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🚗 | DS 3 Crossback, special specification in collaboration with France Ines — Parisian Chic Price is 438 yen

Photo DS 3 Crossback Ines de la Fresanges

DS 3 crossback, special specification in collaboration with France Ines — Parisian chic Price is 438 yen

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In the interior, the ink blue Alcantara jointly developed by both brands is stuck on the entire dashboard, and the stitches are also customized with special rice threads.

Group PSA Japan has a Paris Automobiles compact SUV "DS 3 Crossback" with a fascio in Paris ... → Continue reading


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The entire dashboard


Alcantara(Alcantara) Isスペイン-ExtremaduraProvince of Caceres OfMunicipio(Basic municipality).Tahoe RiverOn the bank of.


During the Islamic rule, the town was called al-Qantarat ("al-Qantarat" (meaning spillway)). 1167 King LeonFernando VIReclaimed the town from Islamic forces. 1172,Almohad morningRe-occupied and King Leon in 1221Alfonso XI OfReconquistaFinally released by. In this way, the Kingdom of Leon was established in 1166 because it was a frontier where Christianity and Islamic power clashed.Knights of AlcantaraFounded and fought Reconquista. As a facility attached to the Knights, the Monastery of San Benito de Alcantara (es).

Alcantara hasTrajanThe Alcantara Bridge is 103m long and 106m high, built between 194 and 71 of the Imperial period. This bridge from norvaConimbrigaWas part of the Roman road to.


Changes in the population of Alcantara 1900-2010
Source: INE (National Bureau of Statistics of Spain) 1900-1991[2], 1996- [3]


Local government chief[4]-[5](PP-EU) Luis Mario Muñoz Niate (Luis Mario Muñoz Nieto[6]And the local councilors are Extremadura National Party-Extremadura Unification: 5, (Partido Socialista Obrero Español de Extremadura): 4 (Municipal election results on May 2011, 5, in order of votes)[7].

June 1999, 6 Local government election[7]
Political partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateSeats won
June 2003, 5 Local government election[7]
Political partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateSeats won
June 2007, 5 Local government election[7]
Political partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateSeats won
June 2011, 5 Local government election[7]
Political partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateSeats won

Judicial administration

Alcantara belongs to the jurisdiction of Caceres[13].


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