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🚗 | Toyo Tires, Blue Supra & 86 participate in D1GP on April 4th

Photo 2021 Hideyuki Fujino participating vehicle Toyota 86

Participation in D86GP with Toyo Tires, Blue Supra & 1 Starts April 4

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Continuing from last year, Kawabata will participate in the Toyota "GR Supra," which is designed to emphasize the company's brand color, blue.

Toyo Tires will open at Oku Ibuki Motor Park (Shiga Prefecture) from July 4, "24 D2021 Grand Prix ... → Continue reading


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Toyota Supra

Supra(SUPRA) IsToyotaAre manufactured and sold bysports car(Advanced at the beginning of appearanceSpecialty Car).


Was popular in North America in the 1970sDatsun Fairlady 280ZAs a counter horse ofInline 6 cylinderThe first generation was developed in response to the desire for a coupe.ThisTime isSpecialty Car-Gran TurismoIt was the position of theFlagshipsIt has grown into a sports car.

Up to the second generation, it was like a derivative car model in which the body of Celica was compatible with a straight 2 engine, and in North America it was named "Celica Supra". In Japan, we did not name the Supra until the second generation,Celica XXWith the nameToyota corolla storeWas sold by[1].. In addition, the fifth generationGRNamed the product name "GR Supra" as a brand-only car.

3rd and 4th generationToyota Soarer, The 5th generationBMW Z4とplatformTo share.

Engine has been consistent since the first generationInline 6 cylinderOnly had been installed,2019In addition to that in the 5th generation that was revived inInline 4 cylinderThere is also an engine setting.

First generation A40 type/50 type (1978-1981)

The first model of Celica XX/North American Supra.

In the United States of America at that time, "List of X" indicates the degree of adult designation in the movie, so avoid "List of X" for all export cars including North America.SupraIt was named and was released.

2nd generation A60 type (1981-1986)

CelicaXX/Second generation model of North American Supra.

Japanese specifications1983からdoor mirrorWas approved.

3nd generation A70 type (1986-1993)

A70 typeIndependent from Celica,Even in Japan, the same car name as the North American specification "SUPRA" is adopted.The catch phrase at the time of release is "TOYOTA 3000GTIs a famous car from the 1960sToyota 2000GTHad been imaged[1].SoarerSiblings using the same platform (but less reinforcement)[2]So the initial main engine was 2L1G-EU, 1G-GEU, thatTwin turboVersion 1G-GTEU, 3L turbo7M-GTEUMet.

1986In 6 monthAero topWas released,1987In January, 1 speed for 7M-GTEU at the same time as SoarerMTHas been set, the "3GT Limited" of the blister fender 3.0 number specification body which was adopted only for export specifications until then was added.

1988A minor change was made in August, changing the design of the front mask and taillight. 8G-GTEU, 1M-GTEUHigh octaneIt has been improved to specifications and powered up. In addition, all 3L grades have the same wide body as export models.

1989Partial change was made in August, wide body was added to the twin turbo version 8G-GTE specification, and E specification is also wide body. In addition, the low-priced "1GT Turbo S", in which the TEMS, power seat, and digital meter are omitted, has been added to the 3.0L turbo specification.

End of model1990The last minor change in August. Mainly involved in changing the engine and reviewing the suspension settings. Newly upgraded X8 series engine of the highest grade "3.0 GT" series so farMark II2.5L twin turbo adopted for sports grade 1JZ-GTEReplaced with, and suspension in GermanyBilsteinAdopted a dedicated damper jointly developed with the company[Note 1].. The tires have also been increased in inches, greatly improving the performance as a sports car. Therefore, the grade name was changed to "2.5GT Twin Turbo", and the 2.5L model was lined up exclusively for the Japanese market. The existing 3L turbo specification 7M-GTE-equipped vehicle continued to be sold in the North American and European markets. In terms of appearance, the front nose emblem was originally announced in 1989 from a unique vertical Supra.CelsiorNew Toyota adopted moreCIIt has been changed to a mark. By the way, this "2.5 GT Twin Turbo" was the first Toyota car at that time to have a 280PS 5-speed MT (AT(There are also specifications), and the minimum displacement was 280L for the reciprocating engine car of the 2.5PS class of domestic production cars at that time.

