early morning of the 5th,Kobe Airport[94]orNankai Electric RailwayIzumisano Station[95]The transportation to the island was started, and about 7,800 applicants all escaped to the island during the same day.[96].

On September 9th, the airport operatorKansai AirportHeld a press conference and reported the above situation, and announced that it intends to resume the airport operation provisionally from September 2, the following day, using B runway and Terminal 9 which were relatively less damaged.[97].. In the temporary restart,Japan AirlinesPeach Aviation[Note 11]Operated a total of 19 flights[98].

Regarding access to airports, some limousine buses have resumed operation in line with the resumption of flight operations above.[99].. From September 9th, in order to compensate for the interruption of the railway bridge, JRHanwa LineHineno StationAnd Naneno Electric Railway Izumisano Station from Hineno Station/Izumisano Station- Rinku Town StationA free shuttle bus from Rinku Town Station to Airport Island was operated along with the resumption of train operation between[100][101].. The road section of the connecting bridge was restored to a passable state by making the undamaged upstream line face-to-face. However, at this time, because of the limited traffic capacity of the bridge, the passage of private cars and rent-a-cars was restricted except for issues from the airport parking lot.[102].

On September 9th, a specialized team of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism formulates and announces a countermeasure plan for airport recovery.[103]In addition, from Kansai Airport, international passenger flights centered on Peach Aviation flights[104],as well asFedexDedicated freight service by[105]It was announced that it would be restarted, and the service started from September 9th.

For about a week after that, the airport operation continued only at Terminal 1, but from September 2, the domestic area of ​​Terminal 9 and the south wing side of the international flight were resumed.[106].May 9Railroad has resumed operation to Kansai Airport Station[107].May 9Also recovered from the north wing of Terminal 1 and resumed business.[108].. In this way, the parts of the airport facilities that carry passengers were mostly restored, and although some airlines carried out some flight reductions, about 99% of the flights were restored. The recovery rate for cargo flights has recovered to 86%[109].Yoshii KanChief Cabinet SecretaryPromptly restores the Kansai Airport,Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeBased on my experience of going to Japan as a volunteer atPrime minister's residenceIt is due to having created a task force with[110].. A lot of airport employees have been devoted to this response.[111].

These damages caused the next yearFirst Year of Reiwa East Typhoon(Typhoon No. 19) When approaching,Fifth District Coast Guard HeadquartersTook measures to prohibit the passage of general vessels of 3 tons or more within 100 nautical miles around the airport island[112], Kansai Airport decided to convene personnel in charge of 31 organizations such as airlines and local governments to the countermeasure headquarters depending on the course and damage of the typhoon and consider the countermeasures.[113].

Disaster prevention enhancement

After the damage caused by Typhoon No. 21 above, Kansai Airport established a task force for disaster countermeasures as of October 10.[114].. In cooperation with other committees established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and a third-party committee established separately, in particular, analyze in detail the revetment and underground electrical equipment that caused the damage expansion, and take future measures. It plans to strengthen and review the crisis management system.

After that, I approached the Kinki region30 Typhoon No. 24To deal with the above, increase the number of sandbags and increase the number of foreign language staff[115]Was carried out. Measures to secure safety by closing the runway in advance, considering the large number of people staying at the airport during Typhoon 21[116]On September 24, when Typhoon No. 9 was closest, the airport was closed for 30 hours.[117].. Typhoon No. 24 escaped the major damage, and the operation was resumed promptly the day after the typhoon passed.[118].. On the other hand, some airlines raised doubts about the decision process for closing the airport, and Kansai Airport is preparing clear guidelines for planned closure to avoid confusion.[119].. In addition, on January 2019, 1, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism decided to raise the runway of this airport. It is planned to raise the height by about 31 m in the construction period of 3 years.[120].

Future plans, etc.

This section introduces trends in Kansai International Airport facility expansion plans and plans.North side taxiwayIs a new concept of a connecting taxiway connecting the 1st and 2nd islands. In the initial second-stage construction plan, a blueprint was prepared to establish two connecting taxiways with the newly constructed second-stage island.[121]However, as of the start of operation of the second island (2), only one connecting taxiway connecting the central parts of both islands will be in service.[122], To the present.C runway conceptIs the runway for crosswind measures that was planned in the initial concept. It was planned to build a new runway of 3,500 m so that it runs east-west near the north end of Runway B.[123][124].. If the landfill for the new runway is completed and the initial concept is realized, the site area of ​​the airport will reach approximately 1,300 ha.Terminal 4 conceptIs the construction concept of the "Fourth Airport Terminal Building" following the current T1 and T2 (domestic flights) and T2 (international flights). Kansai Airport envisions a terminal for cheap airlines[125]In addition, the opinion of airport officials that a terminal building for full-service carriers is necessary is also reported.[126].

Kansai Airport has also announced a plan to refurbish the Terminal 1 Building in anticipation of the Osaka Expo and further increase in the number of foreign tourists. (→Details)


Airport island

The artificial island, which is the core of Kansai International Airport and is located 5 km off Senshu from Osaka Bay, is also called "Kanku Island". Originally, it is a complete group of artificial islands that were constructed by landfilling a sea area where there is no land, and the world's first example of an airport on an artificial island that is not close to land.[Note 12]Is. There are two islands, the first island (in the east side, 1994 ha) that went into service in 515 and the second island (in the west side, 2007 ha) that went into service in 545.[33].. The two airport islands are bridged by land that was built between the two islands mentioned above. Each artificial island is over 2mOpen parallel parallel runwayAre arranged one by one[Note 13]The total site area is 1060haWest JapanIt is the largest airport in Japan. Japan's first 24-hour operation for both passengers and air cargo due to its location as an artificial island on the sea, which is less affected by noise.[Note 14]Was realized. "Senshu Airport" is used for all the town names on the airport islands.IzumisanoSenshu Airport NorthSennan-gunTajiri TownIn Senshuku AirportSennan cityIt is south of Senshu Airport[Note 15].

As mentioned above, the construction and maintenance of the airport island is a struggle against land subsidence, and various technologies have been introduced to create stable ground. As a result, the amount of subsidence, which was about 50 cm a year when the port opened, has now converged to about 7 cm a year. Regarding the subsidence, Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. has announced a comment saying "I want to monitor it carefully."[3].AmericaAviation experts at the time of airport constructionGlobal warmingIf the impact of the airport is not taken into consideration, the airport island may be submerged in 50 years.[128].(I.e.The risk of flooding due to the above has also been announced by the relevant authorities in 2013.Nankai TroughAt the Osaka Prefectural Disaster Prevention Conference on a huge earthquake, in the Nankai TroughmagnitudeIn the case of a large 9th-class earthquake, the tsunami caused by the earthquake predicts inundation of up to 1 meter in the international cargo area of ​​Phase 1 Island and up to 3 meters in other areas. Was reported as[129][130].. On January 2018, 9,Typhoon 21climaxDue to the influence of[131], The airport function has stopped, and more thorough flood control measures have been taken (related clauses).# 2018 Damage caused by Typhoon Jebi,#Strengthening disaster preventionchecking).


The main runways and taxiways are 3,500 m A runway and two parallel taxiways on the first island, and 2 m B runway and one parallel taxiway on the second island. It is installed and in service. With the 4,000 m runway B, which went into service in 1,Airbus A380,Boeing 747Even if such a super-large aircraft is loaded with a large amount of fuel for long-distance flight exceeding 1 km, it is possible to perform more stable takeoff and gliding than before. These two runways are connected by a pair of taxiways that pass through the land area (one place) that connects the two islands.Open parallelIt has two runways over 2 m, and a total of four runways on both sides.Instrument landing gear(ILS) is in place[Note 16].

  • Runway A (Runway 06, 24R / 3,500L): 60 m x 06 m; Equipped with ILS (CAT II) on both 24R and XNUMXL
  • Runway B (Runway 06, 24L / 4,000R): 60 m x 06 m; equipped with ILS (CAT II) on both 24L and XNUMXR

As a general rule, Runway A is used exclusively for takeoff and Runway B is used exclusively for landing, but as of 2008, the usage rate of Runway B was only about 35% of that of landers. This is because Runway B is about 1 km away from the terminal building on the first island, and taxiing time is long, so airlines that want to reduce fuel consumption and passengers who want to save time can use Runway B. Because I hate it, I try to use Runway A as much as possible even when landing.[132].. Therefore, runway B is currently used mainly by landers during congestion such as in the morning, landers for flights arriving at Terminal 2, and takeoff and landers when runway A is closed.

The airport is open 24 hours a day, but the runway and taxiway are closed regularly due to maintenance work, during which time the runway cannot take off or land. However, with the start of service of Runway B and the accompanying control system construction, from September 2007, 9.[Note 17]Runway B can now be operated at night, and multiple runways that can be operated 24 hours a day have been completed. This will allow the other runway to remain available almost all the time, even during maintenance and inspection of one runway.[133], This airport has become a "true 24-hour airport" in the sense that there is no (in principle) closed state of all runways. The transition of the runway closing time zone is summarized below (all times are Japan Standard Time). After the start of night operation of Runway B, a runway closure schedule was set up to completely improve Runway A, which had been in poor pavement due to insufficient maintenance time since the opening of the port in 1994. After that, it is scheduled to set the closing and maintenance time of either runway at night for 1 days in a week.

