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✈ | Dubai Aerospace orders 737 15 MAX aircraft directly from Boeing

Photo DAE painting 737 MAX image

Dubai Aerospace Orders 737 15 MAXs Directly from Boeing

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In the third quarter of 2020, we signed a sale and leaseback agreement with American Airlines for 3 18-737-MAX aircraft, 8 of which are already operated by American Airlines.

Boeing and Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) will announce Tuesday, April 2021, 4 20… → Continue reading


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American airlines

American airlines(American Kokuu,English:American Airlines, Inc.) IsThe United States of America-TexasFort WorthHeadquarters inAirlinesIs. Head officeDallas/Fort Worth International AirportIs adjacent to.

It is the world's largest airline in terms of passenger transport and passenger kilometers.Including affiliated companies, the number of flights operated per day is more than 1.


It is the world's largest airline in terms of total passenger traffic, and in terms of total operating revenue items.Air France-KLMIt is the third place in the world following.NASDAQListedHolding company(en: American Airlines Group:AAL)'S major subsidiary, American Eagle under the umbrella of the AAL Group and the former disappearedTrans world airlinesThere are subsidiaries by business.Dallas/Fort Worth International AirportAdjacent toTexasFort WorthBased in.

As a service route,The United States of AmericaDomestic andカナダ,Latin America,Western Europeas well as the JapanOperates regular flights to.20101At that time, 40 countries in about 250 countries around the worldcityIs in service (Code shareIncluding), especiallyLatin AmericaIt is the top in the total number of passengers transported to. AAのAAPresidentas well as the CEO TheDoug Parker.2001ToTrans world airlinesAbsorbed.

A new logo and aircraft design will be announced in January 2013 (the new aircraft design is also silver, but the metal background is painted with silver mica instead of a transparent coating)[1] Until then, the airframe design with a transparent coating on the metal background has been used for many years without major changes.

Incidentally,Gay communityIt is known as an airline that clearly announced its support from an early stage, and in the LGBT diversity survey conducted by the human rights organization Human Rights Campaign, it has been rated 8 points for 100 consecutive years.The company's US site has a section for LGBT.

Airline ticketSeat reservation system (CRS) IsSABERAre using[2].

In-flight magazineAre prepared in multiples.

2011May 11,New York State Of裁判 所ToFederal Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11I applied for the application of, and it went bankrupt in effect.The operation was continued during the applicable period.

August 2012, 8,US AirwaysThe possibility of a merger with the company was suggested, and it was agreed that the two companies would merge on February 2013, 2.[5]..In addition, although there was opposition from the Attorney General and several states in the United States in the merger negotiations,LaGuardia AirportConditional merger was approved on November 2013, 11 by returning some of the slots such as[6]..This approved regulators and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.United airlinesgroup·Delta AirlinesBecame the largest airline in the world.[7]



The origin is an aviation aggregate under the brand name of "American Airways", which is a merger of 82 companies.Major companies include "Southern Air Transport" in Texas, "Southern Air Fast Express" on the west coast, "Universal Aviation" in the central region and "Colonial Air Transportation" in the northeastern region. It has long been rooted in the current hub of American Airlines.

Officially registered as "American Airways Corporation" on January 1930, 1.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クBased inDuffel Bag,New York,ChicagoDallasOperates a route to.またダラスからはAlso from DallasLos AngelesBy connecting to, we devised a connection method by long-distance route from early on.設立当初の運行機材は主にフォッカー トライモーターやThe operating equipment at the time of establishment was mainly Fokker Trimotor andFord trimotorWas being used.

Before World War II

In 1934, Code Holdings, which owns a number of carriers, acquired American Airways and changed its name to American Airlines.コード社はテキサス州のエリートビジネスマンであるサイラス・ローレット・スミスをアメリカン航空のCode Inc. takes Texas elite businessman Cyrus Lauret Smith to American AirlinesChief executive officerAppointed to.