1991In August, the body color was reviewed, and as a safety equipment expansion, rear three-point seat belts and side door beams were standard equipment, and the SRS airbag system was made an option for all vehicle manufacturers.

In addition,All Japan Touring Car Championship(Group A), A 7L turbo car "26GT Turbo A" equipped with a specially developed turbo A turbine (CT3.0 type base) on the 3.0M-GTE as a model for homologation acquisition, limited to 1988 units at the same time as the minor change in August 8. It was sold and the price was 500 yen[3]..The feature is the triple duct in the center of the front bumper, and the shape of this duct was called "Turbo A duct".Other features include body color, black wheels, genuine leather seats for the interior, and only 3-speed manual settings, and the meters are analog only.The intake air amount measurement method has been changed from the conventional L JETRO to D JETRO.A large intercooler was also installed, and the maximum output was increased from the mass-produced 5PS to 240PS.The suspension has been changed to a special one with an expanded front and rear stabilizer diameter by increasing the spring constant and damping force of the damper.

19934[4] Production ended. It will be sold only for inventory.

19935 --Discontinued after replacing the 4th generation.Cumulative number of new car registrations up to the month before the end of sales is 9[5].

The details of the installed engine are as follows.

形式Item\ageFebruary 1986-February 1987-February 1988-February 1990-
Maximum output
Maximum torque
OHC-natural aspiration
105PS / 5,200rpm
Maximum output
Maximum torque
DOHC-natural aspiration
135PS / 5,600rpm
Maximum output
Maximum torque
DOHC-natural aspiration
140PS / 6,400rpm
150PS / 6,400rpm
Maximum output
Maximum torque
DOHC-Twin Turbo
185PS / 6,200rpm
210PS / 6,200rpm
Maximum output
Maximum torque
230PS / 5,600rpm
240PS / 5,600rpm
(* 1)
Maximum output
Maximum torque
DOHC-Twin Turbo
280PS / 6,200rpm

(*1) Turbo A specifications with maximum output of 270PS/5,600rpm/maximum torque of 36.5kgfm·4,400rpm

4nd generation A80 type (1993-2002)

"THE SPORTS OF TOYOTAWith a catch phrase, A80 series Supra1993It was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show and launched in May of the same year. It is the second generation in Japan.

The chassis is equipped with the front and rear suspensions used in the sports luxury coupe Soarer (Z30 series).Double wishboneThe system (front upper arm is a forged aluminum low mount type), which has been improved from the A70 series. The major difference in chassis from the Z30 series Soarer is the position of the fuel tank, where the Soarer is behind the rear seat, while the Supra, which has a shorter overall length, has weight distribution and front and rear.OverhangIt has been relocated under the trunk to optimize the length.

The engine is a straight 6 3L 2JZ seriesChanged to a newly developed electronic control subthrottleSystem "ETCS" was installed for the first time (this ETCS was later1JZ-GTETechnology has been diverted to).

NA specifications (engine of the same model as Crown etc.) 225PS, turbo specificationsAristo(JZS147 series) equipped with the sequential methodTwin turbo(Toyota is called "2-way twin turbo"), maximum output is 280PS, maximum torque is 44kgfm (1993- 1996) Occurred.

In addition, it was the first 6-speed MT (GermanGetragJoint development with Toyota). For the advanced model, 17-inch tires and wheels and corresponding large sizeBrake caliperAlthough it is equipped with (front/opposite 4 pots, rear/opposite 2 pots) and a large-diameter rotor, at the beginning of the release it was adopted only for the American exclusive model, and for the Japanese domestic model at that timeMinistry of TransportIt was carried over until the next year because the approval of was not given.

1994Minor change in August.Addition of vehicles equipped with the aforementioned 8-inch tires, wheels and large-diameter brakes (ABS will also be a dedicated sports ABS) (At the beginning of the release, the color of the wheels was gun metallic for turbo cars and silver for NA, but later all will be silver Unification) and partial review of the grade system (addition of RZ-S and SZ-R) were carried out. RZ is set to 17-speed MT only and 6 inches is standard, RZ-S is set to AT and 17-speed MT and 6 inches is optional, SZ-R is not set to AT, the previous term was only Aisin 17-speed MT From the latter half of the year, the Getrag 5-speed MT with a gear ratio exclusively for SZ-R became the standard.By the way, GZ and SZ are unchanged.