Before the start of operation of Runway B (-August 2007, 8)
  • Runway A Tuesday (2: 5-4: 30), Saturday and Sunday (2: 00-5: 00)
Immediately after the start of operation of Runway B (August 2007, 8-August 2, 8)[134]
  • Runway A Tuesday (2: 5-4: 30), Saturday and Sunday (2: 00-5: 00)
  • Runway B Every day (21:00-7:00 the next day)[Note 18]
Runway A full improvement period (October of the same year-around August of the following year)
  • Runway A Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (23:10-6:40 the next day)
  • Runway B Monday / Thursday (21: 00-6: 40 the next day)[Note 19]
After 2013 after the A runway was completely improved[135]
  • Runway A Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday (0:0-6:30)
  • Runway B Monday / Thursday (21:0-6:30 the next day)

Landing fees, etc.

Since it cost a lot of money to construct the airport, it has been compared with major airports in Asia such as Incheon International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport since the opening of the port.Landing feeBecame expensive[136].. Its level is equal to or higher than the internationally expensive Narita International Airport, and it was often taken up as a symbol of Kansai International Airport, which has a high cost structure and a huge deficit. Reducing landing fees has been an issue for Kansai International Airport, which aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of airports and increase the number of flights and users.[137].

On April 2001, 4, Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. reduced the landing fee for international flights from 1 yen per ton to 1 yen by about 2300%.[138].. This was a reduction in the landing fee of the Boeing 747 from about 91 yen to about 83 yen, but at the same time, Incheon International Airport was about 33 yen, Hong Kong International Airport was about 39 yen, and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Was about 66 yen, which was still expensive. From the spring of 2002, we will introduce a 50% discount for increasing international flights and new flights.[138].. From the spring of 2004, we have implemented an international flight increase discount that discounts the increased landing weight by 20% for airlines that have increased their landing weight, as well as discounts on Kansai single routes and frequent routes for domestic flights, propeller aircraft and small aircraft. Implemented a discount[139].. From March 2005, 3, we reviewed the increase discount and implemented the increase discount for international flights during off-peak hours. In fiscal 27, the lowest number of passengers since the opening of the port, we implemented urgent measures to increase the landing fee discount for airlines that increase flights from 2009% to 10% for a year and a half from October.[140][141].. From the 2012 winter timetable, the international landing fee has been reduced by about 5% from 1 yen to 2090 yen per ton.[142]。2013年夏ダイヤからは、国際線の増量割引を初年度80%、2年目50%、3年目30%としたほか、午前1時から午前5時59分に着陸する国内線・国際線を50%割り引く深夜早朝割引などを新たに実施した[143][144].. From April 2017, 4, we will offer a maximum discount of 1% on new routes in the first year and a 100% discount on routes that use Kansai as a relay point.TransitIn addition to introducing route discounts, the landing fee for international flights was reduced to 11 yen per ton from November 1, the same year.[145].

Terminal 1 Building

Terminal 1 Building (T1)Architectural design competitionAs a result ofイタリア Of建築 家 OfRenzo PianoIs in charge of the design,ArupWas involved. The original name of the port was "Passenger Terminal Building", but it was changed to the current name bearing "No. 2" on October 2012, 10 with the opening of Terminal 28 Building (LCC dedicated terminal).[146].. It consists of a 4-story main building and wings that extend 677m north and south. A lot of glass is used for the interior and exterior, and the roof has a shape that draws a gentle arc-shaped curve that resembles the wings of an airplane, and when viewed from the sky, this terminal is shaped like a "wing resting bird". .. Although it is a single building, it is capable of operating both international and domestic flights, and has an annual passenger processing capacity of 2,500 million (1,200 million international and 1,300 million domestic). The main building has a hierarchical structure as shown in the table below, and has a traffic line that allows passengers to transfer between domestic and international flights simply by moving vertically. In line with the flow of international passengers,Limousine busAnd the bus stop connecting to the ferry dock is on the 4th floor, and the platform is on the 1st floor. In addition, domestic departure/arrival floors (Check-inThere is a counter, security checkpoint, baggage claim, and boarding gate)Aero Plaza,Railway station, Multistory parking lot (P1, P2)Pedestrian deckIt is directly connected with and realizes a flow line with less stress for each passenger. Within the restricted area of ​​international flights, the flow lines of arriving passengers and departing passengers are separated, and it is designed so that the passengers can be guided to the destination facility so as not to mix each passenger. Some boarding gates are far from the inspection area,Moving walkwayIs installed. As mentioned above, there are facilities and boarding gates for international and domestic flights, but two of the boarding gates are shared with international flights.

As for commercial facilities in the airport including the terminal building, some stores are open 24 hours a day.[147][Note 20].. In Terminal 1,Restaurant,food court, Souvenir shops andconvenience store,bookstore,pharmacy,bankBesides,Japan Airlines,ANA,Cathay Pasific Airlines,Korean AirFor airlines such asLoungeRelaxation facilities such asclinicand so on. The area on the north side of the 2nd floor, "Kanku Hot Space Area 24," is a place that was created to utilize the convenience of an airport 24 hours a day, by utilizing the location where there was once an airline counter. The police box is located[148].. In front of the international arrivals entrance on the 1st floor,Plasma display panelA "welcome board" using (made by Panasonic) is installed, and welcome messages in 15 languages, Kyoto, Nara, etc.KinkiSightseeing videos and welcome messages for group guests are shown. Free in all areas of the hotel except some of the international arrival linesPublic wireless LANSpots are maintained[149].. In addition, a guide called "Kanku Ipal" provides guidance at each information counter. For night patrol security from April 2010, 4SegwayThree cars were installed, and from 3:22 to 7:XNUMX the next dayKansai Airport StationConcourseUsed to guard[150].

Overview of Terminal 1 Building
  • Total floor area 303,443 m2[151]
  • Length 1,672 m
  • 41 gates (15 international north, 8 domestic, 16 international south, 2 shared inside)
Main buildingWing (south/north)
General areaRestricted area
  • Limousine Bus Drop off point
  • Taxi/Private car Drop off point
4 floor

International departure floor

  • International check-in counter
  • Group counter
  • International Departure Gate (1-3)
  • Security inspection
3 floor

Restaurant/shop floor

  • Airline lounge
KAL Lounge
  • Card Members Lounge
  • Business lounge
  • JAL guest room
  • Immigration control

International Gate Area

    (Duty-free shop)
  • Airline lounge
KIX Airside Lounge
KIX North Lounge
  • Wing shuttle middle station/tip station
2 floor

Domestic departure/arrival floor

Domestic Gate Area

  • Security inspection
  • Baggage delivery area
  • Airline lounge
Sakura Lounge
ANA Lounge
  • Domestic boarding gates (16-25, 201-202, 211-212)

International Gate Area

  • Duty-free shop
  • Airline lounge
Sakura Lounge
ANA Lounge
Lounge pacific
Royal Orchid Lounge
  • Card Members Lounge
King Kong
Annex Rokko
  • International boarding gates (1-16, 25-41, 101-103, 111-113)
  • Limousine bus stop
  • Taxi/Private Bus Stop
1 floor

International Arrival Floor

  • International Arrival Gate (South/North)
  • Kansai Tourist Information Center Kansai International Airport
  • Quarantine/immigration
  • Baggage delivery area
  • Customs inspection

Large-scale renovation

Kansai Airport foresaw the opening of the Expo on December 2019, 12[152], Total investment amount from 2020 to the spring of 25 focusing on expansion of commercial facilities in the departure areaTyphoon 2018st of 21Damage of (Above) Received disaster prevention measures[Note 21]Announced that it is planning a large-scale renovation that is expected to be about 300 billion yen, including about 1000 billion yen[153][154][155][156][157].. The content is centered on “enhancing international capacity,” “enhancing the airside area,” and “improving the passenger experience”.[Note 22]And airside[Note 23]We are aiming to eliminate congestion and solve problems by reviewing the ratio of[158].

Repair content

The current area is 30 square meters, of which about 4000 square meters will be renovated and a new construction of about 8 square meters will be added to increase the total area to 9000 square meters. Increase the building area by 1%. The international departure area will be changed from the current 6000-32 floor to 2000-25 floor. Regarding the security checkpoint, the number of smart lanes will be increased from 3 to 4 and the floor length will be increased from 2m to 4m to eliminate congestion. On the 16rd floor, there will be one departure inspection center and an international lounge will be set up. Regarding the arrival area, we plan to set up a walk-through type duty-free shop[Note 24].. Currently, the international parking lots are divided into the north and south ends of the terminal.Currently, there are 7 spots dedicated to domestic flights and 2 spots shared internally, but the international parking lots are centralized. , 5 spots dedicated to domestic flights, 4 spots shared internally and domestically, and 5 spots available for international flights will be increased to 39 spots, aiming to improve the ability to park international flights. A multi-spot will also be installed. It aims to ensure convenience for visitors to Japan. Domestic departure/arrival areas are concentrated on the south side. We plan to unify security inspection stations, install six 20-meter smart lanes, and expand stores in the departure area.[152][158][159][160].

