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✈ | Aichi Museum of Flight, “Family Night Museum” for 5 days in May

Photo Family Night Museum

Aichi Museum of Flight, "Family Night Museum" 5 days in May

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In addition, the prefectural Nagoya Airport mascot character "Nagopyon" will appear, and the night museum will be lively.

The Aichi Museum of Flight will be held for two days, May 2021th (Sat) and May 5th (Sat), 8. → Continue reading


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マ ス コ ッ ト

マ ス コ ッ ト(French: Mascot,English: Mascot) is"It is believed to bring good luck to peoplePeople-Animal·thing"That[1].

Dolls that you cherish around you, or some kind of groupsymbolAnimals, etc.[1][2].

Mascots are not limited to "people" and "animals", but "plantOr "ColorIt may be.


There are many uncertainties about the etymology of the English word "mascot", and it was the reason why the word became widely used among people.19st centurySince it is based on the operetta work of, I will explain the usage from the 19th century first, and then try to explain by tracing the origin from there to the oldest one.

This word became popular in general1880French composer(French versionComedy titled "La Mascotte" produced byOperettaaccording to.This lived in a house妖精Live in the houseItalianIt's a story that brings good luck to farmers.[3]..This is the next1881Was translated into English in a considerably toned-down form and performed in the English-speaking world, and such meanings and usages became widespread among people.In the 19th century, when Audran used the word mascotte in his work name, the French dialect had the word "mascotte".WitchMagic, become kind妖精Was used to mean something that brings good luck[3].

The origin of this French dialect "mascotte" is unclear, but probablyProvençal"Mascoto" ("Wizard" and "Wizard"Magic"). (Because of Narbonne1233In the manuscript, "mascoto" is used to mean temptation from a woman, magic in every bet, and so on. )[3]..The etymology of this mascoto is masco ("witch"), and if you trace its origin further, it is the Old Occitan word "masca", and I do not know for sure when it comes to the origin of that masca,Medieval latinMasca ("Hiding Face" "幽 霊It is said that it may have become[Source required].

Sports mascot

The United States of AmericaThen,UniversityAnd professionalSportsTeams are often identified by their mascot.One of the earliest sports mascots1908 OfChicago Cubsbelongs to[4].

Military mascot

The mascotU.S. Forces,British ArmyStarting with軍隊It has been popular in organizations for a long time.US Marine Corps OfemblemIs drawn inBald eagleAnd bulldogs are well-known examples.Also, many British regiments use their live animals as mascots.Goat William WindsorYou can often see the mascots such as these being pulled around during the parade.Spanish LegionEach corps also uses goats as mascots to accompany them to parades and ceremonies.Norwegian ArmyInNorwegian Homeland GuardThe orchestraThe United KingdomEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfEdinburghWhen visiting "Nils OlavNamedKing penguinI'm taking you.An example of a military mascot actually serving in the army is "Unsinkable Sam"サ イ モ ンEtc. of each country's navySailor catAnd the Polish armyWojtekAre known.

Other mascots

The United Kingdom,AmericaThen.University,UniversityMoreoverJunior high schoolThere are schools that have a "school mascot".

CompanyThe mascot associated with the brand is called the "corporate mascot".

Automobile OfradiatorgrillOn thebonnetWhat is attached to the tip ofFoodAlso called a mascot.

In recent years, personalWebsiteHowever, there are cases where a mascot exists.

またbagMini size to attach to etc.Plush Doll(Mascot doll) is also called a mascot.


Humanoid mascots can often be controversial.

For example, the United StatesUniversity of Illinois"Fighting Illinois (Fighting Illinois:IllinoisBecame the etymology ofNative American) ”Mascot isRaceIt was regarded as a problem from the viewpoint of the problem.Such problems exist not only in large schools such as the University of Illinois (about 2000 students).Saxon OfknightThe mascot that imitated was protested as an indication of Saxon dominance (against these issues).Political CorrectnessThere is also an indication).

JapanThen.tobacco,liqueurIt is refrained from using mascots and characters for such things,MinorIt is often a problem with the seller side because it has an effect on the product.In recent examplesSapporo beerDon Siborione (of "Sapporo Raw Squeezing"CMThe dog-shaped that appears inPuppet) And the like.