1995May, some improvements. Review body color.

Minor change again in April 1996. The interior and exterior have been slightly modified, and the highest grade GZ has disappeared from the catalog. Along with that, the turbo aero top specifications have disappeared from the lineup. The same as the RZ, the same 4-speed MT manufactured by Getrag was also installed in the NA engine SZ-R. In addition, ABS and dual airbags were standard equipment on all models.

1997The last minor change in August. Load the same type of engineAristoHas undergone a full model change to the second generation (JZS2# series), and along with that, the A16 series Supra also has an engine.VVTs(NA 2JZ-GE has no change). As a result, the maximum output has remained the same, but the maximum torque has been increased to 46 kg-m, and fuel efficiency and handling are improved. At the same time, the electronically controlled throttle has also been changed to "ETCS-i". In addition, "REAS" (Relative Absorber System) is adopted for the suspension. This is left and rightDamperIs connected with an oil line, and oil is circulated to the left and right according to the running situation, and the difference in damping force between the left and right is generated.Yamaha MotorWas jointly developed by Toyota. This REAS was later developed by Toyota with the same evolutionary version.Hilux surf,ク ラ ウ ンIt is installed in the athlete VX (special limited edition) as "X-REAS". In addition to this, small changes such as body reinforcement were made.

1998In August, the outer plate color Super Bright Yellow was added.

1999In August, adopted 8 tires on the rear wheels of the SZ (the front and rear tires remained the same size as 245).

20027[7], "12Car emission regulations(Aristo, which has the same model of turbo and is equipped with an engine equipped with variable valve timing for NA, is compatible with both turbo and NA).Only the stock will be sold.

20028, In-stock items are sold out and sold out.Cumulative number of new car registrations during the sales period is 3[8].

In addition to the high-rigidity body, sturdy and powerful engine, and because it was a sports flagship car for Toyota cars, many after-sales parts were released not only directly from manufacturers such as TRD but also from other companies. Depending on the degree of tuning, it is possible to produce a power of over 1000 horsepower, so it is still used as a tuning base even in 2017.

Also the first moviewild speedThe main character Brian used Supra mainly, so it is popular as a cult in North America.[9].

5th generation DB type (2019-)

Development code "J29"[10].. The fifth generation, which was revived 2002 years after the production ended in 17, has a technical partnership with Toyota from 5.BMWIt will be a jointly developed vehicle with.The person in charge of developmentTetsuya TadaWas in charge.Vehicle tuningHiroshi NaruseIs left to the Belgian test driver Helfi Danens, the last (non-Japanese) disciple of[11].

The reason for collaborating with BMW was to realize the traditional "in-line 6-cylinder engine + rear-wheel drive (FR system)" packaging from successive models. A major factor was that BMW was the only automobile manufacturer in the world to manufacture in-line 5-cylinder engines in 2012, when the fifth-generation development project began.

As a result of considering the reduction of development cost, the engine, chassis, etc. that are the basis of the vehicle configurationplatformTheBMW Z4It is also an Austrian automobile manufacturer like Z3 in terms of vehicle manufacturing, shared with the third-generation model (G29 type)Magna SteyrIs in charge[12].. For this reason, the manufacturer is in the name of BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), and Toyota is positioned as an importer and distributor.

It is often regarded as a "sister car of the Z4" from the development process, but in reality, after deciding to share the same engine and platform at the initial stage of development, both cars are being developed completely separately.[13].

Toyota sports model brand "GRIt was the first monopoly model, and the car name was also given "GR". Therefore, for the 5th generation Supra,TOYOTA GR SUPRA] (Toyota GR Supra) was given an alias. However, the model name notified to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is "Toyota Supra" as it has been, and "GR SUPRA" is the product name.[Note 9][14]Therefore, it is clearly stated in the catalog that it is not the vehicle name.In addition, other GR brand models have "vehicle name + GR", but since GR Supra is exclusively for "GR", the naming of "GR + vehicle name" is used to differentiate it.The GR Supra is also the first global model in the GR series.

