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🚗 | Land Rover Defender wins 2021 World Car Design Award… Honda e and Mazda MX -…

Photo Land Rover Defender New

Land Rover Defender wins 2021 World Car Design Award ... Honda e and Mazda MX -...

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According to Land Rover, the new Defender was developed with the goal of being a Defender in the 21st century, pushing the boundaries of engineering, technology and design while maintaining its DNA and off-road performance.

The World Car of the Year (WCOTY) organizer announced on March 4th, "20 World Car of the Year ... → Continue reading


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Land rover

Land rover(Land Rover ) Is luxuryFour-wheel driveSpecializing in cars,英国 OfAutomobileManufacturer / brand. As of 2019India-Tata MotorsIs a subsidiary of.

at firstRoverIt is the name of a multipurpose vehicle made by the company, and then the company'sOff-roadCar ~SUVDepartment name that includes /brandIt was a name.Currentlyジ ャ ガ ーWith IndiaTata MotorsUnder the umbrellaJaguar land roverIs part of.


1948, after World War II,Rover motorCompanyOff-roadThe "Land Rover Series I" released as a vehicle for the vehicle was unveiled for the first time at the Amsterdam Motor Show held in the Netherlands on April 4 of the same year.[2]..This is the beginning of Land Rover.The Land Rover Series I shares the structure with the company's passenger car, Rover P3, from the United States used during the war.ジ ー プMade afterFour-wheel drive vehicleMet.The most prominent of the Series I is the ArmySpecial ForcesIsSASThe "Pink Panther" used in the above featured an all-pink paint that blends into the desert, low-pressure tires for adapting to the desert, and a sand mat mounted on the hood.Rover Motor HeadquartersCoventryLand Rover Series I production was not possible because the factory was damaged by the wartime bombing.SolihullIt was held at the site of an aircraft factory in Tokyo.

In 1978, when Land Rover had evolved to "Series III," it was the parent company of Rover Motor.BLThe company has reorganized Land Rover as a subsidiary.Land Rover has since 1986Rover GroupSince 1988British aerospaceSince 1994BMWUnder the transition of the parent company, it survived as a model name / brand name / subsidiary.

In 2000, BMW dismantled the then Rover Group and the Land Rover Division / Land Rover BrandFord motorSold to the company.After the sale Ford acquired the Land Rover division / Land Rover brand at the same time.Volvo Cars""Aston MartinAnd "I have owned it since 1989."ジ ャ ガ ーTo develop the business as "Premium Automotive Group" (PAG). Operated four brands in the same operation.

However, the effects of the global depression made it difficult to own the brand, and in 2008 Ford joined Land Rover with Jaguar.India OfTata MotorsSold to.Currently, Land Rover operates as Jaguar and a single automobile company organization, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), or Jaguar Cars Ltd.Even after being sold from Ford to Tata Motors, it was supplied by Ford with the downsizing turbo engine "Eco Boost", but from 2014, a new generation modular engine completely in-house designed, developed and manufacturedINGENIUMWas switched to.

Land Rover used to call the car model 88/109, etc., depending on its wheelbase length.1986ToRange roverThe full-time transfer and coil suspension adopted by the company were diverted, and the wheelbase was extended to 92.5 inches and 110 inches, respectively, and they were called 90 and 110, respectively.Also, the wheelbase is longerpick-up truckThere are also 130.There are two types of engines, diesel and gasoline.The structure in which the aluminum body is placed on the rudder frame has a low center of gravity and contributes to tilt stability.

Vehicle list

In addition to the high running performance common to all cars, the Range Rover series is responsible for the luxury territory.

Sales in Japan

2000, the parent company at that timeBMW TheRover GroupDismantled, Land Rover departmentFord motorSold to the company.Was a former importer / sellerRover Japan BMW JapanIn the same year, Ford established "Land Rover Japan Co., Ltd." and took over the import and sales business because it was absorbed by the company and withdrew from the Land Rover business. Also under the umbrella of Ford in December 2001ジ ャ ガ ーMerged with Japan, "PAG ImportAlthough it was reorganized into a joint-stock company, the names "Land Rover Japan" and "Jaguar Japan" were nominally used.Around this time, Jaguar and Land Rover showroom stores opened at the same time as stores for each brand.

In 2005, the two organizations Jaguar Japan and Land Rover Japan were integrated, and both brands will operate under the same operation as "Jaguar & Land Rover Japan".

In 2008, Ford sold its Land Rover division to Tata Motors of India along with its Jaguar division, and along with this, "Jaguar Land Rover Japan Co., Ltd." was established as a local subsidiary in Japan.Although it has left the Ford Group, in reality, the location of its Japanese corporation has been the same from the Ford era to the present.

From 2013, the nationwide sales network will be integrated into a joint store with Jaguar.As a result, the contract will be terminated for stores that could not secure the specified store area.


  • In the Series I prototype car made in 1947, the steering wheel was placed in the center in consideration of work applications such as agriculture (with the market of the European continent in mind, the driver's seat of the prototype car is left or right. There is also a theory that it was decided to be located in the center after wondering whether to do it).
  • Land Rover from 1981 to 2000Camel trophyWas also used.
  • British ArmyIs also used as a military vehicle.
  • A Japanese businessman and a car hobbyistJiro ShirasuIn the 1950sTohoku Electric PowerThere is an anecdote that he made a public car import Land Rover for the company's dam construction plan, and he himself held the handle and visited the site.
  • British royal family in Land RoverPurveyorIndicateWarrantHas been issued. From the 1970sPrince Philip of EdinburghIs a favorite and is used for funerals by himself during his lifetimehearseHe also instructed me to modify the Land Rover Defender.The hearse produced at the direction of Philip2021Actually used at the funeral of[3].
  • 2017,Yomiuri GiantsBecame an official sponsor of the company, and along with Jaguar, rents 70 official cars as legs for managers, coaches, players, and staff.
  • Akashi familyIt was my old car.27-hour TVThen, from 1991 to 1995, Land Rover owned by pacific saury for the fifth consecutive yearBeat takeshiIt was the feature of the program that was destroyed by them.


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