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注 釈


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Nagoya Airfield

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Scenery of passenger planes seen from domestic decks before 2005, renewed decksImage providedplease.(2013/1

Aichi Prefecture Nagoya Airport(Nagoya flight,British: Nagoya Airfield) IsAichiIt is inAirfieldIs.Nagoya AirportAviation lawIs the official name above[1][2][3], The common name for airport facilities isPrefectural Nagoya Airport(Kuko Nagoya Kuko,British: Prefectural Nagoya Airport).From locationKomaki AirportAlso called (Komaki Kukou).


Nagoya cityApproximately 15 km north of the center ofNobi PlainLocated in the northeastern part, in terms of administrative divisionsNishi Kasugai DistrictToyoyama Town,Komaki City,Kasugai City,Nagoya city(Kita) Straddles 3 cities and 1 town.Japan Air Self-Defense ForceKomaki BaseIt is adjacent to and shares a runway, but it is not a shared airfield managed by the Ministry of Defense.AichiManages.controlBusiness isAirfield controlWith businessLanding guidance controlBusinessJapan Air Self-Defense ForceIt is carried out by the Komaki Air Traffic Control Corps,Approach control work and terminal radar control workabout,Chubu International AirportLocated in (Tokoname City)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOsaka Aviation BureauIt is carried out by the Chubu Airport Office through wide area control.

In the past, many domestic and international flights departed and arrived, but at the same time as the opening of Chubu Centrair International Airport, most of the routes moved to Chubu, and at the same time,Second class airportWas changed to another airfield, and the official name was changed from "Nagoya Airport" to "Aichi Prefecture Nagoya Airfield".In addition, it should be noted.IATA airport code"NGO" was handed over to Chubu and newly registered as "NKM".

As of 2019 month,passengerRegular flightsFuji Dream AirlinesThere are only 1 routes per company.In recent yearsBusiness jetOperation etc.General aviationWe are focusing on domestic flights, and the terminal dedicated to business aircraft is on domestic flights.TerminalIt is installed at a different doorway.ToyotaIn addition to being used by many business jets as a business base centered on local companies such asF1 OfJapan Grand Prix Suzuka Circuit(MieSuzuka) When it is helddriverIt is a relay point for.

The annual number of passengers is 748,389 in Japan and 919 (2015) internationally, and the number of passengers by airport in 2015 is 27th in Japan.[4].



January 1934Nagoya PortNagoya International Temporary Airfield opens at reclaimed land No. 10, and becomes Nagoya Airfield in 1940.At the same time, land reclamation of No. 11 was permitted, and Nagoya International Airfield opened in 1941.Temporarily closed for expansion (1944), but left unattended after the end of the war.The same place laterToho GasIt became the Sorami Environmental Center.

Komaki Airfield Era

Nagoya Airport era

From 1952 to 2005, it functioned as a gateway to Aichi prefecture and was a major part of Japan.空港It was one of.However, with the opening of Chubu Centrair International Airport, most regular passenger flights have moved to the airport.

On February 2005, 2, the last flight departing from this sunrise, departing at 16:20. SaipanTo charter plane, Japan Airlines JL8839 flight by both airline and airport officialsPenlightI saw him off and closed the curtain as a second-class airport.This plane was also the first plane to return to Chubu Centrair International Airport (Japan Airlines flight JL1).

Prefectural Nagoya Airport era

Chubu International AirportInstallation management after the opening of the portMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismWas transferred to Aichi Prefecture, and the installation category was changed from "Type XNUMX (A) Airport" to "Other Public Airfields" and became "Nagoya Airport (Prefectural Nagoya Airport)".IATA Airport Code (3 Letter Code)The former Nagoya Airport NGO was transferred to Chubu International Airport and became NKM.ICAO Airport Code (4 letter code)Was changed from RJNN of the former Nagoya Airport to RJNA (the code of Chubu International Airport became RJGG).In addition, as mentioned above, some control operations were transferred from the Nagoya Airport Office of the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to the Air Self-Defense Force Komaki Control Service.All passengers such as regular flights and domestic / overseas passengers are handled at the conventional domestic passenger terminal building.Customs-Immigration-quarantineHas become a small-scale concourse in one room, and Japan's first full-scale concourse for small aircraft, "Finger Concourse," has been newly established.

