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🚗 | No roof or windshield! 2 million yen McLaren "Elba" is here ... Japan Boat Show 2021

Photo McLaren Elba (Japan International Boat Show 2021)

There is no roof or windshield! 2 million yen McLaren "Elba" is here ... Japan Boat Show 2021

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In addition to McLaren, ultra-luxury car brands such as Aston Martin "DBX", Bentley "Bentayga", Porsche "Taycan", Rolls-Royce "Ghost", Ferrari "Roma" line up the latest models and become the main target of the boat show We are engaged in an appealing battle for.

At the "Japan International Boat Show 15" that started on the 2021th, Mac without a roof and windshield ... → Continue reading


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Rolls-Royce[Annotation 1](British: Rolls-Royce) Originated in March 1906[1]ToThe United KingdomRolls-Royce, a manufacturer founded inRolls-Royce Limited), But currently they are the following two companies that are independent of each other.

  1. Rolls-Royce (→), a British industrial manufacturer that was established in 1973 and manufactures and sells aircraft engines, ships, and energy-related machinery. Rolls-Royce Holdings)
  2. German car companyBMW 1998An automobile company established in Japan that manufactures and sells "Rolls-Royce" brand passenger cars (→ Rolls-Royce Motor Cars)


1906Established in March[1]Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce Limited) IsaircraftuseengineAnd ridingAutomobileTo manufactureThe United KingdomWas the manufacturer of.1931To the same Britishsports carIs a manufacturerBentleyAcquired[2]It has expanded in scale and has become synonymous with luxury cars, especially in the manufacture of passenger cars.However, in the 1960s, technological innovation in passenger car manufacturing was delayed, and the newly developed and released aircraft jet engine "RB211The management deteriorated due to the expansion of the loss due to.As it is April 1971[3]It went bankrupt and was nationalized by the British government.

1973, Of the state-owned Rolls-Royce company, only the automobile division (including Bentley) was separated, and the British manufacturing companyVickersWas transferred to.This re-privatized automotive sector is Rolls-Royce Motors (Rolls-Royce Motors), And will continue to manufacture and sell Rolls-Royce vehicles.1998, Vickers plans to sell Rolls-Royce Motors, offers maximumVolkswagenSucceeded in the acquisition.However, at this time, Rolls-Royce'sbrandNameLogo typeIsBMWThere is a twist that it will be transferred to.After that, as a result of discussions between Volkswagen and BMW,2003From January, BMW will manufacture and sell Rolls-Royce, and Volkswagen will manufacture and sell Bentley. BMW in the same yearRolls-Royce Motor CarsEstablished an automobile company called "Rolls-Royce", built a new company building and factory, and started manufacturing and selling the independently developed "Rolls-Royce".

On the other hand, Rolls-Royce, which remained as a state-owned enterprise, manufactured aircraft engines and ships, but1988Privatized again in the new Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce Holdings) Has reached the present.

Rolls-Royce lobbyed for corruption and was involved in corruption.Countless casesHas been done.Serious Fraud Investigation BureauInvestigated bribery charges in China and Indonesia, but they are commonAustraliaIt is an area with interests.




Charles Stuart RollsIs a sportsman born in an upper class familyCambridge UniversityFrom school to dawnMotor sportsHe was a pioneer of automobiles involved in.Notorious as a speed limit law when I was a studentRed flagDedicated to abolition, BritishRoyal car club Contributed to the establishment of the "British Automobile Club", the predecessor of (RAC)[1].

After graduating from university1902, Best friend and RAC executiveClaude JohnsonOn the right arm,EuropeCar import agency CS Rawls (CS Rolls & Co.) Established to run an automobile import business,FranceMade ofPanhardAnd the mall, laterベルギーMade of Minerva[1].

1900The front and rear British cars are France andGermanyIt was technically behind.What to seeFrederick LanchesterThere was an advanced compact car "Lanchester" developed by the company, but it was complicated in design and lacked universality enough to be widely used.

Leading the British car market at the timeFrench carMet.Charles RollsAlso participated in the race in a large French car, in 1903DublinThe car that achieved the world speed record of 93mph (about 149km / h) was the mall that it imported.Charles RollsとClaude JohnsonAs an Englishman, he was always disappointed that no British car could match the standards of the European continent.