The official vehicle model is "DB", but it is also called "A90", which is a continuation of the predecessor from the time of development, and Toyota also uses the name "A90" in motor sports entries and catalogs described later. doing.Sales in the Japanese market are 4 channels of Toyota dealers (Toyota store,Toyopet store,Corolla store,Nets store) Deployed in all.


The development was carried out by BMW designing based on BMW's "CLAR" platform, and Toyota confirming the design and making technical proposals at each break while comparing it with the target value.The chassis was developed with the goal of reducing the wheelbase to tread ratio (also known as the "golden ratio" of driving) to 1.6 or less, resulting in 1.6, which is well below the target value of 1.55.And in order to improve the turning performance compared to the 4th generation, we decided to make it a pure 2-seater for the first time as a successive model.As a result, the wheelbase becomes 86 mm, which is 2 mm shorter than the 2 (100 + 2,470 seater), which is the younger brother, and the front-rear weight distribution ratio of the vehicle is 50:50.[Note 10]Became. The center of gravity is further reduced compared to the 460, which has a horizontally opposed engine and achieves a low center of gravity of 86 mm. In addition to these, the body rigidity that is improved by about 86 times compared to 2.5 uses expensive CFRP (carbon fiber) materialLexus LFASurpass[15].. The dry weight of the vehicle is 1,410 kg to 1,530 kg, which is almost the same as the previous model (A80 type).

The engine will be made by BMW, and in addition to the traditional in-line 6-cylinder engine from successive models, the first in-line 4-cylinder engine (as a commercial specification) can also be selected. The 6-cylinder engine is the "B2,998" series of DOHC direct-injection twin-scroll turbo engines with a displacement of 58cc. The "B2019B2020-M250" type, which has a maximum torque of 340Nm (500Kgfm), was adopted.The "B51B58-O30", whose maximum output has been improved to 1kW (280PS), is installed in the later annual improvement except for the European market where exhaust gas standards are strict.

4気筒エンジンは、排気量が1,998ccのDOHC直噴ツインスクロールターボエンジン「B48B20」型で標準型145kW(197PS)・320N·mと高出力型190kW(258PS)・400N·mの2種類の仕様が用意されている[16].. It should be noted that cars equipped with a 4-cylinder engine are aimed at regions where the amount of automobile tax is determined by the amount of displacement, such as Japan, and will not be deployed in North America where such a system does not exist.[17].. Transmissions for both 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder enginesZF"8HP" type, which is an 8-speed AT made by the company, is combined. MT is concerned about the deterioration of the shift feel due to the increase in torque capacity (according to himself, MT of a large displacement car is "necessary?" "Honestly not so much fun. The torque capacity of 86th place is the limit") Not set[18], MT demand took the form of leaving it to the existing 86[19].

The muffler is developed according to each destination according to noise regulations, and because it was well received by BMW, the muffler developed by Toyota for Supra is also adopted for the brother car Z4.[19].. Toyota also has many fuel-efficient vehicles in its lineupCAFE(Average fuel consumption by manufacturer) Since the regulations have been cleared in a margin, the fuel consumption target is not mentioned in the GR Supra, which is "sparrow tears" in terms of sales figures for Toyota as a whole. Because of thatAfter fire(Tada says, "really useless") has been realized only by GR Supra, and is envied by BMW.[20].

For the first two years since official development began, the team that developed the 2th Supra on the Toyota side and the third-generation Z5 on the BMW side after co-developing the main parts that are essential for the body structure with BMW. A different approach from the normal automobile development procedure was taken, in which both vehicles were launched separately, and those that could be shared after the concept of each vehicle was shared were shared by both vehicle models.[21]..Therefore, the exterior design of the bumper etc. and the setup of the suspension etc. were only slightly different from the "twin car" 86Subaru BRZOn the other hand, the 5th generation Supra and Z4 (G29 type), which have different development goals, have a body shape (Supra iscoupe, Z4Convertible) Is different.