20052,Japan AirlinesGroup ofJay AirWith the opening of Chubu Centrair International AirportHiroshima West AirfieldThe head office and base were relocated from J-Air and became the base airfield of J-Air.20113J-Air withdrew completely from the airportOsaka International Airport(Itami Airport) Moved to a nearby building[5]..After the withdrawal of J-Air,Shizuoka AirportThanFuji Dream AirlinesHas relocated its base and is now the base airfield for Fuji Dream Airlines.

  • 2005(17)
    • May 2 --From "Nagoya Airport"Nagoya AirfieldChanged the name to.InstallerAichiTransferred to. Changed the designation to "Other airfields".Started air traffic control operations and landing guidance control operations by the Air Self-Defense Force Komaki Control Corps.The Chubu Airport Office of the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is in charge of approach control and terminal radar control operations.
    • May 11 --Start using the Terminal Bill Finger Concourse[6].
  • 2006(18)Aichi Prefectural PoliceCompletion and operation of new hangar for the Air Corps.
  • 2007(19)May 10 --Owned by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, operated by a test pilot of Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesF-2BThe fighter failed to take off and burned.The two crew members escaped but were seriously injured.
  • 2009(21)May 2 - Fuji Dream Airlines(FDA) Unit 1 arrived and started route training based on Nagoya Airport.
  • 2010(22)
    • May 2 --The mascot character "Nagopyon(Motif of airplane and bird) was unveiled at the ceremony to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the opening of the port.
    • May 4 --J-Air of Japan Airlines Group announced that it will withdraw completely by the spring of 2011[7].
    • May 10 --Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuokaLine goes into service (codeshare with JAL)[8].
    • May 11 --First charter flight after prefecturalization (Amami Oshimaline)
  • 2011(23)
    • May 3 --J-Air will abolish all routes to and from this airport on this day.It was operated until the last dayNiigataline,Kochiline,Aso KumamotoIt was a line.
    • May 3 --Fuji Dream AirlinesAso KumamotoThe line goes into service (codeshare with JAL).
    • May 5 --Fuji Dream AirlinesIwate HanamakiLine goes into service[9].
    • May 7 --Fuji Dream AirlinesAomoriLine goes into service[9].
    • May 7 --Fuji Dream Airlines' Aomori Line and Iwate Hanamaki start daily operation[9].
    • May 9 --Started operation of the new control tower constructed in Komaki base, and the control work was transferred from the passenger terminal side in the west to the Komaki base side in the east.
  • 2012(24)
    • May 3 --Fuji Dream AirlinesNiigataThe line goes into service (codeshare with JAL).
    • May 7 --Reopened the observation deck.
  • 2013(25)
    • May 3 --Fuji Dream AirlinesKochiLine goes into service (codeshare with JAL)[10].
  • 2014(26)
    • May 3 --Fuji Dream AirlinesYamagataLine goes into service (codeshare with JAL)[11].
    • May 12 --The first that was a planeParking Lot However, it is now in service as a multi-storey car park with 5 floors above ground (1350 cars in total, 575 cars in Building A, 680 cars in Building B, 95 cars on a flat surface).[12].
  • 2015(27)
    • May 3 --Share the runwayKomaki BaseThe annual aviation festival is held in Japan for the first time in 44 yearsBlue ImpulseMade an exhibition flight.About 7 people visited.
    • May 3 - FDAAnnounced that it will support multi-airports at Fukuoka Airport and Kitakyushu Airport on the Komaki-Kitakyushu Line, which will open on March 3.
    • May 3 --Fuji Dream AirlinesIzumoline,KitakyushuLine goes into service[13][14].
    • May 6 --A solar cell airplane that was trying to fly around the world "Solar impulse2 "isNanjingからHawaiiLanding at the airport due to bad weather over the Pacific Ocean on the way to[15]..Set the longest flight time and distance record for solar-powered aircraft[16].
    • May 6 --"Solar Impulse 2" takes off from the airport.Then HawaiiHonoluluLanded at Kalaeloa Airport and set the longest flight time and distance record with solar-powered aircraft[17].
    • May 11 --The first domestically produced passenger jetMitsubishi SpaceJet(The name at that time was MRJ) made its maiden flight at this airport.
  • 2016(28)
    • May 4 --Domestic stealth demonstratorX-2First flight at our airport.
  • 2019 (Heisei 31)
    • May 3 --Fuji Dream Airlines' Kitakyushu line is suspended.