Under Smith, American AirlinesDouglasActively form an airplane design tie-up with. 1936年には両社の共同によりIn XNUMX, jointly by both companiesDouglas DC-3Succeeded in development and operation.After introducing the DC-3 for long distances, the operation aircraft was "flagship" (flagship),Airport loungeStarted using voyage terms such as "Admirals Club" (Admiral Club) for their own brand.Also, as a brand image at that time, the four-star "Admiral Pennant" flag was hung from the window of the captain's seat.

Smith also quickly realizes that the relationship between airlines and airports will be important in the future.ニューヨークでIn new yorkLaGuardia AirportTo find out what passengers are looking for when the airport is built, they will actively buy new airport construction advisors to improve airport efficiency and become the world's first elite exclusive.LoungeIt had a great influence on the later construction of the airport, such as the establishment of the "Admirals Club".

After World War II

After World War II, American Overseas Airlines was established as a subsidiary as an expansion to European routes.しかし1950年にアメリカン・オーバーシーズ航空は当時のライバル・But in XNUMX, American Overseas Airlines became a rival at the time.Pan American AirlinesSold to.同時期にアメリカン航空はAt the same time American AirlinesメキシコExpand routes to major cities.

American Airlines earlyJetWas introduced as a major passenger aircraft. 1959年1月25日にJanuary XNUMX, XNUMXBoeing 707Operates the first transcontinental flight by jet plane. In the 1960s, passenger jets that connected the west and east coasts of the continental United States by non-stop flights were actively introduced, and were popularly known as "Astro-Jet" due to the space exploration boom at that time.

Also, in 1962IBMThe world's first electronic aviation reservation system in cooperation with the companySABERIntroduced.As a result, the reservation system, which used to be done with paper and pencil, has become possible with computer management, and we have succeeded in improving the efficiency of reservations.

In this era, American AirlinesUnited airlines,Delta Airlines,Eastern AirlinesAt the same time, it has grown into a major domestic airline called "Big 4".

1980s and 1990s

Moved headquarters to Dallas in 1979.Taking advantage of the geographical condition that the new home of Dallas is the center of the American mainland, the route map will be reorganized into a spoke and hub system. Since 1981Dallas/Fort Worth International AirportChicago O'Hare International AirportExpanded routes to Europe and Japan with

Lifelong in 1981 as part of management improvementfirst classAll-you-can-ridesubscriptionTicket "A Airpass" is sold for 25 dollars (about 5500 million yen at the exchange rate at that time). 28 people bought it.However, American Airlines suffered even greater losses as buyers exercised the ticket on a daily basis and a number of first-class abusers continued to use it. 1994年に同チケットの販売を終了し、2007年に不正行為を行った購入者2人のチケットを無効にしたThe ticket was discontinued in XNUMX and the tickets of two cheating buyers were invalidated in XNUMX.[8][9].

Late 1980s,San Jose International Airport,Raleigh-Durham International Airport,Nashville International AirportIn the latter half of the 1990s, the number of users did not increase and the airports designated as hubs were further expanded. It had been operating the Narita-San Jose route since 2000, but was canceled in 2006 due to the start of service in Los Angeles, which is also in California.

1990, financial difficultiesTrans world airlinesからLondon Heathrow AirportAcquired the right to route to $ 4 million.This succeeded in building a hub for the United States at Heathrow.同年、これもまた経営難のIn the same year, this was also difficult to manageEastern AirlinesPurchased rights to Miami Airport hubs and Latin American routes from. Since the 1990s, American Airlines has made the most of Miami's hubs and focused on developing routes to the Caribbean and Latin America.

In 1998, the airline alliance with British Airways and Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and QantasOne worldAnnounced the formation of.

Passenger reduction due to three incidents / accidents in 2001

In April 2001, I had been suffering from financial difficulties for a long time.Trans world airlinesSt. LouisAcquired the hub rights of.Although both employee unions complained about differences in salaries and senior incentives, the absorption of major rivals created expectations for American Airlines' growth.