Design packaging

It follows the packaging called "long nose short deck" that has continued since the first generation (A40 / 50 type).This is unique to FR 2-door coupe, which has a long front part of the car body and a short interior part, and has been traditionally used in FR 1967-door coupe cars since the 2000GT announced and released in 2 in Toyota brand cars. It is a thing.In addition, the design of the cabin windows, double bubble roof, etc. is reminiscent of the 2000GT.The total length has been shortened by 2 mm from the predecessor (A80 type) by making it two-seater, and the wheelbase has also been shortened by 140 mm accordingly.However, the overall width is 80mm wider and the overall height is 55mm-15mm higher.


In terms of safety performance, millimeter-wave radar + monocular camera systemPre-crash safety, Blind spot monitor, radarCruise control(With all vehicle speed tracking function), lane departure alert, and rear fog lights are standard equipment on all models.

In addition, genuine BMW in-vehicle communication equipment is installed as standard on all vehicles.iPhoneA "remote service" that allows you to remotely control and check the vehicle using a dedicated application or dedicated user site.battery OfVoltageDedicated connected service "Toyota Supra Connect" such as "Battery Guard" that automatically notifies you of the decrease by e-mail[Note 11]Is provided andCIt corresponds to.

In addition, a vehicle information recording device "Toyota GAZOO Racing Recorder" is available as an option for installation at dealers. This device displays driver operation information (accelerator, brake, steering, shift position, etc.), values ​​of various sensors such as vehicle speed, engine speed, acceleration, and vehicle position and direction information.SD memory cardRecord onData loggerThe information recorded on the SD memory card can be displayed using a special application, and is sold separately by Toyota.SonyIn the case of the action cam video, it will be automatically synchronized with the recorded information and played back.Bing MapsIt is also possible to display and reproduce the traveling locus on the top.The genuine horn is equipped with a spiral type, but only on the treble side of 500Hz.