Withdrawal of J-Air and route development by FDA

20101BankruptcyJapan AirlinesIs a subsidiary of the company over the reconstruction ofJay AirInitially, it was thought that it would be possible to make a profit by operating mainly small aircraft, so consideration was given to maintaining the route in the Nagoya area by transferring the route from Chubu International Airport to this airport.[18].

However, withdrawal from the airport by the spring of 2011 for the following reasons:[19]It was announced to do.On the other hand, the local government showed strong opposition.[18].

  1. Be a competitorAll Nippon AirwaysIn the Nagoya area, the route is developed only at Chubu International Airport, and due to passenger distribution, both the Chubu International and Prefectural Nagoya airports and All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines will "collapse".Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismWas concerned.
  2. 2007Agreement with Chubu Centrair International Airport (suspension of new route development, etc. at this airport).
  3. Opposition from the creditors, the banking group.
  4. The intention of the Aichi Prefectural Aviation Countermeasures Division and the local business community to unify regular flights to Chubu International Airport.

on the other hand,Shizuoka OfRegional airlineIsFuji Dream AirlinesIt was announced that (FDA) is enthusiastic about launching regular flights to the prefectural Nagoya Airport, and is in talks with Aichi Prefecture with a view to taking over some routes of Japan Airlines.[20], As a result of this negotiation, from the 2010 winter timetableFukuoka AirportThe transfer of flights to the FDA and code-sharing with JAL have been decided.Furthermore, from the 2011 summer timetable when J-Air will completely withdrawAso Kumamoto AirportTransferred flights to FDA[21], This line also became a code share with JAL[22].

As a result, J-Air withdrew from the airport on March 2011, 3 as scheduled, and the JAL Group's Nagoya Airport counter also closed operations on the same day.[23]However, it was possible to avoid becoming an airport with no regular flights after the withdrawal of J-Air.afterwards2010 eraWhen you enterThe FDA has relocated its substantial base function from Shizuoka Airport,[Source required]As a result of gradually expanding the routes from Nagoya Airport centering on the routes operated by J-Air, as of the spring of 2015, it had expanded to 9 domestic routes to and from Nagoya Airport, but in 2019 the Kitakyushu route was sluggish. As of May 2019, there are 5 routes due to the suspension of operations.

Japan Airlines is one of the unprofitable routes2010Chubu Centrair International Airport, which was suspended in May- Iwate Hanamaki AirportIt has been revealed that the flight will be transferred to and from the airport and revived, and that it is considering service during the first half of 2011.[Source required]

Great East Japan EarthquakeThe FDA has entered service on the above routes as part of its reconstruction assistance.[9].


Passenger terminal (former domestic terminal)

Specializing in regional jet operations, it has a finger concourse for small aircraft.[6].

MRJ will be manufactured in January 2015Mitsubishi AircraftHas relocated its headquarters.

Business machine terminal (domestic and international)

The international passenger terminal building during the Nagoya Airport era was used for only six years.However, it is also true that the processing capacity of the former international passenger terminal had reached its limit, and the boarding bridge was constructed with a minimum investment, such as using the one of the former international terminal as it is.It closed when it was transferred to Chubu International Airport and was separated from the airport along with the surrounding site.After that, utilizing the international terminal building, the Nagoya Airport Building was the main installation body.Uny Co., Ltd.Becomes the main developerShopping center"Airport Walk NagoyaOpened in October 2008[24].

