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🚗 | Did you start from Hokkaido?Approaching the roots of the unexpected "country sign"


Did it start in Hokkaido?Approaching the roots of the unexpected "country sign"

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There are various types of road signs, but "country signs" are categorized as municipal information signs that have the role of guiding the names of cities, towns and villages.

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Country sign

Country signIs mainly道路It is installed alongsideSignIt is a kind of.It is installed on the road that borders prefectures, cities, towns and villages, and along with the name of the administrative area, depending on the location.Prefecture badgeandAkira MunicipalityIt is characterized by displaying symbols such as the specialties of each town.

Originally the name "country sign"HokkaidoIt is a name only in Hokkaido, and is officially a municipality guide sign (sign format 101, 102 series).Recently, there are an increasing number of cases in which municipal information signs nationwide are called country signs.

The installation of country signs varies from municipality to municipality, and in some regionsPrefecturesIn many cases, it is left to each municipality, and there are some areas that are not unified from beginning to end.

Hokkaido country sign

HokkaidoThen.Northern TerritoriesSigns with illustrations are made for all 179 cities, towns and villages except for, and are posted on national roads, prefectural roads, and the sides of municipal roads.islandsTown of (Okushiri townEtc.) But the country sign is installed in the port[1].

Tohoku region country sign

Basically, it has a municipal emblem (Kazamaura Villageexcept for).

Kanto region country sign

Municipal emblem is the mainstream,Gunma,SaitamaSome of them are illustrated.

Chubu region country sign

Gifu-Aichi-ShizuokaMost of them are of the type with the municipal emblem.

Kinki region country sign

Kyoto,HyogoIn the mainstream, the emblem of the municipality is the mainstream, but some of them have illustrations.Mie,ShigaThen almost enter the municipal emblem,OsakaIn, most of the municipalities have chapters, but not all cities, towns and villages have chapters.WakayamaIn, there are some places with municipal emblems, but there are many places where only letters are not installed.NaraThe national highways under direct control have chapters, but the others are mostly letters only.

Chugoku region country sign

Shikoku region country sign

Kyushu region country sign

Most of the national and prefectural roads have municipal emblems.
Most of the national roads under direct control have the municipal emblem, but most of the auxiliary national roads and prefectural roads have only the name of the local government.

Highway country sign

On expressways, country signs have been developed at the borders of prefectures and municipalities since the 1980s.Before that, most of the signs were only letters such as "XX prefecture" and "XX city" without illustrations, but signs with illustrations of local specialties (moisture signs / hometown signs)[7]) Has come to be installed.In addition, there are many places where the country sign of the local government that disappeared due to the merger of cities, towns and villages in Heisei has been removed and the country sign of the new local government has not been installed.Nowadays, only letters are becoming mainstream in newly constructed highways and those whose signs have been replaced due to aging.

As a general rule, the design of the country sign is "one type per municipality"[8]Even if two or more expressways run in the same municipality, the same design is often used, but in some cases it is not.[9].

Municipality without a country sign

Remote island municipality

Works on the theme of country signs


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