Chronological Table

2011May 12
BMWGroup and Toyota announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to build a medium- to long-term cooperative relationship in next-generation environmental vehicles and environmental technologies[22].
2012May 6
BMW Group and Toyota Motor announced that they will strengthen their strategic cooperation relationship signed in December 2012[23].
Signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at building a long-term strategic cooperative relationship under the four themes of "joint development of FC system", "joint development of sports car", "collaboration on electrification", and "joint research and development of lightweight technology" did.
2013May 1
BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation Sign Official Agreement on Collaboration[24].
In the contract content, "Co-development of sports cars," it was agreed to start consideration to determine the concept of a common platform for mid-sized sports cars.
2014May 1
2014North American International Auto ShowExhibited "TOYOTA FT-1" coupe design concept at (Detroit Motor Show)[25].
"Calty Design Research, Inc.", the American design base of Toyota Motor, which celebrated its 40th anniversaryCALTY) Is in charge of design. For curved shapes such as front and side glassToyota 2000GTThe design is reminiscent of "".
In the naming of “FT-1”, “FT” represents “Future Toyota” and “1” represents “vertex”.
2018May 3
88 timesGeneva International Motor ShowWorld Premiere of "GR Supra Racing Concept"[26].
The "GR Supra Racing Concept" was produced as a study model of the sports car series "GR" by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. Development is the base for motorsport activities in EuropeToyota motor sportsLimited company (Toyota Motorsport GmbH) was in charge.
2018th of February 7
Announced that the commercial model will be released in the first half of 2019[27].
2018th of February 7
Held in the United KingdomGoodwood Festival of SpeedShowcased in a prototype car under development[28].
2019May 1
World premiere of the new Supra at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (Detroit Motor Show)[29].
At the stage of the press release, Toyota Motor Corporation PresidentAkio ToyodaIs red,F1Former World Champion in 2018TOYOTA GAZOO RacingAs a driver24 Hours of Le MansConqueredFernando AlonsoAppeared in gray supra[30].
2019th of February 3
In early March of the same year, the new Supra,オーストリア OfMagna Steyr Announced that the line off at the Graz Plant (Magna Steyr Graz Plant)[31].
The first mass-produced car has a vehicle identification number of “20201” (Supra model year “2020” and “1” representing the first mass-produced car), and a special model with the engine cover signed by President Akio Toyota. Is. The exterior uses matte gray body color, red door mirror covers, and matte black wheels. The interior is a red leather seat, for the dashboardカ ー ボ ンDecorated. This vehicle is one of the largest in the worldauctionIt was put up for sale at the "Barrett Jackson Auction" and sold for $1 million (about 19 million yen) on January 210, the same year. All the proceeds areAmerican Heart AssociationIt was announced that it will be donated to.
2019th of February 5
Officially announced and launched a full model change in Japan[32].. By the way, this GR SupraIn the Japanese marketReiwaFirst new modelBecame[Note 12].. The catch phrase is "Supra is Back.』.
Japanese-made vehicles are produced at the Magna Steyr Graz factory, transported by sea, and then delivered to the user via the Motomachi factory. Dealers are all Toyota dealership channels (Tokyo isToyota Mobility TokyoandToyota West Tokyo Corolla, Nets Toyota Tama, Nets Toyota Toto).
Three grades are available: "SZ" and "SZ-R" for 2.0L/B48 engine equipped vehicles and "RZ" for 3.0L/B58 engine equipped vehicles.
なお、「RZ」のうち、ボディカラーの「マットストームグレーメタリック」については、2019年度分の生産が24台となることから、発売から6月14日までの約1ヶ月間限定で専用Webサイトにて商談申し込みの受付を行い、抽選を経て、6月22日 - 23日に行われる第47回ニュルブルクリンク24時間耐久レースの決勝当日に商談順が発表される。
February 2020, 2 *US Eastern Time (Japan time around February 13, 2020)
2021 model announced in the United States[33].. In this annual improvement, the engine of the 3.0L model (Japanese specification car "RZ") is changed to the output-enhancing model described later (the conventional engine is continuously adopted in the European specification car). At the same time, a special specification car exclusively for the US market "A91 Edition"announced.
"A91 EditionThe exterior of the "" is equipped with a special blue body color called "refraction", a 19-inch forged aluminum wheel painted in matt black, a special rear spoiler, C-pillar graphics and a special door mirror cover. Blue stitching is arranged in each part of the interior, and a special skin is used for the seat. It was sold for a limited number of 1000 units.
2020th of February 4
Partial improvement of Japanese specification car and special specification car "RZ "Horizon blue edition""When"RZ "Matte Storm Gray Metallic""announced.[34].
The "RZ" is the same as the 3.0L model of the country's specifications announced in advance in the United States, the engine is changed from the conventional "B58B30-M1" typeexhaust manifoldStructural changes and newpistonBy adoption ofCompression ratioWas changed and replaced with the "B58B30-O1" type with increased output, and the maximum output improved from 340 horsepower to 387 horsepower (maximum torque is the same). In order to respond to this, the body rigidity was improved (a front strut bar was added in the engine room), the suspension was reset, and the programs of various control devices were changed. Due to these improvements, the weight of the "RZ" has increased by 10Kg to 1,530Kg, and at the same time, the model has been changed (3BA-DB42 → 3BA-DB02).
Deep blue metallic has been abolished as the body color, and the standard setting color has been changed to 6 colors ("SZ" is the same as before). In addition, all grades are equipped with a "sudden start suppression function for mistaken pedal depression" and are eligible for the "support car subsidy" of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Special specification car "RZ "Horizon blue edition"Is based on the special specification car "A91 Edition" announced in advance in the US market, with the body color set to the special setting color "Horizon Blue" based on the "RZ", and 19-inch forged aluminum wheels painted in matt black. Equip. The interior is on the epidermisAlcantaraThe seat was a combination of genuine leather and black leather, and blue stitching was applied to each part such as the seat skin, instrument panel, door trim, and steering wheel, and the number of units sold was limited to 100. In addition, the graphics of the dedicated rear spoiler, dedicated door mirror cover, and C-pillar part equipped in the "A91 Edition" are not adopted.
"RZ "Matte Storm Gray Metallic"The sales volume of the 2019 model was increased from 24 to 27. The 2020 model will be equipped with the same matte black painted 19-inch forged aluminum wheels as the "RZ" Horizon blue edition "".