Frederick Henry Royce TheLincolnshireBorn in the family of a poor miller in Japan, he is a chief electrical engineer who has been studying hard since he started working at the age of nine.

In 1884, at the age of 20, electric appliance maker FH Royce (FH Royce Co.)ManchesterEstablished in.Hardworking and perfectionist Royce is safe and spark-freeGeneratorとmotorDeveloped and succeeded, and in the past it relied on human power for small stationarycraneHas been improved to an electric type that is easy to handle and has achieved results.

In 1902, Royce was advised to recuperate after many years of overwork and became ill.DecauvilleI bought a gasoline car "12HP" made by[1]..However, this car was awkward and often broke down, and no matter how many times it was repaired, it was not put into practical use.Lois was very dissatisfied[1].

Around that time, American and German manufacturers with low labor costs emerged as competitors in the FH Royce market.Lois and his partnerErnest Claremont(Ernest Claremont, 1863-1921) was under pressure to open up new fields of market.Focusing on the future of automobiles, Royce decided to build his own automobile. Since 1903, the development has started at the company's own factory in Manchester Cook Street with the help of the company's excellent electric man-hours.As a result of the subsequent development work day and night, the prototype vehicle was completed in an extremely short period of time.

The "1904HP" completed in 10 is an F head (Flat head) In-line 2-cylinder 1,800cc engine was mounted in the front, and it was a common-sense design that drives the rear wheels via a 3-speed transmission and a propeller shaft.It was easy to drive in a solid car that was not strange, showed extremely smooth and stable driving performance, and had sufficient reliability in terms of practical use.As for the mechanism, I took a simple and reliable method, but with a trender high pressure coilbatteryIgnition system combined with, and elaborate with governorcarburetorWas the most advanced design at the time, and was able to properly control the engine speed. In the test drive on April 4, he ran 1 miles (about 16.5 km) at a speed of 26.5 mph (about 145 km / h).

For this excellent compact car, he ran a factory in the immediate vicinity of Royce.Henry Edmans (Henry Edmunds) Focused.He is a CS Rawls official andCharles RollsKnowing that he was looking for a good British car, he was immediately contacted.

Rolls-Royce established

Charles Rolls and Claude Johnson said at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on May 1904, 5.10HPI met Henry Royce for the first time. Rawls and Johnson, who took a test drive on a 10HP car, were very impressed with their excellent performance.Rawls offered to take over the sale of Royce cars, and Royce agreed.Since then, Rawls, Royce, and Claude Johnson's team will work together to significantly contribute to the development and development of high-performance vehicles.

For the time being, the two companies manufactured and sold Rolls-Royce brand cars in the form of separate companies. Rawls Rawls (Rolls Royce) jointly by CS Rawls and Royce Automotive DivisionRolls-Royce Ltd) Was established and became "Rolls-Royce" in both name and reality in 1906.Ernest Claremont, who also controlled the management of Lois,Claude JohnsonRolls-Royce also has business practices (in the form of being behind the scenes), serving as president from 1907 to his death in 1921.

Initially produced at the Royce's factory on Cook Street in Manchester, in 1908DerbyHas moved to.Lois has been a two-cylinder engine since the end of 1904.10HPAnd the 3-cylinder that was extended by increasing the number of cylinders15HP, 4-cylinder "20HP, 6-cylinder "30HPWas produced, and it was noted as an outstanding performance among British cars at that time, even in France, which is an advanced automobile country.ParisIt was a success, such as being highly evaluated at the exhibition at.Already "Parthenon templeIs a unique motifradiator・ The design was well established around this time.

20HPIn 1905,Charles RollsBy drivingIsle of Man TT RaceI participated in the event and showed a good fightト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ンI was in second place due to the trouble.Rawls was humiliated in the TT race the following year and won the race with an average speed of 2mph (about 39km / h).

Silver Ghost

1906 years,Frederick Henry RoyceIs the conventional "30HPAs an alternative model, we have developed a new 6-cylinder vehicle. Introduced as the "40 / 50HP" model, this model is known as the famous Rolls-Royce car that has established worldwide fame.[4].

This new 7,000cc class car, which was manufactured with high quality materials and high machining accuracy with careful consideration for total balance while being conservatively designed, is outstandingly quiet and smooth running performance and outstanding among the cars of the time. Had durability[1].. In the summer of 1907Charles Rolls,Claude JohnsonBy driving these cars, the "40 / 50HP" type test model "Silver Ghost" ran a harsh continuous endurance test of about 15,000 miles without any trouble, and the nickname of this test car is the same as the "40 / 50HP" type as a whole. Will be used as a common name for[1][5].