However, it occurred in September of the same yearAmerican terrorist attacksThen, for domestic flights11 flights77 flights hijackIt was used for terrorism.さらに、2か月後にはIn addition, two months later587 flightsHas caused a crash.As a result, the number of passengers dropped sharply and management deteriorated, and at one point it was driven to the brink of bankruptcy.United airlines-Delta Airlines-Northwest AirlinesMajor other companies in the same industryFederal Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11While American Airlines also applied for the application of the above and went bankrupt, the idea of ​​applying the same chapter was discussed internally, but it is managed by the method of "reducing in-flight services, reducing costs, whatever, and somehow recovering". It was decided to avoid bankruptcy.

As a result, we reaffirmed that even the smallest things can affect costs, and not only advice from pilots and attendants, but also proposals for cost reduction from each department from the ground staff to maintenance were proposed.自社ブランドイメージとプライドを飲み込み、国内線エコノミークラスのSwallowing your own brand image and pride, domestic economy classIn-flight mealWe have cut small services such as abolition, reducing one olive salad offered in first class, and removing newspapers distributed on board.

It was also found that the fuel cost was proportional to the weight of the aircraft, and various proposals were made to reduce the weight of the aircraft as much as possible.On short-distance routes, the coffee pot has been removed, the gate does not use any engine and stands by only with the power supplied from the ground, and while taxiing to the runway, it idles with only one wing engine.In addition, when the fuel is full, the fuel itself affects the weight of the aircraft, so we have implemented a plan to supply as much fuel as necessary to each line.During this weight-fuel proportional research, it was also found that American Airlines' polished skin aircraft were lighter than other companies' aircraft by the weight of the paint, which decided that the polished skin aircraft would not change for the time being.

Bankruptcy and merger with US Airways

Achieved the first performance profit after the terrorism in 2007 in the midst of difficult management.Despite being a victim of a terrorist attack, he was praised by various economic magazines as an airline that revived like a phoenix without going bankrupt.

However, due to the subsequent rise in fuel costs, in May 2008, it announced that it would raise various fees, and in particular, it attracted attention because it decided to charge for the first checked baggage ahead of other companies on US domestic flights.[10][11].. 2011年11月29日、ニューヨーク州の裁判所にIn court in New York State, November XNUMX, XNUMXFederal Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11I applied for the application of and went bankrupt.

August 2012, 8,US AirwaysIt was suggested that there was a possibility of a merger with.If the merger is realized,United airlinesBecome a group comparable to the group[7].

January 2013, 1, new paint and logo mark announced[1].. The fuselage, which has been popular since the introduction of 747-123, has been painted silver instead of the polished skin, and the vertical stabilizer has been striped from the AA and eagle logos with the American Stars and Stripes motif. Renew the image of the current painting.

Wearing a new designBoeing 777-300ERThe first machine of the AA1 flight on January 31st of the same year (Dallas- Sao Paulo) Starts service[12]..All new equipment introduced after that will be covered with this new paint (2013 aircraft will be introduced in 60).At the same time, the existing aircraft will be refurbished in first class and business class, and a life rat seat will be introduced.Also,Dallas - Seoul (Incheon)Lines andChicago (O'Hare) - DusseldorfWe are also aiming for new flights on long-haul international flights such as lines.

New uniforms announced on January 2013, 1[13]..The designer adopted the brand "Kaufman Franco" by Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco.

Under discussion on February 2013, 2US AirwaysOfficially announced the merger with.この合併により、アメリカン航空は年間利益額が世界一のWith this merger, American Airlines has the highest annual profits in the worldAirlinesIt became.新会社の社名は「アメリカン航空」で、アライアンスもワンワールド所属が維持されるThe name of the new company will be "American Airlines" and the alliance will remain oneworld affiliation.[14]..合併をめぐって、アメリカ合衆国のOver the merger in the United StatesMinistry of JusticeArizonaSeveral states have filed proceedings against the merger, but by November 2013, 11Washington National Airportas well as the New York LaGuardia AirportSettlement on condition that some of the right to arrive and depart[15]..同年12月9日に新生アメリカン航空が誕生したNew American Airlines was born on December XNUMX, the same year[16].