The "Nagoya Airport Aerospace Museum" in the domestic terminal was closed on October 2004, 10, and some of the aircraft there (MU-2Etc.) was built by Aichi Prefecture in Shinmei Park in Toyoyama Town on April 2005, 4.Airlines boonHas been moved to and is still on display. The "Nagoya Airport Aerospace Museum" is still open to the public at events.

Aichi prefecture2015May 5, Announced that it will build an "Aviation Field Museum" as a "prefectural Nagoya Airport visitor reception base facility development project".Airport Walk NagoyaAn exhibition facility with the theme of aircraft in the adjacent landAichi Aviation MuseumIs planned to be used for school education, human resource development, and industrial tourism as a field museum for the entire region, in collaboration with the accumulated aircraft industry and tourism resources scattered around the area.[25].2017May 11The "Aichi Museum of Flight" was opened in Japan.

Airline companies as bases/focus cities

Our airportBase airportThere is only one airline.Focus airportThere are no airlines set to.


Original wikidata queryPlease refer to.

Service route

Fuji Dream Airlines(FDA)[26]Aomori,Hanamaki,Yamagata,Niigata,Izumo,Kochi,Fukuoka,Kumamoto

Destination city

☆ isChubu International AirportThere are also flights

Airlines routes that were suspended or withdrawn after becoming a prefectural airport

Jay Air(J-AIR)(FDA takes over many routes and is in regular service)Obihiro Airport,Akita Airport,Yamagata Airport,Niigata Airport,Matsuyama Airport,Kochi Airport,Nagasaki Airport,Kitakyushu Airport,Fukuoka Airport,Kumamoto Airport
Fuji Dream Airlines(FDA) Kitakyushu Airport

Charter achievements

Fuji Dream Airlines(FDA)Okadama Airport(2013/11/16),Wakkanai Airport(2013/7/12 --2013/8/22),Kushiro Airport(2013/7/13 --2013/8/19),Yamagata Airport(2013/10/27 --2013/11/27),Hachijojima Airport(2012/8/22 --2012/8/26),Oki Airport(2012/7/10),Izumo Airport(2014/1/24 --2014/1/28),Amami Airport(2013/9/28 --2013/10/13)

Guam,SaipanHe has also operated charter flights to.

Regular service routes before the opening of Chubu International Airport

"Japanese Airport Series (2) Centrair centrair Chubu International Airport & Nagoya Airport" From the history of Nagoya Airport published by Icarus.

Chubu International AirportBefore the opening of the port, it was an international airport representing the Chubu region, and an airline that no longer exists (in the People's Republic of China)China Civil AviationAnd Varig Brazilian Airlines) were also in service.Immediately after the full transfer to the airport, the number of airlines in service increased slightly from the time of the former Nagoya Airport, and then decreased.2015At that time, the number of international flights has exceeded that of the Nagoya Airport era. The faces of the airlines that were in service have changed considerably from the current LCC heyday,Finnairな どChubu International AirportSome Western airlines first entered Nagoya after the opening of the port.Thai Airways,China AirlineEtc. have a large population living in Nagoya (Southeast AsiasystemASEANCountries andRepublic of ChinaSince he has a commuter pass, he has been operating regular routes since the early 1980s.These veteran overseas airlines are nowChubu International AirportPassengers are carried after moving to departure and arrival and increasing the size of the equipment.

The names below are those at the time of service. Due to the aviation situation more than 10 years ago, as of 2015, some airlines do not exist or have been suspended due to mergers.We are developing a route network based on the current prefectural Nagoya AirportFDAIs an airline established after the opening of Chubu Centrair International Airport in 2005, so there is no era of international flights to and from Nagoya Airport.