Initially marketed under the phrase "the best 6-cylinder car in the world," Silver Ghost was extremely expensive, but it was also commercially successful.Later, except for the "6-cylinder", it was the "best car in the world" (English: The best car in the world), And was favored by royal aristocrats and millionaires around the world as a synonym for the finest cars.JapanAlso in1922ToEmperor Taisho OfCarIt is also.

For a while after that, Rolls-Royce narrowed down the production model to only one "Silver Ghost" and made minor changes such as displacement expansion in 1, but produced it for a long period of 1912 years until 1925.

World War I and aero engines

Charles RollsHis commitment to motorsport was a major propaganda effect for early Rolls-Royce, partly because he was one of the adventurous "sportsmen" found in the British upper class at the time. It was one of.

Charles RollsBecame an avid aviator since he first boarded the balloon in 1898, and laterWright brothersI also made friends with him.In addition, Rawls was an alumni at the university, a collaborator of his own business, and later became a politician.John Moore-BrabazonAfter that, he became the second official pilot in the UK, and in his leisure time.airplaneI was enthusiastic about maneuvering.However, flying on an immature aircraft in the early days was extremely dangerous, and Rawls died in an accident at the Bournemouth International Flight Convention on July 1910, 7, due to a crash of the aircraft.

The following year in 1911Frederick Henry Royce TheColorectal cancerSuffering from surgery, he barely got a lull, but for the rest of his lifeArtificial anusI was forced to wear it, and the hard work I used to do became difficult.StillEnglandWhile continuing the relocation treatment in the south and France,Claude JohnsonWith the help of Claremont and others, he skillfully steered management and technology.Should be called an advertiserCharles RollsRolls-Royce's management continued steadily even after the loss.

January 1914World War IOutbreak, but at the same time as the war began in GermanyDaimlerThe latest Grand Prix racing car was confiscated by British authorities.This racing car, which was just on display in a London showroom, was state-of-the-art at the time.SOHCIt was equipped with a valve operating mechanism. The British army, which expected to transfer the technology of the SOHC system to an aircraft engine, approached Rolls-Royce for development.

Frederick Henry RoyceIs equipped with a SOHC mechanism with reference to the Daimler engine.airshipFor 70hpDevelop the "" of the engine.It was an in-line water-cooled engine, which was rare for aviation at that time, but it was highly reliable.Since then, Rolls-Royce for aviationReciprocating engineHas achieved good results by adopting series type and V type liquid cooling type.As a result, after the end of World War I, aircraft engines became as important a division as automobiles in Rolls-Royce.

Establishment of high standards and interwar period / Great Depression

As a successor model of "Silver Ghost", high output in 1925OHVEquipped with an engine, mechanical servo system[Annotation 2]Equipped with a powerful 4-wheel brake byPhantom IWas developed.

Prior to this, in 1921, it was a large market for "Silver Ghost", which imposed high tariffs on imported cars at that time.AmericaAmerican factory as a measure to the marketMassachusettsSpring field) Was opened, and the left-hand steering wheel specification "Silver Ghost1,701 units, "Phantom IIt produced 1,241 units, but it failed as a business. It couldn't catch the hearts of the wealthy Americans, who said, "I want a British-made Rolls-Royce, even if it includes high tariffs."

Since the body maker is American, these have a styling that is significantly different from the model produced in the UK, except for the radiator.CadillacOrPackardIt was an American car-like appearance.1929 OfWorld DepressionIn 1931, it was forced to stop local production in the United States.

Since then, Rolls-Royce's highest-end model continues to be the "Phantom" (Phantom), And in 1932 the low-floor chassis "Phantom IIIn 1936, a huge "wishbone independent suspension and V12 engine at the time" was installed.Phantom IIIIs being sent out.

On the other hand, in 1922, the "Silver Ghost" was smaller (although 4 liters) than the "Silver Ghost".TwentyDevelop a luxury car market for owners and drivers with shaped cars (commonly known as Baby Rolls).This baby rolls system was reinforced in 1929.20 / 25HPIn 1936, the displacement type "25 / 30HPIn 1938, the front wheel was equipped with independent suspension.WraithEvolved into, expanding the Rolls-Royce market.