However, in addition to the newly introduced aircraft, the existing B777-200ER etc. are also being changed to new paint, but CEO Doug Parker, who took office with the birth of the new American Airlines, is maintaining progress to new paint or the current AA It was announced on January 2014, 1 that it will be maintained with a new paint after informing employees of the maintenance of the paint with the logo and an internal vote.[17][18]..結果を受けて、2014年1月30日にはFollowing the results, on January XNUMX, XNUMXUS AirwaysAffiliated new paint No. 1 (Airbus A319, Aircraft number N700UW) was unveiled[19][20].

In April 2015, American Airlines and US Airways were approved to operate as a single company.Federal Aviation AdministrationObtained from (FAA)[21]On October 10, the same year, the reservation system was integrated with American Airlines, and the use of the US Airways brand ended.アメリカン航空に完全統合されたFully integrated with American Airlines[22].. In 2016, American Airlines announced that it would operate regular flights to Cuba after diplomatic relations with Cuba were restored (US Federal Aviation AdministrationApplying)[23].

August 2017, 3,China Southern AirlinesAnnounced that it has agreed to a strategic alliance with[24]..In the alliance, American Airlines invested 2 million dollars (about 222 billion yen in Japanese yen) in China Southern Airlines.The alliance will start a codeshare alliance and an interline agreement in the latter half of 2017, providing networks in China, North America and South America to mutual customers.It is expected that services such as mileage acquisition and through baggage will be provided on routes that carry out code sharing.

American Airlines service status in Asia

American Airlines Japan-US flightsTokyo/Narita(Dallas / Chicago / Los Angeles / Las Vegas) and revived in February 2016Tokyo/Haneda(Dallas and Los Angeles), but as of December 2015, from outside JapanIncheon International AirportFrom Dallas / Fort Worth,Pudong International AirportFrom Los Angeles, Dallas / Fort Worth, Chicago.Beijing Capital International AirportFrom Chicago, Dallas / Fort Worth.Hong Kong International AirportThere are regular flights (direct flights) from Los Angeles to Dallas / Fort Worth.

For flights departing from China and South KoreaJapan Airlines,Korean Air,Cathay Pasific Airlines,Hainan AirlinesIs code-sharing.
  • 1987: Tokyo / Narita- Dallas/Fort WorthLineBoeing 747-SPStarted service at.
  • 1991: Tokyo / Narita- San JoseLine, Tokyo/Narita- Seattle - MiamiLineMD-11(InitiallyDC-10) Starts service.However, the equipment has changed between Seattle and Miami.
  • 1998: Osaka/Kansai --Dallas / Fort Worth route begins service.
  • 1999: Boeing 777Is put in.As a result, MD-11 retired.
  • 2001: Trans world airlinesAcquired.
  • 2002: Tokyo / Narita-Seattle line, Osaka / Kansai-Dallas / Fort Worth line suspended.Tokyo / Narita- New York/JFKLine service starts.
  • 2003: Tokyo / Narita- Los AngelesLine service starts.
  • 2004: Tokyo / Narita- HonoluluApply for line operation.
  • 2005
    • April 4: Nagoya/Chubu - ChicagoLine service starts.
    • October 10: Business customers did not grow andHurricane KatrinaDue to soaring fuel costs due to the invasion, the Nagoya / Chubu-Chicago route was abolished in just over half a year.
    • November 11: Osaka / Kansai-Dallas / Fort Worth route resumed.
  • 2006
    • April: Shanghai / Pudong-Chicago route begins service.First entry into Asian countries other than Japan.
    • October 10: Tokyo / Narita-San Jose Line, Osaka / Kansai-Dallas / Fort Worth Line suspended[25].
  • 2010
    • August 2(Chubu Standard Time): In October of the same yearTokyo International AirportRe-expansion and the accompanying Japan-USOpen sky agreementOn the premise thatJapan Airlines InternationalFor the purpose of integrating the Pacific route business with (currently Japan Airlines),Antitrust lawApply for exemption (ATI) from the US Department of Transportation in collaboration with Japan Airlines International.
    • February 2 (Central Standard Time): From the same period above, we applied to the US Department of Transportation for quota allocation based on regular route service plans using our own aircraft on the Tokyo / Haneda-New York / JFK and Tokyo / Haneda-Los Angeles routes.
    • May : Beijing --Chicago Line begins service.
    • July 7: The US Department of Transportation approves regular service on the Tokyo / Haneda-New York / JFK route.
  • 2011
    • June 6: Shanghai / Pudong-Los Angeles route in service[26].
    • February 2: Tokyo / Haneda-New York / JFK line in service[Note 1].
  • June 2012, 6: Tokyo / Narita-New York / JFK line suspended.
  • 2013
    • April 5: Seoul--Dallas / Fort Worth route in service[28].
    • December 12: Tokyo / Haneda-New York / JFK line suspended[29].
  • June 2014, 6: Shanghai/Pudong-Hong Kong --Dallas / Fort Worth route in service[30].
  • June 2015, 5: Beijing --Dallas / Fort Worth route in service[31].
  • 2016
    • February 2: Tokyo / Haneda-Los Angeles route begins service[32].
    • September 9: Hong Kong-Los Angeles route in service[33].