Domestic flights

Aviation unionIs as shown on the right. OW:One world, SA:Star alliance

Japanese flag Japan Airlines(JAL) (OW)Obihiro,Hanamaki,Yamagata,Fukuoka,Miyazaki,Kagoshima,Naha Other
Japanese flag Japan Transocean Air(JTA) (OW)Yamagata, Naha, etc.
Japanese flag JAL Express(JEX)(Non-existing due to merger with Japan Airlines) Kagoshima et al.
Japanese flag Japan Air System(JAS)(Non-existent due to merger with Japan Airlines)Sapporo/New Chitose,Kushiro,Aomori, Fukuoka and others
Japanese flag Jay Air(J-AIR) (OW)Akita,Niigata,Izumo,Kochi Other
Japanese flag Japan Air Commuter (JAC)Kochi and others
Japanese flag All Nippon Airways(ANA) (SA)
[Hokkaido region]
Sapporo/New Chitose,Hakodate,Asahikawa,Memanbetsu
[Tohoku region]
Aomori, Akita,Sendai
【Kanto region】
[Chubu region]
Nanki Shirahama
[Chugoku/Shikoku region]
[Kyushu/Okinawa region]
Fukuoka,Nagasaki,Oita,Kumamoto, Naha and others
Japanese flag Air Nippon(ANK) (SA)(Non-existent due to merger with All Nippon Airways) Fukuoka,佐賀,Ishigaki Other
Japanese flag Central Japan Airlines Service(NAL)(Non-existing due to merger with Air Nippon Network) Tokyo / Narita, Toyama,Tottori,Yonago, Matsuyama and others

International flights

Japanese flag Japan Airlines (JL) (OW)
[East Asia]
Beijing/Capital,Shanghai/Pudong,Tianjin,Hong Kong,Seoul/Incheon,Busan, Tokyo / Narita (international connecting flight)
【Southeast Asia】
【North America】
New York/JFK,Los Angeles
【South America】
Sao Paulo/Guarulhos(Via New York / JFK)
London/Heathrow,Paris/Charles de Gaulle
【Pacific Ocean】
Japanese flag JALways(JO) (OW) Guam, Honolulu, (which does not exist due to merger with Japan Airlines)Kona(Via Tokyo / Narita), Bangkok / Don Muang
Japanese flag Japan Air System (JD) (Non-existing due to merger with Japan Airlines) Shanghai / Pudong
Japanese flag Japan Asian Airlines(EG) (OW) (Non-existent due to merger with Japan Airlines)Taipei/Taoyuan,Guam
Japanese flag All Nippon Airways (NH) (SA) Saipan, Honolulu
Republic of Korea flag Korean Air(KE) (ST) Seoul / Incheon, Busan,Jeju
Republic of Korea flag Asiana Airlines(OZ) (SA) Seoul/Incheon
Flag of the People's Republic of China Air China(CA) (SA) Beijing / Capital,Chongqing(Via Beijing / Capital)
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Eastern Airlines(MU) (ST) Shanghai/Pudong,Xi'an(Via Shanghai/Pudong)
Flag of the People's Republic of China Air China(WH) (Non-existent due to merger with China Eastern Airlines)Shanghai/Hongqiao, Xi'an (via Shanghai / Hongqiao)
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Northern Airlines(CJ) (Non-existent due to merger with China Southern Airlines)Dalian
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Southern Airlines(CZ) (ST) Dalian
Flag of the People's Republic of China China Southwest Airlines(SZ) (Non-existing due to merger with Air China) Chongqing
Taiwan flag China Airline(CI) (ST) Taipei/Taoyuan
Hong Kong flag Cathay Pasific Airlines(CX) (OW) Taipei / Taoyuan, Hong Kong
Democratic People's Republic of Korea flag Korean Air(JS) Charter flights: Pyongyang
Singapore flag Singapore Airlines(SQ) (SA) Singapore
Malaysia flag Malaysia Airlines(MH) (OW) Kuala Lumpur
Kingdom of Thailand flag Thai Airways(TG) (SA) Bangkok/Don Mueang
Indonesian flag Garuda Indonesia(GA) (ST) Jakarta,Denpasar
Bangladesh flagBiman Bangladesh Airlines(BG) Dhaka
United States flag Delta Airlines(DL) (ST) Portland,Los Angeles
United States flag American West Airlines(HP) (SA) (US AirwaysDoes not exist due to merger with[27])Honolulu
United States flag Continental Airlines(CO) (ST) [28](United airlinesHonolulu, Guam (which does not exist due to merger with)
United States flag Northwest Airlines(NW) (ST) Saipan (which does not exist due to the merger with Delta Air Lines),Detroit, Guam, Honolulu, Manila
Canadian flag Canadian Airlines(CP) (OW) (Air CanadaDoes not exist due to merger with)Vancouver
Canadian flag Air Canada(AC) (SA) Vancouver
French flag Air France(AF) (ST) Paris / Charles de Gaulle,Moscow/Sheremetyevo
Dutch flag KLM Royal Dutch Airlines(KL) (ST) Amsterdam
German flag Lufthansa(LH) (SA) Frankfurt
British flag British Airways(BA) (OW) London/Heathrow
Russian flag Aeroflot Russian Airlines(SU) (ST) Moscow/Sheremetyevo
Hungarian flag Malev Hungarian Airlines(MA) (OW) Charter flights: Budapest
French Polynesia flag Air Tahiti Nui(TN) Papeete
Australian flag Qantas(QF) (OW) Sydney,Brisbane
Australian flag Australian Airlines(AO) (Non-existent for some reason) Sydney,Cairns(Via Sydney)
New Zealand flag Air New Zealand(NZ) (SA) Auckland
Brazilian flag Varig Brazilian Airlines(RG) (SA) (Suspended and does not exist due to liquidation of the company) Sao Paulo / Guarulhos,Rio de Janeiro / Antonio Carlos Jobim