With these improvements, the number of international passengers is expected to increase to approximately 4000 million.[Note 25][155][156][157].

Background of renovation

In the early days of the opening of the Kansai International Airport in 1994, with a view to the abandoned port of Osaka International Airport, it is expected that the number of domestic and international passengers will be almost the same, 1200 million international passengers and 1300 million domestic passengers. Was done. International flights accounted for 1994% of passengers in 48. However, the increase in inbound demand after 2014 has tightened the capacity to accommodate international passengers, and the capacity has been limited. On the other hand, the number of passengers on domestic flights has not increased as much as planned. In fiscal 2018, international flights accounted for 2060% of the total, with 400 million international flights and 78 million domestic flights, showing a large gap with the initial plan.[158][152][155][160].. Expanding international flights was an urgent task in order to serve as the gateway to Japan and capture aviation demand[161].

In response to this situation, and as the IR Expo was held in 2025 and it is likely to attract IR, we anticipate that inbound demand will increase further, so we will change the assumed passenger composition of the terminal It was a renovation plan. Plan to significantly increase facilities in preparation for competition with other hub airports in Asia[152][155][156][157][162].. Yoshiyuki Yamatani, president of Kansai Airport, said that even if 2030 million foreign visitors to Japan were realized in 6, the government's goal, it would be acceptable.[161].

Terminal 2 Building

Terminal 2 Building (T2) is a passenger terminal building exclusively for low-cost airlines (LCC), which was built on the north side of the taxiway on the second-stage airport island. "Terminal 2 Building (Domestic)" (Approx. 30,000m2) And Terminal 2 Building (International), Check-in Building (approx. 36,000m2). The building is a steel-framed one-story building (partly two stories)[163]The design is designed to reduce costs, such as taking in outside light from the ceiling skylight.[164].. With an annual passenger processing capacity of 835 million (550 million domestic flights and 285 million international flights), the first smart security system and walk-through duty-free shop in Japan were established.[165].. 66.5% of the store area is a walk-through type duty-free shop[165], This is the know-how of Bansi[148].. Free public wireless LAN is provided in all areas of the building[149].IzumisanoSightseeing information plaza "Kanku Town Office(Of category 3Foreign tourist information center) Has been opened, and in the corner of “Terminal 2 Building (Domestic)”Business jetA dedicated passenger handling facility, "Premium Gate Tamayura," has been established, and a dedicated security inspection station for Tamaki, CIQ facilities, and a waiting lounge are operating 24 hours a day.[Note 26][166].

Terminal 2 will be located in the cargo area[167]However, there is a history of changes and maintenance to the policy of constructing an LCC dedicated terminal building with the aim of becoming an LCC base. Began operation as the "Terminal 2012 Building" on October 10, 28[Note 27].. The maintenance cost of this terminal was about 1 billion yen for the Terminal 1,500 building, while it was suppressed to about 85 billion yen (about 37 billion yen for buildings and 47 billion yen for parking lots).[164].. After that, a new dedicated terminal was constructed to meet the further expansion of LCC demand.[168][163], A new LCC dedicated terminal building for international flights, "Second Terminal Building (International)", adjacent to "Second Terminal Building" on January 2017, 1[Note 28]Is about 130 billion yen[169]Built over[Note 29]The service was started. Despite some changes to the plan, such as increasing the size of the duty-free shop, it was put into service before the initial opening in March. Along with this, the existing "Terminal 3" was renamed as "Terminal 2 Building (Domestic)".[170][171].

Peach Aviation[Note 30],Spring and Autumn Air[Note 31],Jeju Airlines[Note 32]Is mainly used by.Jetstar JapanAlso asked the airport company to use Terminal 2 Building, but it has not been realized due to congestion[172].. (For details on airlines usedTerminal XNUMX (Domestic)andTerminal XNUMX (International)(See each section of)

Free transfer bus from Aeroplaza as a means of transportation from Terminal 1 Building such as Airport Station to Terminal 2 Building[173]Operates 24 hours. It is also possible to walk across the inter-island access road and access via KIX Sora Park.[174]..At the time of the opening of Terminal 2 Building, only limousine buses on some routes were connected to Terminal 2 (others were up to Terminal 1), but from January 2017, 1, all routes will be connected to Terminal 28. It became so[175].

Overview of Terminal 2 Building
  • Area: About 66,000m2
  • Opening hours: 24 hours
  • Dedicated parking lots: 21 places (9 domestic flights, 6 international flights, 6 shared indoors. For small aircraft)

Passenger service facility fee, etc.

  • Passenger service facility fee (PSFC)
    From the beginning of the port, passenger service facility fee (PSFC) is collected for passengers departing on international flights using Terminal 1 Building.[176], PSFC was also established for domestic passengers in Terminal 2 Building.
    From the ticket issued on June 2017, 6, a new PSFC for transit passengers has been established.[176].
  • Passenger Security Service Fee (PSSC)
    Starting from June 2013, 6, a new passenger security service charge (PSSC) has been introduced for international departure passengers at both terminal buildings.[177].
International flightsDomestic flights
DepartureTransit到 着DepartureTransit到 着
Passenger service
Facility usage fee
第 1
Adult2,780 Yen560 Yen-440 Yen-440 Yen
children1,390 Yen280 Yen-220 Yen-220 Yen
Terminal 21,250 Yen260 Yen-420 Yen-370 Yen
Passenger Security Service Fee (PSSC)320 Yen----

All include consumption tax.

Freight district

In the southwestern part of 1 ha in the first-stage airport island, the first-stage international cargo area exists. In the area,RefuelingFacility,Power plant, Heat supply facility,In-flight mealFactories, government offices,Osaka International Post OfficeIn addition to the aircraft hangar, sewage purification plant, and waste disposal facility, there are 18 freight facilities and an international cargo facility with a total floor area of ​​21.2 ha. In addition, there is a domestic cargo area of ​​1 ha on the north side of the first-stage airport island. The 4.5 ha cargo area in the southeastern part of the second phase airport island will be used as a hub for the North Pacific region, which is the hub where FedEx collects cargo from all parts of North Asia to North America from April 2, 11.4. doing[178][179].. Below are the main cargo areasBonded warehouseIndicates.

  • DHLKansai International Airport Gateway (Total floor area 1 m2, Freight sorting capacity-1 pieces per hour, document sorting capacity-same as 7,500)
  • Japan Cargo Airlines(Total floor area 6,200 m2
  • Nippon Express(Total floor area 9,400 m2
  • Japan Airlines (Total floor area 6,200 m2
  • FedEx North Pacific Hub (2nd phase Airport Island, total floor area 2 m2 Total area including office building 3 m2[180], Freight sorting capacity-about 1 pieces per hour)
  • Yusen Air Service(Total floor area 6,230 m2
  • Air collection and delivery service (total floor area 3,500 m2(One of Japan's largest constant temperature warehouses for airport facilities)
  • Hankyu Kotsu company(Total floor area 4,000 m2

Control facility

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOsaka Aviation BureauKansai Airport Office provides air traffic control. The control tower is constructed at a height that the controller's eyes are about 80 m.[181].

In the vicinity of Kansai International Airport,Airfield control operationsKansai control area,Flight by visual flight methodThe Kansai Terminal Control Area (TCA), which provides TCA advisory services to aircraft that carry out operations, the Kansai Approach Control District, which provides terminal radar control services, and the Kansai Special Control Area (PCA), are set up.[1].. In the Kansai approach control area, in addition to Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport, Kobe Airport,Yao Airport,Kochi Airport,Takamatsu Airport,Okayama Airport,Okananami AirfieldExists, and for the first time in Japan, there is a centralized control system that collectively carries out approach control operations at nearby airports.[Note 33].. At the time of the opening of the port, there were three airports within the approach control area, Osaka International Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Yao Airport. Integrated with[182], Was merged with the Takamatsu approach control area around Takamatsu Airport on May 2012, 5, and became the current system.

Instrument flight system(IFR) takes off and land at Kansai International Airport by sea (to reduce noise damage to the ground)Akashi Strait-Kii Channel・Osaka Bay・Seto Inland Sea) Is set to fly. Furthermore, the flight routes are intricate because they are close to Osaka International Airport, Kobe Airport, etc., so it is a great arrival route for aircraft arriving from the east or north side of Kansai International Airport. Also, after the opening of Kobe Airport, the airspace near Maya Wharf was assigned to the Kobe Airport takeoff and landing planes, which limits the airspace at Kansai International Airport, which imposes a burden on both Kansai International Airport and Kobe Airport flights. There is.