Owned equipment

As part of the management restructuring plan, it is reducing surplus operating aircraft and updating old aircraft with low operational efficiency to new aircraft with high efficiency.Boeing 737-800Have been introduced one after another, but since 2017, the improved versionBoeing 737 MAXAirbus A320neoIs also expected to be introduced.Also, as equipment for international flightsBoeing 777-200ERIs also being introduced, and from 2012, it will be a premium economy class 3 class specification in 4 classes of first business economy.Boeing 777-300ERも15機導入された。アメリカン航空はA320シリーズの最大オペレーターである。 2020年4月30日、新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)による需要の大幅な減少に伴い、燃費が悪い旧式機種、ERJ-190と767-300ERを正式に退役させ、757-200とA330-300の退役も前倒しを発表した[34].
Ordered by American AirlinesBoeingCompany aircraft customer number (Customer code) Is23So, the model name of the aircraft is 757-223, 767-223ER, 767-323ER, 777-223It becomes ER and so on.

List of American Airlines operational equipment (as of 2020)[35]
equipmentNumber of holdingsNumber of ordersNumber of seatsRemarks
Airbus A319-1001338120128Largest operator in the United States
Airbus A320-2004812138150
Airbus A321-200219102072102Transcontinental equipment
16171187Largest operator of the same model
Since 2019, it is being renovated to 190 seats
Airbus A321neo1712020176196Boeing 757 alternative replacement model
Airbus A321XLR
Airbus A330-200152021206247
Airbus A330-300928263291Advance retirement by COVID-19
Boeing 737-80030416144160Scheduled to be refurbished from 2020 seats to 160 seats after 172
Boeing 737 MAX 82410016156172Current,Operation suspended
Possibility of partial cancellation due to COVID-19[36]
Boeing 757-2003412176188Advance retirement by COVID-19
Replaced with A321neo and retired
Boeing 777-200ER473724212273 Scheduled to be retired after 2023 by replacing with Boeing 787-9
Boeing 777-300ER2085228216304 US's first 777-300ER operator
Boeing 787-822222028191239
Boeing 787-922253021224275 Replacement model for the initial 777-200ER

Retired equipment


The Boeing 1970-747 (N123), manufactured for American Airlines in 9668, was sold to NASA for research in 1974 and subsequently.Shuttle transport aircraftDiverted to. NASA has been operating with polished skins for a long time after purchase.