Motorsport activities

A70 series

World Rally ChampionshipAt (WRC)Group BWhen regulations and plans were abolished,Group A OfCelica ST165 GT-Four1987 as a substitute until the appearance-Supra participates in 1988. Originally it is not a vehicle for rallying / I can not take time to mature / In the triple trouble of FR car,Safari RallyHas won the podium in 3rd place. Also appeared in other than WRC, in 1987Björn WaldegardWins overall Hong Kong-Beijing rally[35].

All Japan Touring Car ChampionshipParticipated in (JTC) since 1987. Although he won the debut race, since the weight increased due to the change in regulations after that,Ford Sierra,Nissan skylineI could not follow, and withdrew as long as 1990.

North AmericanIMSAThen it was Toyota's Semi WorksAll American RacersAdopted by (AAR) and has won 10 wins in the GTU class[36].. In 1991AustraliaAppeared in the Bathurst 12 hour endurance race held for the first time inFord laser,Mitsubishi GalantIt defeated such as and became the first winning car.

A80 series

All Japan GT Championship - SUPER GTIn the GT500 class ofNissan Skyline GT-R,Honda NSXI fought for a long time. Even after production ended in 20022006ToLexus SCWas active until 1997, XNUMXToms,Year 2001Sermo,Year 2002Team le mans, Has won the 2005 Sermo four-time champion. The engine was 4JZ-GTE only for the two debut races in 1994, but the following year Straight 4turbo Of3S-GTE, Of the V2003 NA engine from 83UZ-FE(Displacement varies depending on the year of participation). Also, suspension etc. at the beginning of the warToyota TS010It was changed to the one that diverts the parts.

In endurance 1995/1996SARD Supra LM-GTで24 Hours of Le MansParticipated in. In 2000フ ァ ル ケ ン Nürburgring 24 hoursHe raced in 3rd overall and retired due to a crash.2007 OfSuper enduranceRound 3Tokachi 24-hour raceThen, for racing based on the vehicle used in 2005 SUPER GThybridSupra HV-R equipped with a system participated in the race and won the overall victory. This was also the first race win by a hybrid racing car in Toyota history.

Also active in drifting, in the 00sOrido ManabuRS ☆ R SupraD1 Grand PrixIt is famous that he participated in the war. As of 2020, he is still participating in the A80 series.In a strange place, 2008D1 street legalToCelicaA80 series transplanted the front part ofYukio MatsuiI am participating in the drive.In addition, the 2JZ-GTE engine at the heart is still in high demand as a tuning base, such as the DB type GR Supra.GR YarisIt is also installed in and used for drifting[37].

DB type GR Supra

Promotions related to motor sports have been actively carried out even before the announcement and release of commercial vehicles, and in 2018TMGDesigned byLM-GTESpec.[38],NASCARExfinity seriesSpecifications, GT2019 specifications in early 500, Group GT4 specifications,D1 Grand PrixSpecifications, as well as five types of racing car specifications and their concept cars have been officially announced before the launch of commercial vehicles.In addition, a prototype of a commercial vehicle was also entered in the VLN (Nurburgring endurance series) in October 5 as "Supra A2018", and Morizou (Akio ToyodaThree test drivers including (President) are driving (finished second in class)[39]).

Immediately after the launch, in June 2019, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing launched the SP6T class at the 24-hour Nürburgring. The lineup consisted mainly of test drivers, including Morizo, but finished in 8st overall and 41rd in the class.[40].

It has also been developing in recent yearse-MotorsportAlso officially entered,Gran Turismo"GR Supra GT Cup" has started in partnership with.

From 2020, GT500/GT300 andSuper endurance,KoreaSUPERRACE CHAMPIONSHIPTo participate inTMGActivities as an icon of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will begin in earnest, such as the start of sales of the GT4 specification of the manufacturing group.In addition, due to regulation in GT500 specifications, the engine will be until 2019Lexus LC500Was installed inRI4AGIs taken over and installed.

Origin of car name


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