In addition, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism accepted the "land route" only after 21:2007 pm when the operation of Osaka International Airport was over and the airspace was vacant, and started operation from September 9, 27. This allowsTokyo International AirportFrom here, the flight from Kansai International Airport is not the route that passes through the vicinity of Wakayama City until now.By flying from the east and piercing the sky above Kansai International Airport to the west, the shortest route goes out to Osaka Bay and makes a small turn and descends. Then you can land. TraditionalStandard instrument arrival methodCompared to the method of following, it is expected to save 06 minutes when landing on Runway 5 from the south side of the airport and 24 minutes when landing on Runway 10 from the north side. Regarding departure flights, the departure route (Standard instrument departure method, SID; Standard Instrument Departure) was set for flights to Tokyo. This time, the issue of whether or not it is possible to fly without making noise even on a lower altitude landing route was a matter of question.

Aero Plaza

Total floor area 65,000 m2, A complex building centering on commercial facilities such as hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars, convenience stores and car rental counters, which are located on the 1th floor adjacent to the Terminal 11 building, and are a pedestrian deck with the railway station and Terminal 1 building. It is directly connected with. There will also be a connecting bus to and from Terminal 2.Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport,Kanku Pet Hotel PromenadeFacilities such as.

Kanku Observatory Hall Sky View

Kanku Observatory Hall Sky ViewIs a facility centered on the observation deck on the first island[183].. Completed in 1994Main hallAnd completed in 1996Entrance hallConsists of[184].. It is an observation deckSky deckAllows you to take a closer look at an airplane taking off and landing on the runway, and since events are held from time to time, you can enjoy traveling with your family orAviation fanIt is crowded with 1000 people visiting on weekdays and 2500 people on Saturdays and Sundays[183].. The character isSky Kids Booby[184].SpottingAnd shooting is also done. In the hallMuseumThere are restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes, parks, etc. Renewal was carried out in August 2011[185][183]. In 2015trip advisorReceived the Certificate of Excellence from[186].

The facility is located approximately 320 meters from Runway A, away from the terminal building, in contrast to the observation decks of many other airports on the terminal roof.[187][183].. The roof deck was installed on the sky deck by the above-mentioned renewal[185], Playground equipment is installed in the play area or rest area[183].

The restaurant that was once open in the hall,Air France OfConcordeCommemorating the last visit to Japan on the day after the opening of the main portLegend of ConcordeIt was named, and the image inside the store was also a Concorde style. Because it was operated by a catering company that provides in-flight meals to airlines departing and arriving at Kansai Airport[184],first class,business classSuch asIn-flight mealIt is characteristic that I was able to eat even[183][188].. The restaurant offers light meals, sweets and drinksSky view cafeI could see the runway and the parking lot from[184][183].. These two facilities closed on December 2, 2019[189].

On the 4th floorSky shop townBoasts Japan's largest area for selling airline goods. Original goods are also on sale[184].

On the 3th floorSky MuseumIs an experiential learning facility divided into five areas.Visit to social studiesAlso often used in. There is also a 30/72 scale Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 diorama with a total length of XNUMX meters, which is the largest scale in Japan. You can experience various occupations related to aviation in the "Knowing the work of the sky and airport", and the pilot experience using the simulator in the cockpit is particularly popular.[185][184][183].

The "Waku Waku Kanku Tour Plan", which operates on some days based here, has been well received and is a 1-hour tour bus tour that allows you to enter the security area.New Kansai backside exploration course"When"In-flight food factory tour courseThere are two types. However, the latter will end on December 2, 2019.[190][184][186][191][192].

About 1 minutes to the facility by the free shuttle bus departing every 10-20 minutes from the front of Terminal 6 Building[184][188][183].. Free admission[183].. From October 2015, the shuttle bus in-vehicle broadcasting became multilingual, and automatic broadcasting in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean was installed. Also,Rinku Premium OutletsThere is also a bus that connects to and a parking lot.[193].

KIX Sora Park

A park opened on the 2nd island adjacent to Terminal 2 at the same time as Terminal 2 opened[174].. The concept is a park where you can enjoy the sky and the sea at the same time, and a farm will be added. It can be accessed on foot from both Terminals 1 and 2 and also serves as a bypass for connecting both terminals on foot. This park was originally called "KIX Eco Park (provisional)", and the name was called "KIX Sora Park" as a result of the public offering for 2012 days from September 9, 25.[194].

Other facilities

In addition to the various infrastructure equipment required for airport operations, the following organizations and facilities are installed.

Facilities outside the airport

On the opposite bank, which is directly connected to the airport island, is a vast area of ​​airport-related facilities.Rinku TownThere,Hotel,hospital,Shopping center,office building, A distribution warehouse, etc. Initially, it was planned to make a profit by selling the site acquired by Osaka Prefecture and the local Izumisano City to a private company, but there are few companies entering the market,2000 eraSome disposal methods from the less burden on the enterpriseTerm leaseholdAs a result of switching to the method and encouraging companies to advance,outlet mallLarge-scale commercial facilities, companies, medical facilities, etc. have advanced to over 100 companies.[196].. To promote the expansion of companies around these airportsInfrastructureIn maintenance,1985(Showa60 years) in DecemberNakasone Cabinet"Kansai International Airport-related facility maintenance general rules"CabinetDecide,Train,highwaynetwork,Water supplyAnd so on. Regarding water supplyKinokawaWas taken into consideration and was planned by the Ministry of Construction at that time.Kinokawa OyanWe decided to rely on the water diversion fromWater rightHaveWakayamaRepulsed and spent two years until the negotiations were concluded.

Airlines that are designated as base airports and focal airports

Five passenger flights and one freight flight from Kansai International AirportBase airport,Focus airportIs specified as.


Service route

Domestic flights

Domestic flights are closeOsaka International Airport,Kobe AirportThe number of flights continued to decrease due to competition with the company, but consideration was given to Kansai International Airport.[34][35][36][37]Due to government restrictions on departures and arrivals at Osaka International Airport (restrictions on large aircraft and jets, restrictions on long-distance flights),2005More routes and some flights moved to Kansai International Airport, and the number of passengers increased by 2005% from the previous year in the first half of 11. However2008IsLehman shockDue to the recession caused by the disaster and the reorganization of routes due to soaring crude oil prices, suspension and reduction of flights will also be performed on routes departing and arriving at Kansai International Airport.[198][199].

After that, based at this airportPeach Aviation(Serviced on March 2012, 3)Jetstar Japan(Started on July 7 of the same year)Cheap airline(LCC),Sky markThe number of domestic flights at Kansai International Airport started to increase due to the launch of the service on March 3 of the same year.[200][201].. Later, Jetstar Japan made the airport a hub[202],Spring Airlines Japan,Vanilla airAlso continued service and increased the number of flights.

But,Sky markOn March 2013, 3 due to unprofitable reasons[203],Spring Airlines JapanAlso in the summer of 2017 due to weak demand for transit passengers[204], Each was suspended. Jetstar Japan also expressed its opinion that the situation where it could not be relocated to Terminal 2 was not a fair competitive environment, and for this reason the airport's departure and arrival routes were suspended.[205].. Due to such a situation, the number of flights to and from the airport was stalled.

Terminal 1

Japan Airlines (JAL) (OW)Sapporo/New Chitose,Tokyo/Haneda
Japan Transocean Air (JTA) (OW)Okinawa/Naha,Ishigaki,Miyako / Miyakojima(Seasonal flights)
Jetstar Japan (JJP) ★ [206]Tokyo/Narita,Sapporo/New Chitose,Okinawa/Naha
All Nippon Airways (ANA) (SA)[207]Sapporo / New Chitose, Tokyo / Haneda, Okinawa / Naha,Miyako / Miyakojima, Ishigaki
Star flyer (SFJ)[208]Tokyo/Haneda

Note[Note 34]

Terminal 2

Peach Aviation (APJ) ★Sapporo/New Chitose,Kushiro,Sendai, Tokyo/Narita,Niigata,Fukuoka,Nagasaki,Miyazaki,Kagoshima,Amami, Okinawa/Naha, Ishigaki

Note[Note 34]

International flights

Since 2011, the number of in-service flights has been on the rise due to new flights and increased flights of cheap airline companies, and an increase in inbound tourists.20161,241 peak flights per week in summer schedule (1,109 weekly passenger flights and 132 weekly freight flights)[209]Has entered service, and the number is the highest since the opening of the port.2018In the winter schedule, international flights exceeded 1,400 flights a week for the first time since the port opened.[210].. Focusing on the number of passengers, the number of immigrants reached 2017 million (preliminary figure) in 2,090, exceeding the 2000 million mark.[211].

The proportion of low-cost airlines is increasing year by year, with 2015 flights per week in the winter 358 schedule, exceeding 3% of all passenger flights[212].2018According to the winter schedule, the number of international passenger LCC flights is 517 per week, and 4% of international passenger flights are LCC flights.[210]。このような日本国外の航空会社とは対照的に、日本の航空会社による運航は日本航空のホノルル、ロサンゼルス、バンコク線以外の中長距離路線で伸び悩んでおり、空港運営会社であるKansai Airport"The demand for business class, which is the main battlefield, is an issue especially for the route development of Japan Airlines, which is a full service carrier, and another form of operation is necessary," he said.[213].