Postwar JapanPrime MinisterBecameYoshida Shigeru TheSecond World WarbeforeDiplomatWhen I was assigned to the UK as a 1937 model at my own expense25 / 30HPI bought a Hooper saloon and brought it back to Japan, where I used it for the rest of my life, including during my tenure as Prime Minister.This is one of the most famous Rolls-Royce remaining in Japan, and it still exists in a movable state as of 1.

Before World War II, Rolls-Royce continued to maintain high standards in materials and machining accuracy.In terms of driving performance, it maintained a level comparable to that of luxury sports cars of the same period.It is enough to put a custom-made coupe bodyGran TurismoIt was a car that passed as.

The outstanding durability established in the "Silver Ghost" is also noteworthy, especially the sturdy chassis of the large model was strong enough to withstand even the mounting of the armored car body.As an example of measures to ensure durability, normalLeaf springThe "eye", which is a hole for passing a link at both ends, is formed by winding the end of the leaf, which is the longest, while the eye of the Rolls-Royce leaf spring is formed by forging to thicken the end of the spring. Made by drilling.It can be seen that the company is particular about strength in a way that is usually not easily adopted due to cost constraints.

Until the 1920s, luxury car owners bought a bare chassis without a body and were external.Coach builderIt has been a tradition since the carriage era, not limited to Rolls-Royce, to place an order with and mount your favorite body.However, since the 1930s after the Great Depression, ready-made bodies have become commonplace, and Rolls-Royce is also a famous coachbuilder.Park ward,HJ MullinerIt was decided to mount a standard body.

Bentley under its umbrella

In 1931,24 Hours of Le MansBentley, which had been in a slump despite winning numerous victories, was taken over from the founder Walter O. Bentley and became its own brand.[2]..After that, Bentley was Rolls-Royce until the 1990s.Badge engineeringAdded some sports car nuances for owners and driversSister carSurvived as[2].

Frederick Henry RoyceDied in 1933, and Rolls-Royce turned the red part of the "RR" emblem into a black one in Royce's mourning.[6]This is still followed, but the theory that Royce changed it as "black is more beautiful" in his lifetime, simply the customer's "red does not match the body color, so please do something about it. There is also a different theory that it just responded to the request.

Merlin and Griffon

1939In 9 monthSecond World WarWhen the outbreak broke out, automobile production was stopped and specialized in munitions production such as aircraft engines.Derby factory as a munitions factoryGerman Air ForceHas been damaged by the bombing.In addition, the liquid-cooled V-type 12-cylinder engine that Royce worked on in his last years is "MarlinIt was nicknamed "" and was mass-produced throughout World War II.

MerlinFighter OfSpitfire,Hurricane,Bomber OfLancaster,reconnaissance-Fighter bomber OfMosquitoMany made in EnglandMilitary aircraftInstalled in the British Mainland Defense Battle (Battle of Britain) And the attack on Germany have achieved great results.

Also considered the best fighter in World War IIAmerica OfP-51 MustangIs Marlin (AmericanPackardでLicense productionIt is said that it was one of the reasons for its success.

LastSchneider Trophy RaceWonSeaplane, Developed based on the engine for Supermarine S.6BGriffonThe engine is even more powerful than the "Marlin" and was installed in the late Spitfire.

After World War II

Second World WarLater in 1946, the factory was from DerbycrewMoved to, from 1947 "Silver WraithProduction has started.Even after World War II, Rolls-Royce gained a wide range of sales channels due to its long-established fame, and continued to grow sales, especially in the United States, where the mainland was hardly affected by the war.

The appearance of Rolls-Royce after World War II was the appearance of American cars that adopted trends such as streamlines and tail fins.GermanyCompared to cars, it was very conservative according to British tradition, as represented by a design called the "knife edge", but its performance always met the standards of the times.

Superlative after World War IILimousineAs a revival in 1950, "Phantom IVIn 1959,Phantom V, 1968 "Phantom VI"Has appeared.In addition, for a long time before World War IIBritish KingThe car isDamelerHowever, in 1955, "Phantom IV" was released.Elizabeth IIAdopted by the Queen's car, it is at the height of its long-cherished desire.Also, "Phantom IV" isEmperor ShowaIt has been used for a short period of time as a car for the car.