Destination city

American Airlines routes serve four continents, especiallyNorth-South AmericaThe routes between them are substantial.ハブ空港のダラス/フォートワース、マイアミ、ロサンゼルス、ニューヨーク/JFKからは南米へ、シカゴ/オヘア、ロサンゼルスはFrom hub airports Dallas / Fort Worth, Miami, Los Angeles, New York / JFK to South America, Chicago / O'Hare, Los AngelesEuropeAsiaIt is the gateway to.また、アメリカの航空会社で唯一Also, the only American airlineAnguilla,ボリビア,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,グレナダ,セ レ ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ンEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs in service.
But Asia,Oceania,Africa,Middle EastThe routes are weak, especially in Africa and the Middle East, because there are no flights operated by our company.Code share flightsIt is supplemented by the operation by.アジア、オセアニアはAsia and OceaniaJapan AirlinesCathay Pasific Airlines,QantasSo in Africa and the Middle EastBritish Airways,Royal JordanianIt is operated by.However, these are measures that can be said to be part of management policy,One worldBy operating as a code-share flight of member companies, we are aiming for coexistence and co-prosperity with member airlines while reducing costs.

In-flight service

In-flight internet service

2008 US domestic flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami-New YorkAircell gogo inflight internetThe technology has made it possible to provide paid high-speed Internet services via wireless LAN on board.Due to its popularity, the service will be expanded to the MD-2009 and Boeing 80-737 aircraft, which are widely used on American Airlines' medium-haul routes during 800.The aircraft is equipped with a power port, but the adapter for connecting the power port cannot be rented on board, so you must charge your computer or purchase an adapter in advance.

The usage fee is unlimited for the duration of the flight, $ 12.95, and gradually introduced for medium-haul routes within 3 hours is $ 9.95. Because it is a high-speed internetthe UAF YouTube-channel,Nico Nico DougaYou can watch video sites such as[Source required]. But,SkypeVoIP such as VoIP cannot be used due to a special data scrambling method (however, there are reports that it can be used by passing through VPN).[Source required]).

American Airlines will introduce new products in 2017Boeing 737 MAXAnnounced that the seat monitor screen will be abolished.これまで視聴できていたテレビ番組や映画などは、機内のストリーミングサーバーを通じて乗客のスマートフォンやタブレットを通じて視聴できるようにする方針The policy is to allow passengers to watch TV programs and movies that they have been able to watch through their smartphones and tablets through the in-flight streaming server.[47].

In-flight magazine

"American Way』(American Way)The United States of AmericaMajor ofAirlinesAmerican AirlinesIn-flight magazine.JapanIt will be installed monthly on all American Airlines routes and flights, including routes.

First published in 1966[48]..American Airlines2014Publisher toInkIt was changed to and published with a new design by Ink from the January 2015 issue.[49]..アメリカン航空が2015年にAmerican Airlines in XNUMXAcquisitionCompletedUS AirwaysThe in-flight magazine "US Airways magazine" was also integrated into "American Way".


AAdvantage is the world's firstMileage serviceAnd the annual membership fee is free.Today, it has more than 6,000 million subscribers and is the second largest frequent flyer program after Delta's SkyMiles.

Hotel and dining,Credit card,Car rental, Internet shopping portal, etc., there are many ways to earn miles.しかしユナイテッド航空のBut of United AirlinesMileage PlusCompared to most of the partners, it is an American company, so it is easy for people living in the United States to save, but it is very difficult to save in Japan.

However, it is characterized by looser mileage expiration regulations than Japanese airlines. The rule is that if the mileage changes once every 18 months, the expiration date will be extended for another 1 months.In other words, all you need to do is board a flight or use affiliated services within 18 months.

In the United StatesCitibankWith a credit carddebit cardIs issued, and 1.00 mile will be awarded for every US $ 1.

in JapanResona CardIssuing credit cards, Gold Cards and Classic Wide Cards will give you 100 mile for every JPY 1, and Classic Cards will give you 200 mile for every JPY 1.


Originally, an American Airlines employee who was a former department store clerk recalled his time working at a department store.当初は顧客囲い込みサービスとしてポイントを貯めるとハワイ行き航空券やInitially, if you accumulate points as a customer retention service, you can get flights to Hawaiifirst classIt was possible to exchange it for an upgrade ticket to.We searched the phone number list in the booking system and tested it with 130,000 most used customers and 6,000 Admiral's Club members.Due to its popularity in the test, it was officially announced as "Advantage" on May 1981, 5.