Overview by service region

AsiaFlights to and from destinations account for about 9% of passenger flights at this airport. Especially in the neighborhoodPeople's Republic of China(Hong KongMacauIncluding)South Korea,TaiwanThere are many passengers. For Southeast Asia, the Bangkok line andChangiThe number of flights and the number of seats supplied are increasing on the other lines, such as the Kuala Lumpur line.Middle EastandAfricaFor the direction,Cairo,Luxorline,DohaLines andIstanbulWhile the line may be suspended,2018On the winter scheduleEmirates Airlines DubaiLarge machine on the lineAirbus A380Throw in[214]There are also signs of demodulation.

EuropeFor the direction,Parisline,Munichline,Helsinkiline,VladivostokOn the line, there were new services, increased flights, and returned flights. In addition, the Kansai business world has long requestedLondon HeathrowThe line is from the summer 2019 diamondBritish AirwaysHas resumed operations (for the first time in about 1998 years since 20)[215].. Kansai Airports Co., Ltd. has announced a policy of attracting routes to Europe at a press conference on September 2018, 9.[216].

North AmericaAbout the direction, on the West Coast line,2015Japan Airlines resumed the Los Angeles route in March[217],Vancouver,SeattleThe line also started new service and resumed operations. On the other hand, the east coast line has been lost since China Airlines withdrawal from the New York line, and Kansai Airport says that it will take time, but it is willing to attract the east coast line.[216].The Pacific OceanOn the line,NoumeaLines andGuamline,HonoluluThe line is solid.

OceaniaFor the direction,CairnsLines andAucklandThe number of flights on the line is increasing and new flights are2017Operates all year from DecemberQantas OfSydneyline[218]Is in service.

Basically, Japan Airlines partner airlines depart and arrive in the South Wing, and All Nippon Airways partner airlines depart and arrive in the North Wing. As of the spring of 2021, many international flights are scheduled to be suspended for the time being due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

Terminal 1 North Wing

Japanese flag All Nippon Airways(SA)Beijing/Capital,Dalian,Qingdao,Hangzhou,Shanghai/Pudong
Republic of Korea flag Korean Air(ST)Seoul/Incheon,Seoul/Gimpo
Republic of Korea flag Asiana Airlines(SA)Seoul/Incheon,Seoul/Gimpo
Republic of Korea flag Air BusanBusan
Taiwan flag EVA Air(SA)Taipei/Taoyuan,Kaohsiung
Flag of the People's Republic of China Shandong AirlinesJinan,Qingdao,Urumqi(Via Qingdao),Kunming(Via Jinan),Yantai,Weihai
Flag of the People's Republic of China Tianjin AirlinesTianjin
Hong Kong flag Cathay Pasific Airlines(OW)Hong Kong,Taipei/Taoyuan
Hong Kong flag Hong Kong AirlinesHong Kong
Hong Kong flag Hong Kong Express AirlinesHong Kong
Malaysia flag Malaysia Airlines(OW)Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia flag AirAsia XKuala Lumpur
Kingdom of Thailand flag Thai Airways(SA)Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi
Kingdom of Thailand flag Thai Lion AirBangkok/Don Mueang
Vietnam flag Vet jet airHanoi,Ho Chi Minh City
Singapore flag Jetstar Asia AirlinesSingapore(Taipei/Taoyuan, Manila, via Clark), Taipei/Taoyuan, Manila, Clerk
United States flag Hawaiian AirlinesHonolulu
German flag Lufthansa(SA)Munich
Swiss flag Swiss International Airlines (SA)Zurich
Finnish flag Finnair(OW)Helsinki

Note[Note 34]

Terminal 1 South Wing

Japanese flag Japan Airlines(OW)Taipei/Taoyuan,Shanghai/Pudong,Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi,Los Angeles,Honolulu
Japanese flag Jetstar JapanHong Kong,Manila
Republic of Korea flag Jin AirSeoul/Incheon,Busan
Taiwan flag China Airline(ST)Taipei/Taoyuan,Kaohsiung,Tainan
Taiwan flag Tiger Air TaiwanTaipei/Taoyuan,Kaohsiung
Taiwan flag Starlux airlinesTaipei/Taoyuan
Flag of the People's Republic of China Air China(SA)Beijing/Capital,Shanghai/Pudong,Tianjin(Some via Dalian),Dalian,成都,Hangzhou
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Eastern Airlines(ST)Beijing/Capital,Shanghai/Pudong,Nanchang,Nanjing,Yantai,Qingdao,Dalian,Kunming(Via Shanghai) ☆,
Xi'an(Via Qingdao),Ningbo,Yanji☆,Taiyuan(Via Yantai)
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Southern AirlinesShanghai/Pudong,Dalian,Guangzhou,Shenyang,Harbin,Guiyang,Zhengzhou,Changsha,深圳,Wuhan
Flag of the People's Republic of China Shanghai Airlines(ST)Shanghai/Pudong,Zhengzhou(Via Shanghai)
Flag of the People's Republic of China Juneyao Airlines(SA)Shanghai/Pudong,Nanjing,Changsha,Wenzhou,Harbin,Wuhan,Changzhou
Flag of the People's Republic of China Shenzhen Airlines(SA)Beijing/Capital,Wuxi,深圳,Nanchang,Nantong
Flag of the People's Republic of China Beijing Capital AirlinesHangzhou
Flag of the People's Republic of China Sichuan Airlines成都,Xi'an
Philippines flag Philippine AirlinesManila,Cebu
Philippines flag Cebu Pacific AirManila
Indonesian flag Garuda Indonesia(ST)Jakarta,Denpasar
Vietnam flag Vietnam Airlines(ST)Hanoi,Ho Chi Minh City
Singapore flag Singapore Airlines(SA)Singapore
Singapore flag ScootSingapore,Kaohsiung
United Arab Emirates flag Emirates AirlinesDubai
French flag Air France(ST)Paris/Charles de Gaulle
Dutch flag KLM Royal Dutch Airlines(ST)Amsterdam

Note[Note 34]

Terminal 2

Japanese flag Peach AviationSeoul/Incheon,Taipei/Taoyuan,Kaohsiung,Shanghai/Pudong,Hong Kong
Republic of Korea flag Jeju Airlines[219]Seoul/Incheon,Seoul/Gimpo,Busan,Cheongju,Guam
Republic of Korea flag Tway AirlinesSeoul/Incheon,Busan,Daegu,Jeju,Guam
Flag of the People's Republic of China Spring and Autumn AirShanghai/Pudong,Dalian,Shenyang,Wuhan,Guangzhou,Chongqing,Tianjin,Xi'an,Xiamen,Yangzhou☆,Zhengzhou,Hefei,Luoyang North Suburbs(Via Yangzhou)

Note[Note 34]


As for international freighter flights, the number of international freighter flights per week reached 2008, which was the highest since the port opened in the winter 201 schedule, but has decreased significantly since then. Later,FedEx ExpressPositioned Kansai International Airport as the "North Pacific Region Hub" and created a dedicated terminal at this airport. In 2016, 134 flights per week (summer timetable) and 133 flights per week (winter timetable) entered service.[209].. FedEx has a particularly large number of flights, accounting for over 3% of international freight flights (as of the 2016 winter timetable)[209]. Also,2018May 1Lufthansa Cargo has resumed two weekly flights[220]. Also,Kansai AirportIn October 2019, as a secretariat of the company,ANA Cargo,Nippon Express,Hankyu Hanshin Express,Yusen LogisticsA community consisting ofWith the goal of becoming an “Best Cargo Airpor” at the airport, we will recruit participants for each project and carry out cargo operations for the future.[Note 35]Policy to consider and implement the aim of aiming for high quality of cargo handling[221][222][223][224][225].

Japanese flag ANA CargoOkinawa/Naha,Shanghai/Pudong,Qingdao,Hong Kong
Republic of Korea flag Korean Air Cargo(ST)Seoul/Incheon
Republic of Korea flag Asiana Airlines CargoSeoul/Incheon
Taiwan flag China Airlines Cargo(ST)Taipei/Taoyuan,New York/John F. Kennedy,
Los Angeles,Chicago,Anchorage
Taiwan flag EVA Air CargoTaipei/Taoyuan,Anchorage,Atlanta
Flag of the People's Republic of China China International Cargo AirlinesBeijing/Capital,Shanghai/Pudong
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Cargo Airlines(ST)Shanghai/Pudong
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Post AirlinesShanghai/Pudong,Yiwu
Flag of the People's Republic of China Kinpeng AirlinesShanghai/Pudong,Qingdao
Flag of the People's Republic of China Shunho AirlinesNanjing,深圳
Flag of the People's Republic of China Sichuan Airlines
(Sichuan Airlines Logistics)
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaYantai
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaJinan
Hong Kong flag Cathay Pacific CargoSeoul/Incheon,Hong Kong
Hong Kong flag Air hong kongHong Kong
Azerbaijan flag Silk Way AirlinesBaku,Seoul/Incheon
German flag Lufthansa CargoFrankfurt,Seoul/Incheon
United States flag FedEx Express(East Asia)Tokyo/Narita,Seoul/Incheon,Beijing/Capital,Shanghai/Pudong, Guangzhou,深圳,Taipei/Taoyuan,Hong Kong
(Southeast Asia)Singapore,Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi,Jakarta,Penang
(Europe) Paris/Charles de Gaulle,Frankfurt
(North America) New York/Newark,Los Angeles,Anchorage,Memphis,Indianapolis,Auckland
United States flag UPS AirlinesTokyo/Narita,Shanghai/Pudong,深圳,Anchorage
Qatar flag Qatar Airways CargoDoha,Hong Kong

Note[Note 34]

List of regular routes

Domestic flights

☆ isOsaka International AirportThere are also flights★Kobe AirportThere are also flights

(Departure from Kansai International Airport) Number of passengers by service route/rank[226]
destinationNumber of passengersDomestic rank
Tokyo International AirportAbout 127 million peopleTop 14
New Chitose AirportAbout 109 million peopleTop 24
Naha AirportAbout 108 million peopleTop 25
Narita International Airportapprox 070 million peopleTop 39

International flights


Suspended/Abolished routes

Source: Kansai Airport Research Association Airport Handbook (1990-2007)[227][Detailed information for identifying documents]

Domestic flights

☆ marked airport has flights from Osaka International Airport

International flights

Access to airport

Nankai Electric RailwayWest Japan Railway Company(JR West) is in addition to being connected to the expressway,Taxi,Private carIt has high accessibility in the area and connects Kansai regions and Chugoku/ShikokuLimousine busA route network is also formed. Also,Maritime airportTaking advantage ofHigh-speed boatIs also operating.