in the past,Korean Air(North Korea)Pyongyang International AirportI was flying by charter flight from.It was the only Japanese route of the airline.

Sister airport/affiliated airport

Prefectural Nagoya AirportIt is,The United States of AmericaState of Washington OfMoses Lake CityIt is inGrant County International AirportHas a sister airport tie-up with[29].

Airport nameCountry/RegionAlliance date
Grant County International AirportUnited States flagThe United States of AmericaState of Washington2016(28)May 10 Grant County International AirportSigned a sister affiliation with

Institution / business operator to use

The number of companies and organizations using it increased after the opening of Chubu Centrair International Airport, and along with this, hangar construction was rapidly constructed on the site of the terminal and cargo area.Of these, Nakanihon Air Service, Central Helicopter Service, and Seco International are also developing disaster prevention helicopters nationwide and helicopters owned by individuals and companies at this airport.

In addition, Diamond Air Service uses Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works.


The Air Self-Defense Force Komaki base shares a runway.In addition, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works is adjacent to the factory, and fighters and helicopters for regular maintenance use the facilities of Nagoya Airfield.


Transit Bus

Departs and arrives in front of the passenger terminal, connecting central Nagoya and surrounding railway stations.

Blue traffic(Nagoya Airport direct bus
Meitetsu bus
Nagoya City Bus(For a limited time)


There are 1,350 multi-storey car parks.It is about 10 km (about 20 minutes by car) to the city of Nagoya.

National Highway 41
Nagoya Expressway No. 11 Komaki Line


About the basic plan for the development of the transportation network centered on high-speed railways in the Nagoya areaAtAjiyoshi StationRailway line that branches off to Nagoya AirportMeitetsu Nagoya Airport LineWas presented as a route to be developed by 2008, but it has not been materialized to this day.


Komaki BaseAir festivalThen.Blue ImpulseThe exhibition flight of is not carried out until 2014.

GifuhosoIs broadcasting a TV commercial.

The management office of Nagoya VORTAC is the System Operation Management Center of the Chubu Airport Office of the Civil Aviation Bureau of Osaka, and the maintenance office of Nagoya ILS / DME is the Aichi Prefectural Aviation Countermeasures Division.

In addition, it is used as a relay point for private office organic and disaster prevention helicopters for the purpose of refueling.General aviationIn recent years, it has a relatively large facility among the airports used byAsahi AirlinesIt is also used as a place for instrument flight training for airlines that carry out training projects.[Source required]

NeighborhoodSDFIs a baseGifu base,Hamamatsu Base TheTHE SBecause it does not have an instrument approach deviceSDFMachine trainingGifu baseAdjacent toKawasaki Heavy IndustriesThe airport will be used for some of the test flight items in.[Source required]

On the other hand, while there are many airfields in Japan where aircraft that have passed the general aviation airworthiness certificate are left in the apron, the parking fee will be raised for aircraft that have not been in operation for a certain period of time at this airport. We are taking action.[Source required]


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