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✈ | SUBARU, parts dropped from helicopter during in-house flight or April 4nd

Photo Ground Self-Defense Force AH-1S

SUBARU, parts fall from helicopter during in-house flight? April 4nd

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SUBARU has a Utsunomiya Seisakusho South Factory adjacent to the Ground Self-Defense Force Kita Utsunomiya station, where it manufactures SUBARU / BELL 412EPX, and regularly maintains and repairs helicopters for the Self-Defense Forces, Japan Coast Guard, and fire departments in each prefecture. I am in charge of remodeling.

SUBARU's Aerospace Company will launch an in-house helicopter on April 2021, 4 (Tuesday) ... → Continue reading


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Kita Utsunomiya Garrison

Kita Utsunomiya Garrison(JGSDF Camp Kita-Utunomiya)TochigiUtsunomiya CityLocated in 1360, Kamiyokotamachi,Aviation School Utsunomiya SchoolEtc. are stationedJapan Ground Self-Defense Force OfGarrison.


1,700mRunwayhaveUtsunomiya AirfieldAnd most of the garrisonAviation DepartmentIs occupied. (Aviation School Utsunomiya School, 12th Helicopter Squadron 1st Squadron and Eastern Army Control Meteorological Squadron 4th Detachment)

Also, government aircraft (Ministry of Defense,Japan Coast Guard,Prefectural police helicopter,Firefighting disaster prevention helicopter) Manufacture and maintenanceSUBARUWith Utsunomiya Seisakusho (Aerospace Company) South FactoryTochigi PoliceThe aviation corps is adjacent to the garrison and shares the airfield by agreement.

Station commanderIs also the principal of the Utsunomiya branch of the aviation school.

Overview of the garrison

  1. Our schoolAkeno GarrisonLocated inKasumigaura Air FieldThree schools with (Kasumigaura School) are training rotary wing pilots of the Ground Self-Defense Force.
  2. Utsunomiya schoolLand Sergeant Aviation Flight StudentHe is in charge of the course (FEC) and the instrumental examiner course (EOC).
  3. The aircraft belonging to Utsunomiya School isEnstrom 480,UH-1JTwo models are used.
  4. By the instructor at the garrison festivalAcrobat team"Blue Hornet" is temporarily organized.


Nakajima Aircraft Utsunomiya Airfield

  • 1943(Showa 18): Nakajima Aircraft (now SUBARU) opened as "Nakajima Aircraft Utsunomiya Seisakusho Airfield" for the manufacture of military aircraft. (Utsunomiya Airfield during the warArmy Utsunomiya Kiyohara Airfield(Current Kiyohara Industrial Park). )

U.S. Army

  • 1945(20): The end of the war.GHQIs confiscated.
  • 1956(Showa 31): The US military withdrew.After that, it was transferred to the Defense Agency.

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

  • 1957(Showa 32) April 8:Japan Air Self-Defense ForceThe second pilot schoolMatsushima BaseRelocated from[1].
  • 1958(Showa 33) December 12: Announced as "Utsunomiya Airfield"[2]..Japan Air Self-Defense Force (2nd flight school) starts flight education[3].
  • 1959(34) June 6: The second flight school13th Flight Training WingReorganized into[1].
  • 1962(37)
    • March 3: Air Self-Defense Force 15th Flight Education Group Flight Education Group and Maintenance Supply GroupGifu baseMoved to.The 14th Flight Training Wing moved from Sendai.
    • August 8: Japan Air Self-Defense Force 15th Flight Training Wing CommandAshiya baseRelocated to[1].

Ground Self-Defense Force Utsunomiya Garrison Utsunomiya Kita Branch / Air Self-Defense Force

  • 1962(Showa 37) November 11: Ground Self-Defense Force at Utsunomiya stationUtsunomiya Kita BranchInstalled as[4], Eastern Air Corps (main) relocated from Kasumigaura Air Field.
  • 1963(Showa 38) March 3: The 15th Flight Training Wing is abolished.

Ground Self-Defense Force, Maritime Self-Defense Force, Air Self-Defense Force

Ground Self-Defense Force / Maritime Self-Defense Force

Ground Self-Defense Force Kita Utsunomiya station

  • 1973 year (Showa 48 year)
    • March 3: Promoted to Kita Utsunomiya station[5]..Ground Self-Defense Force Aviation School Iwanuma Branch School (Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture) relocated and opened Utsunomiya Branch School.
    • May 5: Eastern Air CorpsTachikawa stationCompleted relocation to.
  • 2001(13) April 3:12th Division OfbrigadeFrom the 12th Squadron under the division12th Helicopter CorpsExpanded and reorganized (the corps headquarters moved to Somahara station).
  • 2002(14)
    • March 3: Aviation School Utsunomiya Branch School changed its name to Utsunomiya School.
    • July 7: Eastern Army Control Meteorological Corps 22th Detachment Achieves Accident-Free Control 4 Times[6].
  • 2019 (first year of Reiwa)
    • May 5: Eastern Army Control Meteorological Corps 28th Detachment achieved 4 accident-free controls.

Garrison / organization

Units and organizations under the direct control of the Minister of Defense

12th Brigade Sub-Brigade

Eastern Army Subordinate Corps

  • Eastern Air Corps
    • Eastern Army Control Meteorological Corps
      • 4th Detachment: Approach control zone at Utsunomiya Airfield, within air traffic control areaAir traffic controlBusiness, navigation andweatherI am doing business.
  • Eastern system communication group
    • 317 Base Communications Company
      • Kita Utsunomiya Detachment: Performs on-site telephone calls at the garrison and base communication services between the garrison.

Aviation Security Radio Facility

Station nameTypesfrequencyIdentification code

Air traffic control

TWR126.2MHz, 138.05MHz, 140.3MHz, 236.8MHz
 APP120.1MHz, 122.45MHz, 362.3MHz

  Control when using garrison event 45.1MHz Flight exhibition 140.8MHz 122.6MHz 126.2MHz

Nearest trunk traffic


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