  • Average daily transport personnel (2017Every time)[228]
    • Railroad 66,980 (JR 33,792, Nankai 33,189)
    • Limousine bus 17,301
    • Passenger ship 936
Kansai International Airport Connection Bridge(Nickname: Sky Gate Bridge R)
3.75 kilometers of total length that connects the airport island and the opposite bankRailway road combined bridge.. Management after construction and opening of the portKansai International Airport Co., Ltd.The road was nationalized in 2009.typhoonIn such cases, speed may be restricted due to wind and rain, and traffic may be closed. Traffic restrictions on connecting bridges can be found at the Kansai International Airport official site for each mode of transportation.real timeIs being guided to. During the airport development from 2005 to 2008, a windbreak fence was installed on the railway part of the connecting bridge as a wind measure, and it became possible to operate the train if the wind speed was less than 30 meters.[229][230].. The road has 6 lanes, but the average daily traffic (round trip) is 1 (FY21,460)[231]It is still below the standard (48,000 units/day) in the explanation of the structural regulation.
Evaluation of airport access and movements for improvement
According to a survey conducted in Kinki in 2009, 7% of the respondents answered "I think it is inconvenient" for the cost and time required for access.[232].. Time required to the airport[Note 36]It is,Osaka Station-Umeda StationFrom about 50-65 minutes[Note 37],Shin-Osaka StationFrom about 50-60 minutes[Note 38][233]And the area that can be accessed within 1 hour is the southern part of Osaka prefectureWakayamaIn the northern part, the population of approximately 2 million people in the two prefectures of Kinki is about 4 million.[234].. It was also pointed out that access to the midnight hours and Terminal 2 is also an issue.[235].. Expensive to access the airport[236]Therefore, there is an opinion that the transportation cost to the airport is more expensive than the LCC airfare.[235].
In order to improve this situation, in 2009 the road section of the connecting bridge was nationalized and the tolls were reduced.[237].. However, about 8 million yen per yearProperty taxHas decreasedIzumisanoStarted taxation of airport connection bridge usage tax from 2013[238].. Taxes will be added to the reduced toll,logisticsThis resulted in user repulsion, especially in the industry.[239].. It will also lead to improved airport access from around 2009.Naniwa muscle lineIs actively discussed,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismHeld six study meetings on the Niwawa line by 2012[240].. Related organizations such as the countryOsaka StationThe goal is to reduce the time required from about 30 minutes[241].Naniwa muscle line The2019XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismMore licensed for railway business. Scheduled to open in the spring of 2031[242].


Two companies, Nankai Electric Railway and JR West, operate between 2 pm and 5:23 pm, and during the daytime there are about 1 trains per hour (12 Nankai trains/6 JR trains.Rapid"2 JR JR"HALCAAre two). As the number of airport users increased, the daytime "Haruka", which had been temporarily trained due to the slump in the number of users, was re-turned to a regular train. The station building is shared by both companies, and the ticket gate is connected to the second floor of Terminal 2 Building and Aero Plaza second floor by a pedestrian deck.

JR West operates the Limited Express Haruka, and Nankai Electric Railway operates the Limited Express Rapide.Tennoji-Shin-Osaka-京都Hey, rapitoSakai-Shin-Imamiya-NambaAccess to. There is a view that paying limited express services such as "Rapeito" and "Haruka" are not attracted by users and do not behave as they require an additional fee.[236].. On the other hand, it will also stop at Osaka station with no additional chargeKansai Rapid/Kishu RapidIs said to be popular as the main access to Kansai International Airport[236].. The railway share in 2013 was JR55: Nankai 45, and although JR was almost even, the JR was slightly superior.[243].

On the other hand, Nankai Airport ExpressSocial MediaThroughNambaAs it is cheaper and faster than JR, it is becoming more recognized as a means of transportation, and the number of foreign tourists is rapidly increasing. With the timetable revision in January and August 2017, the number of trains operated by 1-car trains has been increased, and the number of airport express trains has been increased in the evening hours. In FY8, the number of users of “Rapeto” recorded the highest number since the opening of the port, and the share with JR has been reduced to JR8: Nankai2017.

Limousine bus/taxi

There is a limousine bus to a nearby area, which arrives at the 1th floor (International departures floor) of Terminal 4 Building and departs from the 1st floor (International arrivals floor). Terminal 2 is on the 1st floor for both exit and boarding points.KeihanshinThere are 26 systems operating in various locations centered around. To accommodate late-night flights such as LCC,Kansai Airport TransportationEtc. runOsaka station squareFlights connecting to the area have been operating for 2015 hours since July 7, 1.[244].. Detailed information on the destinations and platforms of highway buses and route buses from Kansai International Airport, regardless of the operating company"Access Information-Bus'It is described in.

The taxi rank is on the first floor of both terminal buildings.Bomb buyingThe number of passengers increased due to the boom, so from around 2016 in general car lanes near this taxi standChinese in JapanUnqualified business in a private car byChinese white taku(White taku) Was rampant, but four white-tackers were arrested on October 2017, 10.[245], December 11 of the same yearOsaka Prefectural PoliceLocal catching and guidance/enlightenment by[246]Are being carried out, and movements for improvement and eradication are being implemented.[247].

Limousine bus
    • Osaka Station/Chayamachi/Shin-Umeda City/Shin-Osaka/Senri New Town/Senri Chuo
    • Kintetsu Uehonmachi/Shinsaibashi area
    • For Namba (OCAT)
    • For Abeno Harukas
    • Nanko/Tempozan (Kaiyukan)/USJ direction
    • For Osaka Airport and Hotaruike
    • Ibaraki area
    • To Moriguchi
    • Neyagawa/Hirakata/Waste area
    • To Higashi Osaka
    • For Rinku Premium Outlets
    • To Nankai Namba Station (midnight bus)
    • Wakayama area
    • For Kobe Sannomiya/Rokko Island
    • Nishinomiya area
    • Amagasaki area
    • Himeji/Kakogawa area
    • Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit/Kyoto city/Highway towards Kyotanabe
    • To Nara
    • In front of Kintetsu GakuenGakken cityaspect
    • For Yamato Yagi
    • For Koyasan (Okunoin)[248]
    • For Okayama
    • Awaji/Naruto/Tokushima area
    • Takamatsu area
Shared taxi

Car/rental car

Parking Lot

There are the following parking lots[249].
Parking lot nameformNumberBreakdown/remarks
1 parking lotThree-dimensional2,054 stand47 for people with disabilities
50 Yuzuriai parking lots
There is a parking lot for motorcycles
2 parking lotThree-dimensional2,047 stand29 for people with disabilities
3 parking lotflat444 stand23 micro buses
4 parking lotflat416 stand-
5 parking lotflat1,639 stand23 for people with disabilities
Temporary parking
(Next to Terminal 2)
flat846 stand-
Parking lot in front of the observation hall-142 stand3 for people with disabilities

EV-PHEV (PHV)useCharger

200VrapidOne charger is installed in each of the 5th parking lot (24 hours) and the observation hall parking lot (8:00-22:00). A Chademo charge card (paid monthly) is required for charging, and advance reservation is possible. Parking fee will be charged separately. 1V againordinaryTwo chargers are installed in each of the 1st and 2nd parking lots (both on the 2th floor, 5th and 24th), and a total of 25 chargers are installed, and only the parking fee is available (4 hours, first-come-first-served basis).

Car rental

Aero PlazaThere is a rental car reception counter on the first floor.2005From the end of September, vehicles can be picked up on the airport island.

Hydrogen station

As part of the "Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Demonstration Test" (JHFC Project) promoted by the government, four years from May 2007, 5,Iwatani SangyoFor the first time in the Kinki region near the ferry terminalHydrogen stationWas installed and a demonstration experiment was conducted. On January 2016, 1, Japan's first hydrogen station to be installed at the airport was opened on the second term island.[250].