Mass production model

Also, as a model for mass production (by Rolls-Royce standards), "Silver WraithIn 1949, as the first post-war model,Silver DawnWas announced.Then in 1955, Rolls-Royce adopted the first streamlined design.Silver cloudHas evolved into.

1965Announced inSilver ShadowAnd its wheelbase extension "Silver Wraith II", Bentley "T" and "Cornish / Continental") rear wheelsIndependent suspension(Semi-trailing arm type) is introduced, and the car body is fullMonocoqueIt became a structure.AlsoGeneral MotorsMade of 3 stepsATIt has been significantly modernized compared to previous models, such as setting the option.In addition, the 2-door version has been converted into a convertible.Cornish"Also1971Has been added to.

Aircraft jet engine

Second World WarFrom the insideJet engineThe world's first jet airliner, which first flew in 1949De Havilland DH.106 CometThe second-generation model (1953-) of the company was also equipped with the company's engine.However, in the 1960s, a large jet airliner "L-1011 TristarIncorporated a large number of innovations that were under development forRB211The engine caused trouble.Attempted to be installed in the engineCarbon fiberComposite materialHyfil, a turbofan blade made byBird strikeThere was also an accident in which the fiber did not pass the test and the fiber peeled off during the adoption test operation.Due to differences in vibration characteristics, it was impossible to change only the turbofan to a normal metal one, and it was necessary to redesign the entire engine.This process was a huge economic loss for Rolls-Royce.

Bankruptcy and nationalization

Rolls-Royce's finances were tight due to the failure of the RB211 engine, and in 1971 the economy finally collapsed and was put under public control.The company escaped its disappearance by being nationalized in the United Kingdom.At that time, the state-owned company, which was the largest automobile manufacturer in Britain at that timeBritish LeylandIt was rumored that it would become a subsidiary of the company, but it was eventually nationalized as Rolls-Royce while maintaining its independence.

after that

Automotive sector

In 1973 after nationalization, the automobile sector (BentleyIt was decided that (including) will be separated and privatized.The seller was a major manufacturer in the country at that timeVickersThe company name is "Rolls-Royce Motors" (Rolls-Royce Motors).

In 1975,PininfarinaA 2-door coupe designed by "Phantom", which is the highest price except "Phantom".CamargueHas appeared.Furthermore, in 1980, "Silver ShadowAs a new model that succeeds "", it is equipped with aerodynamically conscious design, rear wheel independent suspension with automatic vehicle height adjustment function, and square headlights.Silver SpiritAnd its wheelbase extension type "Silver spar", In Bentley,"Mulsanne") Has appeared.

In 1985, Bentley tried to get rid of Rolls-Royce's badge engineering.1982Based on the "Mulsanne Turbo" introduced inFuel injectorTurbo engine with, reinforced undercarriage, front grille painted in the same color as the body and new designア ル ミ ホ イ ー ルA model with improved performance and a sportier feelTurbo R"announced. The "Turbo R" will become a big hit model all over the world, and at the same time, it will greatly change the brand image of Bentley, and Bentley, which has never exceeded the sales volume of Rolls-Royce, surpasses Rolls-Royce for the first time. And so on, I made an opportunity to revive the sluggish Bentley.

In 1992, Rolls-Royce Motors was a German car company to modernize and reduce development costs for new engines.BMWAffiliated with.After that, nearly 20 years have passed since its debut, and it has been degenerated.Silver SpiritAnnounced in March 1998 as a successor model to the ""Silver SeraphWill be equipped with a BMW V12 engine.

The "Phantom," which had been made for many years, continued to be made to order, but was discontinued in 1992, when the alliance with BMW began.In addition, the "Cornish", which was produced even after the base model "Silver Shadow" was discontinued in 1980,1996The production was discontinued.

In 1998, parent company Vickers decided to sell Rolls-Royce Motors.BMW, which had a tie-up, was the main seller, but the successful acquisition was in Germany, which offered the highest price.VolkswagenMet.After that, Volkswagen manufactured and sold the conventional model of Rolls-Royce until the end of 2002 by receiving the engine supply from BMW.

In January 2003, under the agreement between BMW and Volkswagen, BMW will manufacture and sell passenger cars bearing the "Rolls-Royce" brand, and Volkswagen will continue to manufacture and sell only "Bentley". It became. In the same year, BMW acquired the right to produce and sell "Rolls-Royce" brand passenger cars.Rolls-Royce Motor CarsIn the south of EnglandWest sussexEstablished in Goodwood, USA, it manufactures and sells passenger cars of the same brand to date.