United Airlines, which has fallen behind, announced the counter service "Mileage Plus" about a week later.After that, other companies also introduced their own mileage service.

Member type

General member (AAdvantage)

  • Common name: ADV
  • Membership level normally granted immediately after enrollment.
  • No special activity is required to maintain it, but if the mileage remains unchanged during the 18 months, the previous mileage will expire.

Advantage Gold (AAdvantage Gold)

  • Known as: GLD
  • Oneworld Elite Status: Ruby
  • Granted based on the previous year's flight performance.This membership level requires 25,000 Elite Miles, 25,000 Elite Points, or 30 flight sectors.
  • Elite Member Bonus Miles: Regular Mileage + 25%
  • Four "10,000 Miles Upgrade Tickets" will be awarded each time you exceed 500 Elite Miles. Even if you count it as "the number of tickets", it is now completely electronic, so you can check the current "number of tickets" with your account information on the Internet.The required number of tickets varies depending on the route distance used, but you can upgrade to the next higher class in exchange for this upgrade ticket.Upgrade tickets are only available on domestic flights, Canada, the Caribbean and some Central American routes.
  • If your status expires, you can renew for one year by paying US $ 559.

Advantage Platinum (AAdvantage Platinum)

  • Known as: PLT
  • Oneworld Elite Status: Sapphire
  • Granted based on the previous year's flight performance.This membership level requires 50,000 Elite Miles, 50,000 Elite Points, or 60 flight sectors.
  • Elite Member Bonus Miles: Regular Mileage + 100%
  • Four "10,000 Miles Upgrade Tickets" will be awarded each time you exceed 500 Elite Miles. Even if you count it as "the number of tickets", it is now completely electronic, so you can check the current "number of tickets" with your account information on the Internet.The required number of tickets varies depending on the route distance used, but you can upgrade to the next higher class in exchange for this upgrade ticket.Upgrade tickets are only available on domestic flights, Canada, the Caribbean and some Central American routes.

Advantage Executive Platinum (AAdvantage Executive Platinum)

  • Known as: EXP
  • Oneworld Elite Status: Emerald
  • The highest membership level granted based on the previous year's flight performance.Obtaining this membership level requires 100,000 Elite Miles, 100,000 Elite Points, or 100 Flight Segments.
  • Elite Member Bonus Miles: Regular Mileage + 100%
  • Regardless of the amount of economy ticket purchased (fair basis code), you can upgrade to the next higher class without an upgrade ticket.

Elite members have preferential treatment such as check-in in line for business and first class, priority reservation for economy class emergency exit row seats, priority boarding on flights, and discounts on annual membership fees of Admirals Club.Also, the first and second checked baggage charges recently introduced on domestic flights are exempt.

Elite Member Bonus Miles

When you become an elite member, bonus miles will be added in addition to regular miles.The airlines to which bonus miles will be added are as follows.

Even the same oneworld member will not earn bonus miles on British Airways, Japan Airlines and Malév Hungarian Airlines (bankrupt).However, as mentioned above, bonus miles will be added for "tickets purchased under American Airlines codeshare flight numbers".

Mileage accrual partner airlines

Miles earned on American Airlines, American Eagle Airlines, American Connection, and oneworld member airlines and Alaska Airlines will be credited as elite membership status miles.Others are only mileage accrual, and there is no mileage effect required for elite status.

Elite Membership Status Miles accrual

Not eligible for Elite Status Miles (Regular Miles Only)

Hotel, dining, Rewards Network


There are two main ways to earn Advantage Miles when staying at a hotel.