High-speed boat

The north and east sides of the airport islandOsaka Port AuthorityManaged byLocal port OfQuanzhou PortIs specified in. There is a port terminal at the northern end of the first-stage airport island and an oil tanker berth at the southeastern part. When the port first openedOsakako(Tempozan)Tokushima Port-Sumoto Port-Tsuna Port・Connect between Kobe K-CAT (current Kobe Incubation Office)High-speed boatThe route was operating[251]However, both have been abolished. The route to Osaka and Tokushima Port is Osaka Port (Tempozan)-in the form of a part of the Tokushima Port route calling at Osaka, Osaka-it was possible to board only Seki space. As of 2018, started operation on July 2006, 7Kobe Airport Maritime Access TerminalThe route connecting to and2017May 7からAwaji Kansai LineOpens a route to Sumoto Port. The route connecting Kansai Airport and Awaji IslandSumoto Pearl LineIt resumed operations for the first time in 10 years since the withdrawal.

In addition,Kintetsu Group HoldingsLooking to attract IR,Osaka/Kansai ExpoWill be the venue ofYumeshimaWe have established a policy to connect this airport with a high-speed ship. A new 100 ton class high-speed ship with a capacity of over 100 people will be newly built, and it is planned to carry about 45 flights per day in 1 minutes and carry 20-2000 people. Invite other railway operators to participate. Wide seats for the affluent will be prepared for use by visitors to Japan. A concrete plan will be officially decided in the spring of 3000. It seems that foreign tourists who have landed at the airport have the aim of appealing the company's use of railways by first contacting Kintetsu through a ship. In addition, Nankai Electric Railway is also considering entering the same route, and it seems that both parties are looking to jointly project in the future.[252][253][254].

Between the Port Terminal and Terminal 1 Building / Terminal 2 BuildingNankai BusThe line has been established and operates according to the schedule of access ships.

  • Kobe-Kanku Bay Shuttle: Kansai Airport Port Terminal-Kobe Airport Maritime Access Terminal (1 round trips per day 16 flights, 32 minutes required)

In addition, it occurred on January 1995, 1Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeIn many rescue operations, land transportation between Hanshin was often fragmented and crowded.Kobe PortMaritime traffic to and played a large role in transporting personnel and goods. In addition, not a few supporters used the route from the airport to the boat to Kobe.[255].

Incident, accident, incident

Problems directly related to aircraft

  • 2005January,NaritaDeparturePerthGoingQantasFlight 70 (Airbus A330-300 type) Made an emergency landing at Kansai Airport after returning to Japan from the Pacific Ocean due to intermittent smoke alarm activation.ControllerFrom "smoke"Emergency evacuation was carried out because it was told that there was ", and 9 passengers were seriously injured. Actually there was no fire at all, but I was there.FirefighterReported to the air traffic control in Japanese that the water vapor released from the nose was condensed, resulting in fog-like water. In the cockpit, "smoke appears around nose" was reported. The captain who heard this report concluded that there was a fire and immediately decided to make an emergency escape.[256].. The Sankei Shimbun reported this as "a decision to escape due to a mistake in English conversation"[257].
  • 2007May 10,NahaFrom Kansai AirportJapan AirlinesFlight 2576 (Boeing 767-300) was about to land on runway 24L at Kansai Airport with landing clearance, but the runway was instructed to "wait in front of the runway"VancouverGoingAir canadaFlight 36 (Boeing 767-300) made an incorrect entry. Around 18:11, JAL flight 2576 was ordered by the controllerLanding returndid. The Air Canada aircraft replayed differently from the control instructions and was on the runway as it was.[258].
  • 2008May 3ToHong KongFrom Japan Airlines 702 to Kansai International Airport,Chugokuperson'sFlight attendant(Trainee) accidentally opened a door different from the one where passengers got off and escapedshooterThere was a problem that popped out,18th of the same monthTurned out. To replace the shooter,GuamThe delay is about one and a half hours[259].
  • 2008May 3, Near the 1R end of Runway 06 at dawnasphaltThe runway was closed for 2 hours and 40 minutes for repair. The same size as the asphalt peeled from the vicinityplywoodWas discovered. Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. believes that the plywood was mixed into the runway due to a construction error, resulting in the peeling of asphalt.[260].
  • 2008May 9Of the aircraft on the first runway at dawnタ イ ヤIt was found that the pieces were scattered, and the runway was closed from 1:34 am to 6:2 am on the same day, night maintenance work on the second runway was stopped, and departure and arrival on the second runway were performed. As a result, a total of 2 flights were delayed by up to 6 minutes. The tire piece that had fallen off at 10:1 amAmerica OfAtlas Airlines(Freighter) It is a part of the tire ofAnchorage AirportSafely landed on[261].
  • 2009May 2Around 0:40 pm, departing from Kansai International AirportParisGoingAir FranceFlight 291 entered the runway without permission to control. In response to this, I was ready to get off on the same runway.BeijingFromAir China927 flightsLanding returndid. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, it seems that the Air France aircraft could not stop at the standby position and entered the runway[262].
  • 2009May 6About 8:20 pm (local time), departing from Kansai International AirportTaipeiGoingJapan AirlinesFlight 653 (Boeing 767-300), a fire broke out from the seat immediately before landing and an emergency landing was performed. The fire was quickly put out and no one was injured. From the in-flight when checking NikkoWriterWas discovered, but the causal relationship with the fire remains unknown[263].
  • 2009May 10After 10am,SeoulFrom Kansai AirportAsiana AirlinesFlight 1125 (Airbus A321 type) However, when the aircraft bounced when landing at Kansai Airport, when he tried to go-around, the tail of the aircraft touched the runway and the underside of the tail was damaged. No one was injured. At the time of the accident, the co-pilot was in charge of the PF (mainly the side operating the aircraft)[264][265].
  • June 2010, 6 around 20:6 am,BangkokFrom Kansai AirportThai AirwaysFlight 622 (Boeing 777)But,KochiAki CitySouth of about 10KiloPoint ofThe Pacific OceanIn the skyTurbulenceWas involved in. Three of the crew members suffered minor injuries such as the waist, and after landing at Kansai AirporthospitalWas transported to[266].
  • 2010年8月30日午後9時55分頃、成田国際空港発関空行きのカタール航空803便(ボーイング777)が、滑走路24L(A滑走路)に視認進入しようとしたところ、誤って閉鎖中の滑走路24R(B滑走路)に着陸しようとした。その後管制塔の指摘により同機は着陸復行し、午後10時7分に着陸した。操縦士の関空への夜間着陸の経験が不十分だったことと、24RのApproach lightandPAPIIt is thought that the cause was that the two runways were misidentified because the light was on.[267].
  • Departing from Kansai International Airport waiting for takeoff at 2011:10 pm on October 12, 9HonoluluGoingHawaiian AirlinesFlight 450 (Boeing 767-300) has entered the runway A by mistake, and ANA 8519 (Boeing 767-300 freighter), which was in the state of landing, had a problem with canceling landing. Both planes took off and landed safely, and no one was injured, but it was almost a catastrophe if I made a mistake. The controller instructed the Hawaiian aircraft to wait in front of the runway, but it is probable that the pilot of the aircraft mistakenly instructed to wait on the runway and started the approach.[268][269].
  • Departure from Kansai International Airport at around 2011:11 pm on November 28, 1ShanghaiGoingChina Eastern AirlinesFlight 516 (Airbus A330-200) took off without the permission of the controller. At that time, the controller was about to land at the airportJapan Coast Guard OfhelicopterWhile in radio communication with the Aircraft, the controller noticed that the flight had entered the runway and instructed him to stop immediately, but the flight took off.[270].
  • August 2013, 9,Asahi BroadcastingCoverage helicopter (Bell 430(Type aircraft) made a mistaken entry into the runway despite being instructed by the controller to wait in front of the runway.[271], ANA Flight 141, which was already in the landing position (Boeing 767-300Type machine)Landing returnLanded again after receiving instructions from[272].. Due to this situation, the arrival of ANA was delayed by 14 minutes.[271].Transportation Safety Committee TheSerious incidentCertified. The coverage helicopterYao AirportWas about to go[272].. It is probable that the captain of the helicopter was distracted by the trouble at the time of engine start and entered beyond the runway stop position sign.[273].
  • On August 2014, 8, workers were refueling at the parking lot, and refueling without operating the safety device of the refueling vehicle, moving the vehicle with the hose connected, causing an accident of fuel leakage and damage to the refueling port of the aircraft WasPeach Aviation320 round trip flights canceled by Airbus A2 aircraft were canceled. At a later date,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOwing to the omission of work procedures that did not use safety equipment and its normalization, the company instructed the refueling company to prevent recurrence and thoroughly train employees through the new Kansai International Airport Company.[274][275]
  • 2017May 9, From KansaiAmsterdamIn a rowKLM Royal Dutch AirlinesFlight 868 (Boeing 777) Just after taking off from Kansai AirportOsaka OfCity areaRemove the fuselage panel in the sky, and the panel concernedOsakaKitaNishi Tenma OfNational Route 1While drivingPassenger carHit directly[276].. Although no one was injured,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIs as determined by the Japan Transport Safety BoardSerious incidentAccident investigation is carried out[277].. After that, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism was able to reach airlines other than Japan as a result of the fallen object project in Japan.[278]Made a request for a fallen object report[279].
  • 2018May 2,Taipei/TaoyuanFrom KansaiPeach AviationWhen 28 flights arrived, there was a mistake in guiding the passengers to the domestic arrivals instead of the international arrivals, which caused 165 of 13 passengers of this flight to enter the country without immigration. The cause was that the shared spot originally used for domestic flights was mistakenly changed for international flights, and the change was overlooked at the time of checking until the day of the event.[280].
  • 2019May 3,CairnsKansai International AirportJetstarFlight 15 (Boeing 787) However, just before landing on the Kansai International Airport, both left and right engines were in a state of reduced output.May 4Found in the newspaper report. Although no one was injured,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismHas designated this trouble as a serious incident that could lead to an accident,Transportation Safety CommitteeDispatched three accident investigators to the airport[281].