Industrial sector

The industrial sector, which focuses on the manufacture and sale of aircraft engines, has survived as a British state-owned enterprise even after the automobile sector was separated and privatized in 1973.In addition to aircraft engines, it continued to manufacture and sell ships, defense, energy related products, etc.Margaret ThatcherPrivatization was decided again under the administration, and in 1987, a private company "Rolls-Royce HoldingsThe format was changed to.

Passenger car model

Before World War II

After the war

Sales in Japan

The transition of importers is as follows.

  1. - 2001 : Cornes
  2. 2002 - 2003 : Volkswagen Audi Japan
  3. 2004 -: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited (Rolls-Royce Motor CarsMade model)



There are numerous legends about reliability, quietness, and after-sales service.

  • For example, a gentleman went on a trip to Europe and licked a crankshaft spline on a mountain road in Switzerland.[3]..When I called the factory immediately and asked to send the parts, a helicopter flew in, a mechanic came down, repaired it quickly, and flew away again by helicopter.[3]..The gentleman who returned home was suspicious that he would not be charged for repairs, and when he called the factory again, he said, "There is no such fact in our records." "But I actually traveled to the continent and cranked. "I messed up the shaft and had it airlifted," he said, but "customer, Rolls-Royce's crankshaft doesn't break."English: Sir! Rolls Royce crankshafts do not go.) Was said[3]..This kind of story is the place where it failed[Annotation 3], The place where you got stuck[Annotation 4], There are many variations with each model,Radyard KiplingMay be based on the story written by[8]..Kipling is an avid Rolls-Royce fan, having trouble driving his phantom on a long-distance drive to southern France in 1932.[Annotation 5]I was hit by a car and was unable to drive, so I asked a dealer to tow to the hotel and called the nearest dealer.[8]..Although the dealer is the closest, the dealer is far away, and Kipling thought that he would arrive after noon tomorrow even if he departed tomorrow morning. The hotel manager said, "Your car has already been repaired. At dawn this morning, several mechanics came and repaired it, but before the customer got up after all the work. I'm back. "[8]..No invoice was sent for this matter[8].
  • Frederick Henry RoyceWas testing a prototype chassis in southern France, and the horn button burned in, and Royce was angry and called the factory and ordered that "the subsequent horn buttons must be gold contacts."Even after the technology to operate with a relay came out and the gold contact became unnecessary, it was said that the design department overlooked and continued to make the horn button with the gold contact, but when this story became the headline of the newspaper, "Rolls Royce, A car with a pure gold horn button! "[3].
  • The story that "even if you put a silver coin on the hood and start the engine, it will not collapse" is often told as a legend, but it is a fact.Silver GhostKnown as a classical test to test the condition of, about 50 years have passed since it was manufactured.1971Even at that time, there were vehicles that could easily pass.[5].


The engine power of Rolls-Royce cars is said to be 48hp for the early Silver Ghost and 65hp for the late Silver Ghost (both gross values), but since that time it has always been officially a secret.Simply "necessary and sufficient performance" (enough), And in fact, the model of any era had more than necessary and sufficient performance compared to the level of the same era.It can be said that it is one policy that turned its back on the useless catalog horsepower competition.

However, under German law, the tax base of automobile tax is based on output in recent years, and with the inclusion of German capital, accurate output display is required, and in models after the late 1990s (Silverseraf and later), output is output. It is designed to be displayed.

Spirit of Ecstasy

The image of the spirit with its wings spread at the top of the Rolls-Royce radiator is known as the "Spirit of Ecstasy."

High quality pronoun

Pointing to high quality British products,ginRolls Royce (Tanqueray) ”“ Single malt Rolls Royce[9](The Macallan) "and other slogans are sometimes used in advertisements.

However, it was the pre-WWII luxury that was officially recognized by Rolls-Royce for this type of name.オ ー ト バ イIt was called "Motorcycle Rolls-Royce" because of its high quality and high performance.Brough SuperiorWas about[1]..He was also a loyal user of Rolls-Royce.Thomas Edward LawrenceThe bike that died in an accident while riding is also Brough Superior.[1].


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注 釈

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