  1. Earn mileage at partner hotels (for accommodation outside the US and Canada)[1]
    Miles awarded are 1-250 miles each time, depending on the partner.However, miles are awarded based on "number of nights" rather than "number of nights".For example, even if you stay at Comfort Inn for 500 consecutive nights, you can only use 3 miles because you can use it only once.
  2. Earn 250 miles at hotels booked on AA Vacations (for stays outside the US and Canada)[2]
    Same as 1., it is added by "number of times", but you can search from hotels all over the world because you make a reservation from American Vacation, which is directly managed by American Airlines. AAと直接提携がないNo direct partnership with AAWashington Hotel,Toyoko InnIf you book from AA Vacations, you will get 250 miles.

ダ イ ニ ン グ


Million Mylar Program

One of the AAdvantage programs is MILLION MILER.Lifetime status is awarded when the cumulative actual flight miles of a lifetime on American Airlines or partner airlines are constant.Previously, the number of miles earned by using a credit card or hotel could be included in the cumulative total, but due to the rule change in 2011, it will be given only on the basis of actual flight miles.The merger will also add US Airways lifetime miles to the program.

  • 1 Million (1,000,000 miles): Granted Lifetime Gold membership status.You will also receive 4 system wide upgrades.
  • 2 Million (2,000,000 miles): Given lifetime Platinum membership status.You will also receive 4 system wide upgrades.
  • 3 million or more (3,000,000 miles or more): From then on, for every 1 million increase, you will receive 4 System Wide Upgrades.

Admirals Club

Smith, the chief executive of American Airlines, was awarded the honorary title of "Texas Ranger" by the state for making a significant financial contribution to Texas.Inspired by this, Smith devised a mechanism to use the honorary title system for marketing.

American Airlines leases a room that was used for a press conference when LaGuardia Airport was built, and obtained a liquor sales permit from New York State. 1939年に世界初の航空World's first aviation in XNUMXLoungeEstablished "Admirals Club" (Admiral Club).Initially, it was a VIP-only club for Hollywood and Broadway celebrities, big politicians, and top elites of big companies.

For many years the Admirals Club could not be enrolled without an invitation from American Airlines.However, one passenger regarded this as discrimination and filed a proceeding, and later the Admirals Club and other companies' lounges became an annual membership fee system.Currently, membership tickets can be purchased and renewed with a one-day trial ticket of $ 50, an annual membership fee of $ 250 to $ 450, or Advantage Mileage.Annual membership fees vary depending on the status of the Advantage Program.

Free for oneworld sapphires and above other than American Airlines.In addition, it should be notedAmerican expressPlatinum card andCenturion CardFree for holders.

Lounge location airport


Codeshare partner airlines

American Airlines has the following airlines and railway companiesCode shareWe have a tie-up.TaiziIs a oneworld member company.

Alliance with Japan Airlines

American Airlines has been operating since 1994Japan AirlinesIn 1999, it had a tie-up relationship with Japan on the Pacific route between Japan and the United States, such as by standardizing the international flight reservation system.Code share flightsOperates.Haneda / Narita / Kansai-Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York / Kennedy, San Diego, Boston, Dallas / Fort Worth, Seattle, Honolulu, Kona, Guam are American Airlines codeshare flights (flight numbers) operated by Japan Airlines. In addition to the 8000 series), Japan Airlines code-share flights operated by American Airlines are also available for connecting to US domestic flights. 2007年に日本航空グループがIn XNUMX, the Japan Airlines GroupOne worldAfter joining Japan Airlines, there are American Airlines code-share flights on routes to Asia and Europe operated by Japan Airlines and on routes within Japan.

On February 2010, 2, Japan Airlines and Japan Airlines applied to the U.S. government for an antitrust immunity (ATI) exemption, which was approved on November 12, 11.[51][52].. ATI認可を受けて、両社はWith ATI approval, both companies2011May 4It was decided to start joint projects such as timetables and fare adjustments on Pacific routes.[53].

In addition, as of January 2011, 1, the Japan Airlines headquarters will move into the Asia-Pacific region office in Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, in 17-chome, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.Nomura Fudosan Tennozu BuildingMoved to.Currently, the joint business with Japan Airlines is not limited to mileage services, but also includes renewal of in-flight meals.

Major accidents

TWAandUS AirwaysAccidents are not included.



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