Other airport business troubles

  • 2008May 1,China·DalianA Chinese man, who was scheduled to board a Japan Airlines flight to Japan, opened the door of the boarding bridge and went down the staff stairs to the tarmac and invaded the restricted area. In addition, he pierced the weakness of the airport security system and passed through the airport security as it was and went out of the airport. Kansai Airport staff could not find it, and the man went out of the check gate andKansai Airport StationI crossed to the opposite bank by train. Later, the manImmigration Control LawArrested on suspicion of violation. The door of the boarding bridge could be locked from the outside, but at the time of the incident, it was unlocked to make it easier for staff to enter and exit.[282].
  • October 2011, 10 at the airportcocaine約 13Kilo(Equivalent to about 7 million yen at the terminal price)smugglingAs if you triedIbarakiJoso CityResidentJapanese BraziliansWomenOsaka Prefectural PoliceKansai Airport Police Stationas well as the Osaka CustomsAt Kansai Airport BranchArrestAnd thenMay 11ToOsaka District ProsecutorToProsecutionWas done. As of 2011, it is said to be the largest amount of cocaine smuggling since the airport opened.[283].
  • On December 2013, 12, the information center at Kansai Airport will be based at the same airport.Cheap airlinePeach Aviation OfOkinawaIn a form that implicitly suggests departure and arrival flightsExplosiveI received a phone call saying that I had set up. As a result, the company suddenly made a fuss about investigating flights to and from Okinawa on the same day, which caused a delay of up to 6 hours for a total of 3 flights on the Okinawa / Naha route.Osaka Prefectural Police ThePower interruptionIs investigating on suspicion of[284].
  • Departure from Kansai Airport Terminal 2017 at around 1:17 on January 2, 21Hong KongJust before the takeoff of the last flight of the Peach Aviation aircraft, a woman in the family on board should hand over the documents to the passengers.Osaka CustomsAsk the staff of the Kanku Customs Branch. At that time, it was revealed that the staff had passed the woman to the immigration office without receiving it. Due to this effect, the station re-examined all passengers, which delayed the takeoff of the aircraft by about two hours.[285].
  • March 2018, 3, at all airport facilities such as Terminals 13 and 1 and AeroplazaEarthquake early warningThere was a problem that was accidentally washed away. Kansai Airports has announced that it will comply with recurrence prevention due to the fact that the work was done while the power was on when moving the equipment.[286].
  • From behind the stopped sightseeing bus at the bus terminal of Terminal 2018 on August 8, 31Nankai BusThere was an accident in which the operating terminal shuttle bus collided, and nine passengers on the shuttle bus were injured. Police are investigating that the driver's health was not a problem[287].
  • On July 2019, 7, an illegal act was discovered in which sewage was discharged into Osaka Bay via a fire-fighting reservoir and a rainwater ditch at a purification center on an artificial island. This situation has continued for 26 years since the opening of the port, and Kansai Airports has announced hardware and software countermeasures for improvement.[288]
  • Arrived at the airport on October 2019, 10China AirlineFrom the machine "DroneI found a flying object like this, "the Tower was contacted. As a result of safety confirmation by Kansai Airport, no drones were found, but at the airport, takeoff and landing was restricted on all runways for about 20 minutes from about 45:40 on the same day.[289].
  • On November 2019, 11, an airplane trying to land at the airport after 7:22 reported that "I saw something like the light of a drone", so the runway was closed at the airport. And carry out safety confirmation. About an hour later, the closure was temporarily lifted, but immediately after that, the runway was closed again because a security guard on the ground reported that he had seen an object like a drone again. No drone was found as a result of the search, and the runway was unclosed after midnight on the 1th. Due to this trouble, 8 of the flights arriving at the airport have reached their destinations.Chubu AirportChange to, and one flight is the departure pointHaneda airportI turned back to. In addition, there was a delay of up to about 15 hours for 2 flights in total for departure and arrival.[290].. Trouble on October 10th and this dayKazuyoshi AkabaneMinister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportSaid that it could have a significant impact on the safety of aircraft operations, and said it would strengthen its security system.[291].
  • On December 2019, 12, he was charged with violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and is on bail on the condition that overseas travel is prohibited.Nissan MotorFormer chairman ofCarlos GhosnIs a private jetLebanonAn incident occurred to smuggle to[292].. Due to the inadequacy of airport staff, it was not possible to prevent smuggling.

Evaluation from outside Japan

Airport of the Year
2009, British research firmSkytraxによる「Airport of the Year 2009」で世界第6位の空港に選ばれた。2003年の同調査では関西国際空港は12位、2004年は9位、2005年は5位、2006年は4位、2007年は9位、2008年は6位と上位にあり、2004年から2009年は常にトップ10に入っていた。WCIt was also the number one in the world for its cleanliness. The results were evaluated for the cleanliness of the airport, the ability to receive checked luggage in a short waiting time, and the smooth procedure for immigration, but in 1 the rank was lowered to be out of the top 2010. became[293].
After that, in 2015, it was evaluated that there was no loss of luggage (lost baggage) since the opening of the port.[294]In addition to being ranked number one in the world in the "baggage delivery category" that evaluates the handling of luggage, it was also ranked number one in the world in the "low cost terminal category" that evaluates LCC terminals.[295].. In the 2020 edition, it ranked 9th in the overall evaluation and returned to the top 10.[Source required]
Monuments of Millennium
American Society of Civil Engineers Selected by (ASCE) in the "Airport Design and Development" category of the "Monuments of Millennium", which selects the 20 major projects of the 10th century, it was recognized as the best airport project of the 20th century. It is the result of evaluation that the sea can be reclaimed.[296].. Plates sent by the academic society are displayed in the second phase construction tour hall.
Air Cargo World
In the 2007 reader survey of the British air cargo magazine "Air Cargo World", it was selected as the best cargo airport in the 50 to 100 million ton category in the Asia / Middle East region for the second consecutive year.[297].
18 of the strangest airports in the world
In 2010, it was selected as one of the "18 strangest airports in the world" by the American writing magazine "Popular Mechanics".Gibraltar International Airport,Madeira AirportAirports with strange locations and characteristic structures were also selected, and Kansai International Airport was highly evaluated as an airport on an artificial island at sea.[128].

Surrounding waters

The construction of the airport island affected fish stocks in the surrounding waters.[Source required]However, during the period from July to September 2004, 7 groups of investigators gathered through open recruitment.fishingAs a result of conducting a fish resource survey inScorpion fish-Damselfish-Japanese rockfishHowever, it was found that fish stocks are recovering, such as catching 1,846 fish a day when there are many, and 299 fish a day even when there are few. An algae field is artificially formed around the airport island, and in Osaka prefecture, we plan to increase the number of fish in the entire Osaka Bay by releasing fry every year, so the airport island and its surroundings within 500 meters Fishing is prohibited by the "Osaka Prefecture Fisheries Coordination Regulations". Currently, the water area is abundant fishing grounds, and about 10 cases of poaching are caught annually, and even if the fishing was opened to the public for the purpose of the previous survey, it was in a state of eating.[298]..Regarding water quality, it was discovered in 2019 that treated sewage generated from airport operations had been discharged into Osaka Bay for a quarter of a century since the opening of the port, and countermeasures were announced ().# Incidents, accidents, incidentsreference)[288].

マ ス コ ッ ト

At this airportglobeAnthropomorphic "Cancun" with wings attached to[299]There were two mascot characters called "Sky Kids Booby", which was born in a joint project with Tatsunoko Production in 2005. Cancun was the mascot character when it was run by the Kansai International Airport Company, New Kansai International Airport, but graduated on March 2, 2018. From March 3st, the following day, "Sorayan", who was the mascot character of Osaka International Airport, was promoted to the official character of Kansai Airport Group including Kansai Airport.[300].

A work depicting the construction of Kansai International Airport

  • Akira Sato "Pyramid for Living at Kansai International Airport" Chuko Shinsho 1994
  • Yoichi Arai "Creation of a Giant Artificial Island Kansai International Airport" Shokokusha 1995

Works set in Kansai